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Th-E02-TP/8Face identification using multiple combination strategy for human robot interactionKim Do-Hyung, Lee Jae-Yeon, Cha Eui-Young, Cho Young-Jo1.1
Mo-M05-TO/5Fault Detection and Identification for Uncertain Linear Neutral Delay SystemsJiang Canghua, Zhou D. H.6.4
Mo-M05-TO/1Fault Detection and Identification of Actuator Faults using Linear Parameter Varying ModelsHallouzi Redouane, Verdult Vincent, Babuska Robert, Verhaegen Michel6.4
We-M02-TP/9Fault Detection and Identification of Automotive Engines using Neural NetworksGomm James Barry, Sangha Mahavir, Yu Dingli, Page George7.1
Tu-A05-TO/3Fault Detection and Isolation using Correspondence AnalysisGudi Ravindra, Detroja Ketan, Patwardhan Sachin6.4
Tu-M03-TP/10Fault Detection Based on Probabilistic Robustness Techniques for Belt Conveyor SystemsSader Mario, Noack René, Zhang Ping, Ding Steven X., Jeinsch Torsten6.2
We-A05-TO/1Fault detection filter applied to structural health monitoring: experimental resultsLiberatore Sauro, Speyer Jason, Chunliang Hsu Andy6.4
Mo-E01-TP/5Fault Detection Filter for Nonlinear Systems using Linear ApproximationsNavarro Hernandez Claudia, Crusca Francesco, Aldeen Mohammad, Banks Steve6.4
Tu-M05-TO/3Fault Detection Filter for Uncertain Fuzzy Systems: An LMI ApproachNguang Sing Kiong, Shi Peng, Ding Steven6.4
Mo-M03-TP/5Fault Detection of Actuators in Superheaters TemperatureVinatoru Matei, Iancu Eugen2.1
Mo-E17-TO/4Fault Detection of Discrete Event Systems using an Identification ApproachKlein Stephane, Litz Lothar, Lesage Jean-Jacques5.1
Mo-M05-TO/6Fault Detection using Radial Basis Function Network and Polygonal LineBhushan Bharat, Romagnoli Jose A., Wang Dawei6.4
Mo-A18-TO/4Fault Detection with Non-linear Nuisance Parameters and Safe Train NavigationLacresse Hervé, Grall Antoine, Nikiforov Igor7.4
Tu-M03-TP/11Fault Diagnosis Expert System using Neural Networks for Roasting ProcessYan Ai-jun, Wu Feng-hua, Chai Tian-you6.2
Tu-A12-TO/4Fault diagnosis for distributed asynchronous dynamically reconfigured discrete event systemsHaar Stefan, Benveniste Albert, Fabre Eric, Jard Claude1.3
Tu-E18-TO/3Fault Diagnosis of Roll Shape under the Speed Change in Hot Rolling MillShin Kee Hyun, Lee Chang Woo, Kang Hyun Kyoo, Park Cheol Jae6.2
Th-M01-TP/12Fault Diagnosis under Multiple Sequential Faults of the Rain-gauge Network used to Control the Barcelona Sewer SystemQuevedo Joseba, Figueras Jaume, Puig Vicenç8.3
Mo-E01-TP/6Fault Diagnosis using Neuro-Fuzzy Systems with Local Recurrent StructureMirea Letitia, Patton Ron J.6.4
Mo-M17-TO/5Fault recovering taskblocks and control synthesis for a class of condition systemsAshley Jeffrey, Holloway Lawrence E., Dangoumau Nathalie5.1
Th-E05-TO/1Fault Tolerance of Multihop Wireless NetworksWu N. Eva, Li Xiaohua, Busch Timothy6.4
Th-E05-TO/2Fault tolerant control : the pseudo-inverse method revisitedStaroswiecki Marcel6.4
Th-E05-TO/6Fault Tolerant Control Design of Nonlinear Systems using LMI Gain SynthesisRodrigues Mickael, Theilliol Didier, Sauter Dominique6.4
Fr-M05-TO/3Fault Tolerant Control Method Based on Cost and Reliability AnalysisGuenab Fateh, Theilliol Didier, Weber Philippe, Ponsart Jean-Christophe, Sauter Dominique6.4
We-E22-TO/4Fault Tolerant Multivariable Control of a Military Turbofan EngineRing Dan, Christiansson Anna-Karin, Härefors Melker2.1
Tu-E04-TP/8Fault-tolerant system based on output feedback H-infinity Markovian control for manipulator robotsSiqueira Adriano, Buosi Cleber, Terra Marco4.3
Mo-E01-TP/7Fault-Tolerant Time-Invariant Feedback ControlSala Antonio, Albertos Pedro6.4
Th-E02-TP/9Feature Extraction of Human Sleep EEG based on a Peak Frequency AnalysisInoue Katsuhiro, Tsujihata Tomohiro, Kumamaru Kousuke, Matsuoka Shigeaki1.1
We-E04-TP/5Federated Information Mode-Matched Filter in an IMM AlgorithmKim Yong-Shik, Hong Keum-Shik7.5
Mo-M12-TO/1Feedback Control Logic for Backward Conflict Free Choice NetsBasile Francesco, Carbone Ciro, Chiacchio Pasquale1.3
Mo-M01-TP/2Feedback Control System Design for a Fresh Cheese SeparatorHoyer Markus, Schumann Reimar, Wüst Eberhard, Premier Guiliano C.8.4
Th-A16-TO/3Feedback Linearization Control for a Distributed Solar Collector FieldCirre Cristina Martínez, Gutiérrez Loreto Valenzuela, Soria Manuel Berenguel, Camacho Eduardo Fernández6.3
Th-M12-TO/3Feedback linearization of piecewise linear systemsCamlibel Kanat, Ustoglu Ilker2.2
We-A08-TO/3Feedback Regulation of a DC Motor via Interconnection and Damping AssignmentRios-Bolivar Miguel, Morillo Atilio, Acosta Vivian2.3
Th-E04-TP/4Femlab-Based Output Regulation of Nonhyperbolically Nonminimum Phase System and its Real-Time ImplementationRehak Branislav, Orozco-Mora Jorge, Celikovsky Sergej, Ruis-Leon Javier2.3
Tu-A05-TP/5Fieldbus Integration to the Realtime Ethernet Standard PROFINETJasperneite Juergen3.3
Fr-A07-TO/1Filtering Problem for Discrete Volterra Equations with Combined DisturbancesMatasov Alexander, Bashkov Alexander, De Nicolao Giuseppe, Kolmanovskii Vladimir1.4
Tu-E20-TO/4Filtering Structural Modes in Aircraft: Notch Filters VS Kalman FiltersHalsey Scott, Goodall Roger, Caldwell Brian, Pearson John1.2
Fr-M06-TO/2Finite Horizon Optimizing Control of Advanced SMB Chromatographic ProcessesToumi A., Diehl M., Engell S., Bock H.G., Schloeder J.P.6.1
We-M09-TO/5Finite Horizon Robust Model Predictive Control Using Linear Matrix InequalitiesChu Danlei, Chen Tongwen, Marquez Horacio J.2.1
Th-A05-TO/5Finite Memory Observer for Switching Systems: Application to DiagnosisHocine Abdelfettah, Maquin Didier, Ragot José6.4
Tu-A22-TO/3Finite-dimensional Controller Design for Nonlinear Evolution Equations using Inertial FormsCoca Daniel2.3
Th-A02-TP/6Finite-dimensional models in evaluating the H_2 norm of continuous-time periodic systemsZhou Jun, Hagiwara Tomomichi2.2
Mo-M02-TP/8Finite-Frequency Identification: Selftuning of Test SignalAlexandrov Albert1.1
We-E11-TO/6Finite-time output feedback control of discrete-time systemsAmato Francesco, Ariola Marco, Carbone Marco, Cosentino Carlo2.1
Tu-M22-TO/4Finite-Time Stabilization of Nonsmoothly Stabilizable SystemsYang Bo, Lin Wei2.3
Fr-M18-TO/3Fire detection using autonomous aerial vehicles with infrared and visual camerasMartínez-de-Dios J. Ramiro, Merino Luis, Ollero Anibal4.3
Th-E19-TO/5First and Second Order Sliding Mode Regularization Techniques: the Approximability PropertyPunta Elisabetta, Bartolini Giorgio, Zolezzi Tullio2.3
We-A19-TO/6First Results of Predictive Control Application on Water Supply and Distribution in Santiago-ChileQuevedo Joseba, Cembrano Gabriela, Puig Vicenç, Perez Ramon, Figueras Jaume, Ramon Gustavo8.3
Th-M20-TO/6Fish Farm AutomationBurget Pavel, Pachner Daniel8.1
Mo-A16-TO/2Fixed order PQ-Control Design Method for a Dual-Stage Instrumented SuspensionGraham M., Oosterbosch R.J.M., de Callafon R.A.4.2
Tu-A11-TO/6Fixed Poles for Non Minimal Systems: a Geometric ApproachMalabre Michel2.2
We-A10-TO/1Fixed structure PID controller design for standard H-infinity control problemSaeki Masami2.1
Mo-M03-TP/6Fixed-Order Control of Active Suspension: A Hybrid ApproachFarag Adel, Werner Herbert2.1
Th-A02-TP/7Flatness based control of linear time varying bond graphsAli Achir, Andaloussi Chafik, Sueur Christophe2.2
Mo-A08-TO/3Flatness based Optimal Noncausal Output-Transitions for Constrained SISO Nonlinear SystemsWang Guoli, Allgower Frank2.3
Mo-E05-TO/2Flatness for Actuators Monitoring in Process EngineeringEl Osta Wassim, Bouamama Belkacem Ould, Sueur Christophe6.4
Tu-E04-TO/4Flatness-Based Control of a Parallel Robot Actuated by Pneumatic MusclesAschemann Harald, Hofer Eberhard P.4.3
Mo-E02-TO/1Flexible Aerospace Vehicles Simulation and Nonlinear Control SynthesisNebylov Alexander, Brodsky Sergey, Panferov Alexander7.3
We-E12-TO/2Flow Control for Continuous Petri Net Models of HDS : Stability IssuesLefebvre Dimitri, Thomas Philippe, Leclercq Edouard, Druaux Fabrice1.3
We-A09-TO/3FMPC: a fast implementation of model predictive controlMilanese Mario, Canale Massimo2.1
Tu-E19-TO/5Force control and exponential stability for one-link flexible armEndo Takahiro, Matsuno Fumitoshi4.3
Tu-E04-TO/5Forcefree Control with Independent Compensation for Industrial Articulated Robot ArmGoto Satoru, Ishida Yuji, Kyura Nobuhiro, Nakamura Masatoshi4.3
We-M19-TO/5Forest Fire Dynamic Hazard Assessment and Pre-operational Resource AllocationGaetani Francesco, Fiorucci Paolo, Minciardi Riccardo, Trasforini Eva8.3
Tu-E01-TP/4Formal Description of Decision ProcessesCserny Laszlo9.1
Th-E02-TO/2Formal Linearization of Nonlinear Time-Varying Dynamic Systems using Chebyshev and Laguerre PolynomialsTakata Hitoshi, Komatsu Kazuo, Sano Hideki1.1
Th-E09-TO/4Formal Modelling of Industrial Distributed Control SystemsMarcos Marga, Estevez Elisabet3.1
We-M19-TO/6Formalised Model Representation for Wastewater SystemsAlex Jens, Ogurek Michael, Jumar Ulrich8.3
Th-E04-TO/4Formated Navigation of Mobile Robots using Distributed Leader-Follower ControlFujimori Atsushi, Fujimoto Takeshi, Bohacs Gabor4.3
Fr-M18-TO/4Formation Control of Autonomous Underwater VehiclesYamakita Masaki, Ikeda Takashi, Mita Tsutomu4.3
Tu-M18-TO/2Formation stabilization of nonlinear vehicles based on dynamic inversion and passivityPeni Tamas, Bokor Jozsef7.5
We-A02-TP/14FPGA Based Real Time Simulation for Electrical MachinesMei T.X., Zhou Y.J.6.3
Mo-E01-TP/4FPRG: another view and propositionsJoin Cedric, Boukhobza Taha, Hamelin Frederic, Sauter Dominique6.4
We-E03-TP/4Fractional Robust Control to Delay Changes in Main Irrigation CanalsRivas Perez Raul, Feliu Vicente, Castillo Fernando8.1
Mo-E18-TO/6Freeway Traffic Control based on Neural Network EstimationSacco Nicola, Di Febbraro Angela7.4
Mo-M02-TO/3Frequency-Domain Identification of Continuous-Time ARMA Models from Sampled DataGillberg Jonas, Ljung Lennart1.1
Mo-E03-TO/5Frequency-Domain Identification of Continuous-Time Output Error Models from Sampled DataGillberg Jonas, Ljung Lennart1.1
Tu-E03-TP/5Friction Identification and Compensation in a DC MotorTjahjowidodo Tegoeh, Al-Bender Farid, Van Brussel Hendrik1.1
Tu-E03-TP/4Friction Identification Based upon the LuGre and Maxwell Slip ModelsFassois Spilios, Rizos Demosthenis1.1
Tu-E03-TP/6Friction identification with genetic algorithmsVergé Michel1.1
We-A04-TP/6Friction Modelling and Robust Adaptive CompensationMarton Lorinc, Lantos Bela4.2
We-E21-TO/1Friction Modelling of a Linear High-Precision ActuatorZimmermann Jan, Sawodny Oliver, Hausotte Tino, Jaeger Gerd4.1
We-E20-TO/4From conservation laws to port-Hamiltonian representations of distributed-parameter systemsvan der Schaft Arjan, Maschke Bernhard2.3
Fr-M19-TO/4From DNA Micro-arrays to Disease Classification: An Unsupervised Clustering ApproachBittanti Sergio, Garatti Simone, Liberati Diego8.2
We-A07-TO/5From Driver Modelling to Human Machine Interface PersonalisationPanou Maria, Cacciabue Nadia, Cacciabue Pietro Carlo, Bekiaris Evangelos4.1
Tu-M01-PL/1From Electric Motors to Flexible Manufacturing: Control Technology Drives Industrial AutomationChand Sujeet3.1
Mo-E17-TO/3From Fault Tree Analysis to Model Checking of Logic ControllersBarragan Santiago Israel, Faure Jean-Marc5.1
We-E08-TO/1From Nonlinear Systems To Port Controlled Hamiltonian SystemsCheng Daizhan, Ortega Romeo, Panteley Elena2.3
We-A01-MS/1From Plant and Logistics Control to Multi-Enterprise CollaborationNof Shimon Y., Morel Gérard, Monostori Laszlo, Molina Arturo, Filip Florin5.1
Fr-M01-TP/5From Tele-laboratory to E-learning in Automation Curricula at the University of PisaCaiti Andrea, Balestrino A., Bicchi A., Calabrò V., Cecchini T., Coppelli A., Pallottino L.9.4
Tu-M06-TO/3Fuel Efficient Model Predictive Control of PEM Fuel CellsGolbert Joshua, Lewin Daniel6.1
Tu-E20-TO/3Fully Adaptive Semi-active Control of Vibration Isolation by MR DamperTerasawa Takashi, Sano Akira1.2
Tu-E02-TP/12Fully Automated Test-Plant for CalibrationDedinak Andreas, Studecker Wolfgang, Witt Alfons5.4
We-E01-TP/11Functional Analysis and T-S Fuzzy System DesignQiu Renxi, Pham D.T.5.1
Mo-M02-TP/9Fundamental Filtering Limitations in Linear Non-Gaussian SystemsHendeby Gustaf, Gustafsson Fredrik1.1
Tu-E03-TO/1Further results on output regulation by pure error feedbackByrnes Christopher, Isidori Alberto, Marconi Lorenzo2.3
Tu-M18-TO/3Fusion of Hard and Soft Control for Uninhabited Aerial VehiclesHoover Randy C., Schoen Marco P., Subbaram Naidu D.7.5
Mo-A03-TP/6Future Reference Trajectory Improvement in Self-Tuning I-PD Controller Based on Generalized Predictive Control LawSato Takao, Inoue Akira2.1
Tu-A03-TP/9Fuzzy Activated Neural Models for Product Quality Monitoring in RefineriesXibilia Maria Gabriella, Fortuna Luigi, Graziani Salvatore, Barbalace Nicola6.1
We-M02-TP/10Fuzzy Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle Brake SystemsYang Jung Hua, Yang Cheng Jer, Tseng Chyuan Yow7.1
Tu-E08-TO/3Fuzzy Control of Combustion with Genetic Learning AutomataHimer Zoltán, Dévényi Géza, Kovács Jenő, Kortela Urpo6.3
Tu-E09-TO/5Fuzzy estimation of the robot loadRojko Andreja, Jezernik Karel3.2
Th-M01-TP/13Fuzzy Logic Control of Integrated Wastewater SystemsKatebi Reza, Camilleri Flavia8.3
We-M22-TO/2Fuzzy Neural Network's Application in Furnace Temperature Compensation Based on Rolling Information FeedbackZhang Kaiju, Jin Di, Shao Cheng6.2
Tu-M03-TP/12Fuzzy Neuron Hybrid Control for Continuous Steel CastingTao Jili, Wang Ning6.2
Fr-M20-TO/6Fuzzy Optimization Of Cost Function in Product Mix Selection ProblemVasant Pandian M., Barsoum Nadir N.9.3
Tu-M03-TP/13Fuzzy Predictive Control of a Column Flotation ProcessVieira Susana, Sousa João, Durão Fernando6.2
Tu-A03-TP/10Fuzzy robust tracking of a bioreactorGarcia Sandoval Juan Paulo, Bernardino Castillo-Toledo, Victor Gonzalez-Alvarez6.1