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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Mo-E13-TO/6Water Embedded CGE Model to Assess Impacts of South to North Water Transfer To Recipient RegionFeng Shan, Duan Zhi-gang9.1
Th-M01-TP/20Water Treatment by Ozonation: Contaminants Concentration Estimation by Dynamical Neural NetworkChairez Isaac, Poznyak Alexander, Poznyak Tatyana8.3
Th-E02-TP/18Wavelet Approximation for Implementation in Dynamic Translinear CircuitsPeeters Ralf, Karel Joël, Westra Ronald, Haddad Sandro, Serdijn Wouter1.1
Th-E02-TP/19Wavelet Descriptors for Object Recognition using Mexican Hat FunctionNabout Adnan Abou, Tibken Bernd1.1
Mo-E13-TO/3Wavelets in multi-step-ahead forecastingKaboudan Mahmoud9.1
Th-M22-TO/1Web Based Course in Control Using DYNASTAtherton Derek, Mann Herman9.4
Th-A22-TO/5Web-based Control Design Environment for Distributed Parameter Systems Control EducationHulkó Gabriel, Belavý Cyril, Cibiri Štefan, Szuda Ján9.4
Th-M22-TO/6Web-based Virtual Lab and Remote Experimentation using Easy Java SimulationsDormido Bencomo Sebastián, Pastor Vargas Rafael, Sánchez Moreno José9.4
Tu-E10-TO/3Weighted Sensitivity Minimization in the Presence of an Uncertain GainMiller Daniel2.5
Tu-A20-TO/3Windup prevention when using Davison's approach to disturbance rejectionHippe Peter2.3
Mo-E10-TO/2Windup properties of recursive parameter estimation algorithms in acoustic echo cancellationEvestedt Magnus, Medvedev Alexander, Wigren Torbjörn1.1
Fr-M15-TO/6Wing-in-Ground Flight Automatic Control SystemsNebylov Alexander, Danilov Sergey, Nebylov Vladimir, Rumyantseva Elizaveta7.3
We-A15-TO/1Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks for Industrial Automation: Current Trends and Future ProspectsMathiesen Mogens L., Thonet Gilles, Aakvaag Niels3.3
We-M17-TO/6Wireless Technology and its Application to Next Generation of Manufacturing SystemsMolina Arturo, Delgado Roberto, Mezgar Istvan, Wright Paul5.3
Fr-A10-TO/6Worst Case Analysis of a MIMO Mass Spring Damper System Using the Skew Structured Singular ValueHayes Martin, Halton Mark K., Iordanov Petar I.2.5