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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Th-E18-TO/6QFT for the Design of an Aircraft Flight ControlSantander Alexander, Aranda Joaquin7.3
Mo-M01-TP/7QFT Robust Control of a Wastewater Treatment ProcessBarbu Marian, Caraman Sergiu, Ceanga Emil8.4
Th-M11-TO/5Quadratic functional for systems with distributed time delaysSantos Omar, Kharitonov V. L., Mondié S.2.2
Tu-M10-TO/2Quadratic performance analysis for finite-horizon systemsFujioka Hisaya2.5
Mo-A10-TO/5Quadratic separation for feedback connection of an uncertain matrix and an implicit linear transformationPeaucelle Dimitri, Henrion Didier, Arzelier Denis2.5
Tu-A05-TP/9Quality of Service in Network-based AutomationArtell Tom, Koivisto Hannu, Seppala Jari, Ruohonen Timo3.3
We-A15-TO/4Quantization in Model Based Networked Control SystemsMontestruque Luis, Antsaklis Panos J.3.3
We-M11-TO/3Quantized Feedback Control for Sampled-Data SystemsFu Minyue, Hara Shinji2.2
Mo-M03-TP/11Quantum Feedback Control using Quantum Cloning and State RecognitionDong Daoyi, Zhang Chenbin, Chen Zonghai2.1
Tu-A22-TO/5Quasi-polynomial system representation for the analysis and control of nonlinear systemsSzederkenyi Gabor, Magyar Attila, Hangos Katalin M.2.3
Mo-M19-TO/4Quasi-Random, Maneoeuvre-Based Motion Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Underwater VehiclesTan Chiew Seon, Sutton Robert, Chudley John7.2