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Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
We-A22-TO/4Economical Effects of On-line Elemental Analysis Performance on Flotation ControlRemes Antti, Kongas Matti, Saloheimo Kari, Jämsä-Jounela Sirkka-Liisa6.2
Mo-E14-TO/1Effects of local actuator action on the control of large flexible structuresBenatzky Christian, Kozek Martin4.2
We-M11-TO/4Effects of Time Delay on Feedback Stabilisation over Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constrained ChannelsBraslavsky Julio, Middleton Richard, Freudenberg James2.2
We-E03-TP/10Efficiency Increase in the Extraction of Sugar Cane Mills by Means of the Regulation of Hydraulic PressuresSuárez Lester, Arzola Nelson, Goytisolo Rafael, Fernandez Ariel8.1
Tu-M12-TO/2Efficient Computation of supervisors for loosely synchronous Discrete Event Systems: A State-Based ApproachGaudin Benoit, Marchand Herve1.3
Mo-M10-TO/2Efficient Computation of a Guaranteed Robustness MarginBiannic Jean-Marc, Ferreres Gilles2.5
Fr-M13-TO/4Efficient Gaussian Process Based on BFGS Updating and Logdet ApproximationLeithead W. E., Zhang Yunong, Leith D. J.1.1
Mo-M01-TO/2Efficient implementation of separable least squares for the identification of composite local linear state-space modelsBorges José, Verdult Vincent, Ayala Botto Miguel1.1
Tu-A13-TO/2Efficient Input Signal Design for Third-Order Volterra Model IdentificationParker Robert, Soni Abhishek1.1
Tu-E21-TO/3Efficient Off-line Solutions to Robust Model Predictive Control Using Orthogonal PartitioningCychowski Marcin, O'Mahony Thomas2.4
Th-E01-TP/6Eigenstructure Assignment for Semi-Proper Systems: Pseudo-State FeedbackClarke Tim, Pomfret Andrew, Ensor Jonathan2.2
We-E21-TO/2Electroactive Smart Materials: New Challenges for ControlBarmish B. Ross, Shkel Yuri M.4.1
Tu-E06-TO/6Electroless Nickel Plating: Bath ControlKantola Kalle, Tenno Robert, Koivo Heikki6.1
Tu-M09-TO/3Electronic Nose Systems for Fire Alarm SystemsOmatu Sigeru, Charumporn Bancha, Yoshioka Michifumi, Fujinaka Toru, Kosaka Toshihisa3.2
Tu-E13-TO/1ELO Model Reduction and Case Study of Evenly Distributed RC InterconnectWang Sheng-Guo, Wang Ben, Yuan Baoguo1.1
Fr-A09-TO/2Embedded control systems: some issues and solutionsAlbertos Pedro, Crespo Alfons, Vallés Marina, Ripoll Ismael3.1
We-M01-TP/1Embedded Fuzzy Systems in Welding Power SourcesGolob Marjan, Koves Arpad, Tovornik Boris3.2
Tu-A15-TO/4Embedded System for Automation Visual Testing of Electronic ModulesHorak Bohumil, Srovnal Vilem, Ermis Radim4.1
Fr-A03-TP/7Embedded system chip design for medical image indexing and recognitionXie Long, Kigawa Youichi, Ogawa Masatoshi, Ogai Harutoshi, Abe Hirokazu8.2
We-M01-TP/15Emotional Learning to Control Large-Scale SystemsBakhtiari Reyhaneh, Labibi Batool3.2
Fr-A16-TO/6Emotional User Interfaces and Humanoid Avatars in Industrial EnvironmentsZiegeler Dirk, Zuehlke Detlef4.5
We-M14-TO/4Empirical Results on Convergence and Exploration in Approximate Policy IterationKaisare Niket, Lee Jong Min, Lee Jay H.2.3
Fr-M21-TO/1End of Life Management of Automation DevicesKopacek Peter, Kopacek Bernd9.5
Tu-M03-TP/9End-point Temperature Prediction based on RBF Neural NetworkDeng Changhui, Wang Shu, Mao Zhizhong, Wang Fuli6.2
Mo-M04-TO/6Energy Efficient Drive of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with Steerable Omnidirectional WheelsSong Jae-Bok, Kim Jeong-Keun4.3
We-M02-TP/7Energy Management in a Vehicle with a Dual Storage Power NetKoot Michiel, Kessels John, De Jager Bram7.1
Th-E16-TO/3Energy Management of Fuel Cell System and Supercaps ElementsFadel Maurice, Caux Stéphane, Lachaize Jérôme, Schott Pascal, Nicod Laurent6.3
We-A17-TO/1Eng-genes: A new genetic modelling approach for nonlinear dynamic systemsLi Kang3.2
Tu-A04-TO/5Engine sound comfortability: relevant sound quality parameters and classificationCoen Tom, Jans Noël, Van de Ponseele Patrick, Goethals Ivan, De Baerdemaeker Josse, De Moor Bart7.1
Mo-M03-TP/4Engineering Methods of Control Design for Distributed Parameter SystemsHulkó Gabriel, Belavý Cyril, Cibiri Štefan, Szuda Ján2.1
Th-E08-TO/3Enhancing ARX-Model Based MPC by Kalman Filter and SmootherBaramov Lubomir, Havlena Vladimir2.1
Th-E05-TP/6Enhancing the Structural Stability of LQ optimal controllers via the MCS Adaptive Algorithmdi Bernardo Mario, Santini Stefania2.4
Tu-E17-TO/5Enriched Multi-Process ModellingChatha Kamran, Weston Richard5.3
Tu-A17-TO/3Enterprise Model RepositoryWhitman Lawrence, Santanu Danny5.3
Tu-M17-TO/1Enterprise Modelling for InteroperabilityVallespir Bruno, Chen David, Ducq Yves5.3
Tu-M17-TO/3Enterprise Modelling for Networked Enterprise: Interaction Aspects for a Training OrganizationScorziello Francesca, Dassisti Michele, Berio Giuseppe5.3
Mo-A05-TO/5Entirely left eigenstructure-assignment for fault diagnosis observersKowalczuk Zdzislaw, Suchomski Piotr6.4
Mo-A13-TO/5Equilibrium Price Bifurcation in WALRAS Price Formation Model with DelaysObrosova Natalia9.1
Mo-M08-TO/1Equivalence of Different Realizability Conditions for Nonlinear MIMO Differential EquationsKotta Ulle, Mullari Tanel2.3
Fr-A13-TO/2Error Bounds for FIR Models in Conditional Set-Membership IdentificationCasini Marco, Garulli Andrea, Vicino Antonio1.1
Fr-M02-TO/6Estimating inputs of nonlinear dynamical systems using differential algebra techniquesPillonetto Gianluigi, Saccomani Maria Pia1.1
Th-E02-TP/7Estimating the Disease Parameters for Smallpox in London over the period 1708 to 1748Duncan Stephen1.1
Th-E03-TP/9Estimation and Recognition in Stochastic Systems with Time-Delay (Memory) Continuous-Discrete ObservationsRozhkova Svetlana, Dyomin Nikolay1.4
Tu-M07-TO/1Estimation of Elevation Difference Based on Vehicle's Inertial SensorsBarrho Joerg, Hiemer Marcus, Kiencke Uwe, Matsunaga Takanori7.1
Tu-E08-TO/2Estimation of NOx Emissions in Thermal Power Plants using Eng-Genes Neural NetworksLi Kang, Peng Jian-xun, Irwin George W., Piroddi Luigi, Spinelli William6.3
Mo-M02-TO/2Estimation of phase constrained MIMO transfer functions with application to flexible structures with mixed collocated and non-collocated actuators and sensorsMcKelvey Tomas, Moheimani S. O. Reza1.1
Fr-M07-TO/2Estimation of the Mean Escape Time in Lagrangian Systems with Weak NoiseKovaleva Agnessa1.4
Tu-M07-TO/2Estimation of Vehicle Roll AngleDing Eve, Massel Thomas7.1
Fr-M21-TO/4Ethics and mon-disciplinarity: positivism, informed consent and informed participationHersh Marion, Tucker Bill9.5
We-E06-TO/5Evaluating Holonic Control Systems: A Case StudyMcFarlane Duncan, Chirn Jin-Lung5.4
Th-M01-TP/10Evaluating the Influence of National Policy on Carbon Dioxide Emissions TradingsTamura Hiroyuki, Inoue Yoshihisa8.3
Th-A20-TO/5Evaluation of an Algorithm for Cough Detection in Pig HousesJans Philippe, Guarino Marcella, Costa Anna, Aerts Jean-Marie, Berckmans Daniel8.1
Th-A08-TO/4Evaluation of Analytic Deflection-Limiting CommandsRobertson Michael, Singhose William2.1
Fr-A01-TP/4Evaluation of Experiments for Estimation of Dynamical Crop Model ParametersIoslovich Ilya, Gutman Per-Olof8.2
Th-E07-TO/3Evaluation of Hybrid Bayesian Networks using Analytical Density RepresentationsSchrempf Oliver, Hanebeck Uwe1.4
We-E04-TP/4Evaluation of Sliding Mode Observer for Vehicle Sideslip AngleStéphant Joanny, Charara Ali, Meizel Dominique7.5
Th-M01-TP/11Event-driven Operation Monitoring of Wastewater Treatment ProcessLijie Zhao, Chai Tianyou, Cong Qiumei8.3
Tu-M04-TP/11Evolution of Parameters of Nonlinear Position Control for Dynamic Model of Mobile Robot with FrictionLacevic Bakir, Velagic Jasmin, Hebibovic Mujo4.3
Tu-A14-TO/5Evolutionary Algorithms For Optimal Control of PPT Polymerization ReactorMitra Kishalay, Majumdar Saptarshi, Gopinath Ravi2.4
Tu-A14-TO/1Evolutionary Algorithms in Control System EngineeringLewin Daniel2.4
Tu-A14-TO/4Evolutionary Multiobjective Design of Radial Basis Function Networks for Greenhouse Environmental ControlFerreira Pedro M., Ruano António E., Fonseca Carlos M.2.4
Mo-M01-TO/3Exact Nonlinear Modelling Using Symbolic Linear Fractional TransformationsMarcos Andres, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian1.1
Tu-M02-TO/5Exact Parameter Estimation using Relay Feedback ControlKaya Ibrahim, Atherton Derek P.1.1
Th-M08-TO/2Exact Wavefront Correction in Adaptive OpticsRosier Lionel, Le Gall Pierre2.1
Mo-A19-TO/4Execution control of robotic tasks for marine systemsCaccia Massimo, Bruzzone Gabriele7.2
Th-A14-TO/2Existence and Optimality of Nash Equilibria in InventoryGiarre' Laura, Bauso Dario, Pesenti Raffaele2.1
Th-A14-TO/3Experimental Application of l1-Optimal Control in Atomic Force MicroscopyRieber Jochen M., Schitter Georg, Stemmer Andreas, Allgower Frank2.1
Tu-A19-TO/2Experimental comparision of model predictive control strategies for the production of antibiotics in fed-batch fermentationsHeine Thomas, Kawohl Michael, King Rudibert8.4
Th-M08-TO/5Experimental evaluation of a new active vibration control algorithmFormosa Fabien, Lottin Jacques2.1
Tu-A03-TP/8Experimental evaluation of a Plug&Control strategy for level controlVisioli Antonio6.1
Tu-E05-TO/3Experimental Fault Detection and Accommodation for an Agricultural Mobile RobotOestergaard Kasper, Bisgaard Morten, Vinther Dennis, Izadi-Zamanabadi Roozbeh, Bendtsen Jan D.6.4
We-M02-TP/8Experimental Frequency-Domain Method for Control Design in Heavy-Duty Vehiclesvan der Zalm Geert, Huisman Rudolf, Steinbuch Maarten7.1
Mo-A06-TO/4Experimental Investigation of Datadriven Modelling for Control of Fed-batch CultivationRasmussen Jan Kamyno, Jørgensen Sten Bay6.1
Tu-M04-TO/4Experimental Kinematic Comparison of Behavioral Approaches for Mobile RobotsAntonelli Gianluca, Arrichiello Filippo, Chiaverini Stefano4.3
Tu-E16-TO/1Experimental results of a Cascade Observer for sensorless induction motor on low frequencies BenchmarkGhanes Malek, Deleon Jesus, Glumineau Alain4.2
Th-A03-TO/1Experimental Results on PBC of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Interconnected with an Induction MotorBecherif Mohamed, Mendes Eduardo, Ortega Romeo, Riera Jordi2.3
Tu-A04-TO/2Experimental Robustness of FxLMS and Disturbance-Observer Algorithms for Active Vibration Control in Automotive ApplicationsKowalczyk Konrad, Svaricek Ferdinand7.1
Th-A04-TO/3Experimental Studies of Impedance Force Tracking Control of a Crack Sealing Robot for Highway MaintenanceJung Seul, Jeon P.4.3
We-A09-TO/2Experimental verification of stabilizing spline-based continuous-time model predictive control scheme with adaptation of terminal setRohal-Ilkiv Boris, Rusko Martin2.1
Tu-E04-TO/2Experiments on Stabilizing Receding Horizon Control of a Direct Drive ManipulatorKawai Yasunori, Nakaso Yujiro, Azuma Takehito, Fujita Masayuki4.3
Th-E12-TO/3Explicit Hybrid Optimal Controller for Disturbance Attenuation in Linear Hybrid SystemsLin Hai, Zhai Guisheng, Antsaklis Panos J.1.3
Th-M03-TO/3Explicit min-max model predictive control of constrained nonlinear systems with model uncertaintyGrancharova Alexandra, Johansen Tor Arne2.3
Fr-M13-TO/5Explicit Solution to Constrained Linear EstimationZhuo Xiang Wei, De Dona Jose A., Seron Maria M.1.1
Tu-E14-TO/3Exploring Optimal Gaits for Planar Carangiform Robot Fish LocomotionSeo Keehong, Murray Richard M., Lee Jin S.2.4
Th-A03-TP/7Extended controller forms of nonlinear discrete-time systems; the single-input caseDorothée Normand-Cyrot, Monaco Salvatore2.3
We-M02-TO/5Extended Global Total Least Square Approach to Multiple-Model IdentificationVinsonneau Benoit, Goodall David P., Burnham Keith J.1.1
Mo-A02-TP/4Extended H-infinity Control with Pole Placement Constraints via LMI Approach and Its ApplicationChida Yuichi, Ishihara Yoshiyuki2.5
Tu-A01-TP/8Extended Moving Boundary Models for Two-Phase FlowsYebra Luis Jose, Berenguel Manuel, Dormido Sebastian1.1
Tu-E15-TO/4Extended Stability Margins on Controller Design for Nonlinear Input Delay SystemsRoesch Otto Juergen, Roth Hubert, Iqbal Asif3.3
Mo-A10-TO/6Extension of S-procedure in the Analysis of Multivariable Control SystemsRapoport Lev2.5
Th-M04-TO/2Extremum Seeking Control via Sliding Mode with Two SurfacesXu Rong, Ozguner Umit2.1
We-A14-TO/4Extremum-seeking Control over Periodic OrbitsGuay Martin, Dochain Denis, Perrier Michel, Hudon Nicolas2.4