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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Th-E05-TP/8H_2 control of preview systemsMoelja Agoes, Meinsma Gjerrit2.4
Th-M07-TO/4H_infinity Control for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems: The Output-Feedback CaseShaked Uri, Berman Nadav1.4
Fr-M17-TO/3H_infinity Filtering for Discrete-Time Piecewise Linear SystemsTrofino Alexandre, de Souza C.E.2.1
Mo-M15-TO/5H2 control of Differential Linear Repetitive ProcessesPaszke Wojciech, Galkowski Krzysztof, Rogers Eric, Owens David H.2.2
Fr-M17-TO/2H2/H-infinity Control without Lyapunov Matrix or Frequency WeightsAbbas-Turki Mohamed, Duc Gilles, Clement Benoît2.1
Th-M15-TO/5H∞ Discrete Time Fuzzy Control with Application to Chaos Control based on Piecewise Lyapunov FunctionsChen C.L., Feng G., Guan X.P.3.2
Fr-A02-TP/8Hand Movement Improvement on Visual Target Tracking by Model-Based CompensatorSugi Takenao, Ide Junko, Nakamura Masatoshi, Shibasaki Hiroshi8.2
We-A04-TO/1Haptic Force Control based on Impedance/Admittance ControlSasiadek Jurek, Wen K., Necsulescu Dan4.3
We-M04-TP/4Hardware Implementation of a Neuralnetwork Controler with an MCU and an FPGA for a Nonlinear SystemJung Seul, Kim S.3.2
Tu-E17-TO/2Harmonisation of standards for eenterprise integration - an urgent needZelm Martin5.3
Tu-M07-TO/3Heavy-Duty Vehicle Rollover Detection and Active Roll ControlYu Hai, Guvenc Levent, Ozguner Umit7.1
Th-A04-TP/5Hev Modeling for a Supervisory Level Power Flow Control ProblemUthaichana Kasemsak, Bengea Sorin, DeCarlo Raymond2.4
We-M01-TP/4Hierarchical Fuzzy SystemsSindelar Radek3.2
We-M12-TO/3Hierarchical hybrid control of a multiproduct batch plantMoor Thomas, Raisch Joerg1.3
Fr-M02-TP/7Hierarchical Interface-based Supervisory Control of a Bottling PlantWenck Florian, Richter Jan H.1.3
Th-M19-TO/3Hierarchical Modelling in Biology: Systematic Building of Limb ModelsHangos Katalin, Kozmann Gyorgy, Fazekas Csaba8.2
Tu-A02-TP/7Hierarchical Multiple Models Adaptive Decoupling Controller Applied to the Wind Tunnel SystemWang Xin, Li Shao-Yuan, Wang Zhong-Jie1.2
Mo-A03-TP/7Hierarchically supervised output regulation of linear plants with unpredictable parameter step changesOrsini Valentina, Jetto Leopoldo2.1
Mo-A07-TO/2High Gain Observer Design for Induction Motor with Non Linear Magnetic CharacteristicGiri F., Ouadi H., De Leon-Morales J., Dugard L.6.3
Mo-E07-TO/4High Order Sliding Mode Controllers and Differentiators for a Synchronous Generator with Exciter DynamicsSoto-Cota Adolfo, Fridman Leonid, Loukianov Alexander6.3
We-A21-TO/1High Productivity Improvement in JFE Fukuyama No.1 Hot strip MillYokota Shuji, Sekine Hiroshi, Mugita Hisashi, Tsuchiya Yoshiro, Aimoto Koji6.2
Th-A05-TO/6Hinf Based Fault Detection and Isolation for Markovian Jump SystemsAkouz Kaoutar, Boukas El-Kebir6.4
Th-A11-TO/4H-infinity dynamic output-feedback control for a class of linear neutral delay systemsZhang You, Zhang Chuan, Zhang Siying2.1
Th-E03-TP/10H-infinity filtering for a class of stochastic bilinear systems with multiplicative noiseZasadzinski Michel, Halabi Souheil, Rafaralahy Hugues, Souley Ali Harouna1.4
Mo-A01-TP/4H-infinity guaranteed cost computation via polynomially parameter-dependent Lyapunov functionsPeres Pedro L. D., Oliveira Ricardo C. L. F.2.5
Th-A10-TO/2H-infinity Output-Feedback of Discrete-time Systems with State-Multiplicative NoiseGershon Eli, Shaked Uri2.5
Mo-A02-TP/5H-infinity State Feedback Control of Discrete-time Piecewise Affine SystemsXie Lihua, Xu Jun2.5
Tu-A05-TP/6H-infinity-based Flow Control for ATM Networks with Multiple BottlenecksMunyas-Elmas Inci, Iftar Altug3.3
Tu-A01-TP/12Hirarchical models of nonstationary flow in complex gas transmission networksAtlas Akhmetzyanov1.1
We-E06-TO/2Holonic and Agent-based ControlHall Kenwood H, Staron Raymond J, Vrba Pavel5.4
Tu-E17-TO/4Holon-Oriented B2M Process Modelling Approach for Applications Interoperability in Manufacturing Systems EnvironmentBaïna Salah, Panetto Hervé, Morel Gérard5.3
Mo-A11-TO/4Homogeneous eigenvalue analysis of homogeneous systemsNakamura Hisakazu, Yamashita Yuh, Nishitani Hirokazu2.3
Fr-A11-TO/2Human-centred Collaborative System Supporting JIT Delivery in ManufacturingCernetic Janko, Blatnik Robert4.4
Fr-A11-TO/3Human-Human CollaborationErbe Heinz4.4
We-M12-TO/4Hybrid Abstractions of Affine SystemsGueguen Herve, Lefebvre Marie-Anne1.3
Th-A02-TP/8Hybrid Control of Systems with Input DelayFilipovic Vojislav2.2
Mo-A03-TP/8Hybrid Control Scheme with Discrete Estimator for Efficient Disturbance RejectionHanuš Bořivoj, Tůma Libor2.1
Th-M12-TO/4Hybrid Control With Sliding SectorPan Yaodong, Suzuki Satoshi, Furuta Katsuhisa2.2
Fr-M06-TP/1Hybrid Fault Detection and Isolation Method for UAV Inertial Sensor Redundancy Management SystemKim Youdan, Kim Hyoung Seok, Park Sang Kyun, Park Chan Gook7.3
Fr-M19-TO/6Hybrid Force/Impedance Control for the Robotized Rehabilitation of the Upper LimbsMoughamir Said, Deneve Alexandre, Zaytoon Janan, Afilal Lissan8.2
We-A20-TO/6Hybrid Knowledge and performance support systems for paper machine operationsLaukkanen Ismo6.1
Tu-A03-TP/11Hybrid Model of a Gasification PlantZanoli Silvia Maria, Leo Tommaso, Barboni Luca6.1
Th-E12-TO/5Hybrid Model Predictive Control in Supermarket Refrigeration SystemsLarsen Lars Finn Sloth, Geyer Tobias, Morari Manfred1.3
Tu-M19-TO/1Hybrid Neural Network Models of Bioprocesses: A Comparative StudyGrosfils Aline, Vande Wouwer Alain, Bogaerts Philippe8.4
Th-A18-TO/4Hybrid Optimisation schemes for the clearance of flight control lawsMenon Prathyush, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian7.3
Th-E16-TO/5Hybrid PV – Diesel power generator : design criteria and preliminary performance analysisZanarini Sergio, Ragazzini Gian Luca6.3
We-M04-TP/5Hybrid visual-driven decision support system in video monitor manufacturingKawaoku Flavio, Araujo Jose, Kienitz Karl, Mesquita L3.2
Fr-M16-TO/2Hyper-Bonds -Supporting Distributed Collaboration in Engineering WorkspacesBruns Wilhelm4.5