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Modelling, Identification & Signal Processing

Paper CodeTitleAuthors
Mo-A01-MS/1Trends in Systems and Signals Katayama Tohru, McKelvey Tomas, Sano Akira, Cassandras Christos, Campi Marco
Mo-E02-SP/1Linear Parameter Varying Systems: A Geometric Theory and ApplicationsBokor Joszef, Balas Gary
Mo-E02-TP/1Nonparametric Identification of Static Nonlinearities in a General Interconnected SystemHsu Kenneth, Claassen Mareike, Novara Carlo, Khargonekar Pramod, Milanese Mario, Poolla Kameshwar
Mo-E02-TP/2Parametric Identification of Static Nonlinearities in a General Interconnected SystemHsu Kenneth, Novara Carlo, Milanese Mario, Poolla Kameshwar
Mo-E02-TP/3Approximation of Non--linear Systems with Identified Hybrid ModelsSimani Silvio, Fantuzzi Cesare
Mo-E02-TP/4Assessing the Predictions of Dynamic Neural NetworksDadhe Kai, Engell Sebastian
Mo-E02-TP/5Bias Analysis in Periodic Signals Modeling using Nonlinear OdesAbd-Elrady Emad, Soderstrom Torsten
Mo-E02-TP/6Identification of Fast-rate Nonlinear Output Error Models From Multi-rate DataPatwardhan Sachin, Meka Srinivasarao, Gudi Ravindra
Mo-E02-TP/7Identification of quasi-ARMAX models of nonlinear stochastic sampled-data systemsAkesson Bernt, Toivonen Hannu
Mo-E02-TP/8Incorporating linear local models in Gaussian process modelKocijan Jus, Girard Agathe
Mo-E02-TP/9Information Theoretic Identification Criteria: Approaches and AlternativesChernyshov Kirill
Mo-E02-TP/10Nonlinear Structure Identification with Linear Least Squares and ANOVALind Ingela
Mo-E02-TP/11Nonlinear System Identification with Shortage of Input-output DataSheng Feng, Chen J., Tu X.Y.
Mo-E02-TP/12On Optimal Estimation Problems for Nonlinear Systems and Their Approximate SolutionCervellera Cristiano, Alessandri Angelo, Grassia Aldo Filippo, Sanguineti Marcello
Mo-E02-TP/13On the Hermite Series Approach to Nonparametric Identification of Hammerstein SystemsKrzyzak Adam, Sasiadek J.Z., Kegl Balazs
Mo-E02-TP/14Use of Autoassociative Neural Network for Dynamic Data ReconciliationThibault Jules, Bai Shuanghua, McLean David D.
Mo-E03-TO/1A Global Nonlinear Instrumental Variable Method for Identification of Continuous-Time Systems with Unknown Time DelaysZi-Jiang Yang, Iemura Hideto, Kanae Shunshoku, Wada Kiyoshi
Mo-E03-TO/2On identification of a flexible mechanical system using decimated dataGunnarsson Svante
Mo-E03-TO/3Continuous-time systems identification based on iterative learning controlSakai Fumitoshi, Sugie Toshiharu
Mo-E03-TO/4Linear continuous time system responsesHauksdottir Anna Soffia, Aevarsson Bergthor, Herjolfsson Gisli, Sigurdsson Sven Th.
Mo-E03-TO/5Frequency-Domain Identification of Continuous-Time Output Error Models from Sampled DataGillberg Jonas, Ljung Lennart
Mo-E03-TO/6Modeling Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes using Input-to-State FiltersMahata Kaushik, Fu Minyue
Mo-E10-TO/1Stationary behavior of an anti-windup scheme for recursive parameter estimation under lack of excitationEvestedt Magnus, Medvedev Alexander
Mo-E10-TO/2Windup properties of recursive parameter estimation algorithms in acoustic echo cancellationEvestedt Magnus, Medvedev Alexander, Wigren Torbjörn
Mo-E10-TO/3Convergence Analysis of Constrained Joint Adaptation in Recording ChannelsMathew George, Sze Chieh Lim
Mo-E10-TO/4A Stable Recursive Filter for State Estimation of Linear Models in the Presence of Bounded DisturbancesBecis-Aubry Yasmina, Boutayeb Mohamed, Darouach Mohamed
Mo-E10-TO/5Adaptive Compensation of Biased Sinusoidal Disturbances with Unknown FrequencyBobtsov Alexey, Kremlev Artem
Mo-E10-TO/6New Recursive Least Square Algorithms without using the initial informationQuan Zhonghua, Han Soohee, Kwon Wook Hyun
Mo-E11-TO/1Gaussian Regression based on Models with two Stochastic ProcessesLeithead W. E., Seng Neo Kian, Leith D. J.
Mo-E11-TO/2A PMLP Based Method for Chaotic Time Series PredictionYang Hongying, Ye Hao, Wang Guizeng, Zhong Maiying
Mo-E11-TO/3Time Series Analysis for Irregularly Sampled DataBroersen Piet M.T.
Mo-E11-TO/4A new estimation approach for AR models in presence of noiseDiversi Roberto, Soverini Umberto, Guidorzi Roberto
Mo-E11-TO/5Cyclic Spectral Analysis from the Averaged Cyclic PeriodogramBoustany Roger, Antoni Jérôme
Mo-E11-TO/6Variability Method for Cyclo-Period Estimation of Cyclostationary SignalsWang Jiandong, Chen Tongwen, Huang Biao
Mo-M01-TO/1A General Direct Weight Optimization Framework for Nonlinear System IdentificationRoll Jacob, Nazin Alexander, Ljung Lennart
Mo-M01-TO/2Efficient implementation of separable least squares for the identification of composite local linear state-space modelsBorges José, Verdult Vincent, Ayala Botto Miguel
Mo-M01-TO/3Exact Nonlinear Modelling Using Symbolic Linear Fractional TransformationsMarcos Andres, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian
Mo-M01-TO/4Nonlinear Dynamics Identified by Multi-Index ModelsLindgren David, Ljung Lennart
Mo-M01-TO/5Online nonlinear system identification using linear model treesPotts Duncan, Sammut Claude
Mo-M01-TO/6The Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Systems using a Correlation Analysis ApproachLang Z Q, Futterer M, Billings Stephen A.
Mo-M02-TO/1Continuous time system identification of nonparametric models with constraintsWang Liuping, Gawthrop Peter J., Young Peter C.
Mo-M02-TO/2Estimation of phase constrained MIMO transfer functions with application to flexible structures with mixed collocated and non-collocated actuators and sensorsMcKelvey Tomas, Moheimani S. O. Reza
Mo-M02-TO/3Frequency-Domain Identification of Continuous-Time ARMA Models from Sampled DataGillberg Jonas, Ljung Lennart
Mo-M02-TO/4Identification of continuous-time noise modelsPintelon Rik, Schoukens Johan, Rolain Yves, Cauberghe Bart, Parloo Eli, Guillaume Patrick
Mo-M02-TO/5Robustness Issues in Continuous-time System Identification from Sampled DataYuz Juan, Goodwin Graham, Garnier Hugues
Mo-M02-TO/6The Cramér-Rao bound for estimation of continuous-time ARX parameters from irregularly sampled dataLarsson Erik K, Mossberg Magnus, Söderström Torsten
Mo-M02-TP/1A Wavelet Approach to Convolutive Blind Separation of Non-stationary Sound SourcesTakada Kiyotaka, Nakano Kazushi, Watai Hirokazu
Mo-M02-TP/2Application of a resampling scheme to solve the divergence in the Pathwise filterJacob Alexsandro, Yoneyama Takashi
Mo-M02-TP/3Arbitrary States Polynomial-like Trajectory (ASPOT) Generation and its applicationsAhn Ki Tak, Chung Wan Kyun, Youm Youngil
Mo-M02-TP/4Chaotic-pulse-position Modulation: An Improved third Party Intrusion Scheme using EKFHounkpevi Franck, Yaz Edwin
Mo-M02-TP/5Constrained deconvolution with filteringNeveux Philippe, Blanco Eric, Thomas Gérard
Mo-M02-TP/6Criteria for system identification with quantized data and the optimal quantization schemesTsumura Koji
Mo-M02-TP/7Determining the Degree of System Variability for Time-varying Discrete-time SystemsOrlowski Przemyslaw
Mo-M02-TP/8Finite-Frequency Identification: Selftuning of Test SignalAlexandrov Albert
Mo-M02-TP/9Fundamental Filtering Limitations in Linear Non-Gaussian SystemsHendeby Gustaf, Gustafsson Fredrik
Mo-M02-TP/10Global non-asymptotic confidence sets for general linear modelsWeyer Erik, Campi Marco
Mo-M02-TP/11Implicit State-Space Representation : a Unifying Framework for FWL Implementation of LTI SystemsHilaire Thibault, Chevrel Philippe, Trinquet Yvon
Mo-M02-TP/12Observer-based controller for delayed state linear singular systemsSaadni Mohamed Salah, Chaabane M., Mehdi D., Bachelier O.
Mo-M02-TP/13Optimal Smoothing Spline Curves and Contour SynthesisKano Hiroyuki, Fujioka Hiroyuki, Egerstedt Magnus, Martin Clyde F.
Mo-M02-TP/14Output prediction under random measurements. An LMI approachPeñarrocha Ignacio, Sala Antonio, Sanchis Roberto, Albertos Pedro
Mo-M02-TP/15Pole-Zero Approximations of Digital Fractional-Order Integrators and Differentiators Using Signal Modeling TechniquesBarbosa Ramiro S., Tenreiro Machado J. A., Ferreira Isabel M.
Mo-M02-TP/16State estimation schemes for descriptor systems with multi-time delayed measurementsWang Haoqian, Zhang Huanshui, Duan Guangren
Mo-M02-TP/17Synthesis and simulation of fractional orthonormal basesAoun Mohamed, Malti Rachid, Oustaloup Alain
Tu-A01-TP/13D identification of buildings seismically excitedAlvarez-Icaza Luis, Angeles Juan Mauricio
Tu-A01-TP/2Model of the cantilever used as a weak force sensor in Atomic Force MicroscopyHrouzek Michal, Voda Alina, Stark Martin, Chevrier Joel
Tu-A01-TP/3Rigorous Modeling of a High Pressure Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymerization Autoclave ReactorChien I-Lung, Wei Kan Tze, Chen Bo-Shuo
Tu-A01-TP/4On-Line Identification of Hydrodynamics in Underwater VehiclesJordan Mario A., Bustamante Jorge L., Kreuzer Edwin, Schlegel Volker
Tu-A01-TP/5Modelling of cement grinding circuits for predictive controlHuusom Jakob Kjøbsted, Jensen Anker Degn, Jørgensen Sten Bay, Michelsen Michael, Knudsen Jørgen, Recke Bodil, Jørgensen John Bagterp
Tu-A01-TP/6Nonlinear Grey-Box Identification of Industrial Robots Containing FlexibilitiesWernholt Erik, Gunnarsson Svante
Tu-A01-TP/7Identification of physical parameters of a pneumatic servosystemPham Minh Tu, Smaoui Mohamed, Brun Xavier, Sesmat Sylvie
Tu-A01-TP/8Extended Moving Boundary Models for Two-Phase FlowsYebra Luis Jose, Berenguel Manuel, Dormido Sebastian
Tu-A01-TP/9A methodology for identification of Narmax models applied to Diesel enginesZito Gianluca, Landau Ioan D.
Tu-A01-TP/10Identification of an LPV vehicle model based on experimental dataRödönyi Gábor, Bokor József
Tu-A01-TP/11Microscale Thermal Characterization by Inverse Method in the Frequency DomainAutrique Laurent, Serra Jean Jacques
Tu-A01-TP/12Hirarchical models of nonstationary flow in complex gas transmission networksAtlas Akhmetzyanov
Tu-A01-TP/13Dynamic observer model based on modular plant flowsheetMulholland Michael, Vosloo John-Roy, Loveday Brian, Hulbert David
Tu-A01-TP/14An approach to model complex interdependent InfrastructuresPanzieri Stefano, Setola Roberto, Ulivi Giovanni
Tu-A01-TP/15Approximate Realization of Valve Dynamics with Time Delayvan Helvoirt Jan, Bosgra Okko, de Jager Bram, Steinbuch Maarten
Tu-A01-TP/16Mechanistic Modelling of Aggregation Phenomena in Population Balances of GranulationImmanuel Charles, Doyle Francis
Tu-A02-TO/1Active Noise Control in a Cavity using Interpolated modelsPulthasthan Suwit, Pota Hemanshu R.
Tu-A02-TO/2Model-Based Active Noise Control: A Case Study for a High-speed CD-ROM SystemYang Zhenyu, Zhang Youmin, Hussain D. M. Akbar
Tu-A02-TO/3Bayesian vector autoregression methods for multivariable control loop performance assessment in cross-directional controlDuncan Stephen, Taylor Andrew
Tu-A02-TO/4Data-based closed-loop system simulationLi Faming, Skelton Robert E.
Tu-A02-TO/5Nonlinear Control of a Linear Motion SystemAangenent Wouter, van de Molengraft Rene, Steinbuch Maarten
Tu-A02-TO/6Optimal Control for Active Identification of Unknown SystemsBaglietto Marco, Cannata Giorgio, Scardovi Luca, Zoppoli Riccardo
Tu-A13-TO/1Applications of mixed H2 and H-infinity input design in identificationBarenthin Märta, Jansson Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan
Tu-A13-TO/2Efficient Input Signal Design for Third-Order Volterra Model IdentificationParker Robert, Soni Abhishek
Tu-A13-TO/3Input design for identification of zerosMårtensson Jonas, Jansson Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan
Tu-A13-TO/4Multi-objective Optimization Approach to Optimal Input Design for Autoregressive Model IdentificationUosaki Katsuji, Hatanaka Toshiharu
Tu-A13-TO/5Optimal Input Design for Identification of Continuous-time SystemsIwase Masami, Shigi Makoto, Hatakeyama Shoshiro
Tu-A13-TO/6Optimal experiment design in closed loopJansson Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan
Tu-E02-TO/1Comparisons of Subspace Identification Methods for Systems Operating on Closed-loopQin S. Joe, Lin Weilu, Ljung Lennart
Tu-E02-TO/2A New Subspace Identification Method for Open and Closed Loop DataJansson Magnus
Tu-E02-TO/3Prediction Error Vs Subspace methods in closed loop identificationChiuso Alessandro, Picci Giorgio
Tu-E02-TO/4A Simple Subspace Identification Method of Closed-Loop Systems Using Orthogonal DecompositionKatayama Tohru, Tanaka Hideyuki, Enomoto Takeya
Tu-E02-TO/5Closed loop identification of unstable poles and non-minimum phase zerosMårtensson Jonas, Hjalmarsson Håkan
Tu-E02-TO/6Least disturbing closed-loop identification experiment for controlBombois Xavier, Scorletti Gerard, Van den Hof Paul
Tu-E03-TP/1Control Problem Classification for a Plasma ProcessIordanov Petar, Ringwood John, Doherty Sean
Tu-E03-TP/2Control-oriented NARX modeling of magneto-rheological dampersLeva Alberto, Piroddi Luigi
Tu-E03-TP/3Dynamical Modelling Using Ck Spline Functions With Application To Weight SensorsLakhdari Zakaria, Makany Philippe, Rouff Marc
Tu-E03-TP/4Friction Identification Based upon the LuGre and Maxwell Slip ModelsFassois Spilios, Rizos Demosthenis
Tu-E03-TP/5Friction Identification and Compensation in a DC MotorTjahjowidodo Tegoeh, Al-Bender Farid, Van Brussel Hendrik
Tu-E03-TP/6Friction identification with genetic algorithmsVergé Michel
Tu-E03-TP/7Incremental identification of NARX models by sparse grid approximationKahrs Olaf, Brendel Marc, Marquardt Wolfgang
Tu-E03-TP/8Interactive Visualization as a Tool for Analysing Time-Varying and Non-Linear SystemsJohansson Jimmy, Lindgren David, Cooper Matthew, Ljung Lennart
Tu-E03-TP/9Methods for parameter ranking in nonlinear, mechanistic modelsLund Berit Floor, Berntsen Hans E., Foss Bjarne A.
Tu-E03-TP/10Modelling of Disturbance Propagation in Anisotropic Media Using Differential Game MethodsBotkin Nikolay, Melikyan Arik A., Turova Varvara L.
Tu-E03-TP/11Neural Identification of Supercritical Extraction Process with Few Experimental DataSoares Rosana, de Oliveira Roberto Limão, Miranda Vladimiro, Barreiros José Augusto
Tu-E03-TP/12Neural modeling for crude oil blendingYu Wen, Morales América
Tu-E13-TO/1ELO Model Reduction and Case Study of Evenly Distributed RC InterconnectWang Sheng-Guo, Wang Ben, Yuan Baoguo
Tu-E13-TO/2Parameter Reduction for LPV Systems via Principal Components AnalysisKwiatkowski Andreas, Werner Herbert
Tu-E13-TO/3Real Interpolation Points in Model Reduction: Justification, Two Schemes and Error BoundJi Lan Yue, Salimbahrami Behnam, Lohmann Boris
Tu-E13-TO/4Reducing Second Order Systems by an integrated state space and back Conversion procedureSalimbahrami Behnam, Lohmann Boris, Grotmaack Rike, Bunse-Gerstner Angelika
Tu-E13-TO/5Reduction of Second Order Systems using Second Order Krylov subspacesLohmann Boris, Salimbahrami Behnam
Tu-E13-TO/6Stable reduced Order Modelling of Large Scale Systems using Prescribed PolesSalimbahrami Behnam, Lohmann Boris
Tu-M02-TO/1A Fictitious Reference Iterative Tuning (FRIT) in the Two-Degree of Freedom Control Scheme and its Application to Closed Loop System IdentificationKaneko Osamu, Soma Shotaro, Fujii Takao
Tu-M02-TO/2On Iterative Feedback Tuning and Disturbance Rejection using Simple Noise ModelsWahlberg Bo
Tu-M02-TO/3System identification of open water channels with undershot and overshot gatesWeyer Erik, Euren Karin
Tu-M02-TO/4A bayesian approach to closed-loop system identificationThil Stéphane, Gilson Marion
Tu-M02-TO/5Exact Parameter Estimation using Relay Feedback ControlKaya Ibrahim, Atherton Derek P.
Tu-M02-TO/6Towards a Multivariable Auto-TunerZhu Yucai, Serrano Esther T., Weiland Siep
Tu-M13-TO/1Application of Genetic Algorithms in Optimal Excitation and Controller DesignSchoen Marco, Lin Feng, Chinvorarat Sinchai
Tu-M13-TO/2Identification of Quantum Systems: Maximum Likelihood and Optimal Experiment Design for State TomographyKosut Robert, Walmsley Ian A., Rabitz Herschel
Tu-M13-TO/3Identification of a two-input system: variance analysisGevers Michel, Miskovic Ljubisa, Bonvin Dominique, Karimi Alireza
Tu-M13-TO/4Informative Experiment Design and Non-Parametric Identification of 6-DOF Motion PlatformParra Calvache Maria Isabel, Bosgra Okko, Valk Peter
Tu-M13-TO/5Optimal Sensor Locations for Nonparametric Identification of Viscoelastic MaterialsRunqvist Agnes, Mossberg Magnus, Söderström Torsten
Tu-M13-TO/6The design of ternary perturbation signals for linear system identificationBarker Tony, Tan Ai Hui, Godfrey Keith
We-A02-TO/1Almost Sure Convergence under Estimating Conditional Mean Based on Dependent DataChernyshov Kirill
We-A02-TO/2Application of a kernel method in modelling friction dynamicsHarrison Robert, Wan Yufeng, Wong Chian X., Dodd Tony J.
We-A02-TO/3Gradient Based Methods: Functional vs Parametric FormsDodd Tony, Nair Sumitra, Harrison Robert F.
We-A02-TO/4Identification of IIR nonlinear systems without structural infromationBai Er-Wei, Temo Robero, Liu Yun
We-A02-TO/5Recursive identification for Hammerstein and Wiener systems with piece-wise linear memoryless blockChen Han-Fu
We-A02-TO/6Identification of a Hydraulic Servo-Axis Using Support Vector MachinesSchaab Jochen, Muenchhof Marco, Vogt Michael, Isermann Rolf
We-A13-TO/1Detection and Estimation of Structural Changes in Dynamical Regression ModelsBrodsky Boris, Darkhovsky Boris
We-A13-TO/2Detection of State-of-Charge in Lead Acid Battery using RBF-NNMorita Yoshifumi, Sun Hee Lee, Kozawa Takaharu, Mizuno Naoki
We-A13-TO/3Dynamic Modelling for Condition Monitoring of Gas TurbinesBreikin Tim, Kulikov Gennady, Arkov Valentin, Fleming Peter
We-A13-TO/4GLR Tests for Fault Detection over Sliding Data WindowsTornqvist David, Gustafsson Fredrik, Klein Inger
We-A13-TO/5On-line Fault Prediction Algorithm for the Pulse SystemKolokolov Yury, Monovskaya Anna, Hamzaoui Abdelaziz
We-A13-TO/6Vibration Monitoring for Fault Diagnosis of Helicopter Planetary GearsWu Biqing, Saxena Abhinav, Patrick Romano, Vachtsevanos George
We-E02-TO/1Choice of Free Parameters in Expansions of Discrete-Time Volterra Models using Kautz FunctionsAmaral Wagner, da Rosa Alex, Campello Ricardo J.G.B.
We-E02-TO/2Identification of SVD-PARAFAC based third-order Volterra models using an ARLS algorithmFavier Gérard, Khouaja Anis
We-E02-TO/3Iterative optimization method of GOB-Volterra filtersFavier Gérard, Kibangou Alain, Hassani Moha
We-E02-TO/4Identification of infinite degree Volterra series in the time and frequency domainsHarrison Robert, Wan Yufeng, Dodd Tony J
We-E02-TO/5Modelling of power amplifier nonlinearities using Volterra seriesHarrison Robert, Wan Yufeng, Dodd Tony
We-E02-TO/6On The Role of Pre-Filtering in Nonlinear System IdentificationSpinelli William, Piroddi Luigi, Lovera Marco
We-E13-TO/1Direct Identification of Continuous-time Errors-in-variables ModelsMahata Kaushik, Garnier Hugues
We-E13-TO/2Identification of Noisy Input-Output System Using Bias-Compensated Least-Squares MethodIkenoue Masato, Kanae Shunshoku, Yang Zi-Jiang, Wada Kiyoshi
We-E13-TO/3Identification of dynamic errors-in-variables systems with periodic dataHong Mei, Söderström Torsten
We-E13-TO/4Identification of linear systems with errors in variables using separable nonlinear least-squaresEkman Mats
We-E13-TO/5On the Optimal Estimation of Errors in Variables Models for Robust ControlAguero Juan C., Goodwin Graham C., Salgado Mario E.
We-E13-TO/6Optimal errors-in-variables filtering in the MIMO caseDiversi Roberto, Guidorzi Roberto, Soverini Umberto
We-M02-TO/1On Gradient-Based Search for Multivariable System EstimatesWills Adrian, Ninness Brett, Gibson Stuart
We-M02-TO/2The University of Newcastle Identification Toolbox (UNIT)Ninness Brett, Wills Adrian, Gibson Stuart
We-M02-TO/3On a simple overlapping state-space parametrization for linear time series modelsRibarits Thomas, Gombani Andrea
We-M02-TO/4Blind Identifiability Analysis in a MIMO LTI System with Inputs from a Finite-Alphabet SetKwon Soonman, Fuhrmann D. R., Kim Seog-Joo, Lee Jongmoo
We-M02-TO/5Extended Global Total Least Square Approach to Multiple-Model IdentificationVinsonneau Benoit, Goodall David P., Burnham Keith J.
We-M02-TO/6Identification of State-space Models for Processes with Irregularly Sampled OutputsShah Sirish L., Raghavan H., Tangirala A.
We-M13-TO/1Cross-Validation of Controlled Dynamic Models: Bayesian ApproachKarny Miroslav, Nedoma Petr, Smidl Vaclav
We-M13-TO/2Physical consistency of the hysteretic Bouc-Wen modelIkhouane Faycal, Rodellar Jose
We-M13-TO/3Robust Model Identification Application to a Turbofan EngineMarcos Andres, Dinkar Mylaraswamy,, Gary Balas,
We-M13-TO/4Semi--Blind Robust Identification/Model (In)Validation with Applications to Macro--Economic Modelling. Pennsylvania State UniversitySznaier Mario, Ma Wenjing, Yilmaz Muhittin, Lagoa Constantino
We-M13-TO/5Validation of Stability for an Induction Machine Drive using Power IterationsBarenthin Märta, Mosskull Henrik, Hjalmarsson Håkan, Wahlberg Bo
We-M13-TO/6Validity of the standard cross-correlation test for model structure validationDouma Sippe Geert, Bombois Xavier, Van den Hof Paul M. J.
Th-A02-TO/1An Interpretation of Subspace Identification MethodsMathieu Pouliquen, M'Saad Mohammed
Th-A02-TO/2Stochastic subspace identification guaranteeing stability and minimum phaseTanaka Hideyuki, Katayama Tohru
Th-A02-TO/3Recursive Subspace Prediction of Linear Time-varying Stochastic SystemsAkira Ohsumi, Kameyama Kentaro
Th-A02-TO/4Sequential correlation-based propagator algorithm for recursive subspace identificationMercère Guillaume, Lecoeuche Stéphane, Vasseur Christian
Th-A02-TO/5Continuous Nonlinear SISO System Identification using Parameterized Linearization FamiliesBolognese Fernandes Pedro, Engell Sebastian
Th-A02-TO/6Identification of Approximative Nonlinear State-Space Models by SubspaceSchrempf Andreas, Verdult Vincent
Th-A13-TO/1Behavioral descriptions of the object-oriented paradigm for physical system modelingBastogne Thierry
Th-A13-TO/2The stable embedding problemTrentelman Harry, Zavala Yoé R., Praagman C., Trentelman H.L.
Th-A13-TO/3Robust stability analysis of uncertain interconnection in the behavioral frameworkTakaba Kiyotsugu
Th-A13-TO/4Port representations of the telegrapher's equationsVillegas Javier, Zwart Hans, van der Schaft Arjan
Th-A13-TO/5System Representation and Optimal Tracking in Data SpaceFujisaki Yasumasa, Duan Yiran, Ikeda Masao
Th-A13-TO/6Data driven simulation with applications to system identificationMarkovsky Ivan, Willems Jan C., Rapisarda Paolo, De Moor Bart L. M.
Th-E02-TO/1A Wavelet Enhanced Integral Approach to Linear Dynamic Data ReconciliationHuang Hsiao-Ping, Luo Kuo-Yuan
Th-E02-TO/2Formal Linearization of Nonlinear Time-Varying Dynamic Systems using Chebyshev and Laguerre PolynomialsTakata Hitoshi, Komatsu Kazuo, Sano Hideki
Th-E02-TO/3Nonlinear Observer Design For Lateral Vehicle Dynamicsvon Vietinghoff Anne, Hiemer Marcus, Kiencke Uwe
Th-E02-TO/4Nonlinear State Estimation by Evolution Strategies Based Particle FiltersUosaki Katsuji, Hatanaka Toshiharu
Th-E02-TO/5Sigma Point Gaussian Sum Filter Design using Square Root Unscented FiltersSimandl Miroslav, Dunik Jindrich
Th-E02-TO/6Using the Bhattacharyya distance in Functional Sampling Density of Particle FilterSimandl Miroslav, Straka Ondrej
Th-E02-TP/1Adaptive algorithms and experimental results of a bolus chasing CT scannerBai Er-Wei, Bai H., Remersaro R., Bennett J., Halloran J., Vannier M., Wang G.
Th-E02-TP/2An Image Registration Algorithm Based on Digital Image FusionWang Rong, Gao Liqun
Th-E02-TP/3Analysis of a class of infinite dimensional systems based on model decompositionSmieja Jaroslaw, Swierniak Andrzej
Th-E02-TP/4Detectability of anomalies from a few noisy tomographic projectionsFillatre Lionel, Retraint Florent, Nikiforov Igor
Th-E02-TP/5Development of Recognition System for Template-marked Digits in BilletsKo Jihun, Lee YoungKow, Choi SungHoo, Kim Sang Woo, Lee JongHak
Th-E02-TP/6Distributed-delay Models of the Glucose-Insulin Homeostasis and Asymptotic State ObservationDi Martino Domenico, De Gaetano Andrea, Germani Alfredo, Manes Costanzo, Palumbo Pasquale
Th-E02-TP/7Estimating the Disease Parameters for Smallpox in London over the period 1708 to 1748Duncan Stephen
Th-E02-TP/8Face identification using multiple combination strategy for human robot interactionKim Do-Hyung, Lee Jae-Yeon, Cha Eui-Young, Cho Young-Jo
Th-E02-TP/9Feature Extraction of Human Sleep EEG based on a Peak Frequency AnalysisInoue Katsuhiro, Tsujihata Tomohiro, Kumamaru Kousuke, Matsuoka Shigeaki
Th-E02-TP/10Gas jet impinging on liquid surface: Cavity shape modelling and video-based estimationEvestedt Magnus, Medvedev Alexander
Th-E02-TP/11Modelling of Supercritical Fluid Extraction Using Dynamic Genetic Algorithm based OptimisationYang Simon X., Zeng Jin, Wang Guoyin
Th-E02-TP/12Motion Reconstruction in Natural Scenes from Cortical Activity WavesWang Wenxue, Ghosh Bijoy K.
Th-E02-TP/13Nonlinear Modeling and System Identification for Cortical Control of Arm ProstheticsWang Yongji, Huang Jian, Xu Qi, He Jiping
Th-E02-TP/14Optimising Neural Network Architectures for Compensator DesignGoodband John, Haas Olivier, Mills John
Th-E02-TP/15Parkinson’s Disease: Modeling the Tremor and Optimizing the TreatmentHaeri Mohammad, Sarbaz Yashar, Gharibzadeh Shahriar
Th-E02-TP/16Spectral Properties of Projection Signals in 3-D TomographyLi Yingbo, Kummert Anton, Boschen Fritz, Herzog Hans
Th-E02-TP/17Systematic structure and parameter identification for biological reaction systems supported by a software-toolLeifheit Jana, King Rudibert
Th-E02-TP/18Wavelet Approximation for Implementation in Dynamic Translinear CircuitsPeeters Ralf, Karel Joël, Westra Ronald, Haddad Sandro, Serdijn Wouter
Th-E02-TP/19Wavelet Descriptors for Object Recognition using Mexican Hat FunctionNabout Adnan Abou, Tibken Bernd
Th-E13-TO/1A deterministic approach for optimal recursive prediction of singular discrete-time systemsIshihara João, Bianco Aline, Terra Marco
Th-E13-TO/2Integrated navigation of cameras for augmented realitySchön Thomas, Gustafsson Fredrik
Th-E13-TO/3Motion recovery using dynamic visionChen Xinkai, Kano Hiroyuki
Th-E13-TO/4Performance Analysis of Kalman-Based Filters and Particle Filters for Non-Linear/Non-Gaussian Bayesian TrackingShu Wenjie, Zheng Zhiqiang
Th-E13-TO/5Unscented Transform and Its Application in ATC TrackingShu Wenjie, Zheng Zhiqiang
Th-E13-TO/6System Parameter Estimation Using p-norm MinimizationStecha Jan, Cepak Milan, Pekar Jaroslav, Pachner Daniel
Th-M02-TO/1An Optimisation-based Approach to Interval Model Identification in the Frequency DomainPuig Vicenç, Masip Albert, Quevedo Joseba
Th-M02-TO/2Analysis of windowing/leakage effects in frequency response function measurementsSchoukens Johan, Rolain Y., Pintelon R.
Th-M02-TO/3Cyclic Spectral Based Approach to Closed-Loop IdentificationSun Lianming, Sano Akira
Th-M02-TO/4ML identification of closed-loop systems in a specified frequency bandPintelon Rik, Schoukens Johan
Th-M02-TO/5Measuring Linear Approximation to Weakly Nonlinear MIMO SystemsDobrowiecki Tadeusz, Schoukens Johan
Th-M02-TO/6System identification using Measurements Subject to Stochastic Time JitterEng Frida, Gustafsson Fredrik
Th-M13-TO/1Algebraic Theory of Time-Varying Linear Systems: A SurveyIlchmann Achim
Th-M13-TO/2An algebraic analysis approach to linear time-varying behaviorsZerz Eva
Th-M13-TO/3Behavioral models over rings--minimal representations and applications to coding and sequencesKuijper Margreta, Wu Xin-Wen, Parampalli Udaya
Th-M13-TO/5The controllability test for behaviors revisitedPolderman Jan Willem
Fr-A13-TO/1Reachability Analysis under Control-dependentDigailova Irina, Kurzhanski Alexander
Fr-A13-TO/2Error Bounds for FIR Models in Conditional Set-Membership IdentificationCasini Marco, Garulli Andrea, Vicino Antonio
Fr-A13-TO/3Set Membership Parameter Identification with Complex Intervals using Polar FormsRamdani Nacim, Raissi Tarek, Candau Yves, Boudenne Abderrahim, Ibos Laurent
Fr-A13-TO/4Set-Membership Nonlinear Filtering with Second-Order InformationCalafiore Giuseppe, Bona Basilio
Fr-A13-TO/5Set-Membership identification of Wiener models with non-invertible nonlinearityCerone Vito, Regruto Diego
Fr-A13-TO/6Simulation of Uncertain Dynamic Systems Described by Interval Models: A SurveyQuevedo Joseba, Puig Vicenç, Stancu Alexandru
Fr-M02-TO/1PMID Observer Design for Unknown Input Generalized Dynamical SystemsGao Zhiwei, Ding Steven X
Fr-M02-TO/2Reduced-order unknown-input perfect observer for standard systemKrzemiński Stefan, Kaczorek Tadeusz
Fr-M02-TO/3Robust State Observer Design Based on Regional Pole AssignmentLiu Man, Jing Yuan-wei, Zhang Si-ying
Fr-M02-TO/4Asymptotic Observers for Discrete-Time Switched Linear SystemsBabaali Mohamed, Egerstedt Magnus
Fr-M02-TO/5Designing a Kalman filter when no noise covariance information is availableBos Robert, Bombois Xavier, Van den Hof Paul
Fr-M02-TO/6Estimating inputs of nonlinear dynamical systems using differential algebra techniquesPillonetto Gianluigi, Saccomani Maria Pia
Fr-M13-TO/1A Family of Polynomial Filters for Discrete-time Nonlinear Stochastic SystemsManes Costanzo, Alfredo Germani, Pasquale Palumbo
Fr-M13-TO/2A New Approach to System Structure Reconstruction based on a Generalized Tellegen PrincipleCerny Vaclav, Hrusak Josef, Panek David
Fr-M13-TO/3Dynamic Programming Solution of State Estimation Problems with Constrained DisturbancesMare José, De Dona Jose
Fr-M13-TO/4Efficient Gaussian Process Based on BFGS Updating and Logdet ApproximationLeithead W. E., Zhang Yunong, Leith D. J.
Fr-M13-TO/5Explicit Solution to Constrained Linear EstimationZhuo Xiang Wei, De Dona Jose A., Seron Maria M.
Fr-M13-TO/6Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov Lemma for Two-Dimensional SystemsYang Ran, Xie Lihua, Zhang Cishen