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Robust Control

Paper CodeTitleAuthors
Mo-A01-TP/1Complex-Step Gradient Approximation For Robustness Analysis of Nonlinear SystemsKim Jongrae, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian
Mo-A01-TP/2Construction of Robust Root Loci for Linear Systems with Ellipsoidal Uncertainty of ParametersHwang Chyi, Yang Shih-Feng
Mo-A01-TP/3Generalized Lyapunov Function for Stability Analysis of Uncertain SystemsSavov Svetoslav, Popchev Ivan
Mo-A01-TP/4H-infinity guaranteed cost computation via polynomially parameter-dependent Lyapunov functionsPeres Pedro L. D., Oliveira Ricardo C. L. F.
Mo-A01-TP/5Improved Delay-Dependent Robust Stability Criteria for Time Delay SystemsParlakci Alpaslan
Mo-A01-TP/6Improved Perturbation Bounds for the Continuous-Time H-infinity-Optimization ProblemChristov Nicolai, Konstantinov Mihail, Petkov Petko
Mo-A01-TP/7LMI approach to robust stability analysis of Hopfield neural networksJi Ce, Zhang Hua-guang
Mo-A01-TP/8On Computing the Worst-Case Norm of Convolution Systems: A Comparison of Continuous-time and Discrete-time ApproachesKhaisongkram Wathanyoo, Banjerdpongchai David
Mo-A01-TP/9On Quantifying Tolerable Uncertainty for a Specified Level Closed-Loop PerformanceLi Yuping, Michael Cantoni
Mo-A01-TP/10Parameter Stability MarginsfFor Polynomial Uncertainty Structures: A Polynomial Programming ApproachBozorg Mohammad, Sherali Hanif D., Davison Edward J., Delavar-Khalafi Ali
Mo-A01-TP/11Perturbation Analysis for the Complex Matrix Equation X - A^H *sqrt(X^(-1)) A=IAngelova Vera, Konstantinov Mihail, Petkov Petko, Popchev Ivan
Mo-A01-TP/12Robust Control of Time Delay Systems through a Structured Uncertainty ApproachTavassoli Babak, Yazdanpanah Mohammad Javad
Mo-A01-TP/13Robust Pole Assignment by State Feedback Control using Interval AnalysisPrado Marcia, Lordelo Alfredo, Ferreira Paulo
Mo-A01-TP/14Robust Stability of Uncertain Discrete Systems with Time-VaryingFridman Emilia, Shaked Uri
Mo-A01-TP/15Robustness of Boundary Control of Damped Wave Equations with Large Delays at Boundary MeasurementChen YangQuan, Liang Jinsong, Zhang Weiwei
Mo-A01-TP/16Stability Margins for a Rate-based Flow control Problem in Multiple Bottleneck NetworksMunyas-Elmas Inci, Iftar Altug
Mo-A01-TP/17The inherent robustness of constrained linear model predictive controlHeath William, Wills Adrian
Mo-A02-TP/1An LMI-Based Method for H2/H∞ Control Design under Sparsity ConstraintsYagoubi Mohamed, Chevrel Philippe
Mo-A02-TP/2An interior point minimax algorithm with an application in engineeringZakovic Stanislav, Rustem Berc, Pistikopoulos Stratos
Mo-A02-TP/3Discrete-Time Sliding Mode WMR Control Based on Parameter IdentificationFilipescu Adrian, Nunes Urbano, Stamatescu Sabin
Mo-A02-TP/4Extended H-infinity Control with Pole Placement Constraints via LMI Approach and Its ApplicationChida Yuichi, Ishihara Yoshiyuki
Mo-A02-TP/5H-infinity State Feedback Control of Discrete-time Piecewise Affine SystemsXie Lihua, Xu Jun
Mo-A02-TP/6Observer design with guaranteed bound for LPV systemsDaafouz Jamal, Millerioux G., Rosier L.
Mo-A02-TP/7Observer-Based Robust Preview Tracking Control Scheme for Uncertain Discrete-Time SystemsOya Hidetoshi, Hagino Kojiro, Matsuoka Masaki
Mo-A02-TP/8On regulator design for spatial temperature distribution using finite-dimensional modeling of heat equationsImai Jun, Ando Yasuaki, Konishi Masami, Nishi Tatsushi
Mo-A02-TP/9One-point Feedback Robust Control for Distributed Parameter SystemsGarcia-Sanz Mario, Huarte Ana, Asenjo Alejandro
Mo-A02-TP/10Reliability and efficiency of extended linearization algorithms for general robust control problemsKiyama Tsuyoshi, Sakamoto Takumi
Mo-A02-TP/11Robust Control of a Flexible Manipulator Arm: A Benchmark ProblemMoberg Stig, Öhr Jonas
Mo-A02-TP/12Robust H-infinity Control of Uncertain Markovian Jump Linear Systems with Mode-Dependent Time-DelaysLi Shanbin, Cao Yong-Yan, Wang Yongqiang, Sun Youxian
Mo-A02-TP/13Robust Stabilization of an Inverted Pendulum using a Slow-fast Decomposition ApproachAmjadifard Roya, Morris Kirsten, Beheshti Mohammad, Khaloozadeh Hamid
Mo-A02-TP/14Robust control of multi-axis shaking system using mu-synthesisUchiyama Yasuhiro, Mukai Masakazu, Fujita Masayuki
Mo-A02-TP/15Robust stability and stabilization of a class of singular systems with multiple time-varying delaysSaadni Mohamed Salah, Chaabane M., Mehdi D., Bachelier O.
Mo-A02-TP/16SPRSt - A Robust Strictly Positive Real Synthesis Toolbox for MatlabGuan Qiang, Yu Wensheng, Wang Long
Mo-A02-TP/17Uncertainty Modelling and Mixed Sensitivity Hinf Design on a Pilot- Scale Flotation ColumnMuanis Persechini Maria Auxiliadora, Fantini Miranda Marcio, Goncalves Jota Fabio
Mo-A10-TO/1Robust Stability Analysis of Linear Systems with Time-Varying DelaysKao Chung-Yao, Rantzer Anders
Mo-A10-TO/2Robust Stability Analysis for Structured Uncertainties with Bounded Variation RatesKöroglu Hakan, Scherer Carsten W.
Mo-A10-TO/3Scalable robustness for consensus protocols with heterogeneous dynamicsLestas Ioannis, Vinnicombe Glenn
Mo-A10-TO/4Robust D-stability Analysis of Uncertain Polynomial Matrices via Polynomial-type MultipliersEbihara Yoshio, Maeda Katsutoshi, Hagiwara Tomomichi
Mo-A10-TO/5Quadratic separation for feedback connection of an uncertain matrix and an implicit linear transformationPeaucelle Dimitri, Henrion Didier, Arzelier Denis
Mo-A10-TO/6Extension of S-procedure in the Analysis of Multivariable Control SystemsRapoport Lev
Mo-M10-TO/1Analysis and synthesis of networked control systems: topological entropy, observability, robustness and optimal control.Savkin Andrey
Mo-M10-TO/2Efficient Computation of a Guaranteed Robustness MarginBiannic Jean-Marc, Ferreres Gilles
Mo-M10-TO/3sufficient conditions for robust observability of discrete linear time-varying systemsSeo Jaewon, Chung Dohyoung, Park Chan Gook, Lee Jang Gyu
Mo-M10-TO/4Some Issues in Common Quadratic Lyapunov Function Problem for a Set of Stable Matrices in Companion FormMori Takehiro, Kokame Hideki, Mori Yoshihiro
Mo-M10-TO/5Stability results for continuous and discrete time linear parameter varying systemsSavorgnan Carlo, Blanchini Franco, Miani Stefano
Mo-M10-TO/6Tracking Performance Limitations under Disturbance or UncertaintySU Weizhou, Qiu Li, Petersen Ian
Tu-A10-TO/1Optimizing prediction dynamics for robust MPCCannon Mark, Kouvaritakis Basil
Tu-A10-TO/2Constrained Robust Model Predictive Control based on Periodic InvarianceLee Young Il, Kouvaritakis Basil
Tu-A10-TO/3An Efficient Decomposition-Based Formulation for Robust Control with ConstraintsGoulart Paul, Kerrigan Eric
Tu-A10-TO/4A simple algorithm for robust MPCRossiter John, Pluymers B, Suykens J.A.K., De Moor B.
Tu-A10-TO/5Min-Max Model Predictive Control as a Quadratic Programde la Peña David Muñoz, Alamo Teodoro, Ramirez Daniel Rodriguez, Camacho Eduardo Fernandez
Tu-A10-TO/6Output Feedback Model Predictive Control of Uncertain Norm-Bounded Linear SystemsFranzè Giuseppe, Casavola Alessandro, Famularo Domenico
Tu-E10-TO/1A switching scheme for the robust stabilization of discrete time systems with unmatched uncertaintiesCorradini Maria Letizia, Orlando Giuseppe
Tu-E10-TO/2An observer-based fault-accommodating controller for nonlinear systems in the presence of sensor failuresCorradini Maria Letizia, Orlando Giuseppe, Parlangeli Gianfranco
Tu-E10-TO/3Weighted Sensitivity Minimization in the Presence of an Uncertain GainMiller Daniel
Tu-E10-TO/4Simultaneous Identification of Time-Varying Parameters and Estimation of System States UsingChen Wen, Er Meng Joo
Tu-E10-TO/5Robust stability of discrete-time adaptive nonlinear controlXie Liang-Liang, Li Chanying, Guo Lei
Tu-E10-TO/6Disturbance estimation and cancellation for a class of linear uncertain systemsKim Hwi J., Goodall David P.
Tu-M10-TO/1A robust version of the elimination lemmade Oliveira Mauricio
Tu-M10-TO/2Quadratic performance analysis for finite-horizon systemsFujioka Hisaya
Tu-M10-TO/3On Numerically Verifiable Exactness of Multiplier RelaxationsScherer Carsten W.
Tu-M10-TO/4A Multivariate Polynomial Matrix Order-Reduction Algorithm for Linear Fractional Transformation ModellingMarcos Andres, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian
Tu-M10-TO/5Control-oriented properties preservation in linear systems when applying PR0 substitutionsMartinez-Garcia Juan Carlos, Fernandez-Anaya Guillermo, Kucera Vladimir, Flores-Godoy Jose Job
Tu-M10-TO/6J-Spectral Factorization via Similarity TransformationsZhong Qing-Chang
We-E10-TO/1Dynamic Output Feedback Synthesis with General Frequency Domain SpecificationsIwasaki Tetsuya, Hara Shinji
We-E10-TO/2Parameter dependent H_infinity controller design by finite dimensional LMI optimization: application to trade-off dependent controlMarc Dinh, Scorletti Gerard, Fromion Vincent, Magarotto Eric
We-E10-TO/3A Chain-Scattering Approach to LMI Multiobjective ControlDrai Rémi, Olivi Martine, Marmorat Jean-Paul
We-E10-TO/4Robust H2/H-infinity Dynamic Output-feedback Control Synthesis for Systems with Polytope-Bounded UncertaintyPalhares Reinaldo, Goncalves Eduardo, Takahashi Ricardo
We-E10-TO/5An Iterative Method for Multi-objective Dynamic Output Feedback SynthesisSalhi Salah, Arzelier Denis
We-E10-TO/6A Convex Method for the Parametric Insensitive H2 Control ProblemYagoubi Mohamed, Chevrel Philippe
We-M10-TO/1Robust Output Regulation of Linear Systems with Structural UncertaintiesFu Minyue, Juang Jie
We-M10-TO/2Backstepping Design for Robust Stabilizing Control of Nonlinear Systems with Time-DelayShen Tielong, Jiao Xiaohong, Sun Yuanzhang
We-M10-TO/3On Discontinuous Robust Static Output Feedback ControlEdwards Christopher, Yan Xing-Gang, Spurgeon Sarah K.
We-M10-TO/4Decentralized Guaranteed Cost Control for Discrete-Time Uncertain Large-Scale Systems Using Neural NetworksMukaidani Hiroaki, Ishii Yasuhisa, Tsuji Toshio
We-M10-TO/5Robust Regulation of a Class of Nonlinear Singularly Perturbed SystemsAmjadifard Roya, Yazdanpanah Mohammad J., Beheshti Mohammad T. H.
We-M10-TO/6Application of Uncertain Variables to Stabilization and Parametric Optimization of Uncertain Dynamic SystemsBubnicki Zdzislaw
Th-A10-TO/1Minimax LQG Control for Uncertain Systems with a Normalised Coprime Factor Uncertainty StructureUgrinovskii Valery, Petersen Ian R.
Th-A10-TO/2H-infinity Output-Feedback of Discrete-time Systems with State-Multiplicative NoiseGershon Eli, Shaked Uri
Th-A10-TO/3Robust H-infinity Control of Markovian Jump linear Systems with Uncertain Switching ProbabilitiesXiong Junlin, Lam James
Th-A10-TO/4Robust Stabilization of Singular Stochastic Systems with DelaysBoukas El-Kebir, Xu Shengyuan, Lam James, Xiong Junlin
Th-A10-TO/5State-space Solution to Stochastic H-Infinity Optimization Problem with UncertaintyAlexander Kurdyukov, Maximov Eugeny
Th-A10-TO/6Stochastic Robust Reduced Order H-infinity Observer-based ControlZasadzinski Michel, Halabi Souheil, Rafaralahy Hugues, Souley Ali Harouna, Darouach Mohamed
Th-E10-TO/1A sum of squares approximation of nonnegative polynomialsLasserre Jean B.
Th-E10-TO/2Noncommutative Convexity vs. LMI'sHelton J. William, McCullough Scott, Vinnikov Victor
Th-E10-TO/3Sum Of Squares Relaxations For Robust Polynomial Semi-Definite ProgramsHol Camile, Scherer Carsten
Th-E10-TO/4Polynomially parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions for robust H-infinity performance analysisChesi Graziano, Garulli Andrea, Tesi Alberto, Vicino Antonio
Th-E10-TO/5A Decomposition Approach for Solving KYP-SDPsWallin Ragnar, Kao Chung-Yao, Hansson Anders
Th-E10-TO/6Investigation of Parameter Perturbation Region for Positive PolynomialsDilaver Kamil Fatih, Tibken Bernd
Th-M10-TO/1A new H-infinity design method for high performance robust tracking controlDehghani Arvin, Lanzon Alexander, Anderson Brian D. O.
Th-M10-TO/2A Comparison of two Algorithms for the Static H-infinity Loop Shaping ProblemPrempain Emmanuel
Th-M10-TO/3Rank-constrained LMI approach to mixed H_2/H_inf static output feedback controllersKim Seog-Joo, Moon Young-Hyun, Kwon Soonman, Kim Kook-Hun
Th-M10-TO/4Robust l1 synthesis with error quantification for coprime factor nominal systemSokolov Victor
Th-M10-TO/5Sensitivity shaping with degree constraint by nonlinear least-squares optimizationNagamune Ryozo, Blomqvist Anders
Th-M10-TO/6The parametrization of all robust stabilizing repetitive controllersSatoh Keiji, Yamada Kou
Fr-A10-TO/1A semi analytic approach to the robust stability of quasipolynomialsCuzange Sabine Mondie, Santos Joaquín, Kharitonov Vladimir
Fr-A10-TO/2On the robust output control via reflection vectorsNurges Ulo, Rustern Ennu
Fr-A10-TO/3Symbolic Techniques for Low Order LFT-ModellingHecker Simon, Varga Andras
Fr-A10-TO/4An Iterative Method for Robust Performance Analysis of Sampled-Data Systems against Parameter UncertaintiesHagiwara Tomomichi, Horiguchi Kazuhiro
Fr-A10-TO/5Robust stability analysis of linear systems with affine parameter uncertaintiesYang Guang-Hong, Lum Kai-Yew
Fr-A10-TO/6Worst Case Analysis of a MIMO Mass Spring Damper System Using the Skew Structured Singular ValueHayes Martin, Halton Mark K., Iordanov Petar I.
Fr-M01-PL/1Issues on Robust Adaptive Feedback ControlAthans Michael, Fekri Sajjad, Pascoal Antonio
Fr-M10-TO/1Regulation of discrete-time linear systems with positive state and control constraints and bounded disturbancesRakovic Sasa, V., Mayne David, Q.
Fr-M10-TO/2Optimized robust control invariant sets for constrained linear discrete-time systemsRakovic Sasa V., Mayne David Q., Kerrigan Eric C., Kouramas Konstantinos I.
Fr-M10-TO/3Set-Invariant Estimators for Linear Systems Subject to Disturbances and Measurement NoiseDórea Carlos Eduardo, Caldeira Pimenta Antonio Carlos
Fr-M10-TO/4A Robust Invariance Approach to Idle Speed Control of a Spark Ignited EngineCaravani Paolo, Girasole Giovanni
Fr-M10-TO/5On the Approximation of Invariant Sets for Constrained LDT SystemsCaravani Paolo
Fr-M10-TO/6Relationships between Affine Feedback Policies for Robust Control with ConstraintsGoulart Paul, Kerrigan Eric