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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Tu-M18-TO/1A 3D Path-Following Velocity-Tracking Controller for Autonomous VehiclesCunha Rita, Silvestre Carlos7.5
Tu-M02-TO/4A bayesian approach to closed-loop system identificationThil Stéphane, Gilson Marion1.1
Mo-A09-TO/1A Bio-Inspired Multi-Agent Control FrameworkLau Henry Y. K., Wong Vicky W. K., Ko Albert W. Y.3.2
We-E01-TP/3A branch-and-bound algorithm with Lagrangian decomposition for parallel machine schedulingTanaka Shunji, Araki Mituhiko5.1
Th-E21-TO/3A Case Study: Practical Ethical Aspects for Technology Transfer and Change in Computer Control System DevelopmentLewoc Jozef Bohdan9.5
Th-A14-TO/1A Class of Optimal Decentralized Controllers for Open Loop Stable ProcessesSalgado Mario, Silva Eduardo2.1
Mo-M06-TO/1A Closed Loop Approach to Tank Reactor Model SimplificationOlesen Veronica, Wik Torsten, Breitholtz Claes6.1
We-E14-TO/1A Closed-Form Optimal Control for Linear Systems with Multiple State DelaysBasin Michael, Rodriguez-Gonzalez Jesus Guadalupe2.4
We-M02-TP/1A Collision Warning System based on an Inter-distance Reference ModelJohn Jairo Martinez, Canudas-de-Wit Carlos7.1
We-M17-TO/1A Common Model for XML Descriptions in AutomationWollschlaeger Martin, Kulzer Henry, Nübling Daniel, Wenzel Peter5.3
Th-A14-TO/6A Comparative Study of Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization Methods for Integrated Design of ProcessesFrancisco Mario, Revollar Silvana, Vega Pastora, Lamanna Rosalba2.4
Mo-E22-TO/4A Comparative Study of Soft-sensing Methods for Fed-batch Fermentation ProcessesZhang Hongwei, Zouaoui Zoubir, Lennox Barry8.4
Th-E11-TO/1A Comparative Survey in Determining the Imaginary Characteristic Roots of LTI Time Delayed SystemsSipahi Rifat, Olgac Nejat2.2
Mo-A13-TO/1A comparison among performance measures in portfolio theoryOrtobelli Sergio, Biglova Almira, Rachev Svetlozar, Fabozzi Frank, Stoyanov Stoyan9.1
Th-M10-TO/2A Comparison of two Algorithms for the Static H-infinity Loop Shaping ProblemPrempain Emmanuel2.5
Fr-M03-TO/5A Compensator for Attenuation of Wave Reflections in Long Cable Actuator–Plant Interconnections with Guaranteed Transient Performance Improvementde Rinaldis Alessandro, Ortega Romeo, Spong Mark2.3
We-E15-TO/1A Congestion Control Algorithm for the Planetary InternetGrieco Luigi, Mascolo Saverio3.3
Th-A17-TO/3A Constrained Stochastic Production Planning Problem with Imperfect Information of InventorySilva Filho Oscar S.5.2
Mo-M19-TO/5A control architecture for multiple submarines in coordinated search missionsSousa João, Johansson Karl Henrik, Speranzon Alberto, Silva Jorge7.2
Th-A08-TO/1A Controller Enabling Precise Positioning and Sway Reduction in Cranes with On-Off ActuationSorensen Khalid, Singhose William, Dickerson Stephen2.1
Fr-M01-TP/1A Conversational Man-Robot Interface to Assist Robotics EducationBuiu Catalin, Dumitrache Ioan, Dumitrascu Alexandru9.4
We-E10-TO/6A Convex Method for the Parametric Insensitive H2 Control ProblemYagoubi Mohamed, Chevrel Philippe2.5
Mo-E03-TP/1A Cooperation Scenario in the Marine Environment: First OutlookGiron-Sierra Jose M, Jimenez J., Dominiguez A., Riola J.M., De la Cruz J.M., De Andres-Toro B.7.2
Th-A01-TP/3A co-operative controling environment in Man-Machine SystemSkaf Ahmad4.5
We-M14-TO/2A Curse-of-Dimensionality-Free Numerical Method for a Class of HJB PDE'sMcEneaney William2.3
Th-A04-TP/1A Data-compressed Technique of a Reference Governor in a Piecewise Affine FunctionKogiso Kiminao, Hirata Kenji2.4
Tu-E02-TP/1A Decentralized Model Reference Adaptive Controller for Large-Scale SystemsPagilla Prabhakar, Siraskar Nilesh, Dwivedula Ramamurthy5.4
Tu-A18-TO/1A decentralized probabilistic framework for the path planning of autonomous vehiclesGu Da-Wei, Kamal Waseem, Postlethwaite Ian7.5
Th-A19-TO/1A Decision Support System based on a Closed Loop PFC Applied for Type I DiabetesDíaz R. G., Aguerre S., Roldan G., Basualdo Marta8.2
We-M19-TO/1A decision support system for the management of coastal lagoonsPaoletti Simone, Casini Marco, Mocenni Chiara, Vicino Antonio8.3
Th-E10-TO/5A Decomposition Approach for Solving KYP-SDPsWallin Ragnar, Kao Chung-Yao, Hansson Anders2.5
Th-E15-TO/3A delay-dependent stability criteria for T-S fuzzy system with time-delaysGuan Xinping, Li Fenglei, Chen Cailian3.2
Fr-M08-TO/1A design method of compensation law for constrained linear systemsHara Naoyuki, Kojima Akira2.1
Tu-M01-TP/1A Design of the High Efficient Gantry Crane for Ultra Large Container Ship in an Automated Container TerminalLee Young Jin, Suh Jin-Ho, Lee Jin-Woo, Lee Suk Gyu, Lee Kwon-Soon7.4
Th-E13-TO/1A deterministic approach for optimal recursive prediction of singular discrete-time systemsIshihara João, Bianco Aline, Terra Marco1.1
Mo-M12-TO/5A Diagnosis Framework of Hybrid Dynamic Systems based on Time Fuzzy Petri NetsRocha Loures Eduardo, Pascal Jean-Claude1.3
Th-E05-TP/1A Difference based Efficient Approximate Algorithm for Model Predictive Control of Input-Constrained Linear SystemsSaitou Yutaka, Imura Jun-ichi2.4
We-E01-TP/1A Differential Evolution Algorithm for Simple Assembly Line BalancingNearchou Andreas C.5.1
Fr-M19-TO/1A Differential Hysteresis ModelCarnevale Daniele, Nicosia Salvatore, Zaccarian Luca8.2
Tu-A12-TO/3A Discrete-Event Systems Model For Congestion ControlRohloff Kurt, Alpcan Tansu, Basar Tamer1.3
Mo-A17-TO/6A Distributed Algorithm for On-line Diagnosis of Place-bordered Petri NetsGenc Sahika, Lafortune Stephane5.1
We-E01-SP/1A Distributed Automation Framework for Plant-Wide Control, Optimisation, Scheduling and PlanningHavlena Vladimir, Lu Joseph5.1
Fr-A21-TO/4A DSP-based Soccer Robot for FIRA MiroSotWeiss Norman, Klute Thomas, Schulz Simon, Pfeifer Thomas7.5
Fr-M07-TO/1A Duality Relationship for Regular Conditional Relative EntropyPetersen Ian, Xie Li, Ugrinovskii Valery1.4
We-E22-TO/3A Dynamic Decoupling Method for Controlling High Performance Turbofan EnginesMiklosovic Robert, Gao Zhiqiang2.1
Fr-A03-TP/2A dynamical model of a cognitive function: action selectionKarabacak Ozkan, Sengör N., Serap8.2
Fr-M13-TO/1A Family of Polynomial Filters for Discrete-time Nonlinear Stochastic SystemsManes Costanzo, Alfredo Germani, Pasquale Palumbo1.1
Tu-M02-TO/1A Fictitious Reference Iterative Tuning (FRIT) in the Two-Degree of Freedom Control Scheme and its Application to Closed Loop System IdentificationKaneko Osamu, Soma Shotaro, Fujii Takao1.1
Mo-E06-TO/4A flexible nonlinear MPC Scheme for Quality/Performance Handling in Nonlinear SMB ChromatographyAlamir Mazen, Ibrahim Fadi, Corriou Jean Pierre6.1
We-E02-TP/6A Flexible Software for Real-time Control Applications in Fusion ExperimentsPironti Alfredo, de Tommasi Gianmaria, Piccolo Fabio, Sartori Filippo3.1
Th-A03-TP/1A Flywheel to stabilize a Two-Link PendulumAoustin Yannick, Formal'sky Alexander, Martynenko Yuri2.3
Th-M03-TO/6A Formulation of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Using Automatic DifferentiationCao Yi2.3
We-E19-TO/4A Framework for Modelling, Simulation and Control of Integrated Urban Waste water SystemsKatebi Reza, Graells Francisco P8.3
Mo-E07-TO/3A Free Model Based Controller Design for Power System StabilizationKo Hee-Sang, Lee Kwang Y., Kim Ho-Chan6.3
Mo-E21-TO/6A Frequency Domain Design Technique for Robust Decentralized ControllersKozakova Alena, Vesely Vojtech5.4
We-A02-TP/1A Fuzzy Controller Synthesis for a Boost ConverterHamzaoui Abdelaziz, Guesmi Kamel, Essounbouli Najib, Manamanni Noureddine, Zaytoon Janan6.3
Tu-A16-TO/6A Fuzzy Robot Controller for the Placement of Fabrics on a Work TableZoumponos George, Aspragathos Nikolaos A.5.1
Tu-A02-TP/12A Fuzzy-based Manoeuvre Management System For An Autonomous Underwater VehicleKarimanzira Divas, Otto Peter, Wernstedt Juergen1.2
Tu-M04-TP/4A gain scheduling approach for hybrid force/velocity controlled robot contour trackingVisioli Antonio, Ziliani Giacomo, Jatta Francesco, Legnani Giovanni4.3
We-E15-TO/4A Gain Scheduling Approach to Active Queue ManagementManfredi Sabato, di Bernardo Mario3.3
Th-A02-TP/1A Gain Scheduling Control of Nonlinear Systems along a Reference TrajectoryFujimori Atsushi, Gunnarsson Svante, Norrlof Mikael2.2
Fr-A21-TO/5A Game Theoretic Model of Cooperation and Non-Cooperation for Soccer Playing RobotsBader El Den Mohamed, Badreddin Essam, Kotb Yehia, Rüdiger Jan4.3
Mo-M01-TO/1A General Direct Weight Optimization Framework for Nonlinear System IdentificationRoll Jacob, Nazin Alexander, Ljung Lennart1.1
Th-E03-TP/1A Generalised Minimum Variance Controller for Time-varying SystemsaSchmid Christian, Zheng Li,1.4
Mo-M08-TO/6A Generalization of Morse's Theorem for Nonlinear Time-Varying SystemsLee Ti-Chung2.3
Fr-M14-TO/6A generalization of the OGY control to continuous-time systems using Floquet theorySakamoto Noboru2.3
Th-A03-TP/2A generalized Persidskii theorem and its applications to nonsmooth gradient dynamical systemsBhaya Amit, Kaszkurewicz Eugenius2.3
Fr-A03-TP/1A Generic Closed-Loop Model for the Cardiovascular System Thermoregulation and Brain Activity under Physical Stress ConditionsMahfouf Mahdi, Elsamahy Emad, Linkens Derek A8.2
We-A02-TP/2A Generic Passivity Based Control for Multicellular Serial ConvertersCormerais Herve, Richard P.Y., Morvan C., Buisson J.6.3
Mo-E03-TO/1A Global Nonlinear Instrumental Variable Method for Identification of Continuous-Time Systems with Unknown Time DelaysZi-Jiang Yang, Iemura Hideto, Kanae Shunshoku, Wada Kiyoshi1.1
Tu-E05-TO/5A GMDH Neural Network Based Approach to Passive Robust Fault Detection using a Constraints Satisfaction Backward TestPuig Vicenç, Mrugalski Marcin, Ingimundarson Ari, Quevedo Joseba, Witczak Marcin, Korbicz Jozef6.4
We-E12-TO/1A Graph of State Classes for Fuzzy Time Petri NetsCardoso Janette, Sebastien Cousy, Guy Juanole1.3
Tu-M21-TO/1A Graphical Method for Computation of All stabilizing PI ControllersTan Nusret, Kaya Ibrahim, Atherton Derek P.2.1
Th-A04-TO/1A Haptic Excavator System with Active MassesParra-Vega Vicente, Hassan Torres-Rodriguez, Francisco Ruiz-Sanchez4.3
We-E02-TP/1A Hardware Implementation of EIA 709.1 Control Networking StandardChoi Byoung-Wook, Moon Jeon-Il, Kim Jung-Sub, Kim Jong-Bae, Young Lim Kye3.1
Mo-E20-TO/4A Harmonic Controller of Engine Speed Oscillations for Hybrid VehiclesMicheau Philippe, Coirault Patrick7.1
We-E04-TO/1A Hierachical Hybrid Method for Simultaneous Localization and MappingHuang G.Q., Rad A.B., Wong Y.K.4.3
Tu-E18-TO/1A Hybrid Approach to Tension Control in Hot RollingAsano Kazuya, Tsuda Kazuro, Imura Jun-ichi, Kojima Akira, Masuda Shiro6.2
Fr-A04-TO/1A Hybrid Automata Approach for Robotic Perceptive Control and PlanningSun Yu, Xi Ning2.1
Tu-M01-TP/2A hybrid control scheme for freeway systemsSacone Simona, Franco Elisa, Parisini Thomas7.4
We-E12-TO/6A Hybrid Mechatronic Tilting Robot: Modeling, Trajectories, and ControlSobotka Marion, Buss Martin1.3
Mo-E15-TO/2A hybrid model for optimal control of single nodes in supply chainsGiglio Davide, Minciardi Riccardo, Sacone Simona, Siri Silvia5.2
We-M07-TO/2A Hybrid Simulation/Physical Environment for Benchmarking Real-time Distributed Control SystemsBrennan Robert, Soundararajan Karthik5.1
Mo-M04-TO/1A hyperbolic, extended Jacobian inverse kinematics algorithm for mobile manipulatorsTchon Krzysztof, Jakubiak Janusz4.3
We-E10-TO/3A Chain-Scattering Approach to LMI Multiobjective ControlDrai Rémi, Olivi Martine, Marmorat Jean-Paul2.5
Fr-A07-TO/4A Kalman filter-based stable dynamic inversion for discrete-time, linear, time-varying systemsIftime Orest, Verhaegen Michel1.4
Th-E04-TO/3A Knowledge Base for Dynamic Path Planning for Multi-AgentsKwak Nosan, Ji Sanghoon, Lee Beomhee4.3
Th-A22-TO/1A Laboratory Scale Plant with Hybrid Dynamics and Remote Access via Internet for Control Engineering EducationHlava Jaroslav, Šulc Bohumil, Tamáš Jan9.4
Tu-E21-TO/1A Logarithmic-Time Solution to the Point Location Problem for Closed-Form Linear MPCJones Colin, Grieder Pascal, Rakovic Sasa2.4
Th-M17-TO/6A logistic process scheduling problem: Genetic Algorithms or Ant Colony Optimization?Silva Carlos, Sousa J.M., Runkler T., Sá da Costa J.M.G.5.2
Fr-M04-TO/5A Lyapunov-based approach for the control of biomimetic robotic systems with periodic forcing inputsCampolo Domenico, Schenato Luca, Guglielmelli Eugenio, Sastry Shankar S.4.3
Tu-M01-TP/3A macroscopic traffic model for road networks with representation of the capacity drop phenomenon at the junctionsHaut Bertrand, Bastin Georges, Chitour Yacine7.4
Tu-A04-TO/6A Magneto-Elastic Sensor for Measuring Pressure Oscillations in Common Rail SystemsBaumann Julian, Goeger Dirk, Kiencke Uwe7.1
We-A04-TP/1A mechatronic approach to the control of machine toolsRocco Paolo, Ferretti Gianni, Lucchini Francesco, Magnani GianAntonio4.2
We-A05-TO/6A Method for Detecting Defects in Laser Weldings for the Automotive IndustrySaludes Sergio, Bernárdez José M., Arnanz Roberto, Rodríguez Fernando, Miguel Luis J., Perán José R.6.4
Th-A04-TP/2A Method for Obtaining Continuous Solutions to Multiparametric Linear ProgramsSpjøtvold Jørgen, Tøndel Petter, Johansen Tor Arne2.4
Tu-M08-TO/4A Method to Determine the Relative Location of Voltage Sag Source for Power Quality DiagnosisAhn Seon-ju, Won Dong-Jun, Chung Il-Yop, Moon Seung-Il6.3
Tu-M14-TO/5A Method to Solve Missile-Aircraft Pursuit-Evasion Differential GamesImado Fumiaki, Kuroda Takeshi2.4
Tu-E14-TO/6A Methodology for Control Structure Selection based on Rigorous Process ModelsEngell Sebastian, Scharf Tobias, Völker Marten2.4
Tu-A01-TP/9A methodology for identification of Narmax models applied to Diesel enginesZito Gianluca, Landau Ioan D.1.1
Th-E08-TO/1A Minimum-time Control Strategy for Torque Tracking in Permanent Magnet AC Motor DrivesMiani Stefano, Blanchini Franco, Tubiana Luca, Viaro Umberto, Zigliotto Mauro, Tomasini Matteo2.1
Fr-M18-TO/6A mixed integer linear programming approach for strategic issues in RoboFlagFoirien Nicolas, Murray Richard4.3
Fr-A02-TP/2A model based analysis of anti-CD4 therapy as adjuvant to HAART interruptionJeffrey Annah M., Xia Xiaohua, Craig Ian K.8.2
Fr-M01-TP/2A model based project for 3D animationLombardi Anna9.4
Mo-M17-TO/3A Model for the Reconfiguration of Manufacturing SystemsFrizon de Lamotte Florent, Berruet Pascal, Philippe Jean-Luc5.1
Fr-A01-TP/2A model of the cardiovascular system using bond graphsLe Rolle Virginie, Richard Pierre-Yves, Hernandez Alfredo, Carrault Guy, Buisson Jean8.2
We-M16-TO/3A model predictive control based on input-output characterization of finite-horizon linear systemsKojima Akira, Kageyama Yohei1.2
Fr-M16-TO/4A Model-based Approach for Useware DevelopmentMukasa Kizito Ssamula, Ziegeler Dirk, Zuehlke Detlef4.5
Mo-A03-TP/1A Model-Free Cross-Coupled Control for Position Synchronization of Multi-Axis MotionsSun Dong, Shao Xiaoyin, Feng Geng2.1
Th-M01-TP/2A modelling system to assess the aerosol sensitivity to gas emissionsDecanini Edoardo, Volta Marialuisa8.3
Tu-M01-TP/4A modified optimal velocity model for vehicle followingMammar Salim, Mammar Saïd, Haj-Salem Habib7.4
Fr-M02-TP/1A Monitoring Approach for Discrete Event Systems based on a Time Petri Net ModelGhazel Mohamed, Toguyéni Armand, Bigand Michel1.3
Th-A03-TP/3A moving switching plane for the sliding mode control of the third order systemBartoszewicz Andrzej, Nowacka Aleksandra2.3
We-A02-TP/6A MPPT Algorithm for Single-Phase Single-Stage Photovoltaic ConvertersGrandi Gabriele, Rossi Claudio, Casadei Domenico6.3
Th-M01-TP/3A multi model approach for the monitoring of carbon and nitrogen concentrations during the aerobic phase of a biological sequencing batch reactorMazouni Djalel, Ignatova Maya, Harmand Jérôme8.3
Th-E05-TP/2A multi parametric quadratic programming solution to robust predictive controlRossiter John, Pluymers B, Suykens J.A.K., De Moor B2.4
Fr-A14-TO/2A multiple pseudo-random bits generator based on a spatiotemporal chaotic mapLi Zhong, Li Ping, Halang Wolfgang, Chen Guanrong2.3
Tu-A04-TO/3A Multivariable Adaptive Control Strategy to Regulate the Separated Flow Behind a Backward-Facing StepGarwon Maiko, King Rudibert7.1
Tu-M10-TO/4A Multivariate Polynomial Matrix Order-Reduction Algorithm for Linear Fractional Transformation ModellingMarcos Andres, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian2.5
Th-A01-TP/1A Navigation System for Blind PedestriansBousbia-Salah Mounir, Fezari Mohamed, Hamdi Rachid4.5
We-M15-TO/3A networked control system with stochastically varying transmission delay and uncertain process parametersYang Ye, Wang Yongji, Yang Shuang-Hua3.1
Mo-E16-TO/6A neural network controller augmented to a high performance linear controller and its application to a HDD-track following servo systemHerrmann Guido, Ge Shuzhi Sam, Guo Guoxiao4.2
Tu-E04-TP/1A Neural Network-based Impedance Controller For a Redundantly Actuated Closed-Chain Robot ManipulatorMesbah-Nejad Asghar, Moallem Mehrdad4.3
Tu-A05-TP/1A New Active Queue Management Algorithm based on Neural Networks PIWaskasi Mojtaba Yaghoubi, Yazdanpanah Mohammad Javad, Yazdani Nasser3.3
Th-A02-TP/2A New Algorithm for Searching Reciprocal Matrices in LMI Based Control DesignKogan Mark, Balandin Dmitry2.2
We-M02-TP/2A New Analytical Model for Vehicle Dynamics in the Plan (X,Y)Shraim Hassan, Ouladsine Mustapha, El Adel Mostfa, Noura Hassan7.1
Tu-M04-TP/1A New Approach for Minimum Time Motion Planning Problem of Wheeled Mobile RobotsHaddad Moussa, Chettibi T., Lehtihet H. E., Hanchi S.4.3
Tu-M04-TP/2A New Approach for Optimal Control of Multiple-Arm Robotic SystemsSadati Nasser, Babazadeh Amir4.3
Mo-M03-TO/6A new approach for the observer-based synchronization of chaotic systemsBara G. Iulia, Zemouche Ali, Boutayeb Mohamed2.3
Fr-M13-TO/2A New Approach to System Structure Reconstruction based on a Generalized Tellegen PrincipleCerny Vaclav, Hrusak Josef, Panek David1.1
Th-M01-TP/1A New Back-propagation Algorithm for Modelling Air Quality Time SeriesGiuseppe Nunnari, Cannavò Flavio8.3
Tu-M20-TO/6A New Concept for Yaw Rate Sensor MonitoringDing Eve, Massel Thomas7.1
Mo-A08-TO/2A new concept of invariance for saturated systemsAlamo Teodoro, Cepeda Alfonso, Limon Daniel, Camacho Eduardo Fernandez2.3
Fr-A21-TO/3A New Control Framework for Robotic Soccer SystemLee Dong-Hun, Baek Seung-Min, Moon Tae-Kyung, Chung Chae-Wook, Kuc Tae-Yong7.5
Tu-M07-TO/5A New Control Strategy for a Semi-Active Differential (Part I)Cheli Federico, Giaramita Michele, Pedrinelli Marco, Sandoni Germano, Travaglio Gian Claudio7.1
Tu-M07-TO/6A New Control Strategy for a Semi-Active Differential (part II)Resta Ferruccio, Teuschl Gerald, Zanchetta Mauro, Zorzutti Andrea7.1
Th-M16-TO/1A New Design of Robust Digital Controller for DC-DC ConvertersHiguchi Kohji, Nakano Kazushi, Kajikawa Tatsuyoshi, Takegami Eiji, Tomioka Satoshi, Watanabe Kazushi6.3
We-M16-TO/1A New Development of Adaptive Model Predictive ControlYu D. L., Yu D.W., Gomm J.B., Page G.W.1.2
Mo-E09-TO/5A New Efficient Self-Organising Fuzzy Logic Control (SOFLC) Algorithm using a Dynamic Performance Index (PI) TableMahfouf Mahdi, Lu Qing3.2
Mo-E11-TO/4A new estimation approach for AR models in presence of noiseDiversi Roberto, Soverini Umberto, Guidorzi Roberto1.1
Tu-A18-TO/2A New Evaluation Platform for Navigation SystemsSejerøe Thomas Hanefeld, Poulsen Niels Kjølstad, Ravn Ole7.5
Fr-A20-TO/2A new family of smooth strategies for swinging up a pendulumAström Karl J., Aracil Javier, Gordillo Francisco2.3
We-A01-TP/1A new fractional frequency synthesizer architecture with stability and robustness analysisHoudebine Marc, Dedieu Sebastien, Alamir Mazen, Sename Olivier4.1
Th-M10-TO/1A new H-infinity design method for high performance robust tracking controlDehghani Arvin, Lanzon Alexander, Anderson Brian D. O.2.5
We-E16-TO/3A New Characterization of Stable Neural Network Control for Discrete-Time Uncertain SystemsHayakawa Tomohisa, Haddad Wassim M., Hovakimyan Naira1.2
Th-A01-TP/2A New Interface for Collaborative TeleoperationKhezami Narjes, Otmane Samir, Mallem Malik4.5
Fr-A02-TP/3A new mathematical index for the optimal control of drug doses in the treatment of AIDSde Souza José A. M. Felippe, Caetano Marco A L, Yoneyama Takashi8.2
We-E16-TO/2A New Method for Marshaling Plan Using a Reinforcement Learning Considering Desired Layout of Containers in TerminalsHirashima Yoichi, Furuya Osamu, Takeda Kazuhiro, Deng Mingcong, Inoue Akira1.2
Fr-M04-TP/1A new position-based method for GPS signal FDICastaldi Paolo, Crisci Massimo, Zanzi Matteo7.3
Th-M03-TO/1A new real-time approach for nonlinear model predictive controlDeHaan Darryl, Guay Martin2.3
We-E01-TP/2A New Response Surface Method for Manufacturing Process Optimization using Interval ComputationLepadatu Daniel, Baguenard Xavier, Kobi Abdessamad, Hambli Ridha, Jaulin Luc5.1
Tu-E02-TO/2A New Subspace Identification Method for Open and Closed Loop DataJansson Magnus1.1
We-E02-TP/3A nonlinear ABR flow control with feed-forward compensation for ATM networksBartoszewicz Andrzej3.1
Mo-A03-TO/6A nonlinear observer for concentration profiles in simulated moving bedAlamir Mazen, Corriou Jean Pierre2.3
Fr-A03-TO/3A nonlinear SDP algorithm for static output feedback problems in COMPlibKocvara Michal, Leibfritz Friedemann, Stingl Michael, Henrion Didier2.3
We-A02-TP/7A Note on the Passivity-based Control of Switched Reluctance MotorsEspinosa-Perez Gerardo, Vazquez-Villanueva Christian, Velasco-Villa Martin6.3
Tu-A03-TP/1A Novel Approach of Thermal Process Control for Uniform TemperatureMatsunaga Nobutomo, Kawaji Shigeyasu, Tanaka Masahito, Nanno Ikuo6.1
Tu-A03-TO/1A novel control structure for dynamic inversion and trackingBajcinca Naim, Bünte Tilman2.1
Mo-M16-TO/2A Novel Design of Short-seeking Control for Dual-actuator Hard Disk DrivesYang Li, Tomizuka Masayoshi4.2
We-M04-TP/1A novel dynamic neural network structure for nonlinear system identificationDeng Jiamei, Becerra Victor, Nasuto Slawomir3.2
We-A17-TO/5A novel GA-based neural modelling platform for nonlinear dynamic systemsLi Kang, Peng Jian-Xun3.2
Fr-A16-TO/2A Novel Human-Machine Interaction Architecture – Intention Recognition ApproachTahboub Karim4.5
Tu-M04-TP/3A Novel Multi-robot Coordination Method Using Capability CategoryLin Liu, Zhiqiang Zheng4.3
Tu-A02-TP/3A Novel PID-like Neural Network ControllerCong Shuang, Li Guodong, Ji Beichen1.2
Th-A11-TO/1A Novel Two-Degree-of-Freedom Control Strategy for Unstable Processes with DelayGu Danying, Ou Linlin, Chen Peiying, Zhang Weidong2.1
Mo-M14-TO/1A Numerical Approach to Stochastic Optimal Control via Dynamic ProgrammingCrespo Luis, Sun Jian2.4
We-A14-TO/1A numerical optimal control approach to the design of an optical fibre-based evanescent field sensor.Dower Peter, Farrell Peter, Gibson Brant2.4
Tu-E04-TP/2A Parametric Robust Approach PID Control for a Laparoscopic Surgery RobotGrau Antoni, Bolea Yolanda, Dot Pere, Pujol Damia4.3
Th-E04-TO/1A Perceptive Reference Frame for Cooperative and Reconfigurable Multi-robot SystemsTan Jindong, Tarn Tzyh-Jong, Xi Ning4.3
Tu-M15-TO/2A Periodic Scheme for Pipelining Unstable Digital ControllersYang Ran, Zhang Cishen, Xie Lihua3.1
We-E09-TO/1A Periodic Systems Toolbox for MATLABVarga Andras2.1
Fr-M02-TP/2A Petri net-based Deadlock Control Policy for Flexible Assembly SystemsZhou MengChu, Wu Naiqi, Roszkowska Elzbieta1.3
Mo-E11-TO/2A PMLP Based Method for Chaotic Time Series PredictionYang Hongying, Ye Hao, Wang Guizeng, Zhong Maiying1.1
Th-M19-TO/1A Polynomial Approach to Structural Gene Dynamics ModellingLichtenberg Gerwald, Faisal Saadia, Werner Herbert8.2
Fr-A01-TP/1A Population Balance Model of Cell Cycle-Specific Tumor GrowthParker Robert, Florian Jeffry8.2
Fr-A03-TP/3A preload and afterload sensitive artificial ventricle to test cardiovascular prosthesesPiedimonte Fabio, Arabia Maurizio, Colacino Francesco Maria, Danieli Guido, Moscato Francesco, Nicosia Salvatore8.2
Tu-M09-TO/5A Prioritized Multiobjective MPC Configuration using Adaptive RBF Networks and Evolutionary ComputationSarimveis Haralambos, Aggelogiannaki Eleni, Alexandridis Alex3.2
Tu-M15-TO/3A probabilistic approach to the stability analysis of real-time control systemsVelasco Manel, Martí Pau, Villà Ricard, Fuertes Josep M., Ayza Jordi, Monroig Miquel3.1
We-E17-TO/2A Probability Neural Network for Continuous and Categorical DataYu Hongnian, Cang Shuang3.2
Mo-E07-TO/1A Procedure for Tuning STATCOM Parameters for Damping Power System OscillationsNassif Alexandre B., da Silva Luiz C. P., de Oliveira Maurício C., da Costa Vivaldo F.6.3
We-E16-TO/1A Proposal of Weighted Q-Learning for Continuous State and Action SpacesCheng Yuhu, Yi Jianqiang, Zhao Dongbin1.2
Tu-M04-TP/5A reactive obstacle avoidance system for an Autonomous Underwater VehicleEichhorn Mike4.3
Th-A04-TP/3A Receding Horizon Control for Lifting Ping-pong BallMajima Sumiko, Chou Keii2.4
Mo-M12-TO/4A Recursive Method for Minimal Siphon Enumeration in Petri NetsBenigno Arianna, Cordone Roberto, Ferrarini Luca, Piroddi Luigi1.3
Tu-M05-TO/6A Risk Adjusted Approach to Robust Simultaneous Fault Detection and IsolationSznaier Mario, Ma Wenjing, Lagoa Constantino6.4
Mo-A05-TO/2A robust deconvolution procedure for fault detection and isolation of uncertain linear systems: an LMI approachFranzè Giuseppe, Casavola Alessandro, Famularo Domenico6.4
Fr-M10-TO/4A Robust Invariance Approach to Idle Speed Control of a Spark Ignited EngineCaravani Paolo, Girasole Giovanni2.5
Mo-A08-TO/4A robust override scheme enforcing strict output constraints for a class of strictly proper systemsHerrmann Guido, Turner Matthew C., Postlethwaite Ian2.3
Th-M16-TO/3A robust passive power-based control strategy for three-phase voltage source rectifiersScherpen Jacquelien M.A., Jeltsema Dimitri, Hageman Elodie6.3
We-A14-TO/2A robust repetitive control scheme with relaxed minimum time criterionTurnau Andrzej, Szymkat Maciej, Korytowski Adam, Kołek Krzysztof2.4
Tu-M10-TO/1A robust version of the elimination lemmade Oliveira Mauricio2.5
We-E17-TO/3A Saturation based Interpolation Method for Fuzzy SystemsNavarro Jose Luis, Ariño Carlos, Sala Antonio, Diez Jose Luis3.2
We-A19-TO/2A selective improvement technique for fastening Neuro-Dynamic Programming in Water Resources Network Managementde Rigo Daniele, Castelletti Andrea, Rizzoli Andrea Emilio, Soncini-Sessa Rodolfo, Weber Enrico8.3
Fr-A10-TO/1A semi analytic approach to the robust stability of quasipolynomialsCuzange Sabine Mondie, Santos Joaquín, Kharitonov Vladimir2.5
We-M02-TP/3A Sensor Array for Control of Engine Exhaust After-treatment SystemsSoliman Ahmed, Jackson Prabhu J., Rizzoni Giorgio, Dutta Prabir7.1
Th-E04-TP/1A Set of Observers for a Class of Nonlinear SystemsFarza Mondher, M'Saad Mohammed, Sekher Malik2.3
Tu-A10-TO/4A simple algorithm for robust MPCRossiter John, Pluymers B, Suykens J.A.K., De Moor B.2.5
Fr-A03-TO/2A Simple Separation Result for Control Affine SystemsEbenbauer Christian, Raff Tobias, Allgoewer Frank2.3
Tu-E02-TO/4A Simple Subspace Identification Method of Closed-Loop Systems Using Orthogonal DecompositionKatayama Tohru, Tanaka Hideyuki, Enomoto Takeya1.1
Mo-M06-TO/2A Simple Test to Confirm Control Valve StictionShoukat Choudhury Md Ali A., Kariwala Vinay, Shah Sirish L., Douke Hisato, Takada Haruo, Thornhill Nina F.6.1
Mo-M20-TO/1A simple tube controller for efficient robust model predictive control of constrained linear discrete time systems subject to bounded disturbancesRakovic Sasa V., Mayne David Q.2.1
We-M03-TP/1A Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Fuzzy DelaysXie Yuan, Xie Jian-Ying, Li Shao-Yuan, Deng Xiao-Long5.2
Tu-E19-TO/4A Singularly Perturbed Model for Robust Control of Linear Single-Link Flexible ManipulatorKarimi Hamidreza, Yazdanpanah Mohammad Javad4.3
Mo-M19-TO/2A Sliding Observer for Closed-circuit Underwater Breathing ApparatusGarofalo Francesco, Iannelli Luigi, Manfredi Sabato, Santini Stefania7.2
Tu-A05-TP/2A Space-Division Wireless Communication System for Ad hoc Networking and Cooperative Localization of Multiple Mobile RobotsYasuda Gen'ichi, Takai Hiroyuki, Tachibana Keihachiro3.3
Tu-E22-TO/2A speed-gradient-based method to passify nonlinear discrete-time systemsNavarro-Lopez Eva Maria2.3
Th-M02-TP/1A Stable Real-time Optimal Multiple-model based Control of a Nonlinear ProcessSafavi Akbar, Khayatian A., Aminzadeh A., Talukder Y.M., Shaeed M.H., Huijberts H.J.C.2.3
Mo-E10-TO/4A Stable Recursive Filter for State Estimation of Linear Models in the Presence of Bounded DisturbancesBecis-Aubry Yasmina, Boutayeb Mohamed, Darouach Mohamed1.1
Mo-M14-TO/2A Stochastic Optimal Control Strategy for Partially Observable Nonlinear SystemsZhu Weiqiu, Ying Zuguang2.4
Tu-E01-TP/8A stochastic predictive control approach to project risk managementZafra-Cabeza Ascensión, Ridao Miguel A., Camacho Eduardo F.9.1
Th-A22-TO/3A Straightforward Proposal for Low-cost Development of Virtual and Remote Control LaboratoriesDíez José Luis, Vallés Marina, Valera Ángel, Albertos Pedro9.4
Tu-A21-TO/1A Strategy for Vehicle Control Augmentation via Control Bandwidth Phase Shaping ApproachSatoh Atsushi, Sugimoto Kenji2.1
Fr-M01-TP/9A Study on Control Problems in Online Distance EducationElena Petrosyan, Mkrttchian Vardan9.4
Th-E10-TO/1A sum of squares approximation of nonnegative polynomialsLasserre Jean B.2.5
Fr-M11-TO/1A Survey of Control Technologies in the Building Automation IndustrySalsbury Timothy4.4
Tu-E18-TO/2A Survey of the Looper-Tension Control Technology in Hot Rolling MillsChoi Il Seop, Rossiter Anthony, Fleming Peter6.2
Th-E12-TO/1A Survey on Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Piecewise Affine SystemsBiswas Pratik, Grieder Pascal, Loefberg Johan, Morari Manfred1.3
Mo-A12-TO/1A Survey on Supply Planning under Uncertainties in MRP EnvironmentsDolgui Alexandre, Louly Aly, Prodhon Caroline5.1
Tu-E10-TO/1A switching scheme for the robust stabilization of discrete time systems with unmatched uncertaintiesCorradini Maria Letizia, Orlando Giuseppe2.5
Th-A05-TO/1A System Decomposition for Sensor Location in Fault Detection and IsolationCommault Christian, Dion Jean-Michel, Yacoub Agha Sameh6.4
Fr-A02-TP/1A System Dynamics Approach of the Temporary Work Disability produced by Musculoskeletal DisordersMorilla Fernando, Blanco M., Fernández-Gutiérrez B., Jover J.A.8.2
Tu-E01-TP/6A System Marginal Price Forecasing Method Based on an Artificial Neural Network using Time and Day InformationPark Jong-Bae, Lee Jeong-Kyu, Shin Joong-Rin, Lee Kwang Y.9.1
Tu-M19-TO/6A systematic approach to SMB process model identification from SMB process dataGrofils Valerie, Levrie Caroline, Kinnaert Michel, Vande Wouwer Alain8.4
Th-A05-TO/2A systematic inclusion of diagnosis performance in fault tree analysisÅslund Jan, Biteus Jonas, Frisk Erik, Krysander Mattias, Nielsen Lars6.4
Mo-A06-TO/5A Time Varying State Space Approach for Sugar Crystallization Process Modelling and MonitoringGeorgieva Petia, Simoglou Alexandros, Martin Elaine, Morris Julian, de Azevedo Sebastião Feyo6.1
We-A20-TO/3A Toolset for Supporting Continuous Decision Making Case: Grade Change OptimizationPulkkinen Petteri, Ahonen Toni, Ritala Risto6.1
Th-A16-TO/1A Two Loop Optimal Control of Flexible Drive Train Variable Speed Wind Power SystemsMunteanu Iulian, Bratcu Antoneta Iuliana, Cutululis Nicolaos Antonio, Ceanca Emil6.3
Th-M06-TO/2A two-degree-of-freedom Smith control for improved disturbance rejectionWang Qing-Guo, Lu Xiang, Zhou Hanqin, Lee Tong-heng6.1
Tu-A04-TP/1A Two-Stage Algorithm for Combined Iterative Learning Control with Real-Time Feedback; A State Space FormulationLee Kwang Soon, Chin Insik, Cho Moonki, Qin S. Joe6.1
Fr-M05-TO/5A Unified Approach towards Fault Detection of Vehicle Lateral Dynamics SensorsRehm Ansgar, Otterbein Stefan6.4
We-E05-TO/3A Unified Framework for Describing the Dynamics of Pull Control Policies with Batch ProductionDi Mascolo Maria, Bollon Jean Marc5.1
Th-E03-TP/2A Variance-Adaptive Particle Filter with Application to Time-Varying Parameter EstimationZhang Bai, Chen Minze, Zhou D. H.1.4
Mo-M02-TP/1A Wavelet Approach to Convolutive Blind Separation of Non-stationary Sound SourcesTakada Kiyotaka, Nakano Kazushi, Watai Hirokazu1.1
Th-E02-TO/1A Wavelet Enhanced Integral Approach to Linear Dynamic Data ReconciliationHuang Hsiao-Ping, Luo Kuo-Yuan1.1
Th-E08-TO/2A Wavelet-based Iterative Learning Control Scheme for Motion Control SystemsChen Jian-Shiang, Tzeng K. S., Tzeng D. C.2.1
Mo-M01-TP/1About feedback stabilization of continuous bioprocesses through recirculationHarmand Jérôme, Rapaport Alain, Mazenc Frédéric8.4
Mo-A07-TO/1AC Induction Machine Speed Observer with Rotor Resistance AdaptationVáclavek Pavel, Blaha Petr6.3
Tu-M16-TO/1Accurate Modelling and Identification of Vehicle's Nonlinear Lateral DynamicsAbdellatif Houssem, Heimann Bodo4.2
We-E19-TO/2Activated Sludge Image Analysis Data Classification: an LS-SVM ApproachGins Geert, Smets Ilse, Jenné Rika, Van Impe Jan F.M.8.3
Mo-A18-TO/1Active Controls and Non-invasive Monitoring for High Speed TrainsLandi Alberto, Balestrino Aldo, Bruno Ottorino, Sani Luca7.4
Th-M05-TO/2Active Fault Diagnosis in Closed-loop SystemsNiemann Hans Henrik, Poulsen Niels Kjølstad6.4
Tu-A02-TO/1Active Noise Control in a Cavity using Interpolated modelsPulthasthan Suwit, Pota Hemanshu R.1.1
Th-A08-TO/2Active Steering Control for Railway Bogies based on Displacement MeasurementsMei T.X., Shen S., Goodall R.M., Pearson J.T.2.1
Mo-A18-TO/2Active Steering of Railway Vehicles via DOBCHu Dong, Chen Wen-Hua, Goodall Roger M.7.4
Tu-E20-TO/1Active Structural Acoustic Control of a Machine EnclosureVeres Sandor M, Luo Jian1.2
Th-M08-TO/4Active Vibration Damping of a Smart Flexible Structure Using Piezoelectric Transducers: H-infinity Design and Experimental ResultsTliba Sami, Prieur Christophe, Abou-Kandil Hisham2.1
Mo-E19-TO/1Active Vibration Isolation in a “Smart Spring” Mount using a Repetitive Control ApproachDaley Steve, Hatonen Jari, Owens David7.2
Tu-A06-TO/1Active Vibration Rejection in Steel Rolling MillsSchlacher Kurt, Fuchshumer Stefan, Grabmair Gernot, Holl Johann, Keintzel Georg6.2
Fr-M07-TP/1Active Vibration Suppression of Flexible Spacecraft using Feed-Forward/Feedback Control StrategiesHu Qinglei, Ma Guangfu, Liu Yaqiu7.3
Mo-E20-TO/3Actual Engaged Gear Identification: A Hybrid Observer ApproachAndrea Balluchi, Benvenuti Luca, Lemma Claudio, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Alberto, Serra Gabriele7.1
Tu-A04-TP/2Actuator and Component Fault Isolation in a Fluid Catalytic Cracking UnitAlcorta-Garcia Efrain, de Leon-Canton Plinio, Sotomayor Oscar A. Z., Odloak Darci6.1
Tu-M02-TP/1Adaptation and nonlinear parametrization: nonlinear dynamics prospectiveTyukin Ivan, van Leeuwen Cees1.2
Th-M09-TO/6Adapting Control Software Systems Through Aspect-Oriented ProgrammingRohlik Ondrej, Birrer Iwan, Chevalley Philippe3.1
Th-E02-TP/1Adaptive algorithms and experimental results of a bolus chasing CT scannerBai Er-Wei, Bai H., Remersaro R., Bennett J., Halloran J., Vannier M., Wang G.1.1
Tu-M02-TP/6Adaptive Backstepping Control of Systems with Uncertain Nonsmooth Actuator NonlinearityZhou Jing, Wen Changyun, Er Meng Joo1.2
Mo-E10-TO/5Adaptive Compensation of Biased Sinusoidal Disturbances with Unknown FrequencyBobtsov Alexey, Kremlev Artem1.1
We-M04-TP/2Adaptive Control Based on Neural Observer for Nonlinear SystemsTan Yonghong, Li Chuntao3.2
Fr-M03-TO/1Adaptive control design for nonsmooth systems with uncertaintyNakakuki Takashi, Shen Tielong, Tamura Katsutoshi2.3
Fr-A22-TO/5Adaptive control of a coupled drives apparatus using dual Youla-Kucera parametrizationGazdos Frantisek, Dostal Petr2.1
Tu-A02-TP/10Adaptive Control of a Shunt DC Motor with Persistent ExcitationHuang Jeng Tze, Chou Yen Huei1.2
Tu-M01-TP/5Adaptive Control of Chaos in a Congestion Control ModelJiang Kai, Wang Xiao Fan, Xi Yugeng, Li Xiang7.4
Fr-A01-TP/3Adaptive Control of Low-flow Anaesthesia using a Mixture of Anaesthetic GasesCoca Daniel, Coca Diana S., Billings Stephen A.8.2
We-M01-TP/9Adaptive Control of Parametric Strict Feedback Systems with Improved Performance Using Modified BacksteppingGrinits Erick Vile, Bottura Celso Pascoli3.2
Fr-A22-TO/4Adaptive Control of Twin Rotor MIMO System: Polynomial ApproachKubalcik Marek, Bobál Vladimír, Chalupa Petr2.1
We-M16-TO/4Adaptive coordinated decentralized control of large-scale systemsMirkin Boris, Gutman Per-Olof1.2
We-M16-TO/6Adaptive Estimation of Unknown Sinusoidal Disturbances in Non-minimum-Phase Nonlinear SystemsDing Zhengtao1.2
We-M18-TO/4Adaptive Evolutionary Search Algorithm with Obstacle Avoidance for Multiple UAVsCarruthers Barry, McGookin Euan W., Murray-Smith David J.7.5
Mo-E07-TO/5Adaptive gain sliding mode control for multimachine power systemsPsillakis Haris, Alexandridis Antonio6.3
Mo-M07-TO/1Adaptive learning control of linear systems by output error feedbackLiuzzo Stefano, Marino Riccardo, Tomei Patrizio1.2
Fr-M21-TO/2Adaptive mechanism for mastering capital and improving international stabilityTsyganov Vladimir, Bagamaev Ruslan, Gurlev Igor9.5
We-M02-TP/4Adaptive Modelling and Predictive Control of an IC EngineWang S.W., Yu D. L., Gomm J.B., Beham M., Page G.W., Douglas S.S.7.1
Th-M02-TP/2Adaptive Multi-periodic Repetitive Control for a class of Non-linear SystemsDang Hongwei, Owens David H.2.3
Mo-M07-TO/3Adaptive Narrow-band Disturbance Rejection for Stable Plants under Robust Stabilization FrameworkHu Jwu-Sheng, Pota Himanshu1.2
Tu-E09-TO/1Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Nonholonomic SystemsWang Zhuping, Ge S. S., Lee T. H.3.2
Tu-E04-TP/3Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Hybrid Position/Force Control of Robotic ManipulatorsFarrokhi Mohammad, Fanaei Arash4.3
Tu-A02-TP/11Adaptive Output Feedback Control of a Scale Helicopter Restricted to a 2DoF PlatformÁlvarez José Cesáreo Raimúndez, Portela José Luis Camaño, Béjar Manuel, Baltar José Antonio García1.2
Mo-E08-TO/5Adaptive Output Feedback Control of Uncertain MIMO Nonlinear Systems with Unknown OrdersMizumoto Ikuro, Michino Ryuji, Takahashi Masanori, Kumon Makoto, Iwai Zenta1.2
Tu-M06-TO/2Adaptive Output feedback Extremum Seeking Control of Linear SystemsGuay Martin, Adetola Veronica6.1
Mo-E09-TO/1Adaptive Parameter Selection of Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization on Global LevelSun Jun, Xu Wenbo, Feng Bin3.2
Fr-M03-TO/4Adaptive Predictive Functional Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems based on Dynamical LinearizationZhang Bin, Zhang Wei-dong2.3
Th-E18-TO/2Adaptive Reconfigurable Flight Control System Using Multiple Model Mode SwitchingKim Youdan, Jung Bokyung, Jeong Seong-Kyun, Lee Dong-Hyun7.3
Mo-E08-TO/4Adaptive Regulation to Invariant SetsTyukin Ivan, Efimov Denis, van Leeuwen Cees1.2
Mo-E19-TO/2Adaptive Robust Backstepping Nonlinear Algorithm Applied to Ship SteeringDu Jialu, Chen Guo, Yang Chengen7.2
We-E04-TO/5Adaptive Robust Control of Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile RobotsWang Tai-Yu, Tsai Ching-Chih4.3
Mo-E03-TP/2Adaptive Robust Fuzzy Fin Stabilizer Design for Ship Roll Nonlinear SystemsYang Yansheng7.2
We-E16-TO/4Adaptive sliding-mode control with Gaussian networkMa Lei, Schilling Klaus, Schmid Christian1.2
We-A02-TP/8Adaptive Speed Control of PMSMs with Unknown Load TorqueKoumboulis Fotis, Kouvakas N. D., Panagiotakis G. E., Pantelios A. G.6.3
Mo-M09-TO/2Adaptive switching control of quadratically stabilizable uncertain systems with an anesthesia applicationAngeli David, Manuelli Claudia, Mosca Edoardo1.2
We-E16-TO/6Adaptive Tracking Control of Fuzzy Time-Delay Systems using Variable Structure Control ApproachWei Xinjiang, Jing Yuanwei1.2
Tu-M02-TP/8Adaptive Tracking Control via the Extremum-seeking MethodYu Hai, Ozguner Umit1.2
Mo-E08-TO/3Adaptive Tuning to a Bifurcation for Nonlinear Systems with High Relative DegreeEfimov Denis, Fradkov Alexander L.1.2
Tu-M02-TP/9Adaptive two degrees-of-freedom internal model control with reference input predictor for systems with unknown time delayRen X. M., Rad A. B., Lo W. L., Chan P. T.1.2
We-E18-TO/2Adaptive Visual Servoing for Constrained Robots under Jacobian, Joint Dynamic and Contact Viscous Friction UncertaintiesDean Leon Emmanuel, Parra Vega Vicente, García Valdovinos Luis, Espinosa Romero Arturo4.2
Mo-E09-TO/3Adaptive Zooming Genetic Algorithm for Continuous Optimisation ProblemsLi Kang, Peng Jian-xun, Thompson Steve3.2
We-M01-TP/8Adaptive-Predictive Control with Intelligent Virtual SensorNazaruddin Yul Yunazwin, Muhammad Aria3.2
Th-E19-TO/3Adjustment of high-order sliding-mode controllersLevant Arie, Alon Michael2.3
Fr-M01-TP/3Advanced Control Algorithms + Simulink compatibility + Real-time OS = REXBalda Pavel, Schlegel Miloš, Štětina Milan9.4
Th-E16-TO/1Advanced Fuel Cell System Control through State SpaceRufer Alfred, Grasser Felix6.3
Fr-M11-TO/5Advanced Industrial Control using Fuzzy Logic of Tunnel Kiln Brick ProductionStankovski Mile, Kolemishevska-Gugulovska Tatjana, Boshkovski Goce, Dimirovski Georgi4.4
Fr-M05-TO/6Advanced model-based diagnosis of sensor faults in vehicle dynamics control systemsDing Steven, Schneider Stefan, Ding Eve, Rehm A.6.4
Mo-A03-TP/2Advanced Predictive Control Based on Multimodel Learning TechniquesConstantin Nicolae, Dumitrache Ioan2.1
Th-E14-TO/4Advanced Process Monitoring Systems for Continuous ProcessesPyszko René, Cudzik Leopold, Barabáš Roman, Fojtík Pavel, Adamik Michal4.1
Tu-A06-TO/2Advanced Tension Control Based on State Feedback For Reversing MillsAsano Kazuya, Takahashi Hiroyuki, Miyata Takeshi, Kohiro Yoshitake6.2
We-M07-TO/5Advances on Prognostics for Intelligent Maintenance SystemsQiu Hai, Lee Jay, Djudjanovic Dragan, Ni Jun5.1
Th-M01-TP/4Aerobic End-Point Detection In A Sequencing Batch ReactorMachon Ivan, López Hilario8.3
Th-E20-TO/3Agent-Based Control of Discrete Spatially Distributed SystemsTatara Eric, Birol Inanc, Teymour Fouad, Cinar Ali6.1
Mo-E15-TO/4Acheiving X-Sigma Delivery in Supply ChainsYu Danqing, Luh P.B., Chang S.C.5.2
We-M17-TO/2Achieving Interoperable Enterprise Applications through Model-Driven Integration: The ERP-CRM CaseCharalabidis Yannis, Kuhn Harald, Katzilieri Avra5.3
Mo-A17-TO/1Achieving Tradeoffs between Safety and Functionality in Early System DesignGrante Christian, Papadopoulos Yiannis5.1
We-E03-TP/9Air speed sensor for measuring natural convection in dryers and storehousesSeres Istvan, Kocsis Laszlo, Gottschalk Klaus, Farkas Istvan8.1
Mo-A18-TO/3Air Traffic Control with an expected value criterionLecchini Andrea, Glover William, Lygeros John, Maciejowski Jan7.4
Th-A22-TO/6AIRES: a standard for web-based remote experimentsLeva Alberto, Casini Marco, Schiavo Francesco9.4
Th-M13-TO/1Algebraic Theory of Time-Varying Linear Systems: A SurveyIlchmann Achim1.1
Mo-A03-TP/3Algorithms of Networked Control System DesignLiguš Ján, Ligušová Jana, Horanský Karol2.1
Mo-M07-TO/2Allowed gain errors for iterative modelling and controller designVeres Sandor M1.2
We-A02-TO/1Almost Sure Convergence under Estimating Conditional Mean Based on Dependent DataChernyshov Kirill1.1
Th-A07-TO/2Almost sure stability of continuous-time Markov jump linear systems: a randomized approachBolzern Paolo, Colaneri Patrizio, De Nicolao Giuseppe1.4
Tu-A03-TP/2An Adaptive GMC Algorithm in Application to pH ProcessStebel Krzysztof6.1
Th-A19-TO/2An Adaptive GPC Approach to Low-flow AnaesthesiaCoca Daniel, Coca Diana S., Billings Stephen A.8.2
We-E08-TO/5An Adaptive Nonparametric Controller for a class of nonminimum phase non-linear systemSbarbaro Daniel, Murray-Smith Roderick2.3
Mo-M05-TO/4An adaptive observer for sensor fault estimation in linear time varying systemsZhang Qinghua6.4
Tu-M01-TP/6An Agent Based Approach to the Real Time Air Traffic ControlAdacher Ludovica, Meloni Carlo7.4
Th-M13-TO/2An algebraic analysis approach to linear time-varying behaviorsZerz Eva1.1
Fr-A14-TO/1An Algorithm for Computing Heteroclinic Orbits and Its Application to Chaos Synthesis in the Generalized Lorenz SystemCelikovsky Sergej, Zhou Tianshou, Chen Guanrong2.3
Mo-M03-TO/5An Algorithm for System Immersion into Nonlinear Observer Form: Forced SystemBack Juhoon, Shim Hyungbo, Seo Jin H.2.3
We-E09-TO/2An algorithm to reduce the tracking error in TS fuzzy models: A numerical approachMeda-Campaña Jesus A., Castillo-Toledo Bernardino2.1
We-E06-TO/3An Ambient Intelligence Information Infrastructure for Production-to-Maintenance ProcessesMueller Joerg, Zimmermann Roland5.4
Tu-M04-TP/6An Analysis of ZMP Control Problem of Humanoid Robot with Compliances in Sole of the FootNazir Napoleon, Izu Hiroki, Nakaura Shigeki, Sampei Mitsuji4.3
Th-M08-TO/3An anti-windup strategy for a flexible cantilever beamTarbouriech Sophie, Prieur Christophe, da Silva Jr. Joao Manoel Gomes2.1
We-M19-TO/2An application of Structural Risk Minimization to the selection of ecological modelsCorani Giorgio, Gatto Marino8.3
Tu-A04-TP/3An Application of the Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning Method to a Multivariable Process ControlNakamoto Masashi6.1
Th-E09-TO/1An Approach for Designing Real-time Embedded Systems from RT-UML SpecificationsBecker Leandro, Wehrmeister Marco A., Pereira Carlos E.3.1
Tu-A01-TP/14An approach to model complex interdependent InfrastructuresPanzieri Stefano, Setola Roberto, Ulivi Giovanni1.1
Tu-A15-TO/2An Approach to the Design of Networked Embedded SystemsŠvéda Miroslav, Vrba Radimír4.1
Mo-M03-TP/1An Effective Graphical Approach to Define Objectives and Structure of a Control SystemMrozek Zbigniew2.1
Tu-A10-TO/3An Efficient Decomposition-Based Formulation for Robust Control with ConstraintsGoulart Paul, Kerrigan Eric2.5
Mo-M14-TO/5An Eigenvalue Approach to Infinite-Horizon Optimal ControlRutquist Per, Breitholtz Claes, Wik Torsten2.4
We-A02-TP/21An Electricity Market Analysis Method based on Probabilistic Production Costing TechniquePark Jong-Bae, Shin Joong-Rin, Jeong Yun-Won, Choe Gyu-Ha, Lee Kwang Y.6.3
We-E21-TO/4An Electromechanical Sigma-delta Modulator for MEMS GyroscopeChang Byung Su, Lee Jang Gyu, Kang Taesam, Sung Woon-Tahk4.1
Fr-M01-TP/12An elementary proof of the general Q-parametrization of all stabilizing controllersQuadrat Alban9.4
Tu-M04-TP/7An Embedded Genetic Fuzzy Motion Controller for a Mobile RobotYang Simon X., Wang Xiaochuan, Wang Guoyin, Meng Max Q.-H.4.3
Tu-A16-TO/4An Event-triggered Communication Protocol for Intelligent Real-time ControlScarlett Jason J., Brennan Robert5.1
Mo-E03-TP/3An Exact Method for Berth Allocation at Raw Material DocksLi Shaohua, Tang Lixin, Liu Jiyin7.2
Th-M12-TO/1An Exact Stability Test for Planar and Multi-Modal Piecewise Linear SystemsIwatani Yasushi, Hara Shinji2.2
Mo-A16-TO/4An experimental demonstration of NPID control with application to optical storage drivesHeertjes Marcel F., Cremers Frank, Steinbuch Maarten4.2
Th-A04-TP/4An explicit solution to the discrete-time singular LQ regulation problem for non-square plantKase Wataru, Miyoshi Ryoji, Mutoh Yasuhiko2.4
We-M03-TP/11An ICT Platform for the Vertical and Horizontal Integration of Information in Large Utilities PlantsCavalieri Salvatore5.2
Mo-M16-TO/1An Identification Method of Seek-Induced Vibration Modes in Hard Disk DrivesSemba Tetsuo, White Matthew4.2
Th-E02-TP/2An Image Registration Algorithm Based on Digital Image FusionWang Rong, Gao Liqun1.1
Tu-A17-TO/5An Implementation of a Framework for Cooperative EngineeringGonçalves Gil, Dias Paulo, Santos António, Sousa Joao, Pereira Fernando5.3
Tu-M04-TP/8An Implementation of a Teleoperated Robot Control Architecture on a PLC and Field-bus based PlatformOrtiz Francisco J., Álvarez Bárbara, Losilla Fernando, Rodríguez David, Ortega Noelia4.3
We-M09-TO/1An Improved Architecture for Networked Control SystemsQuevedo Daniel E., Goodwin Graham C.2.1
We-A21-TO/6An Improved Friction Sliding Model for Web Handling Systems. Application to the Controller ParametrizationVedrines Marc, Knittel Dominique6.2
Th-E03-TP/3An improved SPSA algorithm for stochastic optimization with bound constraintsPopovic Dobrivoje, Teel Andrew R., Jankovic Mrdjan1.4
Tu-M01-TP/7An Improvement of Transfer Performance in Paper Feeding SystemsRyu Jae-Kwan, Lee Soon-Geul, Rhim Sung-Soo, Kim Si-Eun, Lim Tae-Gyoon7.4
Tu-E04-TP/4An Industrial Autonomous Guided RobotCardeira Carlos, Mário Ramalho, Rui Loureiro, Freitas Hugo, Vilela Pedro, Bengala Jorge4.3
Fr-M05-TO/2An integrated design approach to multilevel Fault Tolerant Control of distributed systemsPaoli Andrea, Bonivento Claudio, Capiluppi Marta, Marconi Lorenzo6.4
Fr-A02-TP/4An Intelligent Alarm System Based on Temporal Episodes for Intensive Care UnitsCharbonnier Sylvie, Badji Lyes, Gentil Sylviane8.2
Fr-A16-TO/3An intelligent interface processor for a behavior-based control robotJusoh Shaidah, Wang Fangju, Yang Simon X.4.5
Mo-A02-TP/2An interior point minimax algorithm with an application in engineeringZakovic Stanislav, Rustem Berc, Pistikopoulos Stratos2.5
Th-M22-TO/4An Internet-based Laboratory for Distance Learning in Control EngineeringBuzdugan Tudor, Nascu Ioan, De Keyser Robin9.4
Th-A02-TO/1An Interpretation of Subspace Identification MethodsMathieu Pouliquen, M'Saad Mohammed1.1
We-E10-TO/5An Iterative Method for Multi-objective Dynamic Output Feedback SynthesisSalhi Salah, Arzelier Denis2.5
Fr-A10-TO/4An Iterative Method for Robust Performance Analysis of Sampled-Data Systems against Parameter UncertaintiesHagiwara Tomomichi, Horiguchi Kazuhiro2.5
We-M15-TO/6An LMI approach to robust stabilization of networked control systemsYu Mei, Wang Long, Chu Tianguang3.1
Mo-A02-TP/1An LMI-Based Method for H2/H∞ Control Design under Sparsity ConstraintsYagoubi Mohamed, Chevrel Philippe2.5
Mo-M03-TO/3An observer for semi-explicit differential-algebraic systemsFrisk Erik, Åslund Jan2.3
Tu-E10-TO/2An observer-based fault-accommodating controller for nonlinear systems in the presence of sensor failuresCorradini Maria Letizia, Orlando Giuseppe, Parlangeli Gianfranco2.5
Fr-M01-TP/10An Online Course in Power Object Working Modes Modeling and OptimisationKljajic Miroljub, Mkrttchian Vardan9.4
Th-A19-TO/3An Online Fuzzy Gain Scheduling for Blood Pressure RegulationNguyen Chi-Ngon, Simanski Olaf, Schubert Agnes, Kähler Ralf, Lampe Bernhard8.2
Th-M01-TP/5An Optimal Decision Model for Coastal Aquifers ManagementRobba Michela, Antonellini Marco, Gabbianelli Giovanni, Minciardi Riccardo, Sacile Roberto, Ulazzi Elisa8.3
Tu-M15-TO/4An Optimal Extrapolator for Reducing Phase Delay of Sample Data-holdShahnazi Reza, Khaloozadeh Hamid3.1
Th-M01-TP/6An Optimal Fuzzy Approach to Automated Reservoir ManagementCavallo Alberto, Di Nardo Armando, Di Natale Michele, Natale Ciro8.3
Mo-M13-TO/2An optimal Macro Economic Policy Mix for Slovenia after EU AccessionWeyerstrass Klaus9.1
Th-M02-TO/1An Optimisation-based Approach to Interval Model Identification in the Frequency DomainPuig Vicenç, Masip Albert, Quevedo Joseba1.1
Th-M21-TO/1An Overview of the Automation of Load-Haul-Dump Vehicles in an Underground Mining EnvironmentCamisani-Calzolari Fernando, Dragt Bruce, Craig Ian4.4
Tu-A09-TO/1An RBF based Neuro-dynamic Approach for the Control of Stochastic Dynamic SystemsSarimveis Haralambos, Patrinos Panagiotis K.3.2
We-M01-TP/17An UML modeling of a neuro-fuzzy monitoring systemPalluat Nicolas, Racoceanu Daniel, Zerhouni Noureddine3.2
We-M15-TO/1Analysis and Co-Simulation of an IEEE 802.11B Wireless Networked Control SystemColandairaj Jeremy, Irwin George, Scanlon William3.1
We-M12-TO/1Analysis and design of discretely controlled switched positive systemsLunze Jan, Kamau S. I.1.3
Mo-M21-TO/1Analysis and Design of Softly Switched Model Predictive ControlWang Jingsong, Grochowski Michal, Brdys Mietek5.4
Mo-M08-TO/3Analysis and Nonlinear Control of Implicit Discrete-time Dynamic SystemsHoll Johann, Schlacher Kurt2.3
Mo-M10-TO/1Analysis and synthesis of networked control systems: topological entropy, observability, robustness and optimal control.Savkin Andrey2.5
Th-E02-TP/3Analysis of a class of infinite dimensional systems based on model decompositionSmieja Jaroslaw, Swierniak Andrzej1.1
We-M18-TO/6Analysis of coordination in multi-agent systems through Partial difference Equations. Part II: Nonlinear controlFerrari-Trecate Giancarlo, Buffa Annalisa, Gati Mehdi7.5
We-M18-TO/5Analysis of coordination in multi-agent systems through Partial difference Equations. Part I: the Laplacian controlFerrari-Trecate Giancarlo, Buffa Annalisa, Gati Mehdi7.5
Th-E03-TP/4Analysis of Dynamic Sensor Coverage Problem using Kalman Filters for EstimationTiwari Abhishek, Jun Myungsoo, Jeffcoat David E., Murray Richard M.1.4
Tu-M03-TP/2Analysis of errors of coal quality monitorsCierpisz Stanislaw6.2
Th-A01-TP/4Analysis of human perception ability for robot impedanceTanaka Yoshiyuki, Tsuji Toshio, Miyaguchi Hideki4.5
Th-E19-TO/2Analysis of nonlinear variable-structure systems with second-order sliding-modes and dynamic actuatorsPisano Alessandro, Boiko Igor, Fridman Leonid, Orani Nicola, Usai Elio2.3
Fr-A09-TO/4Analysis of Overrun Strategies in Periodic Control TasksCervin Anton3.1
Th-E03-TO/3Analysis of Random Reference Tracking in Systems with Saturating ActuatorsEun Yongsoon, Kabamba Pierre T., Meerkov Semyon M.2.3
Tu-M03-TP/1Analysis of Two-layer Sintering Process for Different Bed Heights by Genetic AlgorithmMitra Kishalay, Nath Niloy K.6.2
Th-M02-TO/2Analysis of windowing/leakage effects in frequency response function measurementsSchoukens Johan, Rolain Y., Pintelon R.1.1
Tu-A08-TO/5Ant Colony Optimization For Active/Reactive Operational PlanningLee Kwang Y., Vlachogiannis John G.6.3
Fr-M04-TP/2Antenna LQG Controllers: Properties, Limits of Performance and Tuning ProcedureGawronski Wodek7.3
We-M04-TO/4Anticipative Iterative Learning Control of Robot ManipulatorsPolushin Ilia, Tayebi Abdelhamid4.3
Tu-A20-TO/1Antiwindup and Override Control for Exponentially Unstable Systems with Actuator ConstraintsGlattfelder Adolf Hermann, Schaufelberger Walter2.3
We-A11-TO/1Anti-windup synthesis using Riccati equationsTurner Matthew, Sofrony Jorge, Postlethwaite Ian2.2
We-E04-TP/1Application of 3D-PMD Video Cameras for Tasks in the Autonomous Mobile RoboticsPrusak Alexander, Roth Hubert, Schwarte Rudolf7.5
We-A02-TO/2Application of a kernel method in modelling friction dynamicsHarrison Robert, Wan Yufeng, Wong Chian X., Dodd Tony J.1.1
Th-A17-TO/5Application of a Modified Holt-Winters Method and of Neural Network Methods to Medium Term Sales ForecastingKotsialos Apostolos, Papageorgiou Markos, Poulimenos Antonios5.2
We-M06-TO/1Application of a Networked Decentralized MPC to Syngas Process in Oil IndustryLonghi Sauro, Trillini Roberto, Vaccarini Massimo6.1
Mo-M02-TP/2Application of a resampling scheme to solve the divergence in the Pathwise filterJacob Alexsandro, Yoneyama Takashi1.1
Tu-M07-TO/4Application of Combined Steering and Individual Wheel Braking Actuated Yaw Stability Control to a Realistic Vehicle ModelOzturk Eyup Serdar, Guvenc Levent, Yigit Tevfik, Guvenc Bilin Aksun7.1
Tu-E03-TO/6Application of genealogical decision trees for open-loop tracking controlIkonen Enso, Najim Kaddour, Del Moral Pierre2.3
Tu-M13-TO/1Application of Genetic Algorithms in Optimal Excitation and Controller DesignSchoen Marco, Lin Feng, Chinvorarat Sinchai1.1
Tu-M03-TP/3Application of Grey Relation Analysis and RBF Network on Grinding-concentration’s Soft SensingLi Yong, Shao Cheng6.2
Mo-A09-TO/2Application of Interactive Evolutional Computing to Core DesignKobayashi Yoko3.2
Mo-E06-TO/5Application of Iterative Nonlinear Model Predictive Control to a Batch Pilot ReactorBordons Carlos, Cueli Jose R.6.1
We-M22-TO/1Application of Large scale Database-based Online Modelling on Blast Furnace OperationIto Masahiro, Matsuzaki Shinroku, Ogai Harutoshi, Mori Kenichi, Uchida Kenko, Saito Shinichi, Sasaki Nozomi6.2
Tu-A07-TO/3Application of Model-Based Predictive and Robust Loop Shaping Control to Automatic Car SteeringNathan Zambou, Bollig Alexander, Abel Dirk, Siedersberger Karl Heinz, Müller Karin7.1
We-E14-TO/2Application of Moving Pareto Frontier Technique for Exploration of Dynamic Controlled SystemsBrusnikina Natalya, Lotov Alexander2.4
Fr-M22-TO/2Application of Polynomial Systems Theory to Nonlinear SystemsYlinen Raimo2.1
We-A17-TO/6Application of RBF for Strip Shape RecognitionXu Zhe, Lu Yanling, Qiao Junfei, Duan Jianmin3.2
We-M10-TO/6Application of Uncertain Variables to Stabilization and Parametric Optimization of Uncertain Dynamic SystemsBubnicki Zdzislaw2.5
Tu-M19-TO/2Applications of Coupling Analysis on Bioreactor ModelsHalvarsson Björn, Samuelsson Pär, Carlsson Bengt8.4
Tu-A13-TO/1Applications of mixed H2 and H-infinity input design in identificationBarenthin Märta, Jansson Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan1.1
Th-E21-TO/6Applications of Narrative Ethics to EngineeringHersh Marion, Stapleton Larry, Duffy Deborah9.5
We-M04-TO/3Applying Efficient Computation of the Mass Matrix for Decoupling Control of Complex Parallel ManipulatorsAbdellatif Houssem, Heimann Bodo, Holz Christian4.3
Tu-A16-TO/2Applying Equal Piles Approach to Disassembly Line Balancing ProblemDuta Luminita, Filip F. Gh., Henrioud J. M.5.1
Tu-M17-TO/5Applying the Unified Process to Large-Scale Ontology BuildingNavigli Roberto, Missikoff Michele5.3
Th-E03-TP/5Approximate Dynamic Programming Methods for Cooperative UAV SearchFlint Matthew, Fernandez Emmanuel1.4
Th-M14-TO/1Approximate Dynamic Programming Strategy for Dual Adaptive ControlLee Jong Min, Lee Jay H.2.4
Th-A12-TO/1Approximate min-max MPC for linear hybrid systemsAyala Botto Miguel, Silva Miguel, Sá da Costa José2.1
Th-E04-TP/2Approximate Observer Error Linearization for Multi-Output SystemsRöbenack Klaus2.3
Tu-A01-TP/15Approximate Realization of Valve Dynamics with Time Delayvan Helvoirt Jan, Bosgra Okko, de Jager Bram, Steinbuch Maarten1.1
Th-E05-TP/3Approximated Optimal Control of Singularly Perturbed Systems via Haar WaveletsKarimi Hamidreza, Maralani Parviz Jabedar, Moshiri Behzad, Lohmann Boris2.4
Tu-M12-TO/3Approximating Minimal Communicated Event Sets for Decentralized Supervisory ControlRohloff Kurt, van Schuppen Jan H.1.3
Mo-E02-TP/3Approximation of Non--linear Systems with Identified Hybrid ModelsSimani Silvio, Fantuzzi Cesare1.1
We-E15-TO/5AQM Generalized Nyquist Stability in Multiple BottleneckGiarre' Laura, Bauso Dario, Di Bernardo D., Neglia G.3.3
Mo-M02-TP/3Arbitrary States Polynomial-like Trajectory (ASPOT) Generation and its applicationsAhn Ki Tak, Chung Wan Kyun, Youm Youngil1.1
We-A02-TP/12Arcing Fault Detection and Fault Location on HV Transmission LinesShin Joong-Rin, Radojevic Zoran, Park Jong-Bae, Lee Chan-Joo6.3
Th-A20-TO/6Architecture of an autonomous agricultural tractor: hardware, software, and control systemsEaton Ray, Katupitiya Jayantha, Cole Anthony, Meyer Craig8.1
We-A11-TO/2Aspects of Pole Placement Technique in Symmetrical Optimum Method for PID Controller DesignNicolau Viorel, Miholca Constantin, Aiordachioaie Dorel, Ceanga Emil2.2
Mo-E02-TP/4Assessing the Predictions of Dynamic Neural NetworksDadhe Kai, Engell Sebastian1.1
Tu-A04-TP/4Assessment of tuning of PI controllers for self-regulating processesVisioli Antonio6.1
Fr-M02-TO/4Asymptotic Observers for Discrete-Time Switched Linear SystemsBabaali Mohamed, Egerstedt Magnus1.1
Mo-M11-TO/3Asymptotic Stability of Discontinuous Cauchy Problems in Banach Space with ApplicationsMichel Anthony N., Sun Ye2.3
Mo-M15-TO/2Atomic Factorization Problem for Bivariate Paraunitary Matrices and ConsequencesBose Nirmal2.2
Tu-E14-TO/2Attainability and Suboptimal Minimal Time Control of a Class of Biological Sequencing Batch ReactorMazouni Djalel Eddine, Harmand Jérôme, Rapaport Alain2.4
Fr-A18-TO/2Attitude Control of Flexible Launch Vehicle Using Adaptive Notch FilterOh Choong-Seok, Bang Hyochoong7.3
Th-A04-TO/2Augmented Reality Interface for Free TeleoperationLe Ligeour Vincent, Otmane Samir, Mallem Malik4.3
Tu-M04-TO/5Automated 3D reconstruction system for autonomous mobile manipulator and vehicle-bornePuig David, Sequeira Vitor, Ruiz Emilio, Goncalves Joao G. M., Mellado Martin4.3
Tu-M17-TO/6Automatic Acquisition of a Thesaurus of Interoperability TermsVelardi Paola, Navigli Roberto5.3
We-A01-TP/4Automatic calibration of sinusoidal encoder signalsBalemi Silvano4.1
Th-M01-TP/7Automatic Combustion Control for a Gasifying and Direct Melting FurnaceTsuda Kazuro, Tanabe Minoru, Shimamoto Hiroyuki8.3
Th-A22-TO/4Automatic Control Learning Management System based on Web Services and Semantic WebTamáš Jan, Šulc Bohumil9.4
We-E03-TP/3Automatic Control Strategies Implemented on a Water Canal PrototypeFigueiredo Joao, Ayala Botto Miguel8.1
Fr-M05-TO/1Automatic design of detection tests in complex dynamic systemsPloix Stephane, Desinde Matthieu, Touaf Samir6.4
Th-E17-TO/3Automatic Generation a Net of Models for High and Low Levels of Production ControlViharos Zsolt János5.2
Tu-A14-TO/6Automatic Generation of Lyapunov Functions using Genetic ProgrammingGrosman Benyamin, Lewin Daniel R.2.4
We-A01-TP/3Automatic Inspection System for CMOS Camera DefectChoi Byoung-Wook, Ko Kuk-Won, Koh Kyoung-Chul, Ahn Bok-Shin4.1
Mo-E18-TO/1Automatic prediction of icy conditions on roads using a LS-SVM classifierBeguin Sophie, Bastin Georges, Wertz Vincent7.4
Fr-A03-TP/4Automatic White Blood Cell Segmentation based on Image ProcessingAlmuhairy Juma, Al-Assaf Yousef8.2
Tu-A05-TP/3Automation and Telematics for Assisting People Living at HomeHarmo Panu, Knuuttila Jere, Taipalus Tapio, Vallet José, Halme Aarne3.3
Tu-E20-TO/5Autonomous Flight Control and Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulator for a Small HelicopterKhorrami Farshad, Ng Tzer L., Krishnamurthy Prashanth, Fujikawa Stephen1.2
Th-M16-TO/5Autonomous Oscillation Generation in the Boost ConverterPagano Daniel J., Aracil Javier, Gordillo Francisco6.3
Tu-M04-TO/6Autonomous Tractor-trailer Back-up Manoeuvering based on Changing Trailer OrientationGómez-Bravo Fernando, Cuesta Federico, Ollero Anibal4.3
We-E05-TO/1Autonomy versus Efficiency in Management of Large-scale Logistics NetworksBielli Maurizio, Villa Agostino, Mecoli Mariagrazia5.1
Fr-A18-TO/5Autopilot Design for Agile Missile Using LTV Control and Nonlinear Dynamic InversionChoi Jae Weon, Lee Ho Chul7.3
Tu-A21-TO/2Auto-Tuning of Fractional Lead-Lag CompensatorMicharet Concha Monje, Vinagre Blas Manuel, Calderón Antonio José, Feliu Vicente, Chen YangQuan2.1
Th-M05-TO/1Auxiliary Signal Design in Uncertain Systems with Known InputsCampbell Stephen, Nikoukhah Ramine6.4
Tu-E09-TO/4Avoiding Controller Singularities in Adaptive Recurrent Neural ControlFelix Ramon, Sanchez Edgar N., Loukianov Alexander G.3.2
Th-E18-TO/1Awiator's Design of Multi-Objectives Control LawsJeanneau Matthieu, Lamolie Jérôme, Puyou Guilhem, Aversa Nicky7.3