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Detection of Sluggish Control Loops in Irrigation Channels

Authors:Ooi Su Ki, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Weyer Erik, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Topic:8.3 Modelling & Control of Environmental Systems
Session:Modeling and Control of Water Resources, Irrigation and Distribution Systems
Keywords: Performance monitoring of control loops, Control systems, Environmental systems, Irrigationchannels


In this paper we apply the algorithm for detection of sluggish control loops developed in(Hagglund, 1999) to irrigation channels. The controller is a PI controller augmented with a lowpass filter together with a decoupling term to reduce the interaction between reaches. Insimulations, the algorithm is able to distinguish between well tuned controllers and controllersthat give sluggish responses. When applied to real data, filtering and deadzones are included inthe algorithm to make it more robust. The modified algorithm is then applied to real data fromthree consecutive reaches of an irrigation channel, and it detects the control loops which needretuning.