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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Th-A18-TO/1Cable Assisted Rendezvous for Aircraft with Surface LocationsSgarioto Daniel, Trivailo Pavel7.3
Th-M06-TO/1Calculating Dynamic Disturbance Rejection MeasuresHovd Morten, Kookos Ioannis K.6.1
We-M19-TO/4Can a modelling system bias air quality policy selection?Carnevale Claudio, Bedogni Marco, Pirovano Guido, Volta Marialuisa8.3
Mo-A15-TO/2Canonical Controllers and Regular Implementation of nD BehaviorsRocha Paula2.2
We-M06-TO/4Capturing and sustaining the benefits of advanced process controlTrivella Filippo, Nogueira Dora, Oglesby Steve6.1
Tu-E04-TP/6Cartesian Sliding PD Force-Position Control for Constrained Robots under Jacobian UncertaintyParra-Vega Vicente, García-Rodríguez Rodolfo, Ruiz-Sanchez Francisco4.3
Tu-A03-TP/4Cascade control experiments of riser slug flow using topside measurementsSivertsen Heidi, Skogestad Sigurd6.1
Th-E12-TO/4Cascade Discrete-Continuous State Estimators for a Class of Monotone SystemsDel Vecchio Domitilla, Murray Richard M.1.3
Tu-E16-TO/4Cascaded Nonlinear Receding-Horizon Control of Induction MotorsBoucher Patrick, Hedjar Ramdane, Dumur Didier4.2
Fr-A22-TO/6Case Studies of Coefficient Diagram Method - Practical Polynomial Design Approaches -Manabe Shunji2.1
Fr-M01-TP/15Case studies of the resources students useRossiter John, Gray L, Rossiter D9.4
Th-A06-TO/6Casing-heading phenomenon in gas-lifted well as a limit cycle of a 2D model with switchesSinegre Laure, Petit Nicolas, Lemétayer Pierre, Gervaud Philippe, Ménégatti Philippe6.1
Tu-M04-TP/9Cellular Automata Based Path-Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile RobotsGulrez Tauseef, Al-Hmouz Rami, Al-Jumaily Adel4.3
Mo-A22-TO/1Circadian Rhythm as a Phase-locked LoopKimura Hidenori, Nishigaki Yoshimichi8.4
Fr-A02-TP/5Classical and Modern Control Strategies in Glucose-Insulin StabilizationKovacs Levente, Paláncz Béla, Benyó Zoltán8.2
Fr-M19-TO/3Classification of Fetal Heart Rate using Scale Dependent Features and Support Vector MachinesGeorgoulas George, Stylios Chrysostomos, Groumpos Peter8.2
Tu-M08-TO/6Closed form estimation of boundary values in electrical distributionPrautsch Pavel, Janeček Eduard6.3
Tu-E02-TO/5Closed loop identification of unstable poles and non-minimum phase zerosMårtensson Jonas, Hjalmarsson Håkan1.1
Th-A04-TO/4Closed-Loop Rigid Model Identification of an Industrial RobotBona Basilio, Curatella Aldo4.3
Fr-A14-TO/4Closed-Loop Stabilization of a Class of Lur'e System: Application to Chaos ControlCampos-Delgado Daniel, Femat Ricardo, Martinez-Lopez Francisco2.3
Mo-A13-TO/4Clusters Patterning in High Tech Stock MarketTomarchio Giuseppina, Bucolo Maide, Galvagno Luca, Fortuna Luigi9.1
Mo-A02-TO/2Coefficient Diagram Method in MIMO Application: An Aerospace Case StudyManabe Shunji7.3
Tu-E18-TO/6Coiler Control in Endless Hot Strip RollingMotomura Takashi, Ueda Kiyoshi, Imazeki Toshio, Fukui Yoshimitsu, Yahiro Kazuhiro6.2
We-E06-TO/1Collaborative Automation from Rigid Coupling towards Dynamic Reconfigurable Production SystemsHarrison Robert, Colombo Armando Walter5.4
Th-E17-TO/2Collaborative Communication Protocols for Distributed Microsensor Network SystemsJeong Wootae, Nof Shimon Y.5.2
Th-A21-TO/5Collaborative planning of a manufacturing design project through a novel e-engineering hubMejía Ricardo, Molina Arturo, Augenbroe Godfried4.4
Tu-M04-TP/10Collision and Turnover Avoidance of Mobile Robots with Force ReflectionPark Jae Byung, Lee Jeong Hee, Kim Gon Woo, Lee Beom Hee4.3
Mo-E17-TO/5Combined synthesis/verification approach to programmable logic control of a production lineMusic Gasper, Matko Drago5.1
Tu-M05-TO/1Combining interval and qualitative reasoning for fault diagnosisCalderón-Espinoza Gabriela, Armengol Joaquim, Sainz Miguel Á., Herrero Pau6.4
Tu-M17-TO/2Common Enterprise Modelling Framework for Distributed OrganisationsJaekel Frank-Walter, Berio Giuseppe, Mertins Kai5.3
Tu-E15-TO/1Communication and Data Sharing in Human-Robot Heterogenous TeamsPavlíček Jiří, Přeučil Libor, Driewer Frauke, Baier Herbert3.3
Tu-A05-TP/4Communication-Induced Disturbances in Haptic Telepresence SystemsHirche Sandra, Kuschel Martin, Buss Martin3.3
Mo-M16-TO/3Commutational Ramp Load Control Using a Conventional Disc Drive ActuatorRatliff Ryan, Pagilla Prabhakar4.2
Th-A06-TO/4Comparison of a Robust and a Flatness Based Control for a Separated Shear FlowBecker Ralf, King Rudibert6.1
Th-M21-TO/4Comparison of Classical and Modern Control Applied to an Excavator-ArmDixon Roger, Taylor C.J., Shaban E.M.4.3
Fr-A03-TP/6Comparison of Classification Methods for Fetal Heart Rate using Different Scale Dependent Features SelectionGeorgoulas George, Stylios Chrysostomos, Groumpos Peter8.2
We-A05-TO/2Comparison of Change Detection Methods for a Residual of a Hydraulic Servo-AxisMuenchhof Marco, Isermann Rolf6.4
Mo-A03-TP/4Comparison of Iterative Set-Point Optimisation Strategies under Structural Plant-Model MismatchGao Weihua, Engell Sebastian2.1
Mo-A02-TO/3Comparison of Linear Dynamic Models for Air Traffic ManagementSridhar Banavar, Menon P.K.7.3
We-A02-TP/10Comparison of LMI based H2 control designs for VSC-HVDC TransmissionDurrant Martyn, Aleksic Katarina, Werner Herbert, Abbott Keith6.3
Tu-E02-TO/1Comparisons of Subspace Identification Methods for Systems Operating on Closed-loopQin S. Joe, Lin Weilu, Ljung Lennart1.1
We-A04-TP/2Compensation of friction in robotic arms and slide tablesZabinski Tomasz, Turnau Andrzej4.2
Fr-M19-TO/2Compensation of Time-Varying Harmonic Disturbances on Nonlinear Bearingless Slice MotorsHüttner Christian, Rieber Jochen M., Allgower Frank, Hugel Jörg8.2
Fr-M08-TO/2Complete Sets of Basic Types of 2DoF Tracking Controllers with Finite Length Control SequencesPesek Pavel, Mosna Jiri, Melichar Jiri2.1
Th-E20-TO/2Complex Process Networks: Passivity and OptimalityYdstie B. Erik, Jillson Kendell6.1
Mo-A01-TP/1Complex-Step Gradient Approximation For Robustness Analysis of Nonlinear SystemsKim Jongrae, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian2.5
Tu-E09-TO/2Composite Adaptive Fuzzy ControlBellomo Domenico, Naso David, Turchiano Biagio, Babuska Robert3.2
Th-A03-TP/5Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Input SaturationChen Ben M., Lan Weiyao, He Yingjie2.3
Th-E09-TO/2Comprehensive Modeling of Computer Control Systems' Functionality and Fault-Tolerance in UMLLu Shourong, Halang Wolfgang A.3.1
Mo-A22-TO/2Computation of amplification for systems arising from cellular signaling pathwaysSontag Eduardo, Chaves Madalena8.4
Tu-M12-TO/1Computation of closed, controllable, and weakly observable sublanguages for timed discrete event systemsTakai Shigemasa, Ushio Toshimitsu1.3
Th-A18-TO/2Computation of worst-case pilot inputs for clearance of flight control lawsMenon Prathyush, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian7.3
Mo-M15-TO/6Computational experience in solving linear matrix equations for automatic controlSima Vasile2.2
We-E09-TO/3Computationally efficient Min-Max MPCRamirez Daniel R., Alamo Teodoro, Camacho Eduardo F.2.1
Th-E22-TO/3Computer based Monitoring and Control of Fedbatch Fermentation Process as an Aim and a Tool for Postgraduate ResearchKriger Carl, Tzoneva Raynitchka, Posten Clemens, Mironescu Monica9.4
Fr-M01-TP/16Computer-generated ExamsMarquez-Martinez Luis Alejandro, Cuesta Ricardo9.4
Tu-A21-TO/3Computing value sets from one point of frequency response with applicationsSchlegel Milos, Cech Martin2.1
Fr-M16-TO/1Concept, Structure and Design of Colaborater in Human-Machine SystemShibasato Koki, Ohtsuka Hirofumi, Kawaji Shigeyasu4.5
Tu-M15-TO/1Concepts for Real-Time Execution in Safety-Critical ApplicationsSkambraks Martin3.1
Th-M15-TO/4Conditions of Output Stabilization for Uncertain Discrete TS Fuzzy ModelsKruszewski Alexandre, Guerra Thierry Marie3.2
Tu-E02-TP/2Congestion Control in Communication Networks for Complex SystemsBitam Melha, Alla Hassane5.4
Th-E17-TO/4Conservation of filtering in manufacturing systemsMeerkov Semyon, Li Jingshan, Enginarlar Emre5.2
Tu-M03-TO/3Conservative systems with ports on contact manifoldsEberard Damien, Maschke Bernhard, van der Schaft Arjan2.3
Tu-M19-TO/3Consistency Techniques for Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Processes with UncertaintiesKletting Marco, Rauh Andreas, Aschemann Harald, Hofer Eberhard P.8.4
Mo-E21-TO/4Constrained decentralized flow control of communication networksJiang Zhong-Ping, FAN Yi, Wang Yuan5.4
Mo-M02-TP/5Constrained deconvolution with filteringNeveux Philippe, Blanco Eric, Thomas Gérard1.1
Tu-E22-TO/5Constrained input-to-state stability of nonlinear systemsChen Tianshi, Liu Zhiyuan, Chen Hong, Pei Run2.3
Th-M02-TP/3Constrained magnetic levitation controlKamenský Martin, Huba Mikuláš2.3
Tu-A10-TO/2Constrained Robust Model Predictive Control based on Periodic InvarianceLee Young Il, Kouvaritakis Basil2.5
Mo-M18-TO/2Constrained Split Rate Estimation by Moving HorizonKulcsar Balazs, Varga Istvan, Bokor Jozsef7.4
We-E17-TO/5Constructing Interpretable Fuzzy Model Based on Reduction MethodologyZongyi Xing, Weilia Hu, Liminb Jia3.2
Mo-A01-TP/2Construction of Robust Root Loci for Linear Systems with Ellipsoidal Uncertainty of ParametersHwang Chyi, Yang Shih-Feng2.5
Mo-M03-TO/2Constructive design of unknown input nonlinear observers by dissipativity and LMIsMoreno Jaime A., Rocha-Cozatl Edmundo, Zeitz Michael2.3
Th-A01-TP/5Contact Instability in Rate-Control TelemanipulationCheng Chi-Cheng, Chen Jiun-Hung4.5
Mo-E17-TO/1Continuous Assessment of Desings & Re-use in Model-based Safety AnalysisPapadopoulos Yiannis, Grante Christian, Grunske Lars, Kaiser Bernhard5.1
Th-A02-TO/5Continuous Nonlinear SISO System Identification using Parameterized Linearization FamiliesBolognese Fernandes Pedro, Engell Sebastian1.1
Fr-M02-TP/4Continuous Optimization Approaches to the Identification of Piecewise Affine SystemsMünz Eberhard, Krebs Volker1.3
Th-E12-TO/2Continuous Representation for a Class of Optimal Hybrid Control ProblemsGapaillard Muriel1.3
Mo-M02-TO/1Continuous time system identification of nonparametric models with constraintsWang Liuping, Gawthrop Peter J., Young Peter C.1.1
Th-E05-TP/4Continuous-time LQ Predictive Pole-placement ControlGawthrop Peter, Chen Wen-Hua, Wang Liuping2.4
Mo-E03-TO/3Continuous-time systems identification based on iterative learning controlSakai Fumitoshi, Sugie Toshiharu1.1
Fr-A09-TO/1Control and Embedded Computing; Survey of Research DirectionsArzen Karl-Erik, Cervin Anton3.1
We-E20-TO/5Control by interconnection for distributed port Hamiltonian systemsMacchelli Alessandro, van der Schaft Arjan, Melchiorri Claudio2.3
Tu-E08-TO/1Control Design for a Gas Turbine Cycle with CO2 Capture CapabilitiesSnarheim Dagfinn, Imsland Lars, Foss Bjarne, Ulfsnes Ragnhild, Bolland Olav6.3
We-E11-TO/1Control Design for Distributed-parameter Systems via ParametrizationNihtilä Markku, Tervo Jouko, Kokkonen Petri2.1
Mo-M19-TO/3Control Features of a Vectored-Thruster Underwater VehicleCavallo Emanuele, Michelini Rinaldo, Filaretov Vladimir, Ukhimets Dmitriy7.2
Tu-A04-TP/5Control for recycle systems based on a discrete time model approximationdel-Muro-Cuellar Basilio, Velasco-Villa Martin, Puebla Hector, Alvarez-Ramirez Jose6.1
Tu-E07-TO/2Control Functions Development for Distributed Automation Systems using the TORERO ApproachFerrarini Luca, Carlo Veber, Christian Schwab, Marcus Tangermann, Aggeliki Prayati5.1
Th-A16-TO/2Control in variable speed wind turbines based on synchronous generatorsHaro Casado M., Velasco F. J., Rueda M. T., Moyano E.6.3
We-A22-TO/6Control Loop Performance Measures in the Evaluation of Process EconomicsVatanski Nikolai, Jämsä-Jounela Sirkka-Liisa, Rantala Ari, Harju Timo6.2
Tu-M08-TO/5Control Methods and Active Filter Topologies Applied for Flicker MitigationDoležal Jaroslav, Tlustý Josef, Valouch Viktor6.3
Tu-A04-TP/6Control of a heat exchanger using an iterative designRomero Julio-Ariel, Campo Antonio, Albertos Pedro6.1
Mo-A03-TP/5Control of a High Voltage DC System Using LMI ApproachFarag Adel, Werner Herbert2.1
Fr-A16-TO/1Control of a Hybrid Motor Prosthesis for the Knee JointVallery Heike, Stützle Thorsten, Buss Martin, Abel Dirk4.5
We-A03-TP/1Control of an uncertain three-tank-system via on-line parameter identification and fault detectionJoin Cedric, Sira-Ramirez Hebertt, Fliess Michel6.4
Tu-M03-TP/4Control of crushing circuits with variable speed drivesSbarbaro Daniel6.2
Fr-M02-TP/5Control of Discrete-Time Piecewise Affine SystemsHodrus Thomas Erhard, Buchholz Michael, Krebs Volker1.3
Tu-E06-TO/1Control of Film Uniformity Properties in a Planetary Radial-Flow Gallium Nitride CVD SystemAdomaitis Raymond, Parikh Rinku P.6.1
Th-A12-TO/3Control of nonholonomic systems: a simple stabilizing time-switching strategyCasagrande Daniele, Astolfi Alessandro, Parisini Thomas2.1
Fr-M04-TO/3Control of Oscillations and State Estimation of KAPITZA PendulumOdinets Nikolay, Miroshnik Iliya4.3
Th-E06-TO/6Control of oscillations of magneto-sensitive elastic sphereBurkov Ilya, Brigadnov Igor2.3
Th-A11-TO/2Control of parabolic distributed systems with delay in feedback loopYurkevich Valery2.1
Th-M02-TP/4Control of Pendubot Using Input-output Feedback Linearization and Predictive ControlGuemghar Kahina, Srinivasan Bala, Bonvin Dominique2.3
Tu-A03-TP/5Control of pH in a Laboratory Fermenter Using Neuro-Fuzzy TechniqueŠperka Ľubomir, Mészáros Alois, Mizsey Peter6.1
We-A02-TP/11Control of Power Systems with FACTS Devices Considering Different Load CharacteristicsWinzenick Ingo, Fette Michael, Horn Joachim6.3
Tu-E21-TO/2Control of PWA systems using a stable receding horizon methodNecoara Ion, De Schutter Bart, Heemel Maurice, Weiland Siep, Lazar Mircea, van den Boom Ton2.4
Th-E06-TO/1Control of Quantum and Classical Molecular DynamicsAnanyevskiy Mikhail, Efimov Alexander, Fradkov Alexander2.3
We-E01-TP/9Control of Self-Transfer-Type Automatic Pouring Robot with Cylindrical LadleNoda Yoshiyuki, Yano Ken'ichi, Terashima Kazuhiko5.1
Th-A02-TP/3Control of singularly perturbed systems under actuator saturationLizarraga Ibone, Tarboouriech Sophie, Garcia Germain2.2
Th-A02-TP/4Control of time-delayed LPV systems using delayed feedbackMehendale Charudatta, Grigoriadis Karolos M.2.2
We-A04-TP/3Control of Weakly Damped Finite and Infinite Dimensional Euler-Lagrange SystemsEnnsbrunner Helmut, Schlacher Kurt4.2
Tu-E03-TP/1Control Problem Classification for a Plasma ProcessIordanov Petar, Ringwood John, Doherty Sean1.1
Tu-M19-TO/4Control Strategies for Treating Toxic Wastewater using BioreactorsBetancur Manuel J., Moreno Jaime A., Moreno-Andrade Iván, Buitron Germán8.4
We-E18-TO/3Control Strategy for Measurement Performance Enhancement of a Micromachined AccelerometerSoen Jonathan, Voda Alina, Condemine Cyril4.2
Mo-M17-TO/2Control Synthesis for Reconfigurable Distributed Systems with Applications in ManufacturingJafari Mohsen, Amini Ardavan, Zhao Peng5.1
Tu-A22-TO/6Control Synthesis of Systems with Uncertain Parameters by Convex OptimizationPozo Montero Francesc, Ikhouane Faycal, Rodellar José2.3
Fr-A01-MS/1Control System Approaches for Sustainable Development and Instability Management in the Globalization AgeDinibütün A. Talha, Neck Reinhard, Stahre Johan, Dimirovski Georgi M., Vlacic Ljubisa B., Kile Frederick9.1
Th-M01-TP/8Control System for Chromium Recycling TechnologyVašek Vladimír, Kolomazník Karel, Janáčová Dagmar, Manh Thang Pham8.3
Th-A08-TO/3Controllability analysis of an unstable, non-minimum phase processStorkaas Espen, Skogestad Sigurd2.1
Th-E01-TP/3Controllability and quadratic stabilization of a class of discrete linear repetitive processesGalkowski Krzysztof, Cichy Blazej, Rogers Eric, Jank Gerhard2.2
Mo-M15-TO/1Controllability of Goursat-Darboux systems - some numerical resultsIdczak Dariusz, Majewski Marek2.2
Th-A03-TP/6Controllability of Mechanical Systems with Regard for ActuatorMatyukhin Vladimir2.3
Tu-A11-TO/1Controllability of Processes with Large GainsAraujo Antonio, Skogestad Sigurd2.2
We-E01-TP/7Controlled-System Model Adapted to the Control Law SynthesisHenry Sébastien, Zamaï Eric, Jacomino Mireille5.1
Th-E03-TP/7Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Time-delaysWang Zidong, Liu Yurong1.4
Tu-A21-TO/4Controller Evaluation and Redesign using Relay ExperimentsBerger Marcus A. R., Barros Péricles R.2.1
Th-E03-TO/4Controller for a nonlinear system with an input constraint by using a control Lyapunov function IKidane Nami, Nakamura Hisakazu, Yamashita Yuh, Nishitani Hirokazu2.3
Th-E03-TO/5Controller for a nonlinear system with an input constraint by using a control Lyapunov function IIKidane Nami, Nakamura Hisakazu, Yamashita Yuh, Nishitani Hirokazu2.3
Th-A18-TO/3Controller gains adjustment for closed-loop modal requirementsDelmond Fabien, Cumer Christelle, Alazard Daniel7.3
Th-A02-TP/5Controller synthesis for positive linear systemsAit Rami Mustapha, Tadeo Fernando2.2
Th-E15-TO/4Controller synthesis with input and output constraints for fuzzy systemsBernal Miguel, Petr Hušek3.2
Mo-A15-TO/4Controller with minimal interactionJulius Agung, Polderman Jan Willem, van der Schaft Arjan2.2
Mo-A08-TO/5Controllers for amplitude limited model error modelsGlad Torkel, Helmersson Anders, Enqvist Martin, Ljung Lennart2.3
Mo-E20-TO/2Controlling Gear Engagement and Disengagement on Heavy Trucks for Minimization of Fuel ConsumptionFröberg Anders, Nielsen Lars, Hedström Lars-Gunnar, Pettersson Magnus7.1
Th-M03-TO/5Controlling chaos by predictive controlPolyak Boris, Maslov Victor2.3
Th-A19-TO/4Controlling the transmission of mastitis-causing pathogensEvans Neil, Cronin D.M., White L.J., Chappell M.J., Chapman M.J., Godfrey K.R.8.2
We-M02-TP/6Control-oriented Model of Isooctane HCCI CombustionSun Faming, Chen Xiang, Ting David S-K, Sobiesiak Andrzej7.1
Tu-E03-TP/2Control-oriented NARX modeling of magneto-rheological dampersLeva Alberto, Piroddi Luigi1.1
Tu-M10-TO/5Control-oriented properties preservation in linear systems when applying PR0 substitutionsMartinez-Garcia Juan Carlos, Fernandez-Anaya Guillermo, Kucera Vladimir, Flores-Godoy Jose Job2.5
Mo-E10-TO/3Convergence Analysis of Constrained Joint Adaptation in Recording ChannelsMathew George, Sze Chieh Lim1.1
We-E04-TP/2Convergence of the EKF in mark-based vision for 3D vehicle trackingDelgado Emma, Barreiro A., Baltar J.A.7.5
Fr-M16-TO/3Cooperating with an Assistance Tool for Safe DrivingPacaux-Lemoine Marie-Pierre, Ordioni Julien, Popieul Jean-Christophe, Debernard Serge, Millot Patrick4.5
Mo-A04-TO/1Cooperation Learning for Behaviour-based Neural-fuzzy Controller in Robot NavigationLi Jianing, Yi Jianqiang, Zhao Dongbin, Xi Guangcheng4.3
Mo-M21-TO/3Cooperation of Multi-agent System and Its CompositionTian Yajie, Sannomiya Nobuo, Inoue Hiroyasu, Shimohara Katsunori5.4
Tu-M14-TO/4Cooperative Dynamics in a Repeated Three-person Game with Finite Number of StrategiesKleimenov Anatoli F., Schneider Maxim A.2.4
Th-A06-TO/3Coordinated Control of Reactive Distillation SystemsYu Cheng-Ching, Cheng Yu-Cheng6.1
We-M18-TO/1Coordinated fault-tolerant control of autonomous agents: geometry and communications architectureDasgupta Soura, Abel Ryan O., Kuhl Jon G.7.5
Tu-E02-TP/8Coordinated Motion Control of Swarms with Dynamic Connectivity in Potential FlowsWang Hua O., Ye Guohua, Tanaka Kazuo5.4
Fr-M20-TO/2Coordinated Power Flow Control using Facts DevicesKorba Petr, Oudalov Alexandre9.3
We-M04-TO/1Coordinating Control of Motion of Redundant ManipulatorsMiroshnik Iliya, Boltunov Gennady, Gorelov Dmitry4.3
Mo-A09-TO/5Coordination of an Asynchronous Multi-Agent System via AveragingCao Ming, Morse A. S., Anderson B. D. O.3.2
Tu-A17-TO/6Core Competence Mangament in Virtual Industry ClusterGaleano Nathalie, Molina Arturo5.3
Fr-A11-TO/5Cost Aspects of Plant Automation – Cost of OwnershipErbe Heinz4.4
Fr-A11-TO/4Cost Based Implementation of Modular Supervisory Control TheorySantos Eduardo, Costa Gilvan, Busetti Marco4.4
Fr-M01-TP/4Couseware for Control Engineering EducationJohn Jan9.4
We-E05-TO/2CP-based Decision Making for SMEBanaszak Zbigniew, Zaremba Marek, Muszynski Wojciech5.1
Tu-E15-TO/2Creating Common Presence for a Multientity Rescue TeamSuomela Jussi, Saarinen Jari, Halme Aarne3.3
Mo-M02-TP/6Criteria for system identification with quantized data and the optimal quantization schemesTsumura Koji1.1
We-M13-TO/1Cross-Validation of Controlled Dynamic Models: Bayesian ApproachKarny Miroslav, Nedoma Petr, Smidl Vaclav1.1
Th-E04-TP/3Cryptosystems Based on Synchronized Chua's CircuitsCésar Cruz-Hernández, Serrano-Guerrero Hazael2.3
We-M05-TO/4Current Diagnostics of the Evaporation StationSyfert Michal, Rzepiejewski Pawel, Wnuk Pawel, Koscielny Jan Maciej6.4
Th-E03-TP/8Current Output Filter for State Estimation of Scalar Nonlinear Systems with Application to Chaotic CommunicationRuan Huawei, Yaz Edwin, Zhai Tongyan1.4
Fr-M01-TP/11Curriculum for System Control Education using Progress Line TracerMatsumoto Tsutomu, Ohtsuka Hirofumi, Shibasato Koki, Shimada Yasuyuki, Kawaji Shigeyasu, Iijima Jun'ichi9.4
We-M01-TP/16Customer Satisfaction Degree Evaluation Model in Logistics using SVMSun Huali, Xie Jianying, Li Shao-Yuan, Xue Yaofeng3.2
Mo-E11-TO/5Cyclic Spectral Analysis from the Averaged Cyclic PeriodogramBoustany Roger, Antoni Jérôme1.1
Th-M02-TO/3Cyclic Spectral Based Approach to Closed-Loop IdentificationSun Lianming, Sano Akira1.1
Fr-M03-TP/4Channel Borrowing Project based on Surplus ValueZeng Hui, Jing Yuanwei, Dimirovski Georgi M.9.3
Fr-A14-TO/3Chaos-based Pseudo-Random Number Generators and Chip ImplementationLi Zhong, Li Ping, Mao Yaobin, Halang Wolfgang2.3
Fr-A19-TO/1Chaotic Mode Transition Dynamics in Human Circulatory SystemsNarita Taiki, Homma Noriyasu, Sakai Masao, Yoshizawa Makoto, Abe Kenichi8.2
Mo-M02-TP/4Chaotic-pulse-position Modulation: An Improved third Party Intrusion Scheme using EKFHounkpevi Franck, Yaz Edwin1.1
Fr-A03-TP/5Characterization of Cerebral Blood Flow Oscillations using Different Classification MethodsBenyó Balázs, Somogyi Péter, Benyó Zoltán, Paláncz Béla8.2
Mo-M06-TO/3Chemical System Dynamic Identification with Application to Sensor Fault DetectionSimani Silvio6.1
Mo-E22-TO/3Chemometric Estimation of Wastewater Composition for the on-line Control of Treatment PlantsPons Marie-Noëlle, Wu Jing, Potier Olivier8.4
We-E02-TO/1Choice of Free Parameters in Expansions of Discrete-Time Volterra Models using Kautz FunctionsAmaral Wagner, da Rosa Alex, Campello Ricardo J.G.B.1.1