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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Mo-M09-TO/1Safe Adaptive Switching through Infinite Controller Set: Stability and ConvergenceStefanovic Margareta, Paul Ayanendu, Safonov Michael G.1.2
We-A03-TP/10Safety and security checking in the design of Internet based control systemsYang Lili, Yang Shuang-Hua6.4
Tu-A15-TO/3Safety Issues in Avionics and Automotive DatabusesZalewski Janusz, Trawczynski Dawid, Sosnowski Janusz, Kornecki Andrew, Sniezek Marek4.1
Fr-A09-TO/5Sampling Period Dependent RST Controller used in Control/Scheduling Co-DesignRobert David, Sename Olivier, Simon Daniel3.1
We-M12-TO/5Sampling-Based Planning, Control, and Verification of Hybrid SystemsBranicky Michael S., Curtiss Michael M., Levine Joshua, Morgan Stuart1.3
Th-M01-TO/5Satellite Attitude Tracking by Quaternion-Based BacksteppingKristiansen Raymond, Nicklasson Per Johan, Gravdahl Jan Tommy7.3
We-A04-TO/2Saturated Nonlinear PID Global Regulator for Robot Manipulators: Passivity Based AnalysisMeza Jose Luis, Santibanez Victor, Hernandez Victor M.4.3
Th-M01-TP/19SBR switching by fuzzy pattern recognitionMarsili-Libelli Stefano8.3
Mo-A10-TO/3Scalable robustness for consensus protocols with heterogeneous dynamicsLestas Ioannis, Vinnicombe Glenn2.5
We-M02-TP/15Scaled Experimental Study of an Automatic Collision Avoidance System for Passenger CarsFerrara Antonella7.1
We-E05-TO/5Seasonal Time Series Prediction with Artificial Neural Networks and Local MeasuresCavalieri Sergio, Pinto Roberto5.1
Tu-E04-TP/21Second Order Sliding Mode Adaptive Neurocontrol for RobotParra-Vega Vicente, Garcia-Rodriguez Rodolfo, Ruiz-Sanchez Francisco J.4.3
Th-E19-TO/4Second order sliding mode control of coupled tanksSpurgeon Sarah, Khalid Khan M2.3
Mo-A04-TO/3Second order sliding mode observer for stable control of a walking biped robotPlestan Franck, Lebastard Vincent, Aoustin Yannick4.3
Th-M14-TO/5Second-order Necessary Conditions for Optimal Impulsive ControlArutyunov Aram, Pereira Fernando2.4
We-E17-TO/1Selection of the structure of radial basis functions networksChan Che Wai, Choy K. Y.3.2
Tu-E09-TO/3Self-Tuning Neuro-Fuzzy Generalized Minimum Variance ControllerCastillo Sergio Enrique Pinto, Grimble Mike J., Katebi Reza3.2
Th-M09-TO/5Self-X: The Control WithinSanz Ricardo, López Ignacio, Bermejo Julita, Chinchilla Rafael, Conde Raquel P.3.1
Tu-A16-TO/1Semiautomatized Disassembly - Some ExamplesKopacek Peter5.1
We-M13-TO/4Semi--Blind Robust Identification/Model (In)Validation with Applications to Macro--Economic Modelling. Pennsylvania State UniversitySznaier Mario, Ma Wenjing, Yilmaz Muhittin, Lagoa Constantino1.1
We-A03-TP/11Semi-qualitative Temporal Episodes Prognosis for Process SupervisionGentil Sylviane, Garcia-Beltran Carlos, Charbonnier Sylvie6.4
Th-A01-TP/11Sense Feedback Control of Human Muscle By Multi-fingered Robot HandKondo Taku, Terashima Kazuhiko, Minyong Panya, Miyoshi Takanori, Kitagawa Hideo4.5
We-A14-TO/5Sensitivity Analysis in Index-1 Differential Algebraic Equations by ESDIRK MethodsKristensen Morten Rode, Jørgensen John Bagterp, Thomsen Per Grove, Michelsen Michael Locht, Jørgensen Sten Bay2.4
We-M01-TP/23Sensitivity Analysis of Low Cost Fuzzy Controlled Servo SystemsPreitl Stefan, Precup Radu-Emil, Preitl Zsuzsa3.2
Th-M10-TO/5Sensitivity shaping with degree constraint by nonlinear least-squares optimizationNagamune Ryozo, Blomqvist Anders2.5
We-M05-TO/5Sensor Fault Accommodation: Application to an Activated Sludge ProcessAubrun Christophe, Leick Christian6.4
Tu-A05-TO/2Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation of an Air Quality Monitoring Network Using Nonlinear Principal component AnalysisHarkat Mohamed-Faouzi, Ragot José, Mourot Gilles6.4
Tu-E19-TO/1Sensor Location Effect on Flexible Robot Stability and ControlGreen Anthony, Sasiadek Jurek Z.4.3
We-M02-TP/16Sensor Selection for Observer Feedback in Turbocharged Spark Ignited EnginesAndersson Per, Eriksson Lars, Frisk Erik7.1
Mo-E18-TO/3Sensor-based Collision Avoidance for Rope-Suspended Autonomous Material Flow SystemsWecker Thomas, Aschemann Harald, Hofer Eberhard P.7.4
Fr-M04-TP/7Sensorimotor Convergence in Visual Navigation and Flight Control SystemsHumbert J. Sean, Murray Richard M., Dickinson Michael H.7.3
Mo-A03-TP/19Sensorless control of the trapezoidal BLDC Motors using Sliding Mode Observer for phase-to-phase back-EMFFakham Hicham, Reama Abdellatif, Djemai Mohamed2.1
Tu-E16-TO/3Sensorless Speed and Flux Regulation of Induction Motors: A Sliding Mode ApproachAurora Claudio, Ferrara Antonella4.2
Th-E03-TP/16Separation approach for numerical solution of the Fokker-Planck equation in estimation problemSimandl Miroslav, Svacha Jaroslav1.4
Tu-M01-TP/14Sequence based Hierarchical Conflict-free Routing Strategy of Bi-directional Automated Guided VehiclesMaza Samia, Castagna Pierre7.4
Th-A02-TO/4Sequential correlation-based propagator algorithm for recursive subspace identificationMercère Guillaume, Lecoeuche Stéphane, Vasseur Christian1.1
Th-E07-TO/4Sequential Monte Carlo simulation of rare event probability in stochastic hybrid systemsKrystul Jaroslav, Blom Henk A.P.1.4
Tu-M08-TO/3Service Restoration for Multi-Outage AreasJin Yong-Woo, Yang Xia, Lim Seong-Il, Choi Myeon-Song, Lee Seung-Jae6.3
Tu-M08-TO/2Service Restoration in Distribution Automation System Using Parallel Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Tabu SearchMun Kyeong-Jun, Lee Hwa-Seok, Kim Hyung-Su, Park June Ho, Kim Ho Young, Choi Heon Oh6.3
Mo-E16-TO/2Servo Synthesis for an Optical Pick-up Head with Tilt CompensationYen Jia-Yush, Ouyang Ko-Hsin4.2
Mo-A21-TO/4Set Membership Estimation of Parameters and Variables in Dynamic Networks by Recursive Algorithms with Moving Measurement WindowBrdys Mietek, Duzinkiewicz Kazimierz5.4
Fr-A13-TO/3Set Membership Parameter Identification with Complex Intervals using Polar FormsRamdani Nacim, Raissi Tarek, Candau Yves, Boudenne Abderrahim, Ibos Laurent1.1
Fr-M10-TO/3Set-Invariant Estimators for Linear Systems Subject to Disturbances and Measurement NoiseDórea Carlos Eduardo, Caldeira Pimenta Antonio Carlos2.5
Fr-A13-TO/5Set-Membership identification of Wiener models with non-invertible nonlinearityCerone Vito, Regruto Diego1.1
Fr-A13-TO/4Set-Membership Nonlinear Filtering with Second-Order InformationCalafiore Giuseppe, Bona Basilio1.1
Fr-M01-TP/14Shaping the Mechatronics Courses for the Control CurriculumChamilothoris George, Papoutsidakis Michail9.4
Mo-A17-TO/3Scheduling Lacquer Production by Reachability Analysis - A Case StudyBehrmann Gerd, Brinksma Ed, Hendriks Martijn, Mader Angelika5.1
Mo-E14-TO/6Scheduling of Input Shaping and Transient Vibration Absorbers for High-Rise ElevatorsFortgang Joel, Patrangenaru Vlad, Singhose William4.2
Th-E02-TO/5Sigma Point Gaussian Sum Filter Design using Square Root Unscented FiltersSimandl Miroslav, Dunik Jindrich1.1
We-A01-TP/7Sigma-Integration Analog to Digital Converter, Idea, Implementation and ResultsPíša Pavel, Porazil Petr4.1
Tu-M11-TO/6Signal decoupling with preview: perfect solution for nonminimum-phase system in the geometric approach contextZattoni Elena, Giovanni Marro2.2
We-A20-TO/1Signal Monitoring Using Adaptive Threshold Classifier in Pulp & Paper ProcessesHiltunen Jukka, Tervaskanto Manne, Kivikunnnas Sauli, Pohjanheimo Lauri, Haltamo Janne6.1
Tu-A08-TO/2Signal-Based Instability Monitoring of Electric Power SystemsHassouneh Munther A., Saad Mohamed S., Abed Eyad H.6.3
Tu-M21-TO/5Simple model-based PID autotuners with rapid relay identificationLeva Alberto2.1
Tu-M02-TP/4Simplified Adaptive Nonlinear Observer using B-Spline Based ApproximatorsBaang Dane, Stoev Julian, Choi Jin Young, Park Jaehong1.2
Th-E20-TO/5Simulation based Heuristics Methodology for Plant-wide Control of Industrial ProcessesKonda N.V.S.N.Murthy, Rangaiah G.P., Krishnaswamy P.R.6.1
Th-E17-TO/1Simulation in Agent-Based Control Systems: MAST Case StudyMarik Vladimir, Vrba Pavel5.2
Fr-A02-TP/12Simulation of Antagonistic Muscle Actions Through the Use of Sliding-Mode Control TechniquesSpurgeon Sarah, Lister S. J., Scott J. A., Jones N. B.8.2
Mo-E18-TO/5Simulation of traffic, ventilation and exhaust in a complex road tunnelKurka Lukas, Ferkl Lukas, Sladek Oto, Porizek Jan7.4
Fr-A13-TO/6Simulation of Uncertain Dynamic Systems Described by Interval Models: A SurveyQuevedo Joseba, Puig Vicenç, Stancu Alexandru1.1
Fr-M01-TP/7Simulation Package for Digital Control EducationKovács Jenö, Benyó Imre, Lipovszki György9.4
Mo-M19-TO/6Simulation Study of Fish Swimming Modes for Aquatic Robot SystemKim Eunjung, Youm Youngil7.2
Tu-M04-TP/21Simultaneous Control of Grasp/Manipulation and Contact Points with Rolling ContactNakashima Akira, Nagase Kenji, Hayakawa Yoshikazu4.3
Tu-E10-TO/4Simultaneous Identification of Time-Varying Parameters and Estimation of System States UsingChen Wen, Er Meng Joo2.5
We-E04-TO/2Simultaneous Localization and Map Building Algorithm for Real-Time ApplicationsPanzieri Stefano, Pascucci Federica, Setola Roberto4.3
Mo-M05-TO/2Simultaneous Reconstruction Of The State, The Sensor Fault And The Uncertainty In Linear SystemsChen Maoyin, Zhou Donghua, Shang Yun6.4
Mo-M14-TO/3Singular Stochastic Maximum PrincipleDufour Francois, Miller Boris2.4
Mo-A19-TO/2Sliding Mode and PID Controllers for Ship Roll Stabilisation: A Comparative Simulation StudyKoshkouei Ali, Law Yannick, Burnham Keith7.2
Mo-E19-TO/4Sliding Mode Based Inverse Model Control for Oil Tanker GuidanceLoo Meghan, McGookin Euan W., Murray-Smith David J.7.2
Tu-E09-TO/6Sliding Mode Control of Aerobic Bioprocess using Recurrent Neural IdentifierBaruch Ieroham, Hernandez Luis-Alberto, Valle Jesus-Roberto, Barrera-Cortes Josefina3.2
Th-M04-TO/6Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Systems with Time-varying DelayOguchi Toshiki, Tanaka Kai2.1
Mo-E06-TO/2Sliding Mode Control of Non-Minimum Phase Nonlinear Uncertain Input-Delay Chemical ProcessesChen Chyi-Tsong, Peng Shih-Tien6.1
Th-A09-TO/5Sliding mode control of uncertain linear systems based on a high gain observer free of peakingCunha Jose Paulo V. S., Hsu Liu, Costa Ramon R., Lizarralde Fernando2.3
We-A21-TO/3Sliding Mode Force Control during Drawing Processes in PressesLandaluze Joseba, Goikoetxea Josu, Pujana Aron, Nicolas Carlos F., Martinez Ana6.2
We-A12-TO/2Sliding Mode Observer For Triangular Input Hybrid SystemDjemai Mohamed, Manamanni Noureddine, Barbot Jean-Pierre1.3
Fr-M06-TO/5Sliding mode predictive control for chemical process with time delayGarcia-Gabin Winston, Zambrano Darine, Camacho Eduardo F.6.1
Tu-A03-TO/5Sliding Mode Proximate Time-Optimal ServomechanismLee Seung-Hi2.1
We-E03-TP/7Sliding Mode Thermal Control System for Dryer in Agriculture ProductionsMkrttchian Vardan8.1
We-A02-TP/26Sliding Mode Thermal Control System For Furnace in Laser PhysicsKhachaturova Anna, Mkrttchian Vardan6.3
Tu-E16-TO/5Sliding-Mode Control for Linear Permanent-Magnet Motor Position TrackingTapia-Otaegui Gerardo, Tapia-Otaegui Arantxa4.2
Tu-A07-TO/6Slip-Deceleration Control in Anti-Lock Braking SystemsSavaresi Sergio M., Tanelli Mara, Cantoni Carlo, Charalambakis Demos, Previdi Fabio, Bittanti Sergio7.1
Mo-E15-TO/5Smart Objects and Services Modeling in the Supply ChainBajic Eddy, Cea Aldo5.2
We-M17-TO/5SME Interoperability in the Global Economy: A Discussion PaperPiddington Colin5.3
Tu-E04-TO/3Smooth Sliding Mode Control for Constrained Manipulator with Joint FlexibilityHuang Chin-I, Lian Kuang-Yow, Chiu Chian-Song, Fu Li-Chen4.3
We-M01-TP/12Soft Computing Approach for Time Series PredictionGao Yang, Joo Er Meng3.2
Tu-M09-TO/1Soft Sensor based on Fuzzy Model IdentificationNagai Elaine Y., de Arruda Lucia Valeria Ramos3.2
We-A04-TP/14Software Environment for Robot Control Solutions Design, Optimisation and TestingPagliarini Gian Pietro, Carpanzano Emanuele4.2
Th-M09-TO/3Software Methodological and Tool Support for Embedded Control SystemsFavaro John, Mazzini Silvia, Puri Stefano, Bavaro Michele3.1
Fr-M20-TO/3Software Project Management for Developing CountriesPeterson Christopher, Chaczko Zenon, Scott Craig, Davis David9.3
We-M02-TP/17Solenoid Valve Failure Diagnosis for Electronic Diesel Fuel Injection Control SystemsTseng Chyuan-Yow, Lin Chiu-Feng7.1
Th-E04-TP/11Solvability Conditions of Disturbance Rejection by Measurement Feedback for MIMO Nolinear SystemsZheng Yufan, Lu Guoping2.3
Th-M14-TO/6Solving Optimal Feedback Control of Chinese Population Dynamics by Viscosity Solution ApproachSun Bing, Guo Bao-Zhu2.4
Mo-M10-TO/4Some Issues in Common Quadratic Lyapunov Function Problem for a Set of Stable Matrices in Companion FormMori Takehiro, Kokame Hideki, Mori Yoshihiro2.5
Tu-E01-TP/1Spatiotemporal forecasting of home prices: A GIS applicationKaboudan Mahmoud9.1
Mo-M15-TO/3Spectral Factorization of nD PolynomialsTibken Bernd, Kummert Anton2.2
Th-E02-TP/16Spectral Properties of Projection Signals in 3-D TomographyLi Yingbo, Kummert Anton, Boschen Fritz, Herzog Hans1.1
Th-E06-TO/4Speed-gradient algorithms for underactuated nonlinear systemsAracil Javier, Fradkov Alexander, Gordillo Francisco2.3
Th-E06-TO/5Speed-Gradient Control of Passing through Resonance in One- and Two-Dimensional MotionTomchin Dmitry, Tomchina Olga, Fradkov Alexander2.3
Th-A03-TO/2SpiderCrane: Model and Properties of a Fast Weight Handling EquipmentMullhaupt Philippe, Buccieri Davide, Bonvin Dominique2.3
Mo-A02-TP/16SPRSt - A Robust Strictly Positive Real Synthesis Toolbox for MatlabGuan Qiang, Yu Wensheng, Wang Long2.5
We-A10-TO/4Squaring Down Design for Over-Actuated Systems in Multivariable QFTBoje Edward2.1
Th-E03-TP/17Stabilisation of Uncertain Markovian Jump Singular Systems with Wiener ProcessRaouf Jamila, Boukas El-Kebir1.4
Th-E03-TO/6Stability Analysis and Anti-Windup Design for Discrete-Time Systems by a Saturation-Dependent Lyapunov Function ApproachWang Yongqiang, Cao Yong-Yan, Sun You-Xian2.3
Tu-M04-TO/1Stability Analysis of a Vision-based Control Design for an Autonomous Mobile RobotCoulaud Jean-Baptiste, De Wan Michel, Bastin Georges, Campion Guy4.3
We-A04-TP/15Stability Analysis of Closed-Loop Input Shaping ControlHuey John, Singhose William4.2
Th-E15-TO/2Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Control Systems. Multivariable Point of ViewPrecup Radu-Emil, Preitl Stefan3.2
We-A16-TO/1Stability analysis of iterative learning control system with interval uncertaintyChen YangQuan, Ahn Hyosung, Moore Kevin L.1.2
Th-E07-TO/2Stability Analysis of Switched Linear Stochastic Systems with Unknown SwitchingsFang Haitao, Ye Peng1.4
Th-M11-TO/3Stability Analysis of Switched Time-Delay SystemsYan Peng, Ozbay Hitay2.2
Mo-M03-TP/17Stability and H_infinity Performance Preserving Scheduling Policy for Networked Control SystemsLin Hai, Zhai Guisheng, Fang Lei, Antsaklis Panos2.1
We-A19-TO/4Stability and Performance Analysis of Classical Decentralized Control of Irrigation CanalsWelz Iana Guenova, Litrico Xavier, Fromion Vincent, Rijo Manuel, Malaterre Pierre-Olivier8.3
Th-A03-TO/3Stability and Robustness of Disturbed-Port Controlled Hamiltonian Systems with DissipationBecherif Mohamed, Mendes Eduardo2.3
Th-E03-TO/1Stability and stabilization of a class of nonlinear systems with saturating actuatorsQueinnec Isabelle, Castelan Eugenio B., Tarbouriech Sophie2.3
Th-E05-TP/16Stability Convergence of Balloon Particle Swarm Optimizer and its Application on Vehicle Vibratory Response ModellingFeng Pan, Chen Jie, Gan Ming-Gang, Cai Tao, Tu Xu-yan2.4
Mo-E02-TO/5Stability Margin Analysis in Multiobjective Design: Application to an Aerospace LauncherAbbas-Turki Mohamed, Duc Gilles, Clement Benoît7.3
Mo-A01-TP/16Stability Margins for a Rate-based Flow control Problem in Multiple Bottleneck NetworksMunyas-Elmas Inci, Iftar Altug2.5
Tu-E12-TO/2Stability of a Class of Hybrid Impulsive and Switching SystemsGuan Zhi-Hong, Hill David J., Shen Xuemin (Sherman)1.3
Th-M11-TO/1Stability of Linear Neutral Systems with Mixed Delay and Polytopic UncertaintyYue Dong, Han Qing-Long2.2
Mo-A11-TO/1Stability Properties of Reset SystemsZaccarian Luca, Nesic Dragan, Teel Andrew R.2.3
Mo-M10-TO/5Stability results for continuous and discrete time linear parameter varying systemsSavorgnan Carlo, Blanchini Franco, Miani Stefano2.5
Mo-A11-TO/2Stability Results for Networked Control Systems Subject to Packet DropoutsKellett Christopher M., Mareels Iven M. Y., Nesic Dragan2.3
Fr-M14-TO/3Stability results for some periodic feedback controllersMorgul Omer2.3
Th-E11-TO/3Stability Switches and Reversals of Linear Systems with Commensurate Delays: A Matrix Pencil CharacterizationNiculescu Silviu-Iulian, Fu Peilin, Chen Jie2.2
Fr-A04-TO/2Stabilization of a flexible manipulator model with passive jointsZuyev Alexander, Sawodny Oliver2.1
Mo-A02-TO/6Stabilization of a PVTOL Aircraft with Delay in the InputFrancisco Rogelio, Mazenc Frédéric, Mondié Sabine7.3
Th-A03-TO/4Stabilization of an Underwater VehicleSankaranarayanan Velupillai, Banavar Ravi2.3
Th-M12-TO/2Stabilization of continuous-time switched systemsGeromel José C., Colaneri Patrizio2.2
Tu-A22-TO/4Stabilization of Discrete Time Systems with a Fold or Period Doubling Control BifurcationHamzi Boumediene, Kang Wei, Krener Arthur J.2.3
We-A18-TO/4Stabilization of Dynamic Vehicle Formation Configurations using Graph LaplaciansGonzalez Carlos, Morgansen Kristi7.5
Fr-M14-TO/1Stabilization of Chaos with FPIC: Application to ZAD-Strategy Buck ConvertersOlivar Gerard, Angulo Fabiola, Fossas Enric, Ocampo Carlos2.3
Th-E04-TP/12Stabilization of Invariant Sets of Switched Systems by Output FeedbackTian Yu-Ping, Lin Xiang-Ze2.3
Mo-M07-TO/6Stabilization of linear systems by dynamic high-gain rotationDamm Tobias, Crauel Hans, Ilchmann Achim1.2
Th-A02-TP/15stabilization of LTI time-delayed processes using analytical PID controllersOu Linlin, Zhang Weidong, Gu Danying2.2
Th-A02-TP/13Stabilization of Networked Control Systems: Designing Effective Communication SequencesZhang Lei, Hristu-Varsakelis Dimitrios2.2
Th-M11-TO/4Stabilization of Neutral Systems with Saturating InputsGomes da Silva Jr. Joao Manoel, Fridman Emilia, Seuret Alexandre, Riichard Jean-Pierre2.2
Tu-M22-TO/3Stabilization of nonaffine nonlinear systems using time-scale separationSasane Amol, Hovakimyan Naira, Lavretsky Eugene2.3
We-A12-TO/5Stabilization of switched systems via optimal controlCorona Daniele, Alessandro Giua, Carla Seatzu1.3
We-A08-TO/1Stabilization scheme for force reflecting teleoperation with time-varying communication delay based on IOS small gain theoremPolushin Ilia, Tayebi Abdelhamid, Marquez Horacio2.3
Mo-A15-TO/5Stabilization with J-dissipative controllersKaneko Osamu, Rapisarda Paolo2.2
Fr-A08-TO/5Stabilizing Static Output Feedback via Coarsest QuantizersHaimovich Hernan2.1
Fr-A04-TO/3Stable 2-Way Fuzzy Adaptive Control of a Flexible-Joint Robot ArmGurkan Evren, Erkmen Aydan M., Erkmen Ismet2.1
Th-M02-TP/17Stable Adaptive Control with Recurrent Neural NetworksLefebvre Dimitri, Zerkaoui Salem, Druaux Fabrice, Leclercq Edouard2.3
Tu-E11-TO/2Stable Dynamic Inversion of Nonminimum-phase Scalar Linear SystemsPiazzi Aurelio, Pallastrelli Daniele2.2
Tu-E13-TO/6Stable reduced Order Modelling of Large Scale Systems using Prescribed PolesSalimbahrami Behnam, Lohmann Boris1.1
Th-A07-TO/5State and Output Gaussian Control of Discrete-Time Markov Jump Linear Systems with Horizon Defined by Stopping TimesNespoli Cristiane, Zúñiga Yusef, do Val João B. R.1.4
We-M16-TO/5State and unknown input estimation for linear discrete-time systemsFloquet Thierry, Barbot Jean-Pierre1.2
Mo-M03-TO/1State and Unknown Inputs Estimation for a Class of Nonlinear SystemsFarza Mondher, M'Saad Mohammed, Liu Feng-Long, Targui Boubekeur2.3
Fr-A20-TO/6State Dependent Switching Control for Inverted PendulumYamakawa Satoko, Yamada Atsushi, Fujimoto Hideo2.3
Th-E05-TP/17State Derivative Feedback by LQR for Linear Time-invariant SystemsAbdelaziz Taha, Valasek Michael2.4
We-E14-TO/5State Estimation in Coordinated Control with a Non-Standard Information ArchitectureYan Jun, Kang Keunmo, Bitmead Robert2.4
Tu-M19-TO/5State Estimation in Chromatographic SMB Processes with Linear Adsorption IsothermsKüpper Achim, Engell Sebastian8.4
We-E14-TO/6State Estimation of Linear Systems with State Equality ConstraintsKo Sangho, Bitmead Robert R.2.4
Mo-M02-TP/16State estimation schemes for descriptor systems with multi-time delayed measurementsWang Haoqian, Zhang Huanshui, Duan Guangren1.1
Mo-A21-TO/5State Feedback Controllers Synthesis Using BMI Optimisation For Large Scale Web Handling SystemsBenlatreche Adlane, Knittel Dominique, Ostertag Eric5.4
Tu-M22-TO/6State Feedback Stabilization of a Class of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Delay SystemsBouazza Kheir Eddine, Boutayeb Mohamed, Darouach Mohamed2.3
Fr-A01-TP/8State Monitoring in Bio-actuators of MIMO Bioprocess: An Application to Human ArmDeng Mingcong, Inoue Akira, Uyama Sayaka8.2
Mo-E08-TO/2State-Periodic Adaptive Friction CompensationChen YangQuan, Ahn Hyosung1.2
Th-A10-TO/5State-space Solution to Stochastic H-Infinity Optimization Problem with UncertaintyAlexander Kurdyukov, Maximov Eugeny2.5
We-E04-TP/7Static and Dynamic Attitude Decomposition for Estimation with Magnetometer SensorChangey Sebastien, Beauvois Dominique, Fleck Volker7.5
Mo-E10-TO/1Stationary behavior of an anti-windup scheme for recursive parameter estimation under lack of excitationEvestedt Magnus, Medvedev Alexander1.1
Th-E03-TP/18Statistical analysis of stable FDLCP systems described by higher order differential equationsLampe Bernhard, Rosenwasser Efim1.4
Th-E12-TO/6Steam Generator Water Level Control: A Hybrid System ApproachDumur Didier, Thomas Jean, Buisson Jean, Bendotti Pascale, Falinower Clément-Marc1.3
Tu-M16-TO/3Steer-by-wire Suspension and Steering Design for Controllability and ObservabilityLaws Shad, Gadda Christopher, Kohn Scott, Yih Paul, Gerdes J. Christian, Milroy J. Craig4.2
We-M02-TP/18Steering Stability based on Fuzzy-LogicBoada Beatriz L., Boada Maria Jesus L., Munoz Belen, Diaz Vicente7.1
Tu-M04-TP/22Stepping Over Excess of Obstacle for Biped Robot Based on Hybrid ControlKushida Daisuke, Takemori Fumiaki, Kitamura Akira4.3
We-M07-TO/3Stochastic Approximate Scheduling by Neurodynamic LearningCsáji Balázs Csanád, Monostori László5.1
Th-M07-TO/1Stochastic Control Design for Stochastic Uncertain Time-Delay SystemsKarimi Hamidreza, Moshiri Behzad, Maralani Parviz Jabedar, Lohmann Boris1.4
Mo-E12-TO/5Stochastic equivalence of CPDP-automata and Piecewise Deterministic Markov ProcessesStrubbe Stefan, van der Schaft Arjan1.3
Tu-M02-TP/12Stochastic Extremum Seeking in the Presence of ConstraintsCoito Fernando, Lemos João, Alves Sebastião1.2
Th-A03-TP/16Stochastic Optimal Control of Partially Observable Nonlinear SystemsÇimen Tayfun, Banks Stephen P.2.3
Th-E03-TP/19Stochastic Power Control for Time-varying Flat Fading Wireless ChannelsOlama Mohammed M., Shajaat Shoaib M., Djouadi Seddik M., Charalambous Charalambos D.1.4
Th-A10-TO/6Stochastic Robust Reduced Order H-infinity Observer-based ControlZasadzinski Michel, Halabi Souheil, Rafaralahy Hugues, Souley Ali Harouna, Darouach Mohamed2.5
Th-A07-TO/4Stochastic Sliding Mode Control for Systems with Markovian Jump ParametersXia Yuanqing, Shi Peng, Liu G. P., Rees D.1.4
Th-M07-TO/5Stochastic Stability Analysis and Fuzzy Linear Control of Stochastic Nonlinear Time-Delay SystemsKarimi Hamidreza, Moshiri Behzad, Lucas Caro1.4
Th-A02-TO/2Stochastic subspace identification guaranteeing stability and minimum phaseTanaka Hideyuki, Katayama Tohru1.1
We-A18-TO/5Strategic Control of Mobile RobotsHorak Bohumil, Snasel Vaclav7.5
Mo-E09-TO/6Strategy Creation, Decomposition and Distribution in Particle Navigation: Memory ModuleBeldek Ulaş, Leblebicioğlu Kemal3.2
Mo-M11-TO/6Strict Lyapunov function and Chetaev function for stability/instability analysis of the pendulumKelly Rafael, Santibanez Victor2.3
Fr-M14-TO/4Strict Lyapunov functions for generating robust oscillations in nonlinear systemsGomez-Estern Fabio, Barreiro A., Aracil J., Gordillo F.2.3
Th-M02-TP/18Strong stabilization for a class of nonlinear time-varying control systems with state delaysPhat Vu Ngoc, Linh Nguyen M., Phuong Ta D.2.3
Tu-M04-TP/23Study of two Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Path Planning of Mobile Robotsdos Santos Coelho Leandro, Sierakowski Cezar A.4.3
Mo-A05-TO/4Study on full decoupling problem of linear periodic systemsZhang Ping, Ding Steven X., Jeinsch Torsten6.4
Fr-A03-TP/14Study on Tactile Perception of Shape for Effective Tactile DisplayYoon Myoung-Jong, Yu Kee-Ho, Kwon Tae-Kyu, Kim Nam-Gyun8.2
Th-A01-TP/12Study on Virtual Manipulation Technology in Virtual Reality SystemsLei Xiaoyong, Dai Shuling, Mei Jihong, Zhang Jin4.5
We-E03-TP/8Studying the Affecting Factors on Drying Rates of Plum Fruits under Varying Drying Air ConditionsAmer Baher, Gottschalk Klaus8.1
Tu-E12-TO/6Suboptimal control of switched nonlinear systems under location and switching constraintsAttia Sid Ahmed, Alamir Mazen, Canudas de Wit Carlos1.3
We-A01-TP/6Sub-Optimal Sensor Scheduling With Error BoundsAlriksson Peter, Rantzer Anders4.1
We-A14-TO/6Suboptimal Supervisory Level Power Flow Control of a Hybrid Electric VehicleUthaichana Kasemsak, Bengea Sorin, DeCarlo Raymond2.4
Th-E03-TP/20Suboptimal switching control of queuing systemsSmieja Jaroslaw1.4
Tu-A05-TO/5Subspace method aided data-driven design of observer based fault detection systemsDing Steven, Zhang Ping, Huang Biao, Ding Eve6.4
Mo-M06-TO/4Subspace Method Identification for Dynamic Multivariate Statistical Process ControlTreasure Richard, Kruger Uwe, Sreeram Victor6.1
Mo-A03-TP/20Successive Pole Shifting using Sampled-data LQ RegulatorsFujinaka Toru, Omatu Sigeru2.1
Mo-M10-TO/3sufficient conditions for robust observability of discrete linear time-varying systemsSeo Jaewon, Chung Dohyoung, Park Chan Gook, Lee Jang Gyu2.5
Th-E10-TO/3Sum Of Squares Relaxations For Robust Polynomial Semi-Definite ProgramsHol Camile, Scherer Carsten2.5
Tu-A12-TO/1Supervisory Control Problems for Nondeterministic Discrete-Event Systems: A Logical ApproachPinchinat Sophie, Raclet Jean-Baptiste1.3
Fr-M05-TO/4Supervisory Fault-Tolerant Control With Application to the IFATIS Two-Tanks BenchmarkYame Joseph, Kinnaert Michel6.4
Mo-M17-TO/1Supervisory Uniqueness for Operating Mode SystemsKamach Oulaid, Chafik Samir, Piétrac Laurent, Niel Eric5.1
Mo-E18-TO/4Supplier Selection under Purchasing and Transportation ConditionsAguezzoul Aicha, Ladet Pierre7.4
Mo-E15-TO/3Supply Contracts with Service Level RequirementsDel Vecchio Carmen, Paschalidis Ioannis5.2
Tu-E07-TO/6Support of Control Application Design using Digital Design and Planning of Manufacturing CellsDiedrich Christian, Franz Günter, John Karl-Heinz, Krause Jan, Poignee Frank5.1
Fr-M19-TO/5Surface description for cornea topography using modified Chebyshev-polynomialsSoumelidis Alexandros, Fazekas Zoltan, Schipp Ferenc, Nemeth Janos8.2
Mo-A04-TO/6Survey of Intelligent Control Algorithms for Humanoid RobotsKatic Dusko, Vukobratovic Miomir4.3
Th-A21-TO/4Sustainable Further Evolution of the Globalized Society, Required Limitation of the Economic, Ecologic and Demographic MomentumWelfonder Ernst, Frederking Thilo, Ziegler Roland9.2
Th-A03-TO/5Swing-up and Stabilization of Flexible UnderactuatedYabuno Hiroshi2.3
Tu-M16-TO/2Switched H-infinity control strategy of automotive active suspensionsZin Alessandro, Sename Olivier, Dugard Luc4.2
Tu-E12-TO/5Switched state jump observers for switched systemsPettersson Stefan1.3
Th-A12-TO/6Switching controller for buck-boost converter with inverting topologyYurkevich Valery2.1
We-A12-TO/1Switching observer design for an experimental piece-wise linear beam systemDoris Apostolos, Juloski A.Lj., Heemels W.P.M.H., van de Wouw N., Nijmeijer H.1.3
Fr-A10-TO/3Symbolic Techniques for Low Order LFT-ModellingHecker Simon, Varga Andras2.5
We-M12-TO/6Symbolic Temporal Constraint Analysis, An Approach for Verifying Hybrid SystemsRiviere Nicolas, Demmou Hamid, Valette Robert, Medjoudj Malika1.3
Mo-M02-TP/17Synthesis and simulation of fractional orthonormal basesAoun Mohamed, Malti Rachid, Oustaloup Alain1.1
We-E04-TO/6Synthesis of a Spatial Lookahead Path Tracking ControllerRodriguez Castaño Angel, Ollero Anibal, Vinagre Blas M., Chen YangQuan4.3
Mo-M03-TP/18Synthesis of Fixed Structure controllers for discrete time systemsMalik Waqar, Darbha Swaroop, Bhattacharyya Shankar P.2.1
Fr-M02-TP/13Synthesis of Operating Procedures for Cleaning Pipeline Networks Using Petri NetsChang Chuei-Tin, Chou Hong-Hsiang, Chung Li-Ping1.3
Mo-M20-TO/6Synthesis of optimal feedbacks for linear systems under state constraintsBalashevich Natalia2.1
Th-A04-TP/15Synthesis of optimal signals for dynamical systems by special types of bang-bang actuatorsKavalionak Natallia2.4
Tu-M21-TO/6Synthesis of Stabilizing PID Controllers for Biomechanical ModelsRoy Anindo, Iqbal Kamran2.1
We-M12-TO/2Synthesis of Supervisory Controllers for Hybrid Systems Using Abstraction RefinementStursberg Olaf1.3
Tu-M02-TO/3System identification of open water channels with undershot and overshot gatesWeyer Erik, Euren Karin1.1
Th-M02-TO/6System identification using Measurements Subject to Stochastic Time JitterEng Frida, Gustafsson Fredrik1.1
Th-E13-TO/6System Parameter Estimation Using p-norm MinimizationStecha Jan, Cepak Milan, Pekar Jaroslav, Pachner Daniel1.1
Th-A13-TO/5System Representation and Optimal Tracking in Data SpaceFujisaki Yasumasa, Duan Yiran, Ikeda Masao1.1
We-E09-TO/6System theory for numerical analysisKenji Kashima, Ashida Shinjiro, Yamamoto Yutaka2.1
We-A10-TO/6Systematic Approach to the Selection of Reduced Models. Application to a Practical CaseRueda Teresa M., Velasco Francisco J., López Eloy, Moyano Emiliano2.1
Th-E02-TP/17Systematic structure and parameter identification for biological reaction systems supported by a software-toolLeifheit Jana, King Rudibert1.1
We-E02-SP/1Systems Engineering for Irrigation Systems: Successes and ChallengesMareels Iven, Weyer Erik, Ooi Su Ki, Cantoni Michael, Li Yuping, Nair Girish8.1