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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Th-M20-TO/4Daily Temperature Optimisation in Greenhouse by Reinforcement LearningTchamitchian Marc, Kittas Constantin, Bartzanas Thomas, Lykas Christos8.1
We-E18-TO/4Damp by wire: magnetorheological dampers vs friction dampersStammers Charles, Guglielmino Emanuele, Edge Kevin A, Sireteanu Tudor, Stancioiu Danut4.2
Mo-E07-TO/2Damping Power System Electromechanical Oscillations using a Robust Adaptive TCSC ControllerFerreira Andre M D, Barreiros Jose A L, Barra Jr. Walter, Brito-de-Souza Jorge R., Tavares-da-Costa Jr. Carlos6.3
We-A03-TP/2Data Access in Distributed Control SystemsColnarič Matjaž, Verber Domen6.4
We-A19-TO/1Data Based Mechanistic Modelling of a Snow Affected BasinCastelletti Andrea, Pianosi Francesca, Soncini-Sessa Rodolfo, Young Peter C.8.3
We-M22-TO/4Data Classification in Temperature Modelling of LD-KG ConverterRuuska Jari, Ollila Seppo, Leiviskä Kauko6.2
Th-A13-TO/6Data driven simulation with applications to system identificationMarkovsky Ivan, Willems Jan C., Rapisarda Paolo, De Moor Bart L. M.1.1
Tu-A02-TP/13Data Mining for Digital Mobile Telecommunication Network’s Quality of Service Performance MeasurementsVehviläinen Pekko1.2
Tu-M06-TO/5Data mining techniques applied to power plant performance monitoringFlynn Damian, Ritchie Julia, Cregan Michael6.1
We-A03-TP/3Data reconciliation: a robust approach using contaminated distribution. Application to a petrochemical process.Ragot José, Maquin Didier6.4
Tu-A02-TO/4Data-based closed-loop system simulationLi Faming, Skelton Robert E.1.1
We-E11-TO/2Data-based LQ synthesis - A modification for error reductionChan Jenq-Tzong2.1
Th-M04-TO/1Deadtime block compensation sliding mode control of linear system with delayLoukianov Alexander, Espinosa-Guerra O., Castillo Toledo B.2.1
Th-E01-MS/1Dealing with Bio- and Ecological Complexity: Challenges and OpportunitiesCarson Ewart, Feng David Dagan, Pons Marie-Noëlle, Soncini-Sessa Rodolfo, van Straten Gerrit8.1
Th-A05-TO/4Decentralised Diagnosis of Automata NetworksNeidig Jörg, Lunze Jan6.4
Th-A09-TO/1Decentralised sliding mode control for nonminimum phase nonlinear interconnected systemsSpurgeon Sarah, Yan Xinggang, Edwards Christopher2.3
Tu-E02-TP/9Decentralized Adaptive Robust Tracking and Model Following for Uncertain Large Scale SystemsWu Hansheng5.4
Fr-M04-TO/4Decentralized Control of Cooperative Robots without Velocity-Force MeasurementsArteaga Marco Antonio, Martinez-Rosas Juan C., Castillo-Sanchez Adrian M.4.3
Mo-E21-TO/5Decentralized Control of Large Scale Systems via Disturbance Attenuation and Eigenstructure AssignmentLabibi Batool5.4
Th-A12-TO/2Decentralized Control of Winding Systems: A Hybrid Evolutionary-Algebraic ApproachFarag Adel, Werner Herbert2.1
Mo-M17-TO/6Decentralized Diagnosis of Event-Driven Systems for Safely Reacting to FailuresQiu Wenbin, Kumar Ratnesh5.1
We-M10-TO/4Decentralized Guaranteed Cost Control for Discrete-Time Uncertain Large-Scale Systems Using Neural NetworksMukaidani Hiroaki, Ishii Yasuhisa, Tsuji Toshio2.5
Mo-E21-TO/3Decentralized H2 Controller Design for Descriptor Systems: An LMI ApproachZhai Guisheng, Yoshida Masaharu, Imae Joe, Kobayashi Tomoaki5.4
We-M18-TO/2Decentralized Motion Control of Multiple Agents with Double Integrator DynamicsDimarogonas Dimos, Kyriakopoulos Kostas J.7.5
Tu-E02-TP/3Decentralized Neural Control StructureBenitez Victor H., Sanchez Edgar N., Loukianov Alexander G.5.4
Mo-E07-TO/6Decentralized Nonlinear Control Design for Multi-machine Power Systemsde Leon-Morales Jesus, Georges Didier, Huerta-Guevara O.6.3
Tu-E02-TP/10Decentralized Output Feedback Control of Large-Scale Interconnected Nonlinear Systems: The LMI ApproachZhu Yongliang, Pagilla Prabhakar5.4
Tu-E02-TP/4Decentralized Stochastic Control of Power Systems using Genetic Algorithms for Interaction EstimationDehghani Maryam, Afshar Ahmad, Nikravesh Seyyed Kamaleddin5.4
We-A02-TP/18Decision Table Looking Up Approach for Fuzzy Logic Control of Multi-Area AGC SystemsLi Pingkang, Du Xiuxia6.3
Mo-A17-TO/5Deductive Cause-Consequence Analysis (DCCA)Ortmeier Frank, Reif Wolfgang, Schellhorn Gerhard5.1
We-A09-TO/1Delayed Generalized Predictive Control of Bilateral Teleoperation SystemsSlama Tahar, Aubry Didier, Vieyres Pierre, Kratz Frédéric2.1
Th-E05-TP/5Delayed time-varying H-infinity control designBarabanov Andrey, Ghulchak Andrey2.4
Th-A09-TO/3Delta-Modulated Feedback in Discretization of Sliding Mode ControlXia Xiaohua, Zinober Alan SI2.3
We-A20-TO/5Demand Estimation and Dynamic Modelling as Timber Products Industry SCM ToolsLaurikkala Heli, Ketonen Matti, Suominen Sami, Huttunen Pentti, Alaruka Jere6.1
Tu-A05-TO/1Dempster-shafer Theory based Multi-class Support Vector Machines and their ApplicationsZhonghui Hu, Rupo Yin, Yuangui Li, Xiaoming Xu6.4
Tu-M01-TP/10Density and velocity estimation in traffic flowAlvarez-Icaza Luis, Rosas-Jaimes Oscar7.4
Mo-A17-TO/2Dependable Software in Railway SignalingJohnson Timothy, Sutherland Hunt A., Ingleston Bart, Krogh Bruce H.5.1
Mo-M19-TO/1Depth Control of the Infante AUV using Gain-scheduled Reduced-order Output FeedbackSilvestre Carlos, Pascoal Antonio7.2
Mo-M03-TP/3Design and Control of a Steering Wheel Vibration SimulatorMynderse James, Chiu George T.-C.2.1
Tu-A03-TP/6Design and Control of Butyl Acrylate Reactive Distillation Column SystemChien I-Lung, Zeng Kai-Luen6.1
We-A07-TO/2Design and Development of an Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface: Overview of the Aide ProjectAmditis Angelos, Andreone Luisa, Polychronopoulos Aris, Engström Johan4.1
Fr-A21-TO/2Design and Development of Decision-making and Control System for Vision-based Soccer RobotsXu Xinhe, Xue Fangzhen, Feng Ting7.5
Tu-A04-TP/7Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Data-Based Self-Tuning PID ControllerTakao Kenji, Yamamoto Toru, Hinamoto Takao6.1
We-E11-TO/3Design and experimental testing of a multivariable shape controller for the JET tokamakAmbrosino Giuseppe, Ariola Marco, Pironti Alfredo, Sartori Filippo2.1
Th-M17-TO/1Design and implementation of manufacturing automation system through international standardsCataldo Andrea, Carpanzano Emanuele, Donà Marco5.2
We-M09-TO/2Design and Implementation of Networked Predictive Control SystemsChai Senchun, Liu G.P, Rees D2.1
Tu-E02-TP/5Design and performance analysis of tracking controller of nonlinear composite systems using neural networksLiu En-dong, Jing Yuan-wei, Zhang Si-ying, Zhang You5.4
We-A04-TP/4Design and Realization of Programmable Emulator of Mechanical LoadsMacko Radovan, Žalman Milan4.2
We-E21-TO/3Design considerations for electromechanical actuation in precision motion systemsSchneiders Maurice, Makarovic Juraj, van de Molengraft Rene', Steinbuch Maarten4.1
Th-E16-TO/2Design Criteria Optimizing the Use of Fuel Cell Source in Electric Power SystemTricoli Pietro, D’Arco Salvatore, Iannuzzi Diego, Pagano Mario, Velotto Giovanni6.3
Th-A21-TO/6Design in Collaboration: Existing Trends and Application to the Case of Conflict Handling with CO²MED SoftwareLombard Muriel, Rose Bertrand, Ris Gabriel4.4
Tu-A04-TO/1Design of a Coupled Longitudinal-lateral Trajectographic Driver ModelLauffenburger Jean-Philippe, Basset Michel, Gissinger Gérard-Léon7.1
We-M06-TO/5Design of a Feedback Control System for Real-time Control of Flow in a Single-screw ExtruderPrevidi Fabio, Savaresi Sergio M., Panarotto Angiolino6.1
Tu-A09-TO/3Design of a Neural Network Based SVC ControllerWang Hong, Malik O.P.3.2
Th-A01-TP/6Design of a sensorial and driving locomotion interfaceDupuis Yves, Anthierens Cedric, Impagliazzo Jean-Luc, Yuschenko Lyudmyla4.5
Mo-A09-TO/3Design of an Architecture for Industrial Automation based on Multi-Agents SystemsBravo César, Aguilar Castro José, Cerrada Mariela, Rivas Francklin3.2
Mo-M05-TO/3Design of Augmented Fault Detection Filter for Fault Tolerant ControlJamouli Hicham, Sauter Dominique, Keller Jean yves, Ponsart Jean-christophe6.4
Fr-M08-TO/3Design of Decentralised Control Schemes: An Algebraic ApproachKarcanias Nicos, Leventides John2.1
Fr-M17-TO/1Design of H-infinity Feedback Control Systems with Quantized SignalsZhai Guisheng, Mi Yanchun, Imae Joe, Kobayashi Tomoaki2.1
Mo-A02-TO/4Design of Longitudinal Control System for a Nonlinear F-16 Fighter using MSS MethodWong Y. K., Fung Eric H. K., Liu Hugh H. T., Li Y.C.7.3
Mo-A03-TO/4Design of nonlinear observers using Popov's criterionMoreno Jaime A.2.3
Th-A11-TO/3Design of Observer-Based Controller for Linear Neutral SystemsParlakci Alpaslan2.1
Mo-E01-TP/1Design of observer-based fault detection systems for continuous-time systems from frequency domain dataZhang Ping6.4
Mo-E22-TO/6Design of On-line State Estimators for a Recombinant E. Coli Fed-batch FermentationFerreira Eugénio, Rocha Isabel, Veloso Ana Cristina8.4
We-E11-TO/4Design of PID Controllers for Decoupled Multi-variable SystemsNordfeldt Pontus, Hägglund Tore2.1
Fr-M08-TO/4Design of Reference Governor for Linear Systems with Input ConstraintsChoi Jin Young, Do Hyun Min2.1
Mo-A21-TO/1Design of Robust Low-order Controllers for Complex Processes: a Case Study on Reactive Distillation in a Medium-scale Pilot PlantVölker Marten, Sonntag Christian, Engell Sebastian5.4
Fr-M02-TP/6Design of Robust Parametric MPC for Hybrid SystemsManthanwar Amit M., Sakizlis Vassilis, Pistikopoulos Efstratios N.1.3
Mo-A16-TO/3Design, Fabrication, and Control of a High-aspect RatioHorowitz Roberto, Oldham Kenn, Huang Xinghui, Chahwan Alain4.2
Fr-M02-TO/5Designing a Kalman filter when no noise covariance information is availableBos Robert, Bombois Xavier, Van den Hof Paul1.1
Tu-A21-TO/5Designing and Testing of Modern Tools for Control Systems PrototypingDobra Petru, Trusca Mirela, Moga Daniel2.1
Mo-A17-TO/4Designing Dependable Logic Controllers using the Supervisory Control TheoryRoussel Jean-Marc, Giua Alessandro5.1
Th-E02-TP/4Detectability of anomalies from a few noisy tomographic projectionsFillatre Lionel, Retraint Florent, Nikiforov Igor1.1
Tu-M03-TP/5Detecting abnormal feed rate in aluminium electrolysis using extended Kalman filterHestetun Kristin, Hovd Morten6.2
Tu-M20-TO/2Detecting Knock in Spark Ignited EnginesNilsson Ylva, Frisk Erik7.1
We-A13-TO/1Detection and Estimation of Structural Changes in Dynamical Regression ModelsBrodsky Boris, Darkhovsky Boris1.1
We-A02-TP/13Detection of incipient failures using an H2-norm criterion: application to electric point machinesZattoni Elena6.3
Fr-A02-TP/6Detection of novel respiratory mechanics parameters by means of forced oscillationsIonescu Clara, De Keyser Robin8.2
Fr-M07-TO/4Detection of Random Targets in Sensor Networks with ApplicationsHuang Minyi, Nair Girish1.4
We-A19-TO/5Detection of Sluggish Control Loops in Irrigation ChannelsOoi Su Ki, Weyer Erik8.3
We-A13-TO/2Detection of State-of-Charge in Lead Acid Battery using RBF-NNMorita Yoshifumi, Sun Hee Lee, Kozawa Takaharu, Mizuno Naoki1.1
Mo-E22-TO/5Determination of Physiological Modes in Saccharomyces-Cerevisae Culture using Sequential Data AnalysisCassar J. Philippe, Guillou Vincent8.4
Mo-M02-TP/7Determining the Degree of System Variability for Time-varying Discrete-time SystemsOrlowski Przemyslaw1.1
We-A17-TO/4Deterministic learning and rapid dynamical pattern recognitionWang Cong, Hill David3.2
Mo-E01-TP/2Developing D-Optimum Experimental Conditions for Model-based Fault Detection SystemsWitczak Marcin6.4
Tu-M03-TP/6Development Issues on the Life-cycle Management of Mineral Grinding Processes and EquipmentRemes Antti, Suontaka Ville, Saloheimo Kari, Jämsä-Jounela Sirkka-Liisa6.2
We-A07-TO/1Development of a Driver Situation Assessment Module in the Aide ProjectTattegrain Veste Hélène, Bellet Thierry, Boverie Serge, Kutila Matti, Bekiaris Evangelos, Panou Maria, Engström Johan4.1
Th-A01-TP/7Development of human daily behavior model and it's applicationShimada Yasuyuki, Matsumoto Tsutomu, Kawaji Shigeyasu4.5
Fr-M04-TP/3Development of MEMS angular rate sensor for high-dynamics applicationsSung Woon-Tahk, Lee Jang Gyu, Kang Taesam, Jang Hyun-Gee7.3
Tu-M03-TP/8Development of middleware for software of UNIX based control systemHwang Hwawon, Kim Yongsoo6.2
Tu-M20-TO/4Development of obstacle avoidance system using co-operative controlFujiwara Yukihiro, Shoda Yasushi, Adachi Shuici7.1
We-M03-TP/2Development of PC-based Integrated Scheduling System with Demand Forecasting for PVC PlantPark Sunwon, Kang Min-gu, Kang Sookil, Lee Ho-kyung5.2
Fr-M20-TO/5Development of PLC Courses for Practicing Control Engineers in Macedonian IndustryKolemishevska-Gugulovska Tatjana, Stankovski Mile, Andonova Sonja9.3
Th-E02-TP/5Development of Recognition System for Template-marked Digits in BilletsKo Jihun, Lee YoungKow, Choi SungHoo, Kim Sang Woo, Lee JongHak1.1
Tu-E02-TP/11Development of Tele-Robotic Interface System for the Hot-Line MaintenanceKim Chang-Hyun, Kim Min-Soeng, Lee Ju-Jang5.4
Tu-M03-TP/7Development of Visual Evaluation and Numerical Analysis System of Blast FurnaceMatsuzaki Shinroku, Ito Masahiro, Kakiuchi Kazumoto, Iosbe Makoto6.2
We-M22-TO/5Diagnosis and Control Strategy for a Teniente ConverterBergh Luis, Chacana Patricio, Carrasco Claudio6.2
Tu-M20-TO/1Diagnosis and on-line parametric estimation of automotive electronic throttle control systemsYoussef Bilal, Alamir Mazen7.1
Tu-E05-TO/1Diagnosis of continuous dynamic systems: integrating consistency-based diagnosis with machine-learning techniquesPulido Belarmino, Rodriguez Diez Juan J., Alonso González Carlos, Prieto Izquierdo Oscar J., Gelso Esteban R.6.4
We-M20-TO/3Diagnosis system for continuous cooking processAhvenlampi Timo, Tervaskanto Manne, Kortela Urpo6.1
Mo-A05-TO/3Diagnosis using Finite Memory Observers on an Unknown-Input SystemGraton Guillaume, Kratz Frédéric, Fantini Jacques, Dupraz Pierre6.4
We-M03-TP/13Diagnosis with Causality Relationships and Directed Paths in PN ModelsLefebvre Dimitri, Delherm Catherine5.2
Tu-E11-TO/1Diagonally-Invariant Exponential StabilityPastravanu Octavian, Mihaela-Hanako Matcovschi, Mihail Voicu2.2
Tu-M14-TO/6Differential Games with Uncertain Terminal TimeRusnak Ilan, Hexner Gyorgy, Weiss Haim2.4
We-A12-TO/4Digital idle speed control of automotive engines using hybrid modelsGirasole Giovanni, De Santis Elena, Di Benedetto Maria Domenica1.3
We-A02-TP/4Digital Internal Model Control of High-Precision Power Supply for Particle Accelerator MagnetsCavini Alessandro, Ronchi Fabio, Rossi Carlo, Tilli Andrea6.3
Mo-E08-TO/6Direct Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems with Time DelayHayakawa Tomohisa1.2
Mo-E12-TO/4Direct Feedback in Automata NetworksNeidig Jörg, Lunze Jan1.3
We-E13-TO/1Direct Identification of Continuous-time Errors-in-variables ModelsMahata Kaushik, Garnier Hugues1.1
Tu-M02-TP/2Direct Robust Adaptive Nonlinear Control with Derivatives EstimationEfimov Denis, Tyukin Ivan Yu.1.2
Tu-M22-TO/5Discontinuous exponential stabilization of dynamic chained form systemsMarchand Nicolas2.3
Th-A07-TO/6Discounted Continuous Time Markov Decision Processes: The Convex Analytic ApproachPiunovskiy Alexei1.4
We-M01-TP/18Discovering reservoir management criteria: the case study of Pozzillo reservoirConsoli Simona, Barbagallo Salvatore, Pappalardo Nello, Zimbone Santo Marcello3.2
Th-E11-TO/2Discrete Approximation of a Time Delay System and Delta Model SpectrumVyhlidal Tomas, Zitek Pavel2.2
We-M14-TO/3Discrete Mechanics and Optimal ControlJunge Oliver, Marsden Jerrold E., Ober-Bloebaum Sina2.3
We-E20-TO/6Discrete Port-Hamiltonian SystemsTalasila Viswanath, Clemente-Gallardo Jesus, van der Schaft Arjan2.3
We-A14-TO/3Discrete Second Order Trajectory Generator with Nonlinear ConstraintsMorselli Riccardo, Zanasi Roberto, Stramigioli Stefano2.4
Th-E01-TP/4Discrete System Order-Reduction via Balancing Transformation Using Singular PerturbationsAl-Takrouri Saleh, Gajic Zoran2.2
Th-E15-TO/5Discrete Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models: Reduced Number of Stabilization ConditionsDelmotte Francois, Guerra Thierry Marie3.2
Mo-M07-TO/4Discrete-Time Adaptive Control for Continuous-Time Systems using 2-Delay Limiting-Zero ModelMizuno Naoki, Sato Akira1.2
We-M09-TO/3Discrete-time Adaptive Model Predictive Control based on Comparison ModelKim Tae-Hyoung, Sugie Toshiharu2.1
Th-E01-TP/5Discrete-time Hinf Model Matching Problem in two Degrees of Freedom Control StructureGoren Leyla2.2
Fr-A17-TO/1Discrete-time IDA-PBC for separable Hamiltonian systemsLaila Dina Shona, Astolfi Alessandro2.1
We-A16-TO/2Discrete-time Model for Linear Continuous-time Repetitive SystemKurek Jerzy1.2
Mo-A02-TP/3Discrete-Time Sliding Mode WMR Control Based on Parameter IdentificationFilipescu Adrian, Nunes Urbano, Stamatescu Sabin2.5
Fr-A17-TO/2Discrete-time time-varying robust stabilization for systems in power formLaila Dina Shona, Astolfi Alessandro2.1
Tu-A03-TP/7Distributed Continuous Process Simulation: An Industrial Case StudySantos Raul Alves, Normey-Rico Julio E., Gómez Alejandro Merino, de Prada Moraga Cesar6.1
We-A03-TP/4Distributed Diagnosis for Embedded Systems in Automotive VehiclesBiteus Jonas, Jensen Mathias, Nyberg Mattias6.4
Th-A21-TO/2Distributed engineering teams and their organizational aspectsAcosta Carlos, Moreno Efrén4.4
Tu-E02-TP/6Distributed Load Balancing in the presence of Node Failure and Network DelaysGhanem Jean, Abdallah Chaouki, Hayat Majeed, Chiasson John, Birdwell J. Douglas5.4
Mo-M14-TO/4Distributed Parameter Systems With a Multiplicative Fractional Gaussian NoisePasik-Duncan Bozenna, Duncan Tyrone2.4
We-E04-TP/3Distributed Sensor Fusion Using Dynamic ConsensusSpanos Demetri, Murray Richard M.7.5
Th-M07-TO/2Distributed State Estimation for Hidden Markov Models with Dynamic Quantization and Rate AllocationHuang Minyi, Dey Subhrakanti1.4
Th-E07-TO/1Distributed Stochastic Hybrid SystemsBujorianu Manuela, Bujorianu Marius, Maharaj Savi1.4
Th-E02-TP/6Distributed-delay Models of the Glucose-Insulin Homeostasis and Asymptotic State ObservationDi Martino Domenico, De Gaetano Andrea, Germani Alfredo, Manes Costanzo, Palumbo Pasquale1.1
Mo-E01-TP/3Disturbance Distribution Matrix Computation: Numerial ImprovementUppal Faisel, Lesecq Suzanne, Patton Ron, Barraud Alain6.4
Tu-E10-TO/6Disturbance estimation and cancellation for a class of linear uncertain systemsKim Hwi J., Goodall David P.2.5
We-A04-TP/5Disturbance Observer-Based Practical Control of Shaking Tables with Nonlinear SpecimenMakoto Iwasaki, Ito Kensuke, Kawafuku Motohiro, Hirai Hiromu, Dozono Yoshihiro, Kurosaki Katsuhiko4.2
Tu-E22-TO/1Disturbance rejection with LTI internal models for passive nonlinear systemsJayawardhana Bayu, Weiss George2.3
We-E03-TP/1DNA Algorithms based on Exon ShufflingMurase Haruhiko, Okayama Tsuyoshi8.1
Mo-M11-TO/5Domain of attraction: estimates for non-polynomial systems via LMIsChesi Graziano2.3
Th-M01-TP/9Drinking Water Treatment: A Neural Network Model for Coagulation DosingLamrini Bouchra, Benhammou Ahmed, Karama Asma, Le Lann Marie Véronique8.3
Tu-M20-TO/3Driver Assistant for Warning of High Velocity (Field Operation Test)Bauer Oleg, Mayr Robert7.1
Tu-E15-TO/6Driver Support System Based on a Non-Linear Slip Observer for Off Road VehiclesSong Zibin, Zweiri Yahya H., Seneviratne Lakmal D., Althoefer Kaspar3.3
We-A18-TO/1Dynamic Consensus on Mobile NetworksSpanos Demetri, Olfati-Saber Reza, Murray Richard M.7.5
We-M11-TO/2Dynamic Controllers which Use Difference Approximates of Output Derivatives and their Practical StabilityKokame Hideki, Hirata Kentaro, Mori Takehiro2.2
We-E08-TO/2Dynamic Feedback Equivalence of Nonlinear Systems on Time ScalesBartosiewicz Zbigniew, Pawluszewicz Ewa2.3
We-E08-TO/4Dynamic Feedback Linearization of Two Input Nonlinear SystemsCalifano Claudia, Battilotti Stefano2.3
Tu-E04-TP/7Dynamic Gait Pattern Generation with Reinforcement LearningErden Mustafa Suphi, Leblebicioglu Kemal4.3
Mo-M13-TO/1Dynamic Games: Engineering-Based Tools for Analyzing Strategic Economic InteractionsNeck Reinhard9.1
We-A22-TO/2Dynamic modeling of an industrial copper solvent extraction processKomulainen Tiina, Rantala Ari, Jämsä-Jounela Sirkka-Liisa6.2
We-A13-TO/3Dynamic Modelling for Condition Monitoring of Gas TurbinesBreikin Tim, Kulikov Gennady, Arkov Valentin, Fleming Peter1.1
Th-E14-TO/1Dynamic Modelling of a Nanomanipulator ChainJez Ondrej, Voda-Besancon Alina, Marliere Sylvain, Besancon Gildas4.1
Mo-E04-TO/6Dynamic modelling of a vibratory asphalt compactor and estimation of contact forces wrenchVandanjon Pierre-Olivier, Lemaire Charles-Eric, Gautier Maxime7.5
Th-M02-TP/5Dynamic Non-Minimum Phase Compensation for SISO Nonlinear, Affine in the Input SystemsBacic Marko, Cannon Mark, Kouvaritakis Basil2.3
Tu-A01-TP/13Dynamic observer model based on modular plant flowsheetMulholland Michael, Vosloo John-Roy, Loveday Brian, Hulbert David1.1
Mo-A03-TO/5Dynamic observers for Nonlinear Lipschitz SystemsPertew Amr, Marquez Horacio, Zhao Qing2.3
We-E03-TP/5Dynamic optimization of watering for qualitative improvement of satsuma mandarin using intelligent control techniquesMorimoto Tetsuo, Ouchi Y., Baloch M.S., Hatou K,, Hashimoto Y.8.1
We-M09-TO/4Dynamic Output Controller MPC via LMIBernussou Jacques, Granado Ernesto, Colmenares William, García Germain2.1
Tu-M03-TO/2Dynamic output feedback stabilization of a class of a nonholonomic Hamiltonian systemsSakai Satoru, Fujimoto Kenji2.3
We-E10-TO/1Dynamic Output Feedback Synthesis with General Frequency Domain SpecificationsIwasaki Tetsuya, Hara Shinji2.5
We-E17-TO/6Dynamic Process Modeling using Fuzzy SubmodelsBetlem Ben, van Lith Pascal, Roffel Brian3.2
Fr-M13-TO/3Dynamic Programming Solution of State Estimation Problems with Constrained DisturbancesMare José, De Dona Jose1.1
Fr-M06-TO/1Dynamic Real-time Optimization: From Off-line Numerical Solution to Measurement-based ImplementationKadam Jitendra, Schlegel Martin, Srinivasan Bala, Bonvin Dominique, Marquardt Wolfgang6.1
We-A20-TO/4Dynamic Simulation Studies for Enhanced Board Machine ControlLappalainen Jari, Savolainen Jouni, Myller Tommi, Juslin Kaj6.1
Fr-M03-TO/2Dynamic Surface Control Approach to Adaptive Robust Control of Nonlinear Systems in Semi-Strict Feedback FormZi-Jiang Yang, Nagai Toshimasa, Kanae Shunshoku, Wada Kiyoshi2.3
We-E07-TO/4Dynamic Surface Control of Engine Exhaust Hydrocarbons and Catalyst Temperature for Reduced Coldstart EmissionsSanketi Pannag, Zavala J. Carlos, Hedrick J. Karl7.1
Th-M05-TO/4Dynamic threshold generators for fault detection in uncertain systemsJohansson Andreas, Bask Michael6.4
Fr-A16-TO/4Dynamical and Complex Behaviors in Human-Machine Co-Adaptive SystemsSawaragi Tetsuo4.5
Tu-E01-TP/3Dynamical Control in OligopoliesMolnar Sandor, Szidarovszki Ferenc, Molnar Mark9.1
Tu-E03-TP/3Dynamical Modelling Using Ck Spline Functions With Application To Weight SensorsLakhdari Zakaria, Makany Philippe, Rouff Marc1.1
Th-E20-TO/1Dynamics and Control of Integrated Process Networks with Multi-Rate ReactionsBaldea Michael, Daoutidis Prodromos6.1
Th-E06-TO/2Dynamics and Nonlinear Control of Oscillations in a Complex Crystalline LatticeAero Eron, Andrievsky Boris, Fradkov Alexander, Vakulenko Sergey2.3