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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
We-M03-TO/2Backlash Compensation Using Receding Horizon ControlSeron Maria, Sang Yoo Kyung, Goodwin Graham2.3
Tu-A03-TO/2Backstepping Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems Preceded by Hysteresis with Prandtl-Ishlinskii PresentationsSu Chun-Yi, Wang Qingqing, Chen Xinkai, Rakheja Subhash2.1
We-M10-TO/2Backstepping Design for Robust Stabilizing Control of Nonlinear Systems with Time-DelayShen Tielong, Jiao Xiaohong, Sun Yuanzhang2.5
We-E17-TO/4Backwards Neural Networks OptimisationGock Kenneth, Katupitiya Jayantha3.2
Fr-A21-TO/1Balance Control of Humanoid Robot for HuroSotLee Bum-Joo, Kim Yong-Duk, Kim Joong-Hwan7.5
Mo-M03-TP/2Balance-based Adaptive Control of the Electric Flow HeaterCzeczot Jacek2.1
Tu-A03-TP/3Band Control: Concepts and Application in Dampening Oscillations of Feed of Petroleum Production UnitsNunes Giovani Cavalcanti, Coelho Antonio Augusto Rodrigues, Sumar Rodrigo Rodrigues, Mejia Rodrigo Iván Goytia6.1
Mo-A04-TO/5Base Molecule Design and Simulation of Modular Robot RobMATEscalera Juan A., Saltarén Roque, Ferre Manuel, Aracil Rafael, García Cecilia E.4.3
Fr-M02-TP/3Batch Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Nets: „Modelling, Analysis and Application to Inventory Systems”Labadi Karim, Chen Haoxun, Amodeo Lionel, Chu Chengbin1.3
Mo-A06-TO/3Batch Process Monitoring through the Integration of Spectral and Process DataMorris Julian, Martin Elaine, Stewart David6.1
Tu-A06-TO/5Bayes for Rolling Mills: From Parameter Estimation to Decision SupportEttler Pavel, Karny Miroslav, Guy Tatiana Valentine6.2
We-E05-TO/6Bayesian Approach to Modelling of Quasi-Periodic Intermittent DemandDolgui Alexandre, Pashkevich Anatoly, Pashkevich Maxim5.1
Tu-A02-TO/3Bayesian vector autoregression methods for multivariable control loop performance assessment in cross-directional controlDuncan Stephen, Taylor Andrew1.1
Th-A13-TO/1Behavioral descriptions of the object-oriented paradigm for physical system modelingBastogne Thierry1.1
Th-M13-TO/3Behavioral models over rings--minimal representations and applications to coding and sequencesKuijper Margreta, Wu Xin-Wen, Parampalli Udaya1.1
Tu-E04-TP/5Behavioural Adaptation of Real-time Emotional Robotic AgentsHassan Mohamed Houcine, Domínguez Carlos, Crespo Alfons4.3
We-A07-TO/3Beyond Context-Awareness: Driver-Vehicle-Environment Adaptivity. From the Comunicar Project to the Aide ConceptAndreone Luisa, Amditis Angelos, Deregibus Enrica, Damiani Sergio, Morreale Domenico, Bellotti Francesco4.1
Mo-E02-TP/5Bias Analysis in Periodic Signals Modeling using Nonlinear OdesAbd-Elrady Emad, Soderstrom Torsten1.1
Th-E03-TP/6Bias Optimality for Multichain Markov Decision ProcessesCao Xi-Ren, Zhang Junyu1.4
Mo-M09-TO/6Bicriterial Dual Control with multiple linearizationFlidr Miroslav, Simandl Miroslav1.2
Fr-A11-TO/1Bi-directional Energy Interfaces for Mixed Reality Design — Virtual Equivalence —Yoo Yong-Ho, Bruns Wilhelm4.4
Mo-A02-TO/1Bifurcation Analysis of Flight Control SystemsThomas Suba, Kwatny Harry G., Chang Bor-Chin7.3
We-M02-TO/4Blind Identifiability Analysis in a MIMO LTI System with Inputs from a Finite-Alphabet SetKwon Soonman, Fuhrmann D. R., Kim Seog-Joo, Lee Jongmoo1.1
We-A02-TP/23Boiler Performance Optimization using Fuzzy Logic ControllerNazaruddin Yul Yunazwin, Santoso Handi, Muchtadi Farida I.6.3
Th-M16-TO/4Boolean Sliding Mode Control of Multilevel Power ConvertersRichard Pierre-Yves, Cormerais Hervé, Morvan Cécile, Buisson Jean6.3
Tu-M01-TP/8Boundary Control of Container Cranes as an Axially Moving String SystemPark Hahn, Hong Keum-Shik7.4
Th-E01-TP/2Boundary control of some infinite dimensional systemsMorgul Omer2.2
Th-E01-TP/1Boundary Control Systems and the System NodeVillegas Javier, Le Gorrec Yann, Zwart Hans, van der Schaft Arjan2.2
Th-A03-TP/4Boundary Layer Using Dithering in Sliding Mode ControlFrasca Roberto, Iannelli Luigi, Vasca Francesco2.3
We-M02-TP/5Brake control combined with prediction to prevent the rollover of heavy vehiclesGaspar Peter, Szabo Zoltan, Bokor Jozsef7.1
Mo-A13-TO/3Building Financial Time Series Predictions with Evolutionary Artificial Neural NetworkHayward Serge9.1