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Cognition and Control ( AI, Fuzzy, Neuro, Evolut.Comp.)

Paper CodeTitleAuthors
Mo-A09-TO/1A Bio-Inspired Multi-Agent Control FrameworkLau Henry Y. K., Wong Vicky W. K., Ko Albert W. Y.
Mo-A09-TO/2Application of Interactive Evolutional Computing to Core DesignKobayashi Yoko
Mo-A09-TO/3Design of an Architecture for Industrial Automation based on Multi-Agents SystemsBravo César, Aguilar Castro José, Cerrada Mariela, Rivas Francklin
Mo-A09-TO/4The Modeling of a Multi-Agent System for a Domotics PlatformFerreira Rosa Paulo Fernando, Tanaka Botelho Wagner, Santos de Lima Sandro, Carrilho Antonio
Mo-A09-TO/5Coordination of an Asynchronous Multi-Agent System via AveragingCao Ming, Morse A. S., Anderson B. D. O.
Mo-A09-TO/6Game-Theoretical Models of Team BuildingNovikov Dmitry
Mo-E09-TO/1Adaptive Parameter Selection of Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization on Global LevelSun Jun, Xu Wenbo, Feng Bin
Mo-E09-TO/2On-Line Temperature Control of an Oven Based on Genetic AlgorithmsYang Zaiyue, Chan C. W., Xue M. S., Luo G. L.
Mo-E09-TO/3Adaptive Zooming Genetic Algorithm for Continuous Optimisation ProblemsLi Kang, Peng Jian-xun, Thompson Steve
Mo-E09-TO/4Optimal Path Planning for a Dynamic PlatformJan Horn-Yong, Lin Chun-Liang, Lin Jr-Rong
Mo-E09-TO/5A New Efficient Self-Organising Fuzzy Logic Control (SOFLC) Algorithm using a Dynamic Performance Index (PI) TableMahfouf Mahdi, Lu Qing
Mo-E09-TO/6Strategy Creation, Decomposition and Distribution in Particle Navigation: Memory ModuleBeldek Ulaş, Leblebicioğlu Kemal
Tu-A09-TO/1An RBF based Neuro-dynamic Approach for the Control of Stochastic Dynamic SystemsSarimveis Haralambos, Patrinos Panagiotis K.
Tu-A09-TO/2Neural network based bicriterial dual control of nonlinear systemsSimandl Miroslav, Kral Ladislav, Hering Pavel
Tu-A09-TO/3Design of a Neural Network Based SVC ControllerWang Hong, Malik O.P.
Tu-A09-TO/4Intelligent Decoupling Control System of Complex Industrial Process and ApplicationChai Tianyou, Yue Heng, Zhai Lianfei
Tu-A09-TO/5Real-TimeTracking Control Embedded with Biological Neurons for a Class of Mobile RobotsLiu Shirong, Yang Simon X., Zhang Huidi
Tu-A09-TO/6Uncertainty in Control Problems: A SurveyHerzallah Randa
Tu-E09-TO/1Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Nonholonomic SystemsWang Zhuping, Ge S. S., Lee T. H.
Tu-E09-TO/2Composite Adaptive Fuzzy ControlBellomo Domenico, Naso David, Turchiano Biagio, Babuska Robert
Tu-E09-TO/3Self-Tuning Neuro-Fuzzy Generalized Minimum Variance ControllerCastillo Sergio Enrique Pinto, Grimble Mike J., Katebi Reza
Tu-E09-TO/4Avoiding Controller Singularities in Adaptive Recurrent Neural ControlFelix Ramon, Sanchez Edgar N., Loukianov Alexander G.
Tu-E09-TO/5Fuzzy estimation of the robot loadRojko Andreja, Jezernik Karel
Tu-E09-TO/6Sliding Mode Control of Aerobic Bioprocess using Recurrent Neural IdentifierBaruch Ieroham, Hernandez Luis-Alberto, Valle Jesus-Roberto, Barrera-Cortes Josefina
Tu-M09-TO/1Soft Sensor based on Fuzzy Model IdentificationNagai Elaine Y., de Arruda Lucia Valeria Ramos
Tu-M09-TO/2On-Line Soft Sensor for Polyethylene Process with Multiple Production GradesLiu Jialin
Tu-M09-TO/3Electronic Nose Systems for Fire Alarm SystemsOmatu Sigeru, Charumporn Bancha, Yoshioka Michifumi, Fujinaka Toru, Kosaka Toshihisa
Tu-M09-TO/4Kinematic Prediction for Intercept Using a Neural Kalman FilterKramer Kathleen, Stubberud Stephen
Tu-M09-TO/5A Prioritized Multiobjective MPC Configuration using Adaptive RBF Networks and Evolutionary ComputationSarimveis Haralambos, Aggelogiannaki Eleni, Alexandridis Alex
Tu-M09-TO/6Genetic algorithm based on receding horizon control for real-time implementations in dynamic environmentsHu XiaoBing, Chen Wen-Hua
We-A17-TO/1Eng-genes: A new genetic modelling approach for nonlinear dynamic systemsLi Kang
We-A17-TO/2Machine Learning of Expert Decision or System BehaviourOtto Peter
We-A17-TO/3Nonlinear System Identification based on Evolutionary Dynamic Neural Networks with Hybrid StructureFerariu Lavinia, Voicu Mihail
We-A17-TO/4Deterministic learning and rapid dynamical pattern recognitionWang Cong, Hill David
We-A17-TO/5A novel GA-based neural modelling platform for nonlinear dynamic systemsLi Kang, Peng Jian-Xun
We-A17-TO/6Application of RBF for Strip Shape RecognitionXu Zhe, Lu Yanling, Qiao Junfei, Duan Jianmin
We-E17-TO/1Selection of the structure of radial basis functions networksChan Che Wai, Choy K. Y.
We-E17-TO/2A Probability Neural Network for Continuous and Categorical DataYu Hongnian, Cang Shuang
We-E17-TO/3A Saturation based Interpolation Method for Fuzzy SystemsNavarro Jose Luis, Ariño Carlos, Sala Antonio, Diez Jose Luis
We-E17-TO/4Backwards Neural Networks OptimisationGock Kenneth, Katupitiya Jayantha
We-E17-TO/5Constructing Interpretable Fuzzy Model Based on Reduction MethodologyZongyi Xing, Weilia Hu, Liminb Jia
We-E17-TO/6Dynamic Process Modeling using Fuzzy SubmodelsBetlem Ben, van Lith Pascal, Roffel Brian
We-M01-TP/1Embedded Fuzzy Systems in Welding Power SourcesGolob Marjan, Koves Arpad, Tovornik Boris
We-M01-TP/2Generating a fuzzy rule base with an additive interpretationŠtěpnička Martin, Valášek Radek
We-M01-TP/3Generating Hierarchical Fuzzy SystemsVlcek Zdenek
We-M01-TP/4Hierarchical Fuzzy SystemsSindelar Radek
We-M01-TP/5Low Effort Control for Chaotic Systems via a Fuzzy Model-Based ApproachLian Kuang-Yow, Liou Jeih-Jang
We-M01-TP/6Possibilistic robust control for fuzzy plants: controlling performance degradationBondia Company Jorge, Sala Piqueras Antonio, Picó Marco Jesús
We-M01-TP/7Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control Based on Generalized Fuzzy Hyperbolic ModelZhang Mingjun, Zhang Huaguang
We-M01-TP/8Adaptive-Predictive Control with Intelligent Virtual SensorNazaruddin Yul Yunazwin, Muhammad Aria
We-M01-TP/9Adaptive Control of Parametric Strict Feedback Systems with Improved Performance Using Modified BacksteppingGrinits Erick Vile, Bottura Celso Pascoli
We-M01-TP/10Generalized Predictive Control with Flexible Inequality ConstraintsZou Tao, Li Shao-Yuan
We-M01-TP/11On the Utility of Linear Transformations for Population-Based Optimization AlgorithmsPošík Petr
We-M01-TP/12Soft Computing Approach for Time Series PredictionGao Yang, Joo Er Meng
We-M01-TP/13Two Applications of Eng-genes based Nonlinear IdentificationIrwin George, Connally Patrick, Li Kang
We-M01-TP/14The study on an improved Genetic AlgorithmHe Dakuo, Wang Fuli, Jia Mingxing
We-M01-TP/15Emotional Learning to Control Large-Scale SystemsBakhtiari Reyhaneh, Labibi Batool
We-M01-TP/16Customer Satisfaction Degree Evaluation Model in Logistics using SVMSun Huali, Xie Jianying, Li Shao-Yuan, Xue Yaofeng
We-M01-TP/17An UML modeling of a neuro-fuzzy monitoring systemPalluat Nicolas, Racoceanu Daniel, Zerhouni Noureddine
We-M01-TP/18Discovering reservoir management criteria: the case study of Pozzillo reservoirConsoli Simona, Barbagallo Salvatore, Pappalardo Nello, Zimbone Santo Marcello
We-M01-TP/19Intelligent Internal Model Control of Robots for Upper-Limb RehabilitationPham D. T., Fahmy A. A.
We-M01-TP/20MACSim: A Simulink Enabled Environment for Multi-Agent SystemMendham Peter, Clarke Tim
We-M01-TP/21Methodology for Parameters Optimization of an Hybrid Architecture of ControlAdouane Lounis, le Fort-Piat Nadine
We-M01-TP/22Nonlinear Control in Changing Operating ConditionsJuuso Esko
We-M01-TP/23Sensitivity Analysis of Low Cost Fuzzy Controlled Servo SystemsPreitl Stefan, Precup Radu-Emil, Preitl Zsuzsa
We-M04-TP/1A novel dynamic neural network structure for nonlinear system identificationDeng Jiamei, Becerra Victor, Nasuto Slawomir
We-M04-TP/2Adaptive Control Based on Neural Observer for Nonlinear SystemsTan Yonghong, Li Chuntao
We-M04-TP/3Generalization of Reinforcement Learning with CMACKwon Sunggyu, Lee Kwang Y
We-M04-TP/4Hardware Implementation of a Neuralnetwork Controler with an MCU and an FPGA for a Nonlinear SystemJung Seul, Kim S.
We-M04-TP/5Hybrid visual-driven decision support system in video monitor manufacturingKawaoku Flavio, Araujo Jose, Kienitz Karl, Mesquita L
We-M04-TP/6Improving GPS Accuracy using Neuro-Fuzzy SystemAkoum Samer, Al-Assaf Yousef
We-M04-TP/7Optimal Self Tuning Neural Network Controller DesignKorosi Ladislav, Kozak Stefan
We-M04-TP/8Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Multi-step-ahead Prediction using Radial Basis Function Neural Networkdos Santos Coelho Leandro, Sierakowski Cezar, Guerra Fábio
We-M04-TP/9Position Control for LMCTS with Nonlinear Friction and Detent Force using DR-FNN ControllerLee Jin Woo, Suh Jin Ho, Lee Young Jin, Nam Hyun Do, Lee Kwon Soon
We-M04-TP/10Robust Stability of a Class of Nonlinear Delayed Impulsive Neural Networks with Interval UncertaintiesGuan Zhi-Hong, Chen Guanrong, Qian Tong-Hui
Th-E15-TO/1Robust pole placement in LMI region for Takagi-Sugeno models: application to vehicle spacing controlDelprat S., Toulotte P.F., Guerra T.M., Boonaert J.
Th-E15-TO/2Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Control Systems. Multivariable Point of ViewPrecup Radu-Emil, Preitl Stefan
Th-E15-TO/3A delay-dependent stability criteria for T-S fuzzy system with time-delaysGuan Xinping, Li Fenglei, Chen Cailian
Th-E15-TO/4Controller synthesis with input and output constraints for fuzzy systemsBernal Miguel, Petr Hušek
Th-E15-TO/5Discrete Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models: Reduced Number of Stabilization ConditionsDelmotte Francois, Guerra Thierry Marie
Th-E15-TO/6Output Tracking Control for a Class of Fuzzy Time-Delay SystemsDimirovski Georgi, Wei Xin-Jiang, Jing Yuan-Wei
Th-M15-TO/1Global Robust H-Infinity Control for Non-Minimum-Phase Uncertain Nonlinear Systems without Strict Triangular StructureZhao Shengzhi, Zhao Jun, Dimirovski Georgi M.
Th-M15-TO/2Robust H-infinity Output Feedback Control Design for Fuzzy Dynamic Systems with Quadratic D Stability Constraints: An LMI ApproachNguang Sing Kiong, Assawinchaichote Wudhichai, Shi Peng
Th-M15-TO/3Tracking Control for Uncertain Takagi Sugeno Fuzzy Systems with External DisturbancesMansouri Badr, Manamanni Noureddine, Hamzaoui Abdelaziz, Zaytoon Janan
Th-M15-TO/4Conditions of Output Stabilization for Uncertain Discrete TS Fuzzy ModelsKruszewski Alexandre, Guerra Thierry Marie
Th-M15-TO/5H∞ Discrete Time Fuzzy Control with Application to Chaos Control based on Piecewise Lyapunov FunctionsChen C.L., Feng G., Guan X.P.
Th-M15-TO/6Observer Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Measurement Output NoisesGao Zhiwei, Shi Xiaoyan, Ding Steven X.