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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Tu-E07-TO/4Objectives of Integrated Digital Production Engineering in the Automotive IndustrySchmidgall Guenter, Kiefer Jens, Bär Thomas5.1
Th-E14-TO/2Object-Oriented Framework for the Design of Home/Building Automation SystemsAraujo Jair, Pereira Carlos4.1
Th-A22-TO/2Object-oriented Modeling of Virtual Laboratories for Control EducationMartin Carla, Urquia Alfonso, Dormido Sebastian9.4
We-A02-TP/25Object-oriented simulation for the control of the IRIS nuclear power plantCasella Francesco, Cammi Antonio, Ricotti Marco E., Schiavo Francesco, Storrick Gary D.6.3
Tu-A11-TO/4Observability of Row--Finite Countable SystemsBartosiewicz Zbigniew, Mozyrska Dorota2.2
We-E07-TO/3Observer Based Feedforward Air-Fuel Control of Turbocharged SI-EnginesAndersson Per, Eriksson Lars7.1
Tu-M16-TO/6Observer based sensor monitoring in an active front steering system using explicit sensor failure modellingReinelt Wolfgang, Lundquist Christian4.2
We-A12-TO/3Observer design for Lur'e systems with multivalued mappingsJuloski Aleksandar, Heemels Maurice, Brogliato Bernard1.3
Th-M15-TO/6Observer Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Measurement Output NoisesGao Zhiwei, Shi Xiaoyan, Ding Steven X.3.2
Mo-A02-TP/6Observer design with guaranteed bound for LPV systemsDaafouz Jamal, Millerioux G., Rosier L.2.5
Th-E18-TO/3Observer-based control of a PVTOL aircraftSánchez Anand, Fantoni Isabelle, Lozano Rogelio, De León Morales Jesús7.3
Mo-M02-TP/12Observer-based controller for delayed state linear singular systemsSaadni Mohamed Salah, Chaabane M., Mehdi D., Bachelier O.1.1
Mo-A02-TP/7Observer-Based Robust Preview Tracking Control Scheme for Uncertain Discrete-Time SystemsOya Hidetoshi, Hagino Kojiro, Matsuoka Masaki2.5
Mo-E04-TO/4Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robots Using Switching Surface OptimizationBoccadoro Mauro, Egerstedt Magnus, Wardi Yorai7.5
Mo-M04-TO/2Obstacle-avoiding Path Planning for High Velocity Wheeled Mobile RobotsVillagra Jorge, Mounier Hugues4.3
Tu-E04-TP/15Offline Service Discovery in Human, Robot, Environment InteractionYou Bum-Jae, Nguyen Dong To, Oh Sang-Rok4.3
Fr-A17-TO/6On a Design Method of Sampled-data Delayed Feedback ControllerHirata Kentaro2.1
We-E08-TO/3On a characteristic vector field for systems reducible to order twoRudolph Joachim, Lehenkyi Victor2.3
We-M02-TO/3On a simple overlapping state-space parametrization for linear time series modelsRibarits Thomas, Gombani Andrea1.1
Fr-M14-TO/2On a stability property of nonlinear systems with periodic inputs having slowly varying averageShim Hyungbo, Choi Yong Un, Seo Jin Heon2.3
Fr-M07-TO/6On a Stochastic Algorithm for Sensor SchedulingGupta Vijay, Chung Timothy H., Hassibi Babak, Murray Richard M.1.4
Tu-M21-TO/2On aggressiveness of PI controlKlan Petr, Gorez Raymond2.1
Th-M02-TP/10On Approach of Multiple Frequency Active Vibration Control under the Actuator with Magnetic Hysteresis LoopLi Chao, Mao Jianqin2.3
Fr-A22-TO/2On computing determinants of large Sylvester type matricesKujan Petr, Hromcik Martin, Michael Sebek2.1
Mo-A01-TP/8On Computing the Worst-Case Norm of Convolution Systems: A Comparison of Continuous-time and Discrete-time ApproachesKhaisongkram Wathanyoo, Banjerdpongchai David2.5
Tu-M03-TO/1On control by interconnection of port Hamiltonian systemsGarcia-Canseco Eloisa, Pasumarthy Ramkrishna, van der Schaft Ajan, Ortega Romeo2.3
Tu-A11-TO/2On Controllability of Linear Systems with Positive ControlFrias Martin E., Verduzco Fernando, Leyva Horacio, Carrillo F. Armando2.2
Th-E03-TP/12On Delay-Dependent Stability for a Class of Discrete Nonlinear Stochastic SystemsBasin Michael, Rodkina Alexandra1.4
We-M10-TO/3On Discontinuous Robust Static Output Feedback ControlEdwards Christopher, Yan Xing-Gang, Spurgeon Sarah K.2.5
Mo-M09-TO/3On epsilon–Invariance of Nonlinear Systems with Functional and Signal UncertaintiesEfimov Denis, Bobtsov Alexey1.2
Th-A03-TP/11On geometric control and numeric integration of DAEsda Silva Paulo Sergio Pereira, Delaleau Emmanuel, de Souza Iderval Silva2.3
We-M02-TO/1On Gradient-Based Search for Multivariable System EstimatesWills Adrian, Ninness Brett, Gibson Stuart1.1
Mo-A14-TO/2On Hybrid Stochastic Singular ControlRobin Maurice, Menaldi Jose-Luis2.4
Th-M04-TO/4On Chattering-Free Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control DesignLee Seung-Hi2.1
Th-E04-TP/7On Chattering-free Output Feedback Sliding Mode Design for MIMO Linear SystemChen Chieh-Li, Lin K. C., Jang M. J.2.3
Mo-E03-TO/2On identification of a flexible mechanical system using decimated dataGunnarsson Svante1.1
Tu-M02-TO/2On Iterative Feedback Tuning and Disturbance Rejection using Simple Noise ModelsWahlberg Bo1.1
Mo-M11-TO/4On Liapunov-Krasovskii Functionals under Carathéodory ConditionsPepe Pierdomenico2.3
We-M14-TO/5On non-local stability properties of extremum seeking controlTan Ying, Nesic D., Mareels I.M.Y.2.3
Tu-E22-TO/4On Nonuniform and Semi-Uniform Input-to-State Stability for Time Varying SystemsLin Yuandan, Wang Yuan, Cheng Daizhan2.3
Tu-M10-TO/3On Numerically Verifiable Exactness of Multiplier RelaxationsScherer Carsten W.2.5
Mo-E02-TP/12On Optimal Estimation Problems for Nonlinear Systems and Their Approximate SolutionCervellera Cristiano, Alessandri Angelo, Grassia Aldo Filippo, Sanguineti Marcello1.1
Th-E04-TP/8On Output Feedback Stability and Passivity in Discrete Linear SystemsBarkana Itzhak2.3
Th-E01-TP/8On Poles and Zeros of Input-Output and Chain-Scattering SystemsZhang Guangying, Lanzon Alexander2.2
Mo-E13-TO/5On Pricing in the South African Renewable Commodities MarketFouche Casper, Petersen Mark9.1
Mo-A01-TP/9On Quantifying Tolerable Uncertainty for a Specified Level Closed-Loop PerformanceLi Yuping, Michael Cantoni2.5
We-A18-TO/2On quantization and communication topologies in multi-vehicle rendezvousJohansson Karl Henrik, Speranzon Alberto, Zampieri Sandro7.5
Mo-A02-TP/8On regulator design for spatial temperature distribution using finite-dimensional modeling of heat equationsImai Jun, Ando Yasuaki, Konishi Masami, Nishi Tatsushi2.5
Mo-M21-TO/4On Robust Exponential Stability of a Class of Attractor Neural NetworksSun Changyin, Zhang Shi5.4
We-A18-TO/3On robust rendezvous for mobile autonomous agentsCortes Jorge, Martinez Sonia, Bullo Francesco7.5
Th-E04-TP/9On sliding mode observers for non-linear systems under external disturbancesKrasnova Svetlana2.3
Th-A06-TO/5On Sliding-mode Control for Inverse Response ProcessesRojas Rubén, García Winston, Camacho Oscar6.1
Th-E01-TP/9On solving discrete-time periodic Riccati equationsVarga Andras2.2
Fr-A14-TO/6On Spreading Dynamics in Discrete Small-World NetworksLi Xiang, Chen Guanrong, Wang Xiaofan2.3
Mo-M07-TO/5On Stability and Gain Convergence in Discrete Simple Adaptive ControlBarkana Itzhak1.2
Th-A03-TP/10On Stability Conditions for a Class of Dynamic Fuzzy ModelsHaishan Ding, Jianqin Mao2.3
We-A12-TO/6On Suboptimal Control Design for Hybrid Automata using Predictive Control TechniquesSpathopoulos Michael, Pang Yan, Raisch Joerg1.3
Fr-M10-TO/5On the Approximation of Invariant Sets for Constrained LDT SystemsCaravani Paolo2.5
Th-E01-TP/10On the Design of Discrete-Time Fixed-Order Controllers for Persistent Disturbance RejectionChen Jialing, Lagoa Constantino, Ray Asok2.2
Fr-M02-TP/9On the Design of Lyapunov Functions for State-Dependent ImpulsiveBurlion Laurent, Ahmed-Ali Tarek, Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue Françoise1.3
Fr-A04-TO/6On the detection of unknown input in positional control problems with noisy measurementsBokor Jozsef, Shinar Josef, Kulcsar Balazs2.1
Th-M11-TO/6On the disturbance attenuation for input delay systemsDi Loreto Michael, Lafay Jean-François, Loiseau Jean Jacques2.2
Mo-M03-TP/8On the equivalence of a minimal order MPC and a GTDOF control of time-delay plantsKeviczky Laszlo, Banyasz Csilla2.1
Fr-M02-TP/10On the existence of Petri net Controller for Discrete Event Systems under Partial ObservationAchour Zied, Rezg Nidhal, Xie Xiaolan1.3
Mo-E02-TP/13On the Hermite Series Approach to Nonparametric Identification of Hammerstein SystemsKrzyzak Adam, Sasiadek J.Z., Kegl Balazs1.1
Th-M02-TP/11On the inverted pendulum on a cart moving along an arbitrary pathConsolini Luca, Tosques Mario2.3
We-M14-TO/1On the Necessity of Barrier CertificatesPrajna Stephen, Rantzer Anders2.3
Mo-A03-TO/2On the Observer Design of Multi Output Systems in Discrete--TimeCalifano Claudia, Monaco Salvatore, Normand-Cyrot Dorothée2.3
We-E13-TO/5On the Optimal Estimation of Errors in Variables Models for Robust ControlAguero Juan C., Goodwin Graham C., Salgado Mario E.1.1
Tu-E04-TP/16On the Passivity of a One-Link Rigid Master - Flexible Slave ManipulatorMori Takahiro, Morita Yoshifumi, Ukai Hiroyuki4.3
Fr-A10-TO/2On the robust output control via reflection vectorsNurges Ulo, Rustern Ennu2.5
Th-M11-TO/2On the robust stability of neutral systems with time-varying delaysPeres Pedro L. D., Leite Valter J. S., Castelan Eugenio B., Tarbouriech Sophie2.2
We-E02-TO/6On The Role of Pre-Filtering in Nonlinear System IdentificationSpinelli William, Piroddi Luigi, Lovera Marco1.1
Tu-M21-TO/3On the role of the process model in model-based autotuningLeva Alberto, Schiavo Francesco2.1
Tu-A11-TO/5On the root invariant regions structure for linear systemsPolyak Boris, Gryazina Elena2.2
Tu-A02-TP/2On the selection of appropriate control system design methodologiesVan Willigenburg Gerard, De Koning W.L., Chalabi Z.S., Tchamitchian M., Van Straten G.1.2
Th-E01-TP/11On the solution of the general singular model of 2-D systemsKarampetakis Nicholas2.2
Mo-A11-TO/6On the stability in almost periodic discrete systemsIgnatyev Oleksiy2.3
Mo-M21-TO/2On the state agreement problem for multiple nonlinear dynamical systemsLin Zhiyun, Francis Bruce, Maggiore Manfredi5.4
Mo-A13-TO/6On the Stochastic Modelling and Solvency of Banking SystemsPetersen Mark, Burger Isobel, Fouche Casper, Mukuddem-Petersen Janine9.1
Tu-M12-TO/4On the supervisory control for state trajectory specifications in time-varying discrete-event systemsGuay Martin, Romanovski I., Rudie K.1.3
Th-A03-TP/12On the Use of Backstepping to Achieve Finite Time StabilityGaleani Sergio, Onori Simona, Abdallah Chaouki T., Dorato Peter2.3
Th-M06-TO/3On the use of dynamic inversion for the improvement of PID controlVisioli Antonio, Piazzi Aurelio6.1
We-M01-TP/11On the Utility of Linear Transformations for Population-Based Optimization AlgorithmsPošík Petr3.2
Fr-M15-TO/4On-Board Statistical Detection and Control of Anomalous Pilot-Aircraft InteractionsDimogianopoulos Dimitrios, Hios John D., Fassois Spilios D.7.3
Mo-A02-TP/9One-point Feedback Robust Control for Distributed Parameter SystemsGarcia-Sanz Mario, Huarte Ana, Asenjo Alejandro2.5
Th-M19-TO/2One-step ahead Prediction for Parameter Estimation in Physiological Hybrid Modelsvan Riel Natal, Juloski Aleksandar, op den Buijs Jorn8.2
Tu-M02-TP/3One-Step Backstepping Design for Adaptive Output Feedback Control of Uncertain Nonlinear SystemsMizumoto Ikuro, Michino Ryuji, Kumon Makoto, Iwai Zenta1.2
Fr-M15-TO/1Online approximators for the actuators FDI of a small commercial aircraftPaviglianiti Gaetano, Mattei Massimiliano7.3
We-E19-TO/6On-line Construction and Rule Base Simplification by Replacement in Fuzzy Systems Applied to a Wastewater Treatment PlantVictor Jose, Dourado Antonio, Angelov Plamen8.3
Th-M20-TO/3On-line Estimation of the Ventilation Rate of GreenhousesBontsema Jan, van Henten Eldert, Kornet Jan, Budding Jorrit, Rieswijk Theo8.1
We-A02-TP/19On-line Fault Diagnosis in the Large Power SystemSeo Gyu-Seok, Baek Young-Sik, Kim Jung-Nyun, Han Moo-Ho6.3
Mo-E01-TP/8Online fault diagnosis of nonlinear systems based on neurofuzzy networksMok Hing Tung, Chan C. W.6.4
We-A13-TO/5On-line Fault Prediction Algorithm for the Pulse SystemKolokolov Yury, Monovskaya Anna, Hamzaoui Abdelaziz1.1
Tu-M04-TP/18On-Line Identification of a Robot Manipulator Using Neural Network with an Adaptive Learning RateVelagic Jasmin, Hebibovic Mujo, Lacevic Bakir4.3
Tu-A01-TP/4On-Line Identification of Hydrodynamics in Underwater VehiclesJordan Mario A., Bustamante Jorge L., Kreuzer Edwin, Schlegel Volker1.1
Th-M17-TO/2On-line job-shop scheduling of a manufacturing system based on a virtual supervisor conceptBaeyens Enrique, Trujillo Jesus, Pasek Zbigniew5.2
We-M05-TO/6Online Monitoring of an Aerobic SBR Process Based on Dissolved Oxygen MeasurementWimberger Dieter, Verde Rodarte Cristina6.4
Mo-M01-TO/5Online nonlinear system identification using linear model treesPotts Duncan, Sammut Claude1.1
Tu-M06-TO/6Online Optimal Operation Planning and Control of Cogeneration SystemsFukuyama Yoshikazu, Kitagawa Shinji, Hayashi Naoki, Nakazawa Chikashi6.1
We-M06-TO/3On-line pulp mill production optimizationPettersson Jens, Persson Ulf, Lindberg Thomas, Ledung Lars, Zhang Xiaojing6.1
Tu-M09-TO/2On-Line Soft Sensor for Polyethylene Process with Multiple Production GradesLiu Jialin3.2
Mo-E09-TO/2On-Line Temperature Control of an Oven Based on Genetic AlgorithmsYang Zaiyue, Chan C. W., Xue M. S., Luo G. L.3.2
Tu-A15-TO/1Online Testing Embedded Systems: Adapting Automatic Control Techniques to Microelectronic TestingSimeu Emmanuel, Rufer Libor, Mir Salvador4.1
Mo-M18-TO/4Online Traffic Light Control Through Gradient Estimation Using Stochastic Fluid ModelsPanayiotou Christos, Howell William C., Fu Michael7.4
Mo-M18-TO/3On-Ramp Decentralized Nonlinear Control with Disturbance RejectionBecerril-Arreola Rafael, Aghdam Amir7.4
Fr-M01-TP/13Open Distance Education: A Technological Approach within Social PerspectiveBrandt Dietrich, Mkrttchian Vardan9.4
We-A20-TO/2Operation was a Success, but the Patient Died – Call for More Advanced Process DiagnosticsHietanen Ville, Happonen Harri, Friman Mats, Huhtelin Taisto, Kaunonen Antti6.1
Tu-E05-TO/6Optimal activation strategy of discrete scanning sensors for fault detection in distributed-parameter systemsPatan Maciej, Ucinski Dariusz6.4
Mo-A18-TO/6Optimal Airline Seat Inventory Control for Multi-Leg FlightsNechval Nicholas, Nechval Konstantin N., Rozite Kristine, Vasermanis Edgars K.7.4
Fr-M06-TO/3Optimal Closed-loop Operation of Binary Batch Distillation ColumnsAlvarez Jesus, Castellanos-Sahagun Eduardo, Fernandez Carlos, Aguirre Salvador6.1
Tu-A02-TO/6Optimal Control for Active Identification of Unknown SystemsBaglietto Marco, Cannata Giorgio, Scardovi Luca, Zoppoli Riccardo1.1
We-E14-TO/3Optimal Control for Switched Distributed Parameter Systems with application to the Guidance of a Moving ActuatorIftime Orest, Demetriou Michael2.4
Th-E05-TP/13Optimal control for switched point delay systems with refractory periodVerriest Erik2.4
Mo-A12-TO/4Optimal Control of a Continuous-Flow Failure Prone Manufacturing SystemGu Liya, Hennequin Sophie, Xie Xiaolan5.1
We-M02-TP/13Optimal control of a Laboratory Antilock Brake SystemBania Piotr, Korytowski Adam, Szymkat Maciej, Gorczyca Przemyslaw7.1
Fr-M06-TO/4Optimal control of dispersive tubular chemical reactors: Part I.Logist Filip, Smets Ilse, Van Impe Jan F.M.6.1
Tu-A04-TP/13Optimal control of dispersive tubular chemical reactors: Part II.Logist Filip, Smets Ilse, Vande Wouwer Alain, Van Impe Jan F.M.6.1
Th-E05-TP/12Optimal Control of Linear Systems with State Equality ConstraintsKo Sangho, Bitmead Robert R.2.4
Th-A04-TP/11Optimal Control of PWA Systems by Exploiting Problem StructureBaric Miroslav, Grieder Pascal, Baotic Mato, Morari Manfred2.4
Mo-A14-TO/3Optimal Control of Stochastic Systems on Hilbert SpaceAhmed Nasiruddin2.4
We-M22-TO/6Optimal Control of the Sintering ProcessKoštial Imrich, Dorčák Ľubomír, Terpák Ján6.2
Th-A04-TP/10Optimal Control Problems Involving Set MeasuresWang Paul K.C.2.4
Mo-E12-TO/3Optimal Control synthesis in Interval Descriptor Systems Application to Time Stream Event GraphsDeclerck Philippe, Didi Alaoui Mohamed Khalid1.3
Th-A04-TP/12Optimal Control through Biologically-Inspired PursuitShao Cheng, Hristu-Varsakelis Dimitrios2.4
Mo-A14-TO/4Optimal controller for stochastic systems with algebraic dependenciesPrautsch Pavel, Žampa Pavel, Mošna Jiří, Veselý Karel2.4
We-A02-TP/20Optimal Co-ordinated Control of Hydropower PlantsRauschenbach Thomas6.3
Tu-M01-TP/13Optimal Cruise Control of Heavy-Haul train equipped with Electronic Controlled Pneumatic Brake SystemsChou Ming-Shan, Xia Xiaohua7.4
We-E14-TO/4Optimal Decentralized Control of Dynamical Systems under UncertaintiesRidchenko Oleg, Dmitruk Natalia M.2.4
Tu-E02-TP/7Optimal Decisions for Large Scale SystemsPopescu Dumitru, Mateescu Mihaela, Ciubotaru Bogdan5.4
Th-M01-TO/2Optimal Discrete-Time Magnetic Attitude Control of SatellitesLovera Marco, Varga Andras7.3
We-E13-TO/6Optimal errors-in-variables filtering in the MIMO caseDiversi Roberto, Guidorzi Roberto, Soverini Umberto1.1
Fr-A07-TO/5Optimal Estimation by using Neural NetworksStepanov Oleg, Amosov Oleg1.4
Tu-A13-TO/6Optimal experiment design in closed loopJansson Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan1.1
Th-E03-TP/13Optimal Filtering for Linear Systems with Multiplicative and Additive Wiener NoisesBasin Michael, Skliar Mikhail, Zhang HuiChai1.4
Th-M05-TO/3Optimal input and decision in multiple model fault detectionSimandl Miroslav, Puncochar Ivo, Herejt Petr6.4
Tu-A13-TO/5Optimal Input Design for Identification of Continuous-time SystemsIwase Masami, Shigi Makoto, Hatakeyama Shoshiro1.1
Mo-A20-TO/6Optimal Inputs for Guaranteed System IdentificationGusev Mikhail2.1
Mo-M13-TO/5Optimal Lag Structure Selection in VEC-ModelsWinker Peter, Maringer Dietmar9.1
Fr-A07-TO/3Optimal Linear Filtering with State and Observation DelaysBasin Michael, Alcorta-Garcia Maria Aracelia, Rodriguez-Gonzalez Jesus Guadalupe1.4
Mo-M12-TO/2Optimal Observability for Continuous Petri NetsMahulea Cristian, Recalde Laura, Silva Manuel1.3
Th-A14-TO/4Optimal Observation during Control of Dynamic Systems under UncertaintyKirillova Faina, Gabasov Rafail, Dmitruk Natalia2.1
Tu-E06-TO/2Optimal operation of thin film growth with multiscale process objectivesVarshney Amit, Armaou Antonios6.1
Mo-E09-TO/4Optimal Path Planning for a Dynamic PlatformJan Horn-Yong, Lin Chun-Liang, Lin Jr-Rong3.2
Mo-A22-TO/4Optimal Performance of the Heat-Shock Gene Regulatory NetworkKhammash Mustafa, El-Samad Hana, Homescu Chris, Petzold Linda8.4
Th-E04-TO/6Optimal Priority Selection for Multi-Agent Task ExecutionJi Sang Hoon, Choi Jeong Sik, Kwak No San, Lee BeomHee4.3
Tu-E14-TO/4Optimal Ramp Metering Strategy with Extended LWR Model, Analysis and Computational MethodsJacquet Denis, Canudas de Wit Carlos, Koenig Damien2.4
Tu-E14-TO/5Optimal Sample Time Selections for Interpolation and SmoothingDelmotte Florent, Egerstedt Magnus, Martin Clyde2.4
Mo-A22-TO/5Optimal Selection of Enzyme Levels using Large-scale Kinetic ModelsNikolaev Evgeni V., Pharkya Priti, Maranas Costas D., Armaou Antonios8.4
We-M04-TP/7Optimal Self Tuning Neural Network Controller DesignKorosi Ladislav, Kozak Stefan3.2
Tu-M13-TO/5Optimal Sensor Locations for Nonparametric Identification of Viscoelastic MaterialsRunqvist Agnes, Mossberg Magnus, Söderström Torsten1.1
Th-M08-TO/6Optimal shape design for time dependent system - Application to optimal position of actuatorsMunch Arnaud2.1
Mo-M02-TP/13Optimal Smoothing Spline Curves and Contour SynthesisKano Hiroyuki, Fujioka Hiroyuki, Egerstedt Magnus, Martin Clyde F.1.1
Th-M12-TO/5Optimal Switched Law of Switched Linear Systems Based on Convergence DirectionLi Junsheng, Gao Liqun2.2
Tu-E04-TP/17Optimal Tool Trajectory Integration In Surface ManufacturingChen Heping, Xi Ning, Sheng Weihua, Dahl Jeffrey, Li Zhaojie4.3
Mo-M18-TO/5Optimal traffic control in freeway networks with bottlenecksHegyi Andreas, De Schutter Bart, Hellendoorn Hans (J.)7.4
Fr-M07-TP/3Optimal Trajectory Planning of Formation Flying SpacecraftDumitriu Dan, Lima Pedro, Udrea Bogdan7.3
Tu-E21-TO/6Optimal Transient Response Shaping in Model Predictive ControlDavison Daniel, Milman Ruth, Davison Edward J.2.4
Fr-M06-TP/5Optimal UCAV path planning under missile threatsMeerkov Semyon, Kabamba Pierre T., Zeitz III Frederick H.7.3
Mo-A06-TO/6Optimisation of Grade Transitions in an Industrial Gas-Phase Olefin Polymerization Fluidized Bed Reactor Via NCO TrackingChatzidoukas Christos, Kiparissides Costas, Srinivasan Bala, Bonvin Dominique6.1
Th-E02-TP/14Optimising Neural Network Architectures for Compensator DesignGoodband John, Haas Olivier, Mills John1.1
We-A09-TO/4Optimization and Control of a District Heating NetworkSandou Guillaume, Font Stephane, Tebbani Sihem, Hiret Arnaud, Mondon Christian2.1
We-A02-TP/17Optimization of Power System Stabilizer by Genetic AlgorithmMiklovicova Eva, Murgaš Ján, Sekaj Ivan, Foltin Martin6.3
We-A22-TO/1Optimization-free constrained nonlinear predictive control - Mineral processing applicationsDesbiens André, Bouchard Jocelyn, del Villar René6.2
Fr-M10-TO/2Optimized robust control invariant sets for constrained linear discrete-time systemsRakovic Sasa V., Mayne David Q., Kerrigan Eric C., Kouramas Konstantinos I.2.5
Fr-M03-TO/3Optimizing Nonlinear Adaptive Control AllocationTjønnås Johannes, Johansen Tor Arne2.3
Tu-A10-TO/1Optimizing prediction dynamics for robust MPCCannon Mark, Kouvaritakis Basil2.5
Th-A03-TP/13Order Reduction & Structure Simplification for Nonlinear SystemsYousefi Amirhossein, Lohmann Boris2.3
Mo-M21-TO/6Order reduction of large scale DAE modelsEdgar Thomas, Hedengren John5.4
Tu-A17-TO/4Organisational Network Models and the Implications for Decision Support SystemsWeichhart Georg, Fessl Kurt5.3
Fr-M07-TP/4Orientation Control of an Artificial Satellite by Means of the Interval-Multiplex ApproachShevchenko Vladimir, Lychak Mykhailo7.3
Fr-A20-TO/5Orientation control via a non-minimal state representation: the pendulum case studyCampa Ricardo, Kelly Rafael2.3
Fr-M04-TP/6Oscillation Problem in Pitch Angle Control of Winged BodySkrjanc Igor, Lepetić Marko, Blažič Sašo, Morita Yasuhiro7.3
We-A08-TO/2Output based control for an underactuated system: Experimental resultsvan der Steen René, Nijmeijer Henk2.3
Tu-A20-TO/2Output Feedback Compensators for Weakened Anti-windup of Additively Perturbed SystemsGaleani Sergio, Teel Andrew R., Zaccarian Luca2.3
Fr-A03-TO/5Output Feedback Control via Adaptive Observers with Persistency of Excitationde Leon Morales Jesus, Chaillet Antoine, Loria Antonio, Besancon Gildas2.3
Tu-M11-TO/5Output feedback model matching through self-bounded controlled invariant subspacesZattoni Elena, Marro Giovanni2.2
Tu-A10-TO/6Output Feedback Model Predictive Control of Uncertain Norm-Bounded Linear SystemsFranzè Giuseppe, Casavola Alessandro, Famularo Domenico2.5
Fr-A03-TO/1Output Feedback Stabilization Control Design for the Disturbance Attenuation of a Class of MIMO Nonlinear SystemsPan Ya-Jun, Marquez Horacio J., Chen Tongwen2.3
Th-E05-TO/5Output Feedback Stochastic Stabilization of Active Fault Tolerant Control Systems: LMI FormulationAberkane Samir, Ponsart Jean Christophe, Sauter Dominique6.4
Th-M04-TO/5Output Feedback Tracking Sliding Mode Control with Parallel Feedforward CompensatorOhtsuka Hirofumi, Iwai Zenta, Mizumoto Ikuro2.1
Mo-M02-TP/14Output prediction under random measurements. An LMI approachPeñarrocha Ignacio, Sala Antonio, Sanchis Roberto, Albertos Pedro1.1
Th-A04-TP/13Output shaping by means of output constraints in continuous-time predictive controlYavuzyılmaz Çağatay, Demircioğlu Hüseyin2.4
Th-E04-TP/10Output Synchronization of Chaotic Oscillators and Private CommunicationLópez-Mancilla Didier, Cruz-Hernández César2.3
Th-E15-TO/6Output Tracking Control for a Class of Fuzzy Time-Delay SystemsDimirovski Georgi, Wei Xin-Jiang, Jing Yuan-Wei3.2
Tu-E03-TO/4Output Tracking for Chua's Circuit in Presence of DisturbancesDi Gennaro Stefano, Di Paolo Franco2.3
Tu-M02-TP/7Output Tracking with Constrained Inputs via Adaptive Recurrent Neural ControlSanchez Edgar, Ricalde Luis J.1.2
We-A03-TP/6Overcoming Sensor Faults in Controlled Induction MotorMendoza Antonio, Arnanz Roberto, Corrales Alicia, Ramón Perán Jose, de Miguel Luis Javier6.4
Mo-E21-TO/1Overlapping Guaranteed Cost Control for Uncertain Continuous-Time Delayed SystemsBakule Lubomir, Rodellar Jose, Rossell Josep Maria5.4
Mo-E03-TP/4Overview of a Research on Actuators Control for Better Seakeeping in Fast ShipsGiron-Sierra Jose M, Esteban S., Recas J., Andres-Toro B., De la Cruz J.M., Riola J.M., Aranda J.7.2