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Paper CodeTitleAuthors
Mo-A02-TO/1Bifurcation Analysis of Flight Control SystemsThomas Suba, Kwatny Harry G., Chang Bor-Chin
Mo-A02-TO/2Coefficient Diagram Method in MIMO Application: An Aerospace Case StudyManabe Shunji
Mo-A02-TO/3Comparison of Linear Dynamic Models for Air Traffic ManagementSridhar Banavar, Menon P.K.
Mo-A02-TO/4Design of Longitudinal Control System for a Nonlinear F-16 Fighter using MSS MethodWong Y. K., Fung Eric H. K., Liu Hugh H. T., Li Y.C.
Mo-A02-TO/5Robust Global Exponential Stabilization of an Underactuated AirshipYamada Manabu, Tomizuka Masayoshi
Mo-A02-TO/6Stabilization of a PVTOL Aircraft with Delay in the InputFrancisco Rogelio, Mazenc Frédéric, Mondié Sabine
Mo-E02-TO/1Flexible Aerospace Vehicles Simulation and Nonlinear Control SynthesisNebylov Alexander, Brodsky Sergey, Panferov Alexander
Mo-E02-TO/2Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of a New Hydrazine Pump GenerationVannier JC, Arzandé A., Siguerdidjane Houria, Vidal P., Dugué F.
Mo-E02-TO/3Nonlinear H∞ for Spacecraft Attitude ControlShou Ho-Nien, Jan Ying-Wen
Mo-E02-TO/4Robust Nonlinear Gyromoment Control of Agile Remote Sensing SpacecraftSomov Yevgeny, Butyrin Sergey, Somov Sergey, Matrosov Vladimir, Anshakov Gennady
Mo-E02-TO/5Stability Margin Analysis in Multiobjective Design: Application to an Aerospace LauncherAbbas-Turki Mohamed, Duc Gilles, Clement Benoît
Mo-E02-TO/6The design method of robust control by flexible spacecraftRutkovsky Vladislav, Zemlyakov S. D., Sukhanov V. M., Glumov V. M.
Th-A18-TO/1Cable Assisted Rendezvous for Aircraft with Surface LocationsSgarioto Daniel, Trivailo Pavel
Th-A18-TO/2Computation of worst-case pilot inputs for clearance of flight control lawsMenon Prathyush, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian
Th-A18-TO/3Controller gains adjustment for closed-loop modal requirementsDelmond Fabien, Cumer Christelle, Alazard Daniel
Th-A18-TO/4Hybrid Optimisation schemes for the clearance of flight control lawsMenon Prathyush, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian
Th-A18-TO/5Nonlinear Dynamics and Robust Control of a Gyroplane RotorSomov Yevgeny, Polyntsev Oleg
Th-A18-TO/6Mixed H2/Hinfinity Sub-Optimization Approach For Integrated Aircraft/Controller DesignLiao Fang, Lum Kai Yew, Wang Jian Liang
Th-E18-TO/1Awiator's Design of Multi-Objectives Control LawsJeanneau Matthieu, Lamolie Jérôme, Puyou Guilhem, Aversa Nicky
Th-E18-TO/2Adaptive Reconfigurable Flight Control System Using Multiple Model Mode SwitchingKim Youdan, Jung Bokyung, Jeong Seong-Kyun, Lee Dong-Hyun
Th-E18-TO/3Observer-based control of a PVTOL aircraftSánchez Anand, Fantoni Isabelle, Lozano Rogelio, De León Morales Jesús
Th-E18-TO/4Low order Control Augmentation System Designs for the Helicopter UH-60Prempain Emmanuel, Dzeukou Marc Olivier
Th-E18-TO/5Longitudinal Axis Flight Control Law Design by Adaptive BacksteppingJu Hann-Shing, Tsai Ching-Chih
Th-E18-TO/6QFT for the Design of an Aircraft Flight ControlSantander Alexander, Aranda Joaquin
Th-M01-PL/1The Mars Exploration Rovers: Hitting the Road on MarsCox Nagin
Th-M01-TO/1The CASSINI / HUYGENS Space Mission to Explore the Saturnian SystemSchilling Klaus
Th-M01-TO/2Optimal Discrete-Time Magnetic Attitude Control of SatellitesLovera Marco, Varga Andras
Th-M01-TO/3Remote Control of Target in Space using Magnetic ForceNagai Masaki, Nakasuka Shinichi
Th-M01-TO/4Robust Control of a Spacecraft Respinup by Weak Internal ForcesSomov Yevgeny, Titov Gennady, Butyrin Sergey, Rayevsky Valentine, Kozlov Albert
Th-M01-TO/5Satellite Attitude Tracking by Quaternion-Based BacksteppingKristiansen Raymond, Nicklasson Per Johan, Gravdahl Jan Tommy
Fr-A18-TO/1New Guidance Law and Autopilot Design for Launch RocketsCheng Chia-Hao, Yeh Fu-Kuang, Fu Li-Chen
Fr-A18-TO/2Attitude Control of Flexible Launch Vehicle Using Adaptive Notch FilterOh Choong-Seok, Bang Hyochoong
Fr-A18-TO/3LQG Controller Designs from Reduced Order Models for a Launch VehicleDhabale Ashwin, Banavar Ravi, Dhekane M. V.
Fr-A18-TO/4Missile Autopilot Controlled by Aerodynamic Lift and Divert Thrusters via Second-order Sliding ModeShtessel Yuri, Tournes Christian, Shkolnikov Ilya
Fr-A18-TO/5Autopilot Design for Agile Missile Using LTV Control and Nonlinear Dynamic InversionChoi Jae Weon, Lee Ho Chul
Fr-A18-TO/6Input-Dependent Threshold Function fo an Actuator Fault Detection FilterRotstein Hector, Ingvalson Ryan, Keviczky Tamas, Balas Gary
Fr-M04-TP/1A new position-based method for GPS signal FDICastaldi Paolo, Crisci Massimo, Zanzi Matteo
Fr-M04-TP/2Antenna LQG Controllers: Properties, Limits of Performance and Tuning ProcedureGawronski Wodek
Fr-M04-TP/3Development of MEMS angular rate sensor for high-dynamics applicationsSung Woon-Tahk, Lee Jang Gyu, Kang Taesam, Jang Hyun-Gee
Fr-M04-TP/4Multivariable closed-loop control of the reattachment length downstream of a backward-facing stepHenning Lars, King Rudibert
Fr-M04-TP/5Nonlinear Robust Performance Analysis Of An Aeroelastic SystemKim Jongrae, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian
Fr-M04-TP/6Oscillation Problem in Pitch Angle Control of Winged BodySkrjanc Igor, Lepetić Marko, Blažič Sašo, Morita Yasuhiro
Fr-M04-TP/7Sensorimotor Convergence in Visual Navigation and Flight Control SystemsHumbert J. Sean, Murray Richard M., Dickinson Michael H.
Fr-M04-TP/8Using Delta Range on GPS Positioning, Fault Detection and Fault ExclusionChang Fan-Ren, Tsai Yi-Hsueh, Yang Wen-Chieh
Fr-M06-TP/1Hybrid Fault Detection and Isolation Method for UAV Inertial Sensor Redundancy Management SystemKim Youdan, Kim Hyoung Seok, Park Sang Kyun, Park Chan Gook
Fr-M06-TP/2Missile Endgame Analysis via Multiobjective OptimizationChipperfield Andrew, Patel N., Keane A. J.
Fr-M06-TP/3Missile Guidance Design using Optimal Trajectory Shaping and Neural NetworkJan Horn-Yong, Lin Chun-Liang, Chen Kai-Ming, Lai Chi-Wen, Hwang Thong-Shing
Fr-M06-TP/4Nonlinear attitude and gyroscope's bias estimation for a VTOL UAVPflimlin Jean-Michel, Hamel Tarek, Souères Philippe, Metni Najib
Fr-M06-TP/5Optimal UCAV path planning under missile threatsMeerkov Semyon, Kabamba Pierre T., Zeitz III Frederick H.
Fr-M06-TP/6UAV Routing in a Stochastic, Time-Varying EnvironmentFrazzoli Emilio, Enright John J.
Fr-M07-TP/1Active Vibration Suppression of Flexible Spacecraft using Feed-Forward/Feedback Control StrategiesHu Qinglei, Ma Guangfu, Liu Yaqiu
Fr-M07-TP/2Multiple Spacecraft Formation Control Using Theta-D MethodBalakrishnan Sivasubramanya, Xin Ming, Pernicka Hank
Fr-M07-TP/3Optimal Trajectory Planning of Formation Flying SpacecraftDumitriu Dan, Lima Pedro, Udrea Bogdan
Fr-M07-TP/4Orientation Control of an Artificial Satellite by Means of the Interval-Multiplex ApproachShevchenko Vladimir, Lychak Mykhailo
Fr-M07-TP/5Robust Load-sharing Control of Spacecraft FormationsGarcia-Sanz Mario, Hadaegh F.Y.
Fr-M07-TP/6The LORF Orbit Equation with Full QuaternionsAndreis Davide, Canuto Enrico
Fr-M15-TO/1Online approximators for the actuators FDI of a small commercial aircraftPaviglianiti Gaetano, Mattei Massimiliano
Fr-M15-TO/2Robust Estimation versus Optimal Estimation and their Application for Airborne GravimetryKulakova Veronica I., Nebylov Alexander V., Stepanov Oleg A.
Fr-M15-TO/3Kinematics optimization for a flapping-wing micro air vehiculeOuladsine Mustapha, Rakotomonjy Thomas, Le Moing Thiery
Fr-M15-TO/4On-Board Statistical Detection and Control of Anomalous Pilot-Aircraft InteractionsDimogianopoulos Dimitrios, Hios John D., Fassois Spilios D.
Fr-M15-TO/5Robust Control of PVTOL Aircraft using Saturations FunctionsSalazar-Cruz Sergio, Lozano Rogelio
Fr-M15-TO/6Wing-in-Ground Flight Automatic Control SystemsNebylov Alexander, Danilov Sergey, Nebylov Vladimir, Rumyantseva Elizaveta