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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
We-M01-TP/20MACSim: A Simulink Enabled Environment for Multi-Agent SystemMendham Peter, Clarke Tim3.2
We-A17-TO/2Machine Learning of Expert Decision or System BehaviourOtto Peter3.2
Th-A20-TO/3Machine Vision for On-Line Weed IdentificationManiak Staphan, Mesterházi Péter Ákos, Neményi Miklós, Milics Gábor8.1
Mo-A12-TO/3Management of demand uncertainty within MRP2 using possibility theoryGrabot Bernard, Geneste Laurent, Reynoso Gabriel5.1
Th-E05-TO/3Managing Performance Degradation in Fault Tolerant Control SystemsZhang Youmin, Jiang Jin, Yang Zhenyu, Hussain Akbar6.4
We-M05-TO/1Managing Sensor Hardware Redundancy on a Small Commercial Aircraft with H-infinity FDI ObserversMattei Massimiliano, Paviglianiti Gaetano6.4
Fr-A20-TO/3Manual Control and Stabilization of an Inverted PendulumÅkesson Johan, Åström Karl Johan2.3
Tu-E17-TO/3Manufacturing Application Integration Scheme using ISO 15745 and IEC 62264delaHostria Emmanuel5.3
We-M07-TO/1Manufacturing Plant Control Challenges and IssuesValckenaers Paul, Morel Gérard, Pereira Carlos E., Faure Jean-Marc, Diedrich Christian4.2
Tu-M04-TP/12Master-slave synchronization of robot manipulators: experimental resultsBondhus Anne Karin, Pettersen Kristin Y., Nijmeijer Henk4.3
Th-A01-TP/9Master-Slave System with Teleoperation for RehabilitationDuong Minh Duc, Teraoka Chisato, Imamura Takashi, Miyoshi Takanori, Terashima Kazuhiko4.5
Tu-M04-TP/13Matlab Design Environment for Robotic ManipulatorsBabuska Robert, Breijs Alexander, Klaassens Ben4.3
Th-A02-TP/9Matrix Inequality Conditions for Dissipativity of Continuous-Time Descriptor Systems and Its Application to Synthesis of Control GainsMasubuchi Izumi2.2
Mo-M01-TP/3Maximum likelihood adaptive observer for bioprocessesHulhoven Xavier, Bogaerts Philippe8.4
Th-E03-TP/11Mean and Entropy of B-spline PDF Models: Analysis and DesignZhou Jinglin, Yue Hong, Wang Hong1.4
Th-M02-TO/5Measuring Linear Approximation to Weakly Nonlinear MIMO SystemsDobrowiecki Tadeusz, Schoukens Johan1.1
Fr-A03-TP/10Medical Image Segmentation for Virtual EndoscopySzilagyi Laszlo, Benyo Zoltan, Szilagyi Sandor Miklos8.2
Tu-A01-TP/16Mechanistic Modelling of Aggregation Phenomena in Population Balances of GranulationImmanuel Charles, Doyle Francis1.1
Tu-M02-PL/1Mechatronic Systems – Innovative Products with Embedded ControlIsermann Rolf4.2
Tu-A01-MS/1Mechatronics, Robotics and Components for Automation and ControlOllero Anibal, Boverie Serge, Goodall Roger, Sasiadek Jurek, Erbe Heinz, Zuehlke Detlef4.1
We-E21-TO/5MEMS-fabricated Accelerometers with Feedback CompensationCho Dong-il, Park Yonghwa, Park Sangjun, Choi Byung-doo, Ko Hyoungho, Song Taeyong, Lim Geunwon4.1
We-E21-TO/6MEMS-fabricated Gyroscopes with Feedback CompensationCho Dong-il, Park Yonghwa, Park Sangjun, Choi Byungdoo, Ko Hyoungho, Song Taeyong, Lim Geunwon4.1
Th-E11-TO/4Meromorphic Stabilization and Control of Time Delay SystemsZitek Pavel, Kucera Vladimir, Vyhlidal Tomas2.2
Tu-A05-TP/7Message delay in distributed control systems through EthernetGrau Antoni, Gamiz-Caro Juan3.3
Tu-A03-TP/13Metastable Limit Dynamics and Optimal Cooling Curve of Batch Seeded CrystallizationLee Kwang Soon, Won Seunghee, Choi Chung S., Lee Ju-Seok, Yang Daeryook6.1
Mo-A20-TO/2Method of decomposition and its applications to uncertain dynamical systemsChernousko Felix, Reshmin Sergey2.1
We-M01-TP/21Methodology for Parameters Optimization of an Hybrid Architecture of ControlAdouane Lounis, le Fort-Piat Nadine3.2
Tu-E03-TP/9Methods for parameter ranking in nonlinear, mechanistic modelsLund Berit Floor, Berntsen Hans E., Foss Bjarne A.1.1
Tu-A01-TP/11Microscale Thermal Characterization by Inverse Method in the Frequency DomainAutrique Laurent, Serra Jean Jacques1.1
Tu-A18-TO/4MILP and Its Application in Flight Path PlanningKamal Waseem, Gu Da-Wei, Postlethwaite Ian7.5
Tu-E11-TO/4MIMO interactions in sampled data systemsSalgado Mario, Rojas Diego2.2
We-E11-TO/5MIMO PID Controllers Synthesis using Orthogonal FunctionsAyadi Badii, Benhadj Braiek Naceur2.1
Fr-A16-TO/5Mind Model and Social Intelligence in Human-machine Collaborative SystemsNakajima Hiroshi, Morishima Yasunori, Yamada Ryota, Brave Scott, Nass Clliford, Arao Masaki, Kawaji Shigeyasu4.5
Fr-A07-TO/2Minimax filter for statistically indeterminate stochastic differential systemMiller Gregory, Pankov Alexey1.4
Th-A10-TO/1Minimax LQG Control for Uncertain Systems with a Normalised Coprime Factor Uncertainty StructureUgrinovskii Valery, Petersen Ian R.2.5
Fr-M07-TO/5Minimax Parameter Estimation for Singular Linear Multivariate Models with Mixed UncertaintySiemenikhin Konstantin V., Pankov Alexei R.1.4
Th-E01-TP/7Minimisation of Transient Perturbation Growth in Linearised Lorenz EquationsMckernan John, Whidborne James F., Papadakis George2.2
Th-A04-TP/7Minimization of maximum transient energy growth by output feedbackWhidborne James Ferris, McKernan John, Steer Anthony J.2.4
Tu-E02-TP/13Minimizing Interconnection of Subsystems in Large-Scale Interconnected Systems using Generalized SamplingBecerril-Arreola Rafael, Aghdam Amir G., Davison Edward J.5.4
Tu-M03-TP/18Minimum Number of Sampled Streams Ensuring Circuit Mass-BalanceKonstantinos Tsakalakis, Fani Kalaitzi6.2
Mo-E18-TO/2Minimum Time Control using Straight Transfer for a Rotary CraneShen Ying, Terashima Kazuhiko, Yano Ken'ichi7.4
Tu-A10-TO/5Min-Max Model Predictive Control as a Quadratic Programde la Peña David Muñoz, Alamo Teodoro, Ramirez Daniel Rodriguez, Camacho Eduardo Fernandez2.5
Fr-A18-TO/4Missile Autopilot Controlled by Aerodynamic Lift and Divert Thrusters via Second-order Sliding ModeShtessel Yuri, Tournes Christian, Shkolnikov Ilya7.3
Fr-M06-TP/2Missile Endgame Analysis via Multiobjective OptimizationChipperfield Andrew, Patel N., Keane A. J.7.3
Fr-M06-TP/3Missile Guidance Design using Optimal Trajectory Shaping and Neural NetworkJan Horn-Yong, Lin Chun-Liang, Chen Kai-Ming, Lai Chi-Wen, Hwang Thong-Shing7.3
Th-E19-TO/1Missile Interceptor Guidance and Control using Second Order Sliding ModesShtessel Yuri, Shkolnikov Ilya, Levant Arie2.3
Th-A18-TO/6Mixed H2/Hinfinity Sub-Optimization Approach For Integrated Aircraft/Controller DesignLiao Fang, Lum Kai Yew, Wang Jian Liang7.3
Th-M02-TO/4ML identification of closed-loop systems in a specified frequency bandPintelon Rik, Schoukens Johan1.1
We-M02-TP/11Mode Detection in Automotive Vehicles Using A Sliding Mode EstimatorEdwards Christopher, Hebden Roderick G., Spurgeon Sarah K.7.1
Th-A07-TO/3Mode-Independent H-infinity Control of Discrete-time Markovian Jump Linear Systemsde Souza Carlos E.1.4
Tu-M16-TO/5Model Based Braking Control with Support by Active SteeringSchorn Matthias, Schmitt Jürgen, Stählin Ulrich, Isermann Rolf4.2
Fr-A01-TP/5Model Based Drug Delivery For AnesthesiaDua Pinky, Dua Vivek, Pistikopoulos Efstratios N.8.2
Th-M01-TP/14Model Based Predictive Control for Wastewater ApplicationsO' Brien Marie, Castillo Sergio Enrique Pinto, Katebi Reza8.3
We-E02-TP/8Model Driven Development of Function Block based Distributed Control ApplicationsThramboulidis Kleanthis, Perdikis Dimitris, Kantas Spiros3.1
We-M03-TP/12Model Checking Plans for Flexible Manufacturing SystemsDias da Silva Leandro, Almeida Hyggo, Perkusich Angelo, Rezende Barros Péricles5.2
Tu-A01-TP/2Model of the cantilever used as a weak force sensor in Atomic Force MicroscopyHrouzek Michal, Voda Alina, Stark Martin, Chevrier Joel1.1
Mo-A03-TP/11Model Predictive Control Design Using Non-minimal State Space ModelWang Liuping, Young Peter C.2.1
Mo-M01-TP/4Model Predictive Control of a Simulated Moving BedDejardin Nicolas, Alamir Mazen, Corriou Jean-Pierre8.4
Mo-E20-TO/1Model Predictive Control of Automotive Powertrains with BacklashLagerberg Adam, Egardt Bo7.1
We-E02-TP/5Model Predictive Control of Systems with Communication ConstraintsBen Gaid Mohamed El Mongi, Cela Arben3.1
Tu-E21-TO/5Model Predictive Controller for Piecewise Affine SystemPeña Miguel Edgardo, Camacho Eduardo Fernández, Piñón Sandra, Carelli Ricardo2.4
Fr-A03-TP/11Model Reference Fuzzy Control System of Brain Temperature for Hypothermia TreatmentWakamatsu Hidetoshi, Wakatsuki Takuya, Utsuki Tomohiko8.2
Tu-A02-TO/2Model-Based Active Noise Control: A Case Study for a High-speed CD-ROM SystemYang Zhenyu, Zhang Youmin, Hussain D. M. Akbar1.1
We-A02-TP/24Model-based Control of a Bottom Fired Marine BoilerSolberg Brian, Karstensen Claus M. S., Andersen Palle, Pedersen Tom S., Hvistendahl Poul U.6.3
Mo-M01-TP/5Model-based monitoring of immobilized yeast fermentation using fuzzy logic and linguistic equationsJuuso Esko, Kronlöf Jukka8.4
We-A03-TP/5Model-Based Sensor Fault Detection System for a Smart WheelchairLonghi Sauro, Ippoliti Gianluca, Monteriù Andrea6.4
Tu-A04-TP/11MODELCAT - A Model Catalogue based Approach to Process ModellingHoyer Markus, Schumann Reimar, Premier Guiliano C.6.1
Tu-M02-TP/5Model-following adaptive robust control for a class of uncertain systems with series nonlinearitiesFenlin Liu, Junyong Luo, Yanrong Cai1.2
Tu-A02-TP/4Model-free Intelligent Control using Reinforcement Learning and Temporal Abstraction-applied to pH ControlSyam Syafiie, Tadeo Fernando, Martinez Ernesto1.2
We-A02-TP/28Modeling and Active Control of Thermoacoustic InstabilitiesNiederberger Andre, Schuermans Bruno B.H., Guzzella Lino6.3
Tu-E19-TO/3Modeling and Control of a Flexible Sensor Structure in MicroassemblyShen Yantao, Xi Ning, Li Wen J.4.3
Mo-E14-TO/3Modeling and Control of a Viscoelastic Piezolaminated BeamNaucler Peter, Norlander Hans, Jansson Anders, Söderström Torsten4.2
Th-M14-TO/4Modeling and Control of Dynamical Systems with Active Singularities and Sensing in a Singular Motion PhaseRubinovich Evgeny, Bentsman Joseph, Miller Boris2.4
Tu-A06-TO/3Modeling and Control of Plate Thickness in Hot Rolling MillsKugi Andreas, Heeg Roland, Fichet Olivier, Irastorza Laurent, Pelletier Christophe6.2
Th-E17-TO/5Modeling and Decentralized Control of Inventories Linear Dynamic Supply ChainsRodriguez-Angeles Alejandro, Morales-Diaz America, Blanco Anibal, Sanchez Arturo5.2
Mo-M01-TP/6Modeling and predictive control of pellet reactors for water softeningvan Schagen Kim, Babuška Robert, Rietveld Luuk, Wuister Jasper, Veersma Alex8.4
Th-M01-TP/15Modeling and Validation of a Greenhouse Climate ModelLeal Iga Javier, Alcorta García Efraín, Rodríguez Fuentes Humberto8.3
Mo-E03-TO/6Modeling Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes using Input-to-State FiltersMahata Kaushik, Fu Minyue1.1
Mo-A04-TO/2Modeling of frictions in the transmission elements of a robot axis for its identificationAbba Gabriel, Sardain Philippe4.3
Tu-M03-TP/19Modeling of Wet Grinding Operation using Artificial Intelligence based TechniquesMitra Kishalay, Ghivari Mahesh6.2
Mo-E19-TO/6Modeling, guidance and control of "Esso Osaka" modelMoreira Lúcia, Fossen Thor I., Guedes Soares Carlos7.2
Th-A16-TO/5Modelling and control of a solar thermal power plantJuuso Esko6.3
Tu-A07-TO/2Modelling and Control of a Vehicle with Single-wheel Chassis ActuatorsOrend Ralf7.1
Tu-A04-TO/4Modelling and control of an onboard fuel processor for indirect methanol fuel cell vehiclesMiotti Alessandro, Scattolini Riccardo7.1
We-E15-TO/6Modelling and control of IP transport in cellular radio linksMöller Niels, Fischione Carlo, Johansson Karl Henrik, Santucci Fortunato, Graziosi F.3.3
Mo-M12-TO/3Modelling and Controlling Traffic Behaviour with Continuous Petri NetsJulvez Jorge, Boel Rene1.3
Th-E04-TO/2Modelling and Evaluation of a Multi-agent System for a CollaborationKhezami Narjes, Otmane Samir, Mallem Malik4.3
Th-A21-TO/3Modelling and Evaluation of the Health NetworksGrandhaye Jean-Pierre, Rakotondranaivo Auguste, Mayer Frédérique9.2
Th-A16-TO/4Modelling and Simulation of a Dish Stirling solar engineFarina Marcello, Bittanti Sergio, De Marco Antonio, Spelta Silvano6.3
Fr-A20-TO/4Modelling and Stabilisation of a Spherical Inverted PendulumLiu Guangyu, Nesic Dragan, Mareels Iven2.3
Th-M01-TP/16Modelling evaluation of EU Road Traffic emission strategiesGabusi Veronica, Finzi Giovanna, Volta Marialuisa8.3
Mo-A22-TO/3Modelling for control: Understanding role and function of regulatory networks in microorganismsGernaey Krist V., Lind Morten, Jørgensen Sten B.8.4
Tu-A03-TP/14Modelling for thermal control of vacuum plasma sprayingDavis Ewan, Duncan Stephen, Grant Patrick6.1
We-E07-TO/1Modelling of a diesel engine Common Rail injection systemGauthier Christophe, Sename Olivier, Dugard Luc, Meissonnier Guillaume7.1
Tu-E08-TO/5Modelling of an Integrated Superheater based on a Wiener ApproachMononen Jari, Ikonen Enso6.3
Tu-A01-TP/5Modelling of cement grinding circuits for predictive controlHuusom Jakob Kjøbsted, Jensen Anker Degn, Jørgensen Sten Bay, Michelsen Michael, Knudsen Jørgen, Recke Bodil, Jørgensen John Bagterp1.1
Tu-E03-TP/10Modelling of Disturbance Propagation in Anisotropic Media Using Differential Game MethodsBotkin Nikolay, Melikyan Arik A., Turova Varvara L.1.1
We-M20-TO/4Modelling of Peroxide-Bleaching of Pulp Using Gaussian ProcessesLenz Henning, Horn Joachim, Runkler Thomas, Dinkel Markus, Schmidt Thomas, Sieber Albrecht, Mickal Volkmar6.1
We-E02-TO/5Modelling of power amplifier nonlinearities using Volterra seriesHarrison Robert, Wan Yufeng, Dodd Tony1.1
Th-E02-TP/11Modelling of Supercritical Fluid Extraction Using Dynamic Genetic Algorithm based OptimisationYang Simon X., Zeng Jin, Wang Guoyin1.1
Tu-A19-TO/4Modelling Solvent-Mediated Polymorphic Transitions during Cooling Solution CrystallizationFevotte Gilles, Sheibat-Othman Nida8.4
Th-M21-TO/2Modelling the Dynamics of a Load-Haul-Dump VehicleCraig Ian, Dragt Bruce, Camisani-Calzolari Fernando4.4
Th-M01-TP/17Modelling the submerged vegetation in the Orbetello lagoon with fuzzy cellular automataMarsili-Libelli Stefano, Giusti Elisabetta8.3
We-M22-TO/3Modern Automation Technology in Service of Integrated Stainless Steel MillYli-Niemi Jussi, Pakola Hannu6.2
Th-A02-TP/10Modification of Dead Beat Algorithm for Control Processes with Time DelayAlexik Mikulas2.2
Tu-A12-TO/6Modular Antipermissive Control of Discrete-Event SystemsKomenda Jan, van Schuppen Jan H.1.3
Fr-M02-TP/8Modular Finite State Machines Implemented As Event-Condition-Action SystemsAlmeida Emanuel, Luntz Jonathan, Tilbury Dawn1.3
Tu-A12-TO/5Modular Multitasking Supervisory Control of Composite Discrete-Event Systemsde Queiroz Max, Cury José1.3
Mo-A04-TO/4Modular Pneumatic Snake Robot. 3D Modelling, Implementation and Control.Liljebäck Pål, Stavdahl Øyvind, Pettersen Kristin Y.4.3
Th-E16-TO/4Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell ModellingCanevese Silvia, Bittanti Sergio, De Marco Antonio, Moretti Gianluca, Prandoni Valter6.3
Th-E07-TO/5Moment Asymptotic Stability of Stochastic Hybridd Delay SystemsYuan Chenggui, Lygeros John, Glover William, Maciewoski Jan1.4
We-E01-MS/1Monitoring and Control of Process and Power Systems: Towards new ParadigmsDochain Denis, Marquardt Wolfgang, Won Sang Chul, Malik Om, Kinnaert Michel6.1
Tu-A19-TO/3Monitoring and Control of Recombinant Protein Production - from Up-stream to Integrated Down-stream ProcessesLuttmann Reiner8.4
Tu-E06-TO/3More Process System Engineering (PSE) Applications in Integrated Circuit (IC) ManufacturingLewin Daniel, Lachman-Shalem Sivan, Grosman Benyamin6.1
Fr-M08-TO/5Motion planning and feedforward control for distributed parameter systems under input constraintsMeurer Thomas, Graichen Knut, Zeitz Michael2.1
Mo-E19-TO/3Motion Planning and Its Feedback Stabilization for Underactuated Ships: Virtual Constraints ApproachShiriaev Anton, Robertsson Anders, Pacull Paul, Fossen Thor Inge7.2
Mo-M20-TO/5Motion Planning for Multiple Systems under Coordinated ConstraintsSousa João2.1
Th-E02-TP/12Motion Reconstruction in Natural Scenes from Cortical Activity WavesWang Wenxue, Ghosh Bijoy K.1.1
Th-E13-TO/3Motion recovery using dynamic visionChen Xinkai, Kano Hiroyuki1.1
Tu-M03-TP/20Mould Level Control for the Continuous Steel CastingSmutný Lubomír, Farana Radim, Víteček Antonín, Kačmář Dalibor6.2
Tu-M03-TP/17MPC control of the refining stage of an electric arc furnaceCoetzee L.C., Craig I.K., Rathaba L.P.6.2
Mo-E12-TO/1MPC for max-plus-linear systems with guaranteed stabilityvan den Boom Ton J.J., De Schutter B.1.3
Tu-E21-TO/4MPC for tracking of piece-wise constant references for constrained linear systemsLimon Daniel, Alvarado Ignacio, Alamo Teodoro, Camacho Eduardo F.2.4
Mo-A07-TO/5mu-Analysis of Indirect Self Control of an Induction MachineMosskull Henrik6.3
Fr-A17-TO/3Multi Criteria Sampled-Data Hinf Control applied to the Choice of Sampling Rate and Anti-alias FilterLennartson Bengt, Middleton Rick, Christiansson Anna-Karin, Fransson Carl-Magnus2.1
Tu-M14-TO/1Multi-Equilibrium Solutions in Game-Control Problems of TimingTarasyev Alexander, Klaassen Ger, Kryazhimskii Arkadii2.4
Th-E19-TO/6Multi-input second-order sliding mode control of nonholonomic systemsFerrara Antonella, Giacomini Luisa2.3
Th-M06-TO/5Multi-loop feedback control of oil well drillstringsAranda-Bricaire Eduardo, Alvarez-Ramirez Jose6.1
Th-M06-TO/4Multi-model Control of a Simulated pH Neutralization ProcessBoling Jari M., Seborg Dale E., Hespanha Joao P.6.1
Tu-A14-TO/2Multiobjective Controller Design: Optimising Controller Structure With Genetic AlgorithmsMolina-Cristobal Arturo, Griffin Ian A, Fleming Peter J, Owens David H2.4
Mo-E15-TO/1Multi-objective Evolutionary Scheduling of Distributed Supply NetworksNaso David, Surico Michele5.2
Tu-M08-TO/1Multiobjective Heuristic Search for Service Restoration in Electric Distribution NetworksFranca Paulo, Garcia Vinicius Jacques6.3
Tu-M06-TO/4Multiobjective Optimal Power Plant Operation using Particle Swarm Optimization TechniqueLee Kwang Y, Heo Jin S., Garduno-Ramirez Raul6.1
Tu-A13-TO/4Multi-objective Optimization Approach to Optimal Input Design for Autoregressive Model IdentificationUosaki Katsuji, Hatanaka Toshiharu1.1
We-A21-TO/5Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimisation for Alloy Toughness Design using a Fuzzy Predictive ModelMahfouf Mahdi, Chen Minyou, Linkens Derek A6.2
Mo-M09-TO/5Multiobjective probabilistic mixture controlGuy Tatiana Valentine, Bohm Josef, Karny Miroslav1.2
Fr-M17-TO/4Multi--Parametric H-infinity Control of a Micro-ActuatorNikolakopoulos George, Tzes Anthony, Dritsas Leonidas, Koveos Yiannis2.1
Fr-A19-TO/5Multiple model identification and control of neonate incubators using Laguerre basisOliveira Gustavo, Amorim Mardson, Latawiec Krzysztof8.2
Fr-M07-TP/2Multiple Spacecraft Formation Control Using Theta-D MethodBalakrishnan Sivasubramanya, Xin Ming, Pernicka Hank7.3
We-M09-TO/6Multiplexed Model Predictive ControlLing Keck Voon, Maciejowski Jan, Wu Bing Fang2.1
Fr-A17-TO/4Multirate Digital Decentralized Control DesignLee Seung-Hi2.1
Th-E05-TP/10Multirate sampling and delays in receding horizon stabilization of nonlinear systemsGyurkovics Eva, Elaiw Ahmed2.4
Mo-A03-TO/1Multirate State Estimation using Moving Horizon EstimationKraemer Stefan, Gesthuisen Ralf2.3
Th-E04-TO/5Multi-Robot Formation Control and Terrain Servoing with Limited Sensor InformationHu Xiaoming, Gustavi Tove, Karasalo Maja4.3
Tu-E06-TO/4Multiscale Modeling of HVOF Thermal Spray ProcessChristofides Panagiotis, Li Mingheng6.1
We-E03-TP/11Multivariable Boundary Control Approach by Internal Model, applied to Irrigation Canals RegulationDos Santos Valérie, Toure Youssoufi, Mendes Eduardo, Courtail Estelle8.1
Fr-M04-TP/4Multivariable closed-loop control of the reattachment length downstream of a backward-facing stepHenning Lars, King Rudibert7.3
We-A04-TP/8Multivariable H-infinity controller design and testing for a 2.4m telescopeRoberts Paul, Turner Matthew, Medrano-Cerda Gustavo, Postlethwaite Ian, Rees Paul4.2
Th-M08-TO/1Multivariable LQG Vibration Control using Charge-Driven Piezoelectric ActuatorsVautier Benjamin, Moheimani Reza2.1