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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Fr-M18-TO/5Laser-Based Pose-Tracking of a Wheeled Mobile RobotTsai Ching-Chih, Lin Hung-Hsing, Wong Kim-Hon4.3
We-A16-TO/5Learning Control of Current-Fed Induction Motor with Mechanical UncertaintiesMontanari Marcello, Tilli Andrea1.2
We-M16-TO/2Learning-Based Model Predictive Control for Markov Decision ProcessesNegenborn Rudy, De Schutter Bart, Wiering Marco, Hellendoorn Hans1.2
Tu-E02-TO/6Least disturbing closed-loop identification experiment for controlBombois Xavier, Scorletti Gerard, Van den Hof Paul1.1
We-A01-TP/2Left-Inverse System Dynamic Decoupling and Compensating Method Using Neural NetworksYu Dongchuan, Wu Aiguo4.1
Mo-A21-TO/6Life Extending Control by a Variance Constrained MPC ApproachLi Donglin, Chen Tongwen, Marquez Horacio J., Gooden R. Kent5.4
We-M18-TO/3Lightweight Control Methodology for Formation Control of Vehicle SwarmsElkaim Gabriel, Siegel Michael7.5
Th-A03-TP/9Limit Cycle Bifurcation in SISO Control Systems with SaturationRos Javier, Freire Emilio, Ponce Enrique2.3
Tu-M03-TO/6Limit Cycles in Feedback Control Systems with HysteresisNatale Ciro, Cavallo Alberto, De Maria Giuseppe2.3
Mo-A03-TP/10Limit shapes of reachable sets for linear impulse control systemsOvseevich Alexander, Goncharova Elena2.1
Th-A11-TO/6Limitation of Generalized Delayed Feedback Control for Discrete-Time SystemsTian Yu-Ping, Zhu Jiandong2.1
Tu-E03-TO/2Limits of performance in reference-tracking and path-following for nonlinear systemsAguiar A. Pedro, Hespanha Joao P., Kokotovic Petar2.3
Mo-E03-TO/4Linear continuous time system responsesHauksdottir Anna Soffia, Aevarsson Bergthor, Herjolfsson Gisli, Sigurdsson Sven Th.1.1
Th-M05-TO/6Linear Optimization of Parameters in Dynamic Threshold GeneratorsBask Michael, Johansson Andreas6.4
Mo-E02-SP/1Linear Parameter Varying Systems: A Geometric Theory and ApplicationsBokor Joszef, Balas Gary1.1
Th-M02-TP/6Linear Parameter-Varying Anti-windup Control For Active Microgravity IsolationZhang Feng, Fialho Ian, Grigoriadis Karolos2.3
Tu-E11-TO/5Linear symmetric dynamical systemsVettori Paolo, Willems Jan2.2
Mo-A15-TO/1Linear-Quadratic Control and Quadratic Differential FormsWillems Jan C., Valcher Maria Elena2.2
Mo-A01-TP/7LMI approach to robust stability analysis of Hopfield neural networksJi Ce, Zhang Hua-guang2.5
Tu-A03-TO/4LMI-based Synthesis of Anti-windup Filters with Pole ConstraintsWang Chun-Chih, Tomizuka Masayoshi2.1
Tu-M01-TP/12Localized Switching Ramp-Metering Control with Queue Length Estimation and Regulation and Microscopic Simulation ResultsSun Xiaotian, Horowitz Roberto7.4
Th-M02-TP/7Locally Constrained Optimal and Globally Stable Backstepping DesignAdhami-Mirhosseini Aras, Yazdanpanah Mohammad Javad2.3
Tu-E20-TO/6Logitudinal Control of Platoon for Electric Vehicle Using Adaptive Neural NetworksOhmori Hiromitsu, Kayayama Makoto, Ichikawa Kouji, Oikawa Yoshitaka1.2
Th-E18-TO/5Longitudinal Axis Flight Control Law Design by Adaptive BacksteppingJu Hann-Shing, Tsai Ching-Chih7.3
Tu-A03-TO/3Longitudinal Control for a Laboratory Helicopter via Constructive Approximate BacksteppingLopez-Martinez Manuel, Rubio F.R.2.1
We-M01-TP/5Low Effort Control for Chaotic Systems via a Fuzzy Model-Based ApproachLian Kuang-Yow, Liou Jeih-Jang3.2
Th-E18-TO/4Low order Control Augmentation System Designs for the Helicopter UH-60Prempain Emmanuel, Dzeukou Marc Olivier7.3
Tu-E16-TO/2Low Speed Sensorless Variable Structure Control of Induction MotorJezernik Karel, Edelbaher Gregor, Šabanović Asif4.2
Th-E22-TO/1Low-cost flexible speed control experimentsLeva Alberto, Schiavo Francesco9.4
Mo-A21-TO/2Lower - Level Controller for Hierarchical Control of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Activated Sludge ProcessesPiotrowski Robert, Brdys Mietek5.4
Mo-E05-TO/1Lowering Orders of Derivatives in Non-linear Residual GenerationÅslund Jan, Frisk Erik6.4
We-E22-TO/2LPV modeling of a turbofan engineReberga Luc, Henrion Didier, Bernussou Jacques, Vary Florian2.1
We-A19-TO/3LPV VS Multi-model PI(D) Gain-scheduling Applied to Canal ControlBolea Yolanda, Puig Vicenç, Blesa Joaquín, Gómez Manuel, Rodellar José8.3
Th-A04-TP/6LQ Optimal Control Synthesis for a Class of Pulse Modulated SystemsJonsson Ulf, Fujioka Hisaya, Kao Chung-Yao, Almer Stefan2.4
Mo-A14-TO/1LQG Control with Missing Observation and Control PacketsSinopoli Bruno, Luca Schenato, Massimo Franceschetti, Kameshwar Poolla, Shankar Sastry2.4
Fr-A18-TO/3LQG Controller Designs from Reduced Order Models for a Launch VehicleDhabale Ashwin, Banavar Ravi, Dhekane M. V.7.3