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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Fr-M06-TP/6UAV Routing in a Stochastic, Time-Varying EnvironmentFrazzoli Emilio, Enright John J.7.3
Th-E09-TO/3UML-PA as an Engineering Model for Distributed Process AutomationKatzke Uwe, Vogel-Heuser Birgit3.1
We-E15-TO/2Unbiased bandwidth estimation in communication protocolsJacobsson Krister, Hjalmarsson Håkan, Johansson Karl-Henrik3.3
We-A01-TP/8Unbiased Thermocouple Sensor Characterisation in Variable Flow EnvironmentsHung Peter Chi Fai, McLoone Seán, Irwin George, Kee Robert4.1
Mo-A12-TO/5Uncertain demand & supply networks management: application to a regional health care serviceCassarino Irene, Villa Agostino, Bellomo Dario5.1
Tu-A09-TO/6Uncertainty in Control Problems: A SurveyHerzallah Randa3.2
We-E12-TO/3Uncertainty in Hybrid Systems and The Fire Management System DesignVillani Emilia, Kaneshiro Percy Igei, Miyagi Paulo Eigi1.3
Mo-A02-TP/17Uncertainty Modelling and Mixed Sensitivity Hinf Design on a Pilot- Scale Flotation ColumnMuanis Persechini Maria Auxiliadora, Fantini Miranda Marcio, Goncalves Jota Fabio2.5
Tu-A02-TP/9Unfalsified Control using an Ellipsoidal Unfalsified Region applied to a Motion Systemvan Helvoort Jeroen, de Jager Bram, Steinbuch Maarten1.2
We-E02-TP/9Unified modeling of control software and physical plantsSecchi Cristian, Fantuzzi Cesare, Bonfe Marcello3.1
Mo-M11-TO/1Uniform Semiglobal Asymptotic Stability for Time-varying Nonlinear Cascaded SystemsChaillet Antoine, Loria Antonio2.3
Fr-A03-TO/4Unit Vector Control of Uncertain Multivariable Nonlinear SystemsPeixoto Alessandro J., Cunha Jose Paulo V. S., Hsu Liu, Costa Ramon R., Lizarralde Fernando2.3
Fr-A03-TO/6Universal Output Feedback Control of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Growth RateLin Wei, Lei H.2.3
Mo-E05-TO/6Unscented Kalman Filter for Fault DetectionXiong Kai, Chan C. W., Zhang H. Y.6.4
Th-E13-TO/5Unscented Transform and Its Application in ATC TrackingShu Wenjie, Zheng Zhiqiang1.1
Fr-M17-TO/6Upper bound H-infinity and H-2 control for symmetric mechanical systemsHiramoto Kazuhiko, Bai Yuanqiang, Grigoriadis Karolos M.2.1
Mo-E02-TP/14Use of Autoassociative Neural Network for Dynamic Data ReconciliationThibault Jules, Bai Shuanghua, McLean David D.1.1
Tu-A19-TO/5Use of PAT for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Crystallization Process ControlWu Huiquan, Hussain Ajaz S.8.4
Fr-M16-TO/5User-Centred Development of an User Interface for Mobile Devices in AutomationWittenberg Carsten4.5
Fr-M04-TP/8Using Delta Range on GPS Positioning, Fault Detection and Fault ExclusionChang Fan-Ren, Tsai Yi-Hsueh, Yang Wen-Chieh7.3
Tu-E02-TP/16Using Fuzzy Measures of Uncertainty to Manage Complex SystemsStefanoiu Dan5.4
Tu-E07-TO/5Using Ontology-Based Reference Models in Digital Production Engineering IntegrationSzulman Peter, Hefke Mark, Trifu Adrian, Soto Martin, Assmann Danilo, Doerr Joerg, Eisenbarth Michael5.1
Tu-M11-TO/2Using Post-Eigenstructure Assignment Design Freedom for the Imposition of Controller StructureClarke Tim, Pomfret Andrew2.2
Tu-A02-TP/8Using repetitive control to eliminate periodic disturbances in damper test rigsPlummer Andrew, Hatonen Jari, Owens David H.1.2
Th-E02-TO/6Using the Bhattacharyya distance in Functional Sampling Density of Particle FilterSimandl Miroslav, Straka Ondrej1.1
We-M02-TP/19Utilizing Cylinder Pressure for Compression Ratio EstimationKlein Marcus, Eriksson Lars7.1