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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Th-A09-TO/4Gain Reduction in Switched Sliding Mode ControlFerrara Antonella, Scattolini Riccardo2.3
We-A04-TP/7Gain-Scheduling Approach to Mass Damper Type Anti-Sway System DesignKim Youngbok, Kim Dongkyu, Zhai Guisheng, Jang Jiseong4.2
Mo-A09-TO/6Game-Theoretical Models of Team BuildingNovikov Dmitry3.2
Th-E02-TP/10Gas jet impinging on liquid surface: Cavity shape modelling and video-based estimationEvestedt Magnus, Medvedev Alexander1.1
Mo-E11-TO/1Gaussian Regression based on Models with two Stochastic ProcessesLeithead W. E., Seng Neo Kian, Leith D. J.1.1
Th-A07-TO/1General LQ Problem for Infinite Jump Linear Systems and the Minimal Solution of Algebraic Riccati EquationsCosta Eduardo F., do Val João Bosco R.1.4
Tu-E01-TP/2Generalised Wald type tests of nonlinear restrictionsZaka Ratsimalahelo9.1
Tu-E11-TO/6Generalization of Cayley-Hamilton Theorem for n-D polynomial matricesKaczorek Tadeusz2.2
We-M04-TP/3Generalization of Reinforcement Learning with CMACKwon Sunggyu, Lee Kwang Y3.2
Tu-A22-TO/1Generalized Block Control PrincipleBrandtstädter Heide, Rao Sachit, Utkin Vadim, Buss Martin2.3
Mo-M08-TO/4Generalized dilations and homogeneityTuna Emre, Teel Andrew2.3
Mo-A01-TP/3Generalized Lyapunov Function for Stability Analysis of Uncertain SystemsSavov Svetoslav, Popchev Ivan2.5
We-M01-TP/10Generalized Predictive Control with Flexible Inequality ConstraintsZou Tao, Li Shao-Yuan3.2
Th-E06-TO/3Generalized state space averaging for port controlled hamiltonian systemsBatlle Carles, Fossas Enric, Griñó Robert, Martínez Sonia2.3
We-M01-TP/2Generating a fuzzy rule base with an additive interpretationŠtěpnička Martin, Valášek Radek3.2
We-M01-TP/3Generating Hierarchical Fuzzy SystemsVlcek Zdenek3.2
We-A02-TP/22Generation Markets Equilibrium Analysis using Residual DemandsKim Jinho, Park Jong-Bae, Park Jun-Ho, Shin Joong-Rin6.3
Th-A17-TO/6Genetic Algorithm Approach to Multiobjective Rescheduling on Parallel MachinesIima Hitoshi5.2
Tu-M09-TO/6Genetic algorithm based on receding horizon control for real-time implementations in dynamic environmentsHu XiaoBing, Chen Wen-Hua3.2
Th-A05-TO/3Geometric and hierarchical FDI for the IFATIS two-tank pilot plantMattone Raffaella, De Luca Alessandro6.4
Th-M05-TO/5Geometric-based approach to fault detection for multilinear affine systemsHamelin Frederic, Boukhobza Taha6.4
Tu-A18-TO/3Gibbs Sampler-Based Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles: Convergence AnalysisTan Xiaobo, Xi Wei, Baras John S.7.5
Th-A03-TP/8Global asymptotic stabilization by using the control Lyapunov functionTsuzuki Takayuki, Yamashita Yuh, Enomoto Ryuji2.3
We-M17-TO/3Global Manufacturing in NetworksSternemann Karl-Heinz, Homann Ulrich5.3
Mo-M02-TP/10Global non-asymptotic confidence sets for general linear modelsWeyer Erik, Campi Marco1.1
Mo-E22-TO/1Global Observability and Detectability Analysis of Uncertain Reaction SystemsMoreno Jaime A., Dochain Denis8.4
Th-M15-TO/1Global Robust H-Infinity Control for Non-Minimum-Phase Uncertain Nonlinear Systems without Strict Triangular StructureZhao Shengzhi, Zhao Jun, Dimirovski Georgi M.3.2
Tu-A08-TO/1Global Stability Control of Power SystemsLeung Joseph S. K., Hill David J.6.3
We-A13-TO/4GLR Tests for Fault Detection over Sliding Data WindowsTornqvist David, Gustafsson Fredrik, Klein Inger1.1
Fr-A02-TP/7Glucose Regulation in Type 1 Diabetic Patients by a Multi-Doses RegimenCampos-Delgado Daniel, Hernandez-Ordoñez Martin, Femat Ricardo8.2
We-A02-TO/3Gradient Based Methods: Functional vs Parametric FormsDodd Tony, Nair Sumitra, Harrison Robert F.1.1
We-A21-TO/4Granular Computing and Evolutionary Fuzzy Modelling for Mechanical Properties of Alloy SteelsMahfouf Mahdi, Panoutsos George6.2
Tu-M14-TO/2Group Differential Games for Multiparameter Singularly Perturbed SystemsMukaidani Hiroaki, Xu Hua, Mizukami Koich2.4
Th-E05-TP/7Guaranteed performance control for discrete-time LQG problemsLi Duan, Fu Peilin, Qian Fucai2.4
Mo-E04-TO/3Guidance-Based Path Following for Wheeled Mobile RobotsBreivik Morten, Fossen Thor Inge7.5