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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
We-M13-TO/5Validation of Stability for an Induction Machine Drive using Power IterationsBarenthin Märta, Mosskull Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan, Wahlberg Bo1.1
Th-E14-TO/6Validation of the Network Calculus approach for the performance evaluation of switched Ethernet based industrial communicationsGeorges Jean-Philippe, Divoux Thierry, Rondeau Eric4.1
We-M13-TO/6Validity of the standard cross-correlation test for model structure validationDouma Sippe Geert, Bombois Xavier, Van den Hof Paul M. J.1.1
Mo-E11-TO/6Variability Method for Cyclo-Period Estimation of Cyclostationary SignalsWang Jiandong, Chen Tongwen, Huang Biao1.1
Mo-E16-TO/5Variable Frequency Control for SPIDER-Driven Ultra-Precision StagesHashimoto Seiji, Ohishi Kiyoshi, Kosaka Koji, Ishikawa Takeo, Kubota Hiroshi, Ohmi Tadahiro4.2
Th-A09-TO/6Variable structure control with unknown input-delay and nonlinear dissipative disturbanceLevaggi Laura, Punta Elisabetta2.3
Tu-E12-TO/1Vector L 2-Gain and a Small Gain Theorem for Switched SystemsZhao Jun, Hill David J.1.3
Tu-A07-TO/4Vehicle Steering Control Based on Estimation of Equivalent Input DisturbanceShe Jin-Hua, Xin Xin, Ohyama Yasuhiro, Wu Min, Kobayashi Hiroyuki7.1
Mo-A19-TO/3Vertical Plane Motion of High Speed Planing Vessels with Controllable Transom Flaps: Modeling and ControlXi Handa, Sun Jing7.2
We-A04-TP/17Vibration Control in Suspension SystemsHyniova Katerina, Honcu Jaroslav, Stribrsky Antonin4.2
Mo-E14-TO/5Vibration Isolation System using Zero-power Magnetic Suspension with a Weight Suspension MechanismMizuno Takeshi, Kishita Daisuke, Hoque Md. Emdadul, Takasaki Masaya, Ishino Yuji4.2
We-A13-TO/6Vibration Monitoring for Fault Diagnosis of Helicopter Planetary GearsWu Biqing, Saxena Abhinav, Patrick Romano, Vachtsevanos George1.1
Fr-A04-TO/5Vibration reduction abilities of some jerk-controlled movement laws for industrial machinesBéarée Richard, Barre Pierre-Jean, Hautier Jean-Paul2.1
Mo-E16-TO/1Vibration Suppression Control Profile Generation for Hard Disk Drive Flexible Arm Long Seek Position ControlZhou Li, Misawa Eduardo A.4.2
We-A10-TO/5Vibration Suppression Shape Filter Generation From Window FunctionsZhou Li, Misawa Eduardo A.2.1
Th-E22-TO/5Virtual Controllers Improve Internet-Based Experiments on Semi Industrial Pilot PlantsMetzger Mieczyslaw9.4
Th-M22-TO/2Virtual Lab for Teaching Greenhouse Climatic ControlGuzman Sanchez Jose Luis, Rodriguez Diaz Francisco, Berenguel Soria Manuel, Dormido Bencomo Sebastian9.4
Fr-M01-TP/8Virtual Plant Laboratory System of Process Industries for EducationFeng YI-Ping, Rong Gang9.4
Mo-M03-TP/20Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning in Restricted Complexity Controller Design of Non-Minimum Phase SystemsSala Antonio, Esparza Alicia2.1
Fr-A21-TO/6Vision System and Game - Strategies for RobotsoccerKopacek Peter, Würzl Markus, Schierer Edmund4.3
Mo-E04-TO/1Vision-Based Docking for Biomimetic Wheeled RobotsManchester Ian, Savkin Andrey7.5
We-A04-TO/5Visual control of robotic manipulators: designing a simplified stabilizing controllerBascetta Luca, Rocco Paolo4.3
Tu-M04-TO/2Visual Motion Tracking with Full Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter: An Experimental StudyLippiello Vincenzo, Villani Luigi, Siciliano Bruno4.3
We-A04-TO/6Visual servoing for an underactuated manipulatorRamos-Velasco Luis Enrique, Espejel Rivera Angelica, Celikovsky Sergej4.3
Fr-A19-TO/3Visual Training for Population Vector Based Cortical ControlHe Jiping, Helms Tillery Steve, Wahnoun Remy8.2
Tu-A03-TP/19Visualizing yield profiles in continuous cooking processesAhvenlampi Timo, Rantanen Rami, Kortela Urpo6.1
Tu-M15-TO/5Voting with Dynamic Threshacold Values for Real-time Fault Tolerant Control SystemsLatif-Shabgahi G. Reza, Tokhi M. Osman, Taghvaei M.3.1
Tu-A06-TO/4VSS Control of Strip Steering for Hot Rolling MillsOkada Masayasu, Murayama Kaoru, Anabuki Yoshinori, Hayashi Yoshitaka6.2
Th-E08-TO/6VSS Error Feedback Regulator for Linear SystemsRivera Jorge, Loukianov Alexander G., Castillo Toledo Bernardino, Utkin Vadim A.2.1