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Linear Control Systems

Paper CodeTitleAuthors
Mo-A15-TO/1Linear-Quadratic Control and Quadratic Differential FormsWillems Jan C., Valcher Maria Elena
Mo-A15-TO/2Canonical Controllers and Regular Implementation of nD BehaviorsRocha Paula
Mo-A15-TO/3Parametrization of all regularly implementing controllersTrentelman H.L., Praagman C.
Mo-A15-TO/4Controller with minimal interactionJulius Agung, Polderman Jan Willem, van der Schaft Arjan
Mo-A15-TO/5Stabilization with J-dissipative controllersKaneko Osamu, Rapisarda Paolo
Mo-M15-TO/1Controllability of Goursat-Darboux systems - some numerical resultsIdczak Dariusz, Majewski Marek
Mo-M15-TO/2Atomic Factorization Problem for Bivariate Paraunitary Matrices and ConsequencesBose Nirmal
Mo-M15-TO/3Spectral Factorization of nD PolynomialsTibken Bernd, Kummert Anton
Mo-M15-TO/4Parametrizing all solutions of uncontrollable multidimensional linear systemsRobertz Daniel, Quadrat Alban
Mo-M15-TO/5H2 control of Differential Linear Repetitive ProcessesPaszke Wojciech, Galkowski Krzysztof, Rogers Eric, Owens David H.
Mo-M15-TO/6Computational experience in solving linear matrix equations for automatic controlSima Vasile
Tu-A11-TO/1Controllability of Processes with Large GainsAraujo Antonio, Skogestad Sigurd
Tu-A11-TO/2On Controllability of Linear Systems with Positive ControlFrias Martin E., Verduzco Fernando, Leyva Horacio, Carrillo F. Armando
Tu-A11-TO/3Input and State functional observability for descriptor systemsBoukhobza Taha, Hamelin Frédéric, Join Cédric, Sauter Dominique
Tu-A11-TO/4Observability of Row--Finite Countable SystemsBartosiewicz Zbigniew, Mozyrska Dorota
Tu-A11-TO/5On the root invariant regions structure for linear systemsPolyak Boris, Gryazina Elena
Tu-A11-TO/6Fixed Poles for Non Minimal Systems: a Geometric ApproachMalabre Michel
Tu-E11-TO/1Diagonally-Invariant Exponential StabilityPastravanu Octavian, Mihaela-Hanako Matcovschi, Mihail Voicu
Tu-E11-TO/2Stable Dynamic Inversion of Nonminimum-phase Scalar Linear SystemsPiazzi Aurelio, Pallastrelli Daniele
Tu-E11-TO/3Interconnection of the Kronecker Canonical Form and Special Coordinate Basis of General Multivariable Linear SystemsChen Ben M., Liu Xinmin, Lin Zongli
Tu-E11-TO/4MIMO interactions in sampled data systemsSalgado Mario, Rojas Diego
Tu-E11-TO/5Linear symmetric dynamical systemsVettori Paolo, Willems Jan
Tu-E11-TO/6Generalization of Cayley-Hamilton Theorem for n-D polynomial matricesKaczorek Tadeusz
Tu-M11-TO/1Robust Eigenstructure Assignment: New ApproachAshari Alireza Esna
Tu-M11-TO/2Using Post-Eigenstructure Assignment Design Freedom for the Imposition of Controller StructureClarke Tim, Pomfret Andrew
Tu-M11-TO/3Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Parameter Insensitive Disturbance-Rejection Problems with Static FeedbackOtsuka Naohisa
Tu-M11-TO/4Zero Optimizing Continuous-Time Tracking and Disturbance Rejecting ControllersHauksdottir Anna Soffia, Herjolfsson Gisli, Aevarsson Bergthor, Sigurdsson Sven Th.
Tu-M11-TO/5Output feedback model matching through self-bounded controlled invariant subspacesZattoni Elena, Marro Giovanni
Tu-M11-TO/6Signal decoupling with preview: perfect solution for nonminimum-phase system in the geometric approach contextZattoni Elena, Giovanni Marro
We-A11-TO/1Anti-windup synthesis using Riccati equationsTurner Matthew, Sofrony Jorge, Postlethwaite Ian
We-A11-TO/2Aspects of Pole Placement Technique in Symmetrical Optimum Method for PID Controller DesignNicolau Viorel, Miholca Constantin, Aiordachioaie Dorel, Ceanga Emil
We-A11-TO/3PID Controller Design with Specifications on the Infinity-Norm of Sensitivity FunctionsGarcia Daniel, Karimi Alireza, Longchamp Roland
We-A11-TO/4PID Controller Design for Multivariable Systems Using Gershgorin BandsGarcia Daniel, Karimi Alireza, Longchamp Roland
We-A11-TO/5Receding-Horizon Control for Linear Time-Delay SystemsLee Young Sam
We-A11-TO/6Time-varying dynamic controllers for discrete-time linear systems with input saturationGomes da Silva Jr. Joao Manoel, Lescher Fabien
We-M11-TO/1The H2 Control Problem for Descriptor SystemsKucera Vladimir
We-M11-TO/2Dynamic Controllers which Use Difference Approximates of Output Derivatives and their Practical StabilityKokame Hideki, Hirata Kentaro, Mori Takehiro
We-M11-TO/3Quantized Feedback Control for Sampled-Data SystemsFu Minyue, Hara Shinji
We-M11-TO/4Effects of Time Delay on Feedback Stabilisation over Signal-to-Noise Ratio Constrained ChannelsBraslavsky Julio, Middleton Richard, Freudenberg James
We-M11-TO/5Performance Limitations in Control Systems with Sensor Time DelaysDavison Daniel, Tonita Robert
We-M11-TO/6Robust Hinfinity control of a Bilateral Teleoperation System under Communication Time-DelaySename Olivier, Fattouh Anas
Th-A02-TP/1A Gain Scheduling Control of Nonlinear Systems along a Reference TrajectoryFujimori Atsushi, Gunnarsson Svante, Norrlof Mikael
Th-A02-TP/2A New Algorithm for Searching Reciprocal Matrices in LMI Based Control DesignKogan Mark, Balandin Dmitry
Th-A02-TP/3Control of singularly perturbed systems under actuator saturationLizarraga Ibone, Tarboouriech Sophie, Garcia Germain
Th-A02-TP/4Control of time-delayed LPV systems using delayed feedbackMehendale Charudatta, Grigoriadis Karolos M.
Th-A02-TP/5Controller synthesis for positive linear systemsAit Rami Mustapha, Tadeo Fernando
Th-A02-TP/6Finite-dimensional models in evaluating the H_2 norm of continuous-time periodic systemsZhou Jun, Hagiwara Tomomichi
Th-A02-TP/7Flatness based control of linear time varying bond graphsAli Achir, Andaloussi Chafik, Sueur Christophe
Th-A02-TP/8Hybrid Control of Systems with Input DelayFilipovic Vojislav
Th-A02-TP/9Matrix Inequality Conditions for Dissipativity of Continuous-Time Descriptor Systems and Its Application to Synthesis of Control GainsMasubuchi Izumi
Th-A02-TP/10Modification of Dead Beat Algorithm for Control Processes with Time DelayAlexik Mikulas
Th-A02-TP/11Path-following for Linear Systems with Unstable Zero DynamicsDacic Dragan B., Kokotovic Petar V.
Th-A02-TP/12Robust constrained horizon predictive controller for dead time systemsTorrico Bismark C., Normey-Rico Julio E.
Th-A02-TP/13Stabilization of Networked Control Systems: Designing Effective Communication SequencesZhang Lei, Hristu-Varsakelis Dimitrios
Th-A02-TP/14Time Discretization of Piecewise Affine Systems with Sliding ModesSchwarz Michael, Kiencke Uwe, Hodrus Thomas Erhard, Krebs Volker
Th-A02-TP/15stabilization of LTI time-delayed processes using analytical PID controllersOu Linlin, Zhang Weidong, Gu Danying
Th-E01-TP/1Boundary Control Systems and the System NodeVillegas Javier, Le Gorrec Yann, Zwart Hans, van der Schaft Arjan
Th-E01-TP/2Boundary control of some infinite dimensional systemsMorgul Omer
Th-E01-TP/3Controllability and quadratic stabilization of a class of discrete linear repetitive processesGalkowski Krzysztof, Cichy Blazej, Rogers Eric, Jank Gerhard
Th-E01-TP/4Discrete System Order-Reduction via Balancing Transformation Using Singular PerturbationsAl-Takrouri Saleh, Gajic Zoran
Th-E01-TP/5Discrete-time Hinf Model Matching Problem in two Degrees of Freedom Control StructureGoren Leyla
Th-E01-TP/6Eigenstructure Assignment for Semi-Proper Systems: Pseudo-State FeedbackClarke Tim, Pomfret Andrew, Ensor Jonathan
Th-E01-TP/7Minimisation of Transient Perturbation Growth in Linearised Lorenz EquationsMckernan John, Whidborne James F., Papadakis George
Th-E01-TP/8On Poles and Zeros of Input-Output and Chain-Scattering SystemsZhang Guangying, Lanzon Alexander
Th-E01-TP/9On solving discrete-time periodic Riccati equationsVarga Andras
Th-E01-TP/10On the Design of Discrete-Time Fixed-Order Controllers for Persistent Disturbance RejectionChen Jialing, Lagoa Constantino, Ray Asok
Th-E01-TP/11On the solution of the general singular model of 2-D systemsKarampetakis Nicholas
Th-E01-TP/12Pole placement in infinite dimensions and functional models of linear operatorsYakubovich Dmitry
Th-E01-TP/13Robust Filtering for Random Sensor Delay SystemsYang Fuwen, Wang Zidong
Th-E01-TP/14The parametrization of all stabilizing multi-period repetitive controllers with the specified frequency characteristicsSatoh Keiji, Yamada Kou, Kowada Makoto
Th-E11-TO/1A Comparative Survey in Determining the Imaginary Characteristic Roots of LTI Time Delayed SystemsSipahi Rifat, Olgac Nejat
Th-E11-TO/2Discrete Approximation of a Time Delay System and Delta Model SpectrumVyhlidal Tomas, Zitek Pavel
Th-E11-TO/3Stability Switches and Reversals of Linear Systems with Commensurate Delays: A Matrix Pencil CharacterizationNiculescu Silviu-Iulian, Fu Peilin, Chen Jie
Th-E11-TO/4Meromorphic Stabilization and Control of Time Delay SystemsZitek Pavel, Kucera Vladimir, Vyhlidal Tomas
Th-E11-TO/5Robust stabilization of linear time-delay systems via the optimization of real stability radiiMichiels Wim, Plomteux Thomas, Roose Dirk
Th-E11-TO/6Rational Implementation of Distributed Delay using Extended Bilinear TransformationsZhong Qing-Chang
Th-M11-TO/1Stability of Linear Neutral Systems with Mixed Delay and Polytopic UncertaintyYue Dong, Han Qing-Long
Th-M11-TO/2On the robust stability of neutral systems with time-varying delaysPeres Pedro L. D., Leite Valter J. S., Castelan Eugenio B., Tarbouriech Sophie
Th-M11-TO/3Stability Analysis of Switched Time-Delay SystemsYan Peng, Ozbay Hitay
Th-M11-TO/4Stabilization of Neutral Systems with Saturating InputsGomes da Silva Jr. Joao Manoel, Fridman Emilia, Seuret Alexandre, Riichard Jean-Pierre
Th-M11-TO/5Quadratic functional for systems with distributed time delaysSantos Omar, Kharitonov V. L., Mondié S.
Th-M11-TO/6On the disturbance attenuation for input delay systemsDi Loreto Michael, Lafay Jean-François, Loiseau Jean Jacques
Th-M12-TO/1An Exact Stability Test for Planar and Multi-Modal Piecewise Linear SystemsIwatani Yasushi, Hara Shinji
Th-M12-TO/2Stabilization of continuous-time switched systemsGeromel José C., Colaneri Patrizio
Th-M12-TO/3Feedback linearization of piecewise linear systemsCamlibel Kanat, Ustoglu Ilker
Th-M12-TO/4Hybrid Control With Sliding SectorPan Yaodong, Suzuki Satoshi, Furuta Katsuhisa
Th-M12-TO/5Optimal Switched Law of Switched Linear Systems Based on Convergence DirectionLi Junsheng, Gao Liqun
Th-M12-TO/6The Gelfand formula for linear parameter-varying and linear switching systemsWirth Fabian