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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Tu-M18-TO/4Parallel Estimators and Communication in Spacecraft FormationsSmith Roy, Hadaegh Fred Y.7.5
We-E10-TO/2Parameter dependent H_infinity controller design by finite dimensional LMI optimization: application to trade-off dependent controlMarc Dinh, Scorletti Gerard, Fromion Vincent, Magarotto Eric2.5
Fr-A19-TO/2Parameter estimation based on a switched observer for the study of left ventricle contractilityValigi Paolo8.2
Fr-A01-TP/6Parameter Estimation for a Biological System: Model and ExperimentationsLormel Corine, Autrique Laurent, Serra Jean-Jacques, Claudet Bernard8.2
We-A01-TP/5Parameter Identification of the Pinhole Camera Vision System: An Enhanced ApproachChen Chao-Kuang, Jang M.J., Chuang C.T.4.1
Tu-E13-TO/2Parameter Reduction for LPV Systems via Principal Components AnalysisKwiatkowski Andreas, Werner Herbert1.1
Mo-A01-TP/10Parameter Stability MarginsfFor Polynomial Uncertainty Structures: A Polynomial Programming ApproachBozorg Mohammad, Sherali Hanif D., Davison Edward J., Delavar-Khalafi Ali2.5
We-M14-TO/6Parametric approach to optimal nonlinear control problem using orthogonal expansionsTomas-Rodriguez Maria, Navarro-Hernandez C., Banks S.P.2.3
Mo-E02-TP/2Parametric Identification of Static Nonlinearities in a General Interconnected SystemHsu Kenneth, Novara Carlo, Milanese Mario, Poolla Kameshwar1.1
Mo-A15-TO/3Parametrization of all regularly implementing controllersTrentelman H.L., Praagman C.2.2
Th-A12-TO/4Parametrization of decentralized output feedback controllers and robust stabilization of large scale jump systemsPakshin Pavel, Mitrofanov Igor2.1
Tu-M22-TO/1Parametrization of supply rates for establishing ISS and prescribed dissipative properties of nonlinear interconnected systemsIto Hiroshi2.3
Mo-M15-TO/4Parametrizing all solutions of uncontrollable multidimensional linear systemsRobertz Daniel, Quadrat Alban2.2
Th-E05-TP/14Pareto optimal feedforward constrained regulation of MIMO linear systemsPiazzi Aurelio, Visioli Antonio2.4
Th-E02-TP/15Parkinson’s Disease: Modeling the Tremor and Optimizing the TreatmentHaeri Mohammad, Sarbaz Yashar, Gharibzadeh Shahriar1.1
Mo-M11-TO/2Partial stability analysis by means of semidefinite Lyapunov functionsIgnatyev Alexander, Ignatyev Oleksiy2.3
We-M04-TP/8Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Multi-step-ahead Prediction using Radial Basis Function Neural Networkdos Santos Coelho Leandro, Sierakowski Cezar, Guerra Fábio3.2
We-A21-TO/2Pass Schedule Optimization for a Tandem Cold MillMurakami Akira, Nakayama Makishi, Okamoto Mitsuo, Sano Kenichi, Tsuchihashi Tomoya, Abiko Yoji6.2
Tu-E04-TO/6Passive Bilateral Control of Teleoperators under Constant Time-delayLee Dongjun, Spong Mark W.4.3
Fr-M02-TP/11Passivity Analysis and Passification of Discrete-Time Hybrid SystemsBianchini Gianni, Bemporad Alberto, Barbagli Federico, Brogi Filippo1.3
Th-A03-TP/14Passivity and Passivity based Controller Design of a Class of Switched Control SystemsSaif Mehrdad, Chen Weitian2.3
Tu-M06-TO/1Passivity Based Control and Optimization of a Silicon ProcessRuszkowski Martin, Read Mark, Kaiser Robert, Richardson Philip, Kern Tom, Ydstie B. Erik6.1
Mo-A03-TP/14Passivity based control of a seismically excited buildingAlvarez-Icaza Luis, Cornejo Cecilia2.1
Tu-A22-TO/2Passivity-based Approach to Problems of Robust Spatial Motion ControlMiroshnik Iliya2.3
We-E20-TO/3Passivity-based Control with Simultaneous Energy-shaping and Damping Injection: The Induction Motor Case StudyEspinosa-Perez Gerardo, Ortega Romeo2.3
We-A04-TO/3Passivity-based Dynamic Visual Feedback Control with a Movable CameraMurao Toshiyuki, Kawai Hiroyuki, Fujita Masayuki4.3
We-E04-TO/4Path Planning and Navigation in a Sparse World Space EnvironmentZaremba Marek4.3
Tu-M16-TO/4Path Planning for Automotive Collision Avoidance based on Elastic BandsBrandt Thorsten, Sattel Thomas4.2
Th-M02-TP/12Path planning for non linear systems using trigonometric splinesMahout Vincent2.3
Th-M21-TO/3Path Tracking of and Autonomous LHD Articulated VehicleSasiadek Jurek, Lu Yi4.4
Th-A02-TP/11Path-following for Linear Systems with Unstable Zero DynamicsDacic Dragan B., Kokotovic Petar V.2.2
We-A03-TP/7Pattern Recognition Method for Off-Board Automotive Vehicle Failure IsolationCharkaoui Nasser, Dubuisson Bernard, Ambroise Christophe, Boatas Armand6.4
Mo-A03-TP/15Peak Controllers for Uncertain Linear Delayed Systems under Initial ConditionsLiu Fei, Li Suzhou2.1
Tu-E01-TP/9Pension fund model design and state estimationStraka Ondrej, Simandl Miroslav, Lesek Marek9.1
Tu-A05-TO/6Performance Analysis for Directional Residual Based Fault IsolationHu Yongtong, Gertler Janos6.4
Mo-E04-TO/2Performance Analysis of a Continuous Vision-based Control System for the Navigation of a Mobile RobotAracil Nicolas Garcia, Aracil Rafel, Perez Carlos, Sabater Jose Maria, Azorin Jose Maria, Reinoso Oscar, Saltarén Roque7.5
Th-E13-TO/4Performance Analysis of Kalman-Based Filters and Particle Filters for Non-Linear/Non-Gaussian Bayesian TrackingShu Wenjie, Zheng Zhiqiang1.1
We-M02-TP/14Performance Analysis of the Confidentiality Service in CANLeón Chávez Miguel Angel, Rodriguez Henriquez Francisco7.1
We-E05-TO/4Performance Evaluation and Optimization of a Two-stage Production-sistribution System with Batch Orders and Finite Transportation TimeLi Jie, Sava Alexandru, Xie Xiaolan5.1
We-M11-TO/5Performance Limitations in Control Systems with Sensor Time DelaysDavison Daniel, Tonita Robert2.2
We-M05-TO/3Performance Monitoring of Control loops in Irrigation Channels using reference modelsWeyer Erik, Zhang Ping6.4
We-E02-TP/4Performance of nonlinear queue management algorithms in best-effort networksLehto Timo, Koivisto Hannu, Ekola Teemu, Laurikkala Mikko3.1
We-M20-TO/2Performance Optimization of Large Control Systems – Case Study on a Continuous Pulp DigesterHalmevaara Kalle, Hyötyniemi Heikki6.1
We-M04-TO/5Performance Tuning for a New Class of Globally Stable Controllers for Robot ManipulatorsKasac Josip, Novakovic Branko, Majetic Dubravko, Brezak Danko4.3
Tu-E20-TO/2Periodic Disturbance Rejection with an Internal Model-Based H2 Optimal ControllerKinney C.E., de Callafon R.A., Dunens E., Bargerhuff R., Bash C.E.1.2
Th-A03-TP/15Persistent motion and chaos in attitude control with switching actuatorsKienitz Karl, Mesquita Alexandre2.3
We-E12-TO/4Perturbation Analysis and Feedback Control of Communication Networks Using Stochastic Hybrid ModelsCassandras Christos G., Yu Haining1.3
Mo-A01-TP/11Perturbation Analysis for the Complex Matrix Equation X - A^H *sqrt(X^(-1)) A=IAngelova Vera, Konstantinov Mihail, Petkov Petko, Popchev Ivan2.5
Th-M22-TO/5Petri Net Toolbox for Matlab in Web-based Analysis and Design of Discrete-event SystemsMatcovschi Mihaela-Hanako, Lefter Claudiu, Mahulea Cristian, Pastravanu Octavian9.4
We-M13-TO/2Physical consistency of the hysteretic Bouc-Wen modelIkhouane Faycal, Rodellar Jose1.1
We-E12-TO/5Physical Switching Systems: Hybrid Incidence Matrices for Structured Modelling and AnalysisValentin Claire, Magos Miguel, Maschke Bernhard1.3
We-E20-TO/7Physical System Modelling and New Control Paradigms2.3
Mo-M03-TP/9PI Autotuners based on Biased Relay IdentificationProkop Roman, Korbel Jiri, Matusu Radek2.1
Th-A19-TO/6PID Control Design for Rehabilitation by Quasi-isometric Training in Paraplegia: A Simulation StudyPrevidi Fabio, Ferrarin Maurizio, Savaresi Sergio M., Bittanti Sergio8.2
Tu-A04-TP/14PID Controller Approximating GMVC with Pole-Placement Using Steady-State Predictive OutputSato Takao, Inoue Akira6.1
We-A11-TO/4PID Controller Design for Multivariable Systems Using Gershgorin BandsGarcia Daniel, Karimi Alireza, Longchamp Roland2.2
We-A11-TO/3PID Controller Design with Specifications on the Infinity-Norm of Sensitivity FunctionsGarcia Daniel, Karimi Alireza, Longchamp Roland2.2
Tu-M21-TO/4PID Controller Synthesis Free of Analytical ModelsKeel L.H., Bhattacharyya S.P.2.1
We-E07-TO/5PID controllers and their tuning for EGR and VGT control in diesel enginesWahlström Johan, Eriksson Lars, Nielsen Lars, Pettersson Magnus7.1
Mo-A03-TP/13PID-P Controller for TITO SystemsMajhi Somanath, Padhy Prabin K., Atherton Derek P.2.1
We-M19-TO/3Piecewise-Constant Control Signal for Predator-Prey Systems: Application to Ecological RecoverySilveira Hector, Pagano Daniel8.3
Th-M17-TO/3Planned Lead-times Design in Stochastic Multistage Assembly SystemsSong Dong-Ping, Hicks C., Earl C.F.5.2
Tu-A18-TO/5Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Aerial VehicleChanthery Elodie, Barbier Magali, Farges Jean-Loup7.5
Mo-E01-TP/9Plant Data Visualization Using Non-Negative Matrix FactorizationTapson Jonathan, Greene John6.4
Th-M09-TO/2Platform for Advanced Control ApplicationsBeran Jaroslav, Horn Brian, Findejs Jiri, Havlena Vladimir, Rozloznik Mikulas3.1
Th-E22-TO/4Platform for monitoring and controlling educational laboratory processes over InternetPohjola Mikael, Eriksson Lasse, Hölttä Vesa, Oksanen Timo9.4
Fr-M02-TO/1PMID Observer Design for Unknown Input Generalized Dynamical SystemsGao Zhiwei, Ding Steven X1.1
Tu-E06-TO/5POD based model approximation for an industrial glass feederWeiland Siep, Astrid Patricia6.1
We-A10-TO/2Pole Placement Controller based on Robust Internal-loop Compensator for High-accuracy Linear Motion SystemPark Jung-il, Jeong Seong-Hyun., Lee Suk-Gyu.2.1
Th-E01-TP/12Pole placement in infinite dimensions and functional models of linear operatorsYakubovich Dmitry2.2
Fr-A08-TO/1Pole Placement via Output Feedback: A Methodology based in ProjectionsYang Kaiyang, Orsi Robert2.1
Mo-M02-TP/15Pole-Zero Approximations of Digital Fractional-Order Integrators and Differentiators Using Signal Modeling TechniquesBarbosa Ramiro S., Tenreiro Machado J. A., Ferreira Isabel M.1.1
Fr-M01-TP/18Polmat: MuPAD library for polynomial matrices.Augusta Petr, Hurak Zdenek9.4
Fr-M22-TO/6Polynomial Matrix Approach to Independent Component Analysis: (Part I) BasicsSugimoto Kenji, Nitta Masuhiro2.1
Fr-A22-TO/1Polynomial Matrix Approach to Independent Component Analysis: (Part II) ApplicationSugimoto Kenji, Suzuki Arata, Nitta Masuhiro, Adachi Naotoshi2.1
Th-E10-TO/4Polynomially parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions for robust H-infinity performance analysisChesi Graziano, Garulli Andrea, Tesi Alberto, Vicino Antonio2.5
Th-A13-TO/4Port representations of the telegrapher's equationsVillegas Javier, Zwart Hans, van der Schaft Arjan1.1
We-E20-TO/2Port-Based Control of a Compass-Gait Bipedal RobotDuindam Vincent, Stramigioli Stefano2.3
Th-M21-TO/5POSCO Yard Crane AutomationWon Sangchul, Kim Sang-un, Choi Seung-Gap, Choi Chintae6.2
Tu-A18-TO/6Position Calibration of a Mobile Robot Based on 3D VisionRuangpayoongsak Niramon, Roth Hubert, Schwarte Rudolf7.5
We-M04-TP/9Position Control for LMCTS with Nonlinear Friction and Detent Force using DR-FNN ControllerLee Jin Woo, Suh Jin Ho, Lee Young Jin, Nam Hyun Do, Lee Kwon Soon3.2
Mo-E16-TO/4Position Control of a Levitating Magnetic Actuator- Applications to MicrosystemsStepanek Jiri, Rostaing Herve, Lesecq Suzanne, Delamare Jerome, Cugat Orphee4.2
Tu-E19-TO/2Position Estimation and Modeling of a Flexible Industrial RobotNorrlöf Mikael, Karlsson Rickard4.3
We-A08-TO/5Positive control of Lotka-Volterra systemsGrognard Frédéric, Gouzé J.-L.2.3
Tu-E04-TP/18Positivstellensatz Certificates for Non-Feasibility of Connectivity Graphs in Multi-agent CoordinationMuhammad Abubakr, Egerstedt Magnus4.3
We-M01-TP/6Possibilistic robust control for fuzzy plants: controlling performance degradationBondia Company Jorge, Sala Piqueras Antonio, Picó Marco Jesús3.2
We-E15-TO/3Power control in WCDMA networks: a queue-based approachChisci Luigi, Fantacci Romano, Mucchi Lorenzo, Pecorella Tommaso3.3
Tu-E04-TP/19Practical Swing-up controller design for a cart-type single inverted pendulum having a serial second pendulum as parasitic dynamicsInoue Arika, Deng Mingcong, Kosugi Masaaki, Henmi Tomohiro4.3
Tu-A03-TO/6Precise Positioning of Piezo-Actuated Stages Using Hysteresis-Observer Based ControlLin Chih-Jer, Yang Sheng-Ren2.1
We-M20-TO/5Prediction and Control of Blow-line Kappa NumberRantanen Rami, Ahvenlampi Timo, Tervaskanto Manne, Kortela Urpo, Korhonen Aki6.1
Tu-E02-TO/3Prediction Error Vs Subspace methods in closed loop identificationChiuso Alessandro, Picci Giorgio1.1
Th-M19-TO/5Prediction of Low Frequency Blood Pressure Oscillations via a Combined Heart/Resistance ModelRingwood John, Kinnane Oliver, Malpas Simon8.2
Fr-A02-TP/9Prediction of transcriptional start sites of genes using asymptotic local approachChan C. W., Yeung W. K.8.2
Tu-A02-TP/6Predictive Adaptive feedforward control of a time scaled solar plantNeves-Silva Rui, Lemos Joao1.2
Tu-E04-TP/20Predictive computed-torque control of a PUMA 560 manipulator robotBecerra Victor, Cook Steven, Deng Jiamei4.3
We-A09-TO/5Predictive Control Applied to Planar Parallel RobotsBelda Květoslav, Böhm Josef, Valášek Michael2.1
Tu-A04-TP/15Predictive Control of a Process with Variable Dead-timePrada Cesar de, Cristea Smaranda, de Keyser Robin6.1
We-M15-TO/2Predictive Control of Networked Systems with Random DelaysLiu Guoping, Xia Y, Rees D3.1
Mo-M03-TP/10Predictive Functional Control of Integrating Process based on Impulse ResponseZhang Bin, Li Ping, Zhang Wei-dong2.1
We-E19-TO/3Predictive on-off Cost Minimizing Control of a Municipal Waste Water Treatment PlantSchmitz Ulrich, Haber Robert, Lang Frank8.3
Tu-A20-TO/5Preliminary results about anti-windup strategy for systems subject to actuator and sensor saturationsTarbouriech Sophie, Garcia Germain2.3
Fr-A02-TP/10Preliminary Study of the Heart Rate Variability as a Indicator of the Interaction between the Glycaemia Regulation System and the Autonomous Nervous SystemViñas Pablo Francisco, Cánepa Lázaro Gorostiaga, Lázaro Enrique Baeyens, Turiel Javier Pérez, González José Ramón Perán8.2
We-A08-TO/6Price-Based Resource Allocation in CDMA Networks and Stability AnalysisYang Bo, Guan Xinping, Long Chengnian2.3
Th-E20-TO/4Price-Driven Coordination for Solving Plant-Wide MPC ProblemsForbes Fraser, Cheng Ruoyu, Yip W. San6.1
We-A15-TO/5Primal and dual approaches to distributed cross-layer optimizationJohansson Björn, Johansson Mikael3.3
Th-E21-TO/1Privacy, Patients and Healthcare WorkersCarew Peter, Stapleton Larry9.5
Mo-A21-TO/3Probabilistic Robust Parallel Design of the Subsystems Constituting a Complex SystemMahmoud Haitham, Kabamba Pierre, Ulsoy A. Galip, Brusher Gerald5.4
Th-E05-TO/4Probabilistic safety assessment of control laws based on IEC standardsSuyama Koichi6.4
Tu-M18-TO/5Probabilistic Validation of Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsGietelink Olaf, De Schutter Bart, Verhaegen Michel7.5
Th-M13-TO/4Process Algebraic Approach to Hybrid SystemsKrilavicius Tomas, Brinksma Ed, Usenko Yaroslav S.1.3
Tu-A19-TO/6Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Applications in Bioprocess EngineeringLopes João A., Alves Teresa P., Menezes Jose C.8.4
Th-A06-TO/2Process Control of an Open Plate ReactorHaugwitz Staffan, Hagander Per6.1
We-A03-TP/8Process Fault Diagnosis using Recursive Multivariate Statistical Process ControlWang Xun, Krüger Uwe, Irwin George W.6.4
We-A09-TO/6Process Integrated Design within a Model Predictive Control FrameworkFrancisco Mario, Vega Pastora, Pérez Omar2.1
Fr-M01-TP/6Process Models for a New Control Education LaboratoryKlan Petr, Hofreiter Milan, Machacek Jiri, Modrlak Osvald, Smutny Lubomir, Vasek Vladimir9.4
Tu-M03-TP/22Product Quality Improvement Using Multivariate Data AnalysisKano Manabu, Fujiwara Koichi, Hasebe Shinji, Ohno Hiromu6.2
Tu-E07-TO/1Production Automation & Control, Networking Innovation in EuropeColombo Armando Walter, Hoepf Michael5.1
We-M03-TP/9Production Planning under Stochastic Time-varying Demand: Flexible Service Level ApproachRantala Juuso, Koivisto Hannu5.2
Tu-E02-TP/15Production Process Management System for Production Indices Optimization of Mineral ProcessingHuang Xiaoling, Chu Yangang, Hu Yi, Chai Tianyou5.4
We-A05-TO/5Programmable Safety in the Automobile IndustryChaves Fabio6.4
We-E22-TO/1Programming and computing tools for jet engine control designVary Florian, Reberga Luc2.1
Fr-M18-TO/1Progress in mini-helicopter tracking with a 3D laser range-finderMartinez Jorge, Pequeno-Boter Alejandro, Mandow Anthony, García-Cerezo Alfonso, Morales Jesus4.3
Mo-E14-TO/2Proof-mass inertial vibration control using a shunted electromagnetic transducer.Fleming Andrew, Moheimani Reza4.2
We-E01-TP/5Proposal of a Framework for the Evaluation and Comparison of Production SchedulesBandinelli Romeo, Cavalieri Sergio, Terzi Sergio5.1
Fr-A03-TP/12Prosthetic Protocol Definition Realizing an Applicative Profile Based Upon I²C StandardBanzi Stefano, Mainardi Elena, Davalli Angelo8.2
We-M20-TO/1Pulp Bleaching Control and OptimizationPerrier Michel, Major Danielle, Gendron Sylvain, Lupien Bernard6.1