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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Tu-E01-TP/5R&D for Quality Improvement and Network ExternalitiesLambertini Luca, Orsini Raimondello9.1
Mo-E13-TO/1R&D Incentives under Bertrand Competition: A Differential GameLambertini Luca, Cellini Roberto9.1
Th-M17-TO/4Random Start and Forward Search Applied to Solve Multi-Criterion Planning ProblemsDang Thanh-Tung, Frankovič Baltazár, Sheahan Con, Budinská Ivana5.2
Th-M14-TO/2Range Control MPC Approach for Two-Dimensional SystemRoubal Jirka, Havlena Vladimír2.4
Th-M10-TO/3Rank-constrained LMI approach to mixed H_2/H_inf static output feedback controllersKim Seog-Joo, Moon Young-Hyun, Kwon Soonman, Kim Kook-Hun2.5
Tu-M01-TP/9Rapid Prototyping of Overhead Crane DynamicsSzpytko Janusz, Schab Jakub7.4
Fr-M02-TP/12Rapid Prototyping of Sequential Controllers with Petri-NetsOrth Philipp, Bollig Alexander, Abel Dirk1.3
We-E06-TO/4Rapid Reconfiguration of Machine-Tools for Holonic Manufacturing SystemsStrasser Thomas, Fessl Kurt, Hämmerle Alexander, Ankerl Martin5.4
Mo-M03-TP/12Rational Bezout equation and interconnection of linear systemsHromcik Martin, Lidinsky Jiri, Sebek Michael2.1
Th-E11-TO/6Rational Implementation of Distributed Delay using Extended Bilinear TransformationsZhong Qing-Chang2.2
Fr-A03-TP/13RBF Neural Network based Human Genome TSS IdentificationJie Chen, Zhihong Peng, Lijun Cao, Tingting Gao8.2
Th-M03-TO/4RBF-ARX Model-based Robust MPC for Nonlinear SystemsPeng Hui, Gui Weihua, Zou Runmin, Youssef Rafi, Yang Zi-Jiang, Shioya Hideo2.3
Tu-E12-TO/4Reachability Analysis of Switched Linear Systems with Switching/Input ConstraintsSun Zhendong1.3
Fr-A13-TO/1Reachability Analysis under Control-dependentDigailova Irina, Kurzhanski Alexander1.1
Tu-E13-TO/3Real Interpolation Points in Model Reduction: Justification, Two Schemes and Error BoundJi Lan Yue, Salimbahrami Behnam, Lohmann Boris1.1
We-A07-TO/4Real Time Environmental and Traffic Supervision for Adaptive Interfaces in Intelligent VehiclesPolychronopoulos Aris, Amditis Angelos, Andreone Luisa4.1
Tu-A03-TP/16Real Time Optimizing Control of a Class of Crude Oil Blending OperationsMorales-Diaz America, Rodriguez-Angeles Alejandro, Blanco Anibal, Snachez Arturo6.1
Th-A01-TP/10Real Time Sound Source Localization using Time Difference and Phase Difference for Human Robot InteractionChi Su-young, Lee Ji-Yeoun, Lee Jae-Yeun, Hahn Minsoo, Cho Young-Jo4.5
Mo-M08-TO/2Realization of nonlinear discrete-time composite systems: computational aspectsNõmm Sven, Kotta Ülle, Tõnso Maris2.3
Th-M19-TO/6Real-time Estimation of Mean Arterial Blood PressureZanderigo Eleonora, Leibundgut Daniel, Kraus Franta, Wymann Rolf, Morari Manfred8.2
Th-M22-TO/3Real-time Interaction over the Internet: Model for QoS AdaptationSalzmann Christophe, Gillet Denis, Müllhaupt Philippe9.4
We-E07-TO/2Real-Time Nonlinear Individual Cylinder Air Fuel Ratio Observer on a Diesel EngineChauvin Jonathan, Moulin Philippe, Corde Gilles, Petit Nicolas, Rouchon Pierre7.1
We-E09-TO/5Real-time optimization for nonlinear systems using algorithmic controlKobayashi Tomoaki, Imae Joe, Magono Michiyuki, Yoshimizu Kazutaka, Zhai Guisheng2.1
Mo-M04-TO/4Real-Time Path Planning in Unknown Environments using a Virtual HillLee Min Cheol, Park Min Gyu, Son Kwon4.3
Mo-M18-TO/1Real-Time Route Guidance in Large-Scale Urban Express Ring-RoadsWang Yibing, Sarros George, Papageorgiou Markos, Knibbe Willem Jan7.4
Tu-A09-TO/5Real-TimeTracking Control Embedded with Biological Neurons for a Class of Mobile RobotsLiu Shirong, Yang Simon X., Zhang Huidi3.2
Mo-A14-TO/5Receding Horizon Finite Memory Controls for Output Feedback Controls of Discrete-Time State Space SystemsAhn Choon Ki, Kwon Wook Hyun, Han Soohee2.4
Th-M02-TP/13Receding Horizon Neural H_inf Control for a Class of Nonlinear Unknown SystemsAhn Choon Ki, Han Soo Hee, Kwon Wook Hyun2.3
We-A11-TO/5Receding-Horizon Control for Linear Time-Delay SystemsLee Young Sam2.2
Fr-A01-TP/7Recognition of Various Events From 3-D Heart ModelSzilagyi Sandor Miklos, Szilagyi Laszlo, Benyo Zoltan8.2
Mo-M17-TO/4Reconfiguration of Discrete Event System Controllers with Dynamic Sensing SetDarabi Houshang, Liu Jing5.1
Tu-M18-TO/6Reconnaissance and Surveillance in Urban Terrain with Unmanned Aerial VehiclesHegazy Tamir, Ludington Ben, Vachtsevanos George7.5
Tu-E04-TO/1Recursive Algorithm for the Inverse Kinematics of Redundant Robotic ManipulatorsNicolato Fabricio, Madrid Marconi4.3
We-A02-TO/5Recursive identification for Hammerstein and Wiener systems with piece-wise linear memoryless blockChen Han-Fu1.1
Th-A02-TO/3Recursive Subspace Prediction of Linear Time-varying Stochastic SystemsAkira Ohsumi, Kameyama Kentaro1.1
Fr-M03-TP/2Reduced-order H∞ Controllers based on Improved Genetic AlgorithmJing Yuanwei, Pan Wei, Dimirovski Georgi M.9.3
Fr-M02-TO/2Reduced-order unknown-input perfect observer for standard systemKrzemiński Stefan, Kaczorek Tadeusz1.1
Tu-E13-TO/4Reducing Second Order Systems by an integrated state space and back Conversion procedureSalimbahrami Behnam, Lohmann Boris, Grotmaack Rike, Bunse-Gerstner Angelika1.1
Tu-M02-TP/11Reducing the Effect of Unmodelled Dynamics by MRAC Control Law ModificationMiklovicova Eva, Murgaš Ján, Gonos Michal1.2
Tu-E13-TO/5Reduction of Second Order Systems using Second Order Krylov subspacesLohmann Boris, Salimbahrami Behnam1.1
Mo-A07-TO/3Reference Model and Lyapunov Analysis Approach : Application to an Induction MotorCauet Sebastien, Rambault Laurent, Mehdi Driss, Bachelier Olivier6.3
Fr-M10-TO/1Regulation of discrete-time linear systems with positive state and control constraints and bounded disturbancesRakovic Sasa, V., Mayne David, Q.2.5
Tu-A02-TP/5Reinforcement Learning Control for Ship Steering using Recursive Least-Squares AlgorithmShen Zhipeng, Guo Chen, Yuan Shichun1.2
We-A04-TP/11Rejection of Repeatable Run-Out in HDDs Using Inverse Frequency DynamicsKawafuku Motohiro, Iwasaki Makoto, Hirai Hiromu, Okuyama Atsushi4.2
Tu-M03-TO/5Rejection of Unknown Sinusoidal Disturbances in Non-minimum-Phase Nonlinear SystemsDing Zhengtao, Lennox Barry2.3
Th-E05-TP/15Rejection of Unmeasureable Extended Constant Disturbances using Model Predictive ControlMilman Ruth, Davison Edward Joseph2.4
Fr-M10-TO/6Relationships between Affine Feedback Policies for Robust Control with ConstraintsGoulart Paul, Kerrigan Eric2.5
Th-A14-TO/5Relatively optimal control: the static solutionPellegrino Felice Andrea, Blanchini Franco2.1
Mo-A03-TP/16Relay Control with Parallel Compensator for Nonminimum Phase PlantsGessing Ryszard2.1
Mo-A02-TP/10Reliability and efficiency of extended linearization algorithms for general robust control problemsKiyama Tsuyoshi, Sakamoto Takumi2.5
Mo-E01-TP/10Reliability calculus using Max-plus algebraCaileanu Corneliu6.4
Th-M02-TP/14Reliable H_infinite Control for a Class of Switched Nonlinear SystemsWang Rui, Zhao Jun, Dimirovski Georgi M.2.3
Fr-A08-TO/2Reliable guaranteed cost control for parametrized interconnected systems with LMI characterizationPujol Gisela, Rodellar Jose, Rossell Josep M.2.1
Tu-A15-TO/6Remarks on Improving of Operation Speed of The PLCsMilik Adam, Hrynkiewicz Edward, Chmiel Miroslaw4.1
Tu-E22-TO/3Remarks on Input-to-Output Stability for Discrete Time SystemsJiang Zhong-Ping, Lin Yuandan, Wang Yuan2.3
Tu-E15-TO/3Remote Control of Mobile Robots for EmergenciesSchilling Klaus, Driewer Frauke3.3
Th-M01-TO/3Remote Control of Target in Space using Magnetic ForceNagai Masaki, Nakasuka Shinichi7.3
Mo-E13-TO/2Renewable Resources, Capital Accumulation and SustainabilityKatayama Seiichi, Ohta Hiroshi9.1
Th-M16-TO/6Repetitive-Control System for Harmonic Elimination in Three-Phase Voltage-Source InvertersRoncero Pedro, Feliu-Batlle Vicente, García-Cerrada Aurelio, García-González Pablo6.3
We-A15-TO/2Research on Simulation of Wireless Sensor NetworkLiang Wei, Yu Haibin, Che Chang, Bai Jieyin3.3
Mo-A05-TO/6Residual Function Design for Linear Multivariable SystemsSimani Silvio, Diversi Roberto6.4
Tu-M04-TP/19Resource Scheduling Strategies for a Network-based Autonomous Mobile RobotKim Hongryeol, Kim Joomin, Kim Daewon4.3
We-M03-TO/4Rhythmic Stabilization of Periodic Orbits in a WedgeGerard Manuel, Sepulchre Rodolphe2.3
Mo-M03-TO/4Riemannian Observers for Euler-Lagrange SystemsAnisi David A., Hamberg Johan2.3
Tu-A01-TP/3Rigorous Modeling of a High Pressure Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymerization Autoclave ReactorChien I-Lung, Wei Kan Tze, Chen Bo-Shuo1.1
We-E19-TO/1Risk Assessment for Safe Restart of Anaerobic Digestion ProcessesDemmou Hamid, Brahimi Belynda, Helias Arnaud, Steyer Jean Philippe8.3
Fr-A02-TP/11Risk Estimation Techniques in Case of WPW SyndromeSzilagyi Sandor Miklos, Szilagyi Laszlo, Benyo Zoltan8.2
Fr-M18-TO/2Robot Airship for Education and Research - Modelling and ControlKuhle Jörg, Roth Hubert, Klein Christoph4.3
Th-A04-TO/6Robot Assisted Playing for Severe Physically Handicapped ChildrenKronreif Gernot, Prazak Barbara, Fürst Martin, Mina Stefan, Kornfeld Martin, Hochgatterer Andreas4.3
Mo-M04-TO/3Robot Motion Planning by Approximation of Obstacles in Configuration SpaceRuehl Martin, Roth Hubert4.3
Tu-M04-TP/20Robot Path Planning in Unstructured Environments Using a Knowledge-based Genetic AlgorithmYang Simon X., Hu Yanrong4.3
Tu-E19-TO/6Robotic Manipulation of a Hyper-flexible BodyMochiyama Hiromi, Fujimoto Hideo4.3
We-M04-TO/6Robots Control based on Parameter Identification and Adaptive Gain Smooth Sliding Observer-controllerFilipescu Adrian, Dugard Luc, Stamatescu Sabin4.3
Th-M01-TO/4Robust Control of a Spacecraft Respinup by Weak Internal ForcesSomov Yevgeny, Titov Gennady, Butyrin Sergey, Rayevsky Valentine, Kozlov Albert7.3
Mo-E02-TO/4Robust Nonlinear Gyromoment Control of Agile Remote Sensing SpacecraftSomov Yevgeny, Butyrin Sergey, Somov Sergey, Matrosov Vladimir, Anshakov Gennady7.3
Mo-A03-TP/17Robust Adaptive Congestion Control for Next Generation NetworksPietrabissa Antonio, Priscoli Francesco Delli2.1
We-A04-TP/12Robust Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Translating Beams with a Varying SpeedYang Kyung-Jinn, Hong Keum-Shik, Matsuno Fumitoshi4.2
Tu-E16-TO/6Robust Adaptive Control of Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Machines using Neural NetworksBabazadeh Amir, Karimi Hamidreza, Parspour Nejila4.2
Mo-M03-TP/13Robust Adaptive Fuzzy CMAC Control for Unknown SystemsWu Ter-Feng, Tsai Pu-Sheng, Chang Fan-Ren2.1
We-M01-TP/7Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control Based on Generalized Fuzzy Hyperbolic ModelZhang Mingjun, Zhang Huaguang3.2
Fr-M03-TO/6Robust Adaptive Neural Network Control for Nonlinear MIMO Time-delay SystemsTee Keng-Peng, Ge Shuzhi Sam2.3
Th-M02-TP/15Robust adaptive tracking control for a class of perturbed uncertain nonlinear systemsLi Tieshan, Yang Yansheng, Hong Biguang, Ren Junsheng2.3
Th-A17-TO/2Robust algorithm for the uncertain scheduling problem with moving executorsJozefczyk Jerzy5.2
Th-E03-TP/14Robust Capacity for Additive Colored Gaussian Uncertain ChannelsCharalambous Charalambos D., Denic Stojan Z., Djouadi Seddik M.1.4
Th-A02-TP/12Robust constrained horizon predictive controller for dead time systemsTorrico Bismark C., Normey-Rico Julio E.2.2
Mo-E03-TP/5Robust Control for the Coupling of Lateral and Longitudinal Dynamics in High Speed CraftsAranda Joaquin, Munoz-Mansilla Rocio, Díaz José Manuel, Dormido-Canto Sebastián7.2
Mo-A02-TP/11Robust Control of a Flexible Manipulator Arm: A Benchmark ProblemMoberg Stig, Öhr Jonas2.5
Mo-A02-TP/14Robust control of multi-axis shaking system using mu-synthesisUchiyama Yasuhiro, Mukai Masakazu, Fujita Masayuki2.5
Fr-M15-TO/5Robust Control of PVTOL Aircraft using Saturations FunctionsSalazar-Cruz Sergio, Lozano Rogelio7.3
Mo-A01-TP/12Robust Control of Time Delay Systems through a Structured Uncertainty ApproachTavassoli Babak, Yazdanpanah Mohammad Javad2.5
Mo-M01-TP/8Robust Control with Youla Parametrization of Yeast Fed-Batch CulturesVande Wouwer Alain, Renard Frederic, Valentinotti Sergio, Dumur Didier8.4
We-M06-TO/6Robust dead-time compensation of a evaporation process in sugarNormey-Rico Julio Elias, Merino Alejandro, Cristea Smaranda, de Prada Cesar6.1
Tu-A03-TP/17Robust Decentralized Control of Reactive Distillation Process in Dimethylacetamide ProductionTorgashov Andrei, Park Kyung Chul, Kang Nam Sig6.1
Tu-A08-TO/4Robust Decentralized Controller Design for Power Systems using Convex Optimization involving LMIsErlich Istvan, Befekadu Getachew K.6.3
Mo-E21-TO/2Robust decentralized H-infinity control of multi-channel systems with norm-bounded parametric uncertaintiesChen Ning, Ikeda Masao5.4
Mo-M21-TO/5Robust Decentralized Pole AssignmentAshari Alireza Esna, Labibi Batool5.4
We-A10-TO/3Robust design of Smith predictive controller for moment model setSchlegel Milos, Vecerek Oldrich2.1
Mo-M03-TP/14Robust Disturbance Decoupling in Linear MultivariableLyubchyk Leonid, Mueller Peter C.2.1
Mo-A10-TO/4Robust D-stability Analysis of Uncertain Polynomial Matrices via Polynomial-type MultipliersEbihara Yoshio, Maeda Katsutoshi, Hagiwara Tomomichi2.5
Mo-M03-TP/15Robust Dynamic Stiffness Design of a Linear Servo SystemShen Bin-Hong, Tsai Mi-Ching, Gu Da-Wei2.1
Tu-M11-TO/1Robust Eigenstructure Assignment: New ApproachAshari Alireza Esna2.2
Fr-M15-TO/2Robust Estimation versus Optimal Estimation and their Application for Airborne GravimetryKulakova Veronica I., Nebylov Alexander V., Stepanov Oleg A.7.3
Mo-A05-TO/1Robust Fault Detection and Isolation Filters Design with Sensitivity Constraint for LPV systemsArmeni Saverio, Casavola Alessandro, Mosca Edoardo6.4
Mo-E01-TP/11Robust Fault Detection Filter for Linear Stochastic SystemsJamouli Hicham, Sauter Dominique, Keller Jean Yves6.4
Tu-E05-TO/2Robust fault detection using neuro-fuzzy networksKowal Marek, Korbicz Józef6.4
Mo-E01-TP/13Robust fault detection via GMDH neural networksMrugalski Marcin6.4
Tu-E05-TO/4Robust fault diagnosis in catalytic cracking converter using artificial neural networksPatan Krzysztof6.4
Mo-E01-TP/12Robust Fault Diagnosis of Nonlinear Systems Based on an Unknown Input Extended Kalman ObserverLi Linglai, Zhou D.H., Liu K.D.6.4
We-A03-TP/9Robust Fault Isolation using Non-linear Interval Observers: The Damadics Benchmark Case StudyPuig Vicenç, Stancu Alexandru, Quevedo Joseba6.4
Tu-M05-TO/4Robust FDF for Linear Uncertain Systems of the Polytopic TypeZhong Maiying, Ye Hao, Ma Chuanfeng, Wang Guizeng6.4
Tu-M05-TO/5Robust FDI with Mixed H2/Hinfinity Criteria for Discrete-Time Linear SystemsRios-Bolivar Addison, Rivas-Echeverria Francklin, Garcia Germain6.4
Th-E01-TP/13Robust Filtering for Random Sensor Delay SystemsYang Fuwen, Wang Zidong2.2
We-A04-TP/13Robust Following Control of Optical Disk Recording System Based on ZPET Control and Sudden Disturbance ObserverOhishi Kiyoshi, Hayano Toru, Miyazaki Toshimasa, Koide Daiichi, Tokumaru Haruki4.2
We-E08-TO/6Robust Generic Model Control for Parameter Interval SystemsIstre Joseph, Zhang YuMing2.3
Mo-A02-TO/5Robust Global Exponential Stabilization of an Underactuated AirshipYamada Manabu, Tomizuka Masayoshi7.3
Th-M02-TP/16Robust global stabilizing bounded control of a PVTOL aircraft with lateral couplingZavala-Rio Arturo, Fantoni Isabelle, Salazar Sergio, Lozano Rogelio2.3
Fr-A08-TO/3Robust G-passification via static output feedback - LMI resultsPeaucelle Dimitri, Fradkov Alexander, Andrievsky Boris2.1
Th-A16-TO/6Robust H_infinity control applied to a solar plantCorchero Miguel A., Ortega Manuel G., Rubio Francisco R.6.3
We-E10-TO/4Robust H2/H-infinity Dynamic Output-feedback Control Synthesis for Systems with Polytope-Bounded UncertaintyPalhares Reinaldo, Goncalves Eduardo, Takahashi Ricardo2.5
We-M11-TO/6Robust Hinfinity control of a Bilateral Teleoperation System under Communication Time-DelaySename Olivier, Fattouh Anas2.2
Th-A10-TO/3Robust H-infinity Control of Markovian Jump linear Systems with Uncertain Switching ProbabilitiesXiong Junlin, Lam James2.5
Mo-A02-TP/12Robust H-infinity Control of Uncertain Markovian Jump Linear Systems with Mode-Dependent Time-DelaysLi Shanbin, Cao Yong-Yan, Wang Yongqiang, Sun Youxian2.5
Th-M15-TO/2Robust H-infinity Output Feedback Control Design for Fuzzy Dynamic Systems with Quadratic D Stability Constraints: An LMI ApproachNguang Sing Kiong, Assawinchaichote Wudhichai, Shi Peng3.2
Fr-A08-TO/4Robust H-infinity Static Output Feedback Control of Fuzzy Systems: An ILMI ApproachNguang Sing Kiong, Huang Dan, Shi Peng2.1
We-A04-TO/4Robust Image-Based Visual Servoing System using a Redundant ArchitectureAracil Nicolas Garcia, Aracil Rafael, Pérez Carlos, Payá Luis, Sabater José María, Azorín José María, Jiménez Luis M.4.3
We-A16-TO/6Robust Iterative Learning Control on Finite Time IntervalsGoldsmith Peter1.2
Th-M10-TO/4Robust l1 synthesis with error quantification for coprime factor nominal systemSokolov Victor2.5
Fr-M07-TP/5Robust Load-sharing Control of Spacecraft FormationsGarcia-Sanz Mario, Hadaegh F.Y.7.3
Th-E03-TP/15Robust Mixed H_2/H_infinity Control for Systems with Stochastic NonlinearityYang Fuwen, Wang Zidong1.4
We-M13-TO/3Robust Model Identification Application to a Turbofan EngineMarcos Andres, Dinkar Mylaraswamy,, Gary Balas,1.1
We-E04-TO/3Robust Navigation Techniques for The GVG-based SLAM in Unstructured EnvironmentAhn Sunghwan, Lett Doh Nakju, Kyun Chung Wan4.3
We-M15-TO/5Robust Networked Predictive Control for Systems with Random Network DelayOuyang Hua, Liu Guoping, Rees D3.1
We-E16-TO/5Robust Neural Identification of Robotic Manipulators Using Discrete Time Adaptive Sliding Mode LearningTopalov Andon Venelinov, Kaynak Okyay1.2
Th-A04-TP/14Robust Optimal Control of Flexible Spacecraft During Slewing ManeuversEbrahimi Asghar, Moosavian S. Ali A., Mirshams Mehran2.4
We-M10-TO/1Robust Output Regulation of Linear Systems with Structural UncertaintiesFu Minyue, Juang Jie2.5
Mo-M03-TP/16Robust Overlapping Decentralized Control for Multi-area Longitudinal Power SystemsLi Xiaohua, Chen Xue-bo, Jing Yuanwei, Wang Wei2.1
Mo-A22-TO/6Robust Performance in Biophysical NetworksDoyle III Francis, Stelling Joerg8.4
Mo-A01-TP/13Robust Pole Assignment by State Feedback Control using Interval AnalysisPrado Marcia, Lordelo Alfredo, Ferreira Paulo2.5
Th-E15-TO/1Robust pole placement in LMI region for Takagi-Sugeno models: application to vehicle spacing controlDelprat S., Toulotte P.F., Guerra T.M., Boonaert J.3.2
We-E18-TO/6Robust Position Control of Linear Piezoelectric Motor Drive SystemsQian Xin, Wang Youyi4.2
We-M10-TO/5Robust Regulation of a Class of Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed SystemsAmjadifard Roya, Yazdanpanah Mohammad J., Beheshti Mohammad T. H.2.5
Mo-M16-TO/6Robust Rejection of Periodic and Almost Periodic DisturbancesKulkarni Vishwesh, Pao Lucy, Zhong Hua4.2
We-E01-TP/10Robust Sensing and Control of Weld Pool SurfaceZhang YuMing, Lu Wei, Zhang Chuan, Walcott Bruce5.1
We-M03-TP/8Robust Scheduling of Batch Processes in Uncertain CasesHeo Soon-Ki, Son Hong-Rok, Lee In-Beum5.2
Mo-A10-TO/2Robust Stability Analysis for Structured Uncertainties with Bounded Variation RatesKöroglu Hakan, Scherer Carsten W.2.5
Fr-A10-TO/5Robust stability analysis of linear systems with affine parameter uncertaintiesYang Guang-Hong, Lum Kai-Yew2.5
Mo-A10-TO/1Robust Stability Analysis of Linear Systems with Time-Varying DelaysKao Chung-Yao, Rantzer Anders2.5
Th-A13-TO/3Robust stability analysis of uncertain interconnection in the behavioral frameworkTakaba Kiyotsugu1.1
Mo-A02-TP/15Robust stability and stabilization of a class of singular systems with multiple time-varying delaysSaadni Mohamed Salah, Chaabane M., Mehdi D., Bachelier O.2.5
We-M04-TP/10Robust Stability of a Class of Nonlinear Delayed Impulsive Neural Networks with Interval UncertaintiesGuan Zhi-Hong, Chen Guanrong, Qian Tong-Hui3.2
Tu-E10-TO/5Robust stability of discrete-time adaptive nonlinear controlXie Liang-Liang, Li Chanying, Guo Lei2.5
Mo-A01-TP/14Robust Stability of Uncertain Discrete Systems with Time-VaryingFridman Emilia, Shaked Uri2.5
Mo-A02-TP/13Robust Stabilization of an Inverted Pendulum using a Slow-fast Decomposition ApproachAmjadifard Roya, Morris Kirsten, Beheshti Mohammad, Khaloozadeh Hamid2.5
Th-E11-TO/5Robust stabilization of linear time-delay systems via the optimization of real stability radiiMichiels Wim, Plomteux Thomas, Roose Dirk2.2
Th-M03-TO/2Robust Stabilization of Nonlinear Processes Using Hybrid Predictive ControlChristofides Panagiotis, Mhaskar Prashant, El-Farra Nael H.2.3
Th-A10-TO/4Robust Stabilization of Singular Stochastic Systems with DelaysBoukas El-Kebir, Xu Shengyuan, Lam James, Xiong Junlin2.5
Fr-M02-TO/3Robust State Observer Design Based on Regional Pole AssignmentLiu Man, Jing Yuan-wei, Zhang Si-ying1.1
We-A22-TO/5Robust Statistics for Soft Sensor Development in Cement KilnLin Bao, Recke Bodil, Renaudat Philippe, Knudsen Jørgen, Jørgensen Sten Bay6.2
We-E04-TP/8Robust String Stability Controller Desigen of a Platoon of Vehicles based on LMI ApproachWu Lijuan, Jing Yuanwei, Chen Xuebo, Wang Wei7.5
Fr-M11-TO/3Robust Ventilation Control for Building HVAC Performance OptimizationWang Shengwei, Xu Xinhua4.4
Tu-A07-TO/1Robust Yaw Control Design with Active Differential and Active Roll Control SystemsGerhard Johannes, Laiou Maria-Christina, Mönnigmann Martin, Marquardt Wolfgang, Lakehal-Ayat Mohsen, Aneke Edo, Busch Rainer7.1
Mo-A07-TO/4Robustness analysis of nonlinear systems - application to induction motorLaroche Edouard6.3
Mo-M02-TO/5Robustness Issues in Continuous-time System Identification from Sampled DataYuz Juan, Goodwin Graham, Garnier Hugues1.1
Mo-A01-TP/15Robustness of Boundary Control of Damped Wave Equations with Large Delays at Boundary MeasurementChen YangQuan, Liang Jinsong, Zhang Weiwei2.5
Th-A17-TO/1Robustness of the linear workshop to the change of ratioKaroui Mohamed Fathi, Collart Dutilleul Simon, Craye Etienne5.2
Th-M07-TO/3Robustness Properties of a Class of Optimal Risk-Sensitive Controllers for Quantum SystemsJames Matthew, Petersen Ian1.4
Mo-A07-TO/6Rotor Flux Optimal Estimation for Induction Motor ControlAlonge Francesco, D'Ippolito F., Giardina G., Raimondi F. M., Scaffidi T.6.3
Mo-A03-TP/18Rotor resistance estimation for current-fed induction motorsKaragiannis Dimitrios, Astolfi Alessandro2.1
Mo-M16-TO/5RRO Compensation of Hard Disk Drives with Multirate Repetitive PTCFujimoto Hiroshi4.2