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Title Index

Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Fr-M20-TO/4Tasks of system identification: A simplified approach created in a developing countryGomma Hesham9.3
We-E02-TP/2TCP/IP Protocol over IEEE-1394 Network for Real-time Control ApplicationsPark Jaehyun, Youm Bok-Jin3.1
We-A18-TO/6Team-Oriented Formation Control for Multiple Mobile RobotsSun Bo, Chen Weidong, Xi Yugeng7.5
Th-E21-TO/2Technology development and ethical decision making: gatekeeping, identity and social constructionHersh Marion9.5
We-A02-TP/9Temperature Control of High Power Electronic Devices at Minimum Ventilation PowerFabbri Giampietro6.3
Fr-A01-TP/9Temperature modelling of an homogeneous medium using genetically selected RBF(LIC)Teixeira César, Graça Ruano Maria, Pereira Wagner, Ruano António8.2
Mo-E19-TO/5Terrain Based Navigation Tools for Underwater Vehicles using Eigen AnalysisOliveira Paulo7.2
Th-M09-TO/1The Adaptability Challenge for Embedded Control System SoftwarePasetti Alessandro, Cechticky Vaclav, Schaufelberger Walter3.1
Tu-A03-TP/18The Advanced Process Control System for an Industrial Distillation ColumnZhang Shi, Bo Cuimei, Li Bin, Wang Yonghua6.1
Th-M02-TP/19The Application of Control using Neuro-dynamic Programming with a Feature MapYang Dae Ryook, Kim Dong Kyu, Ahn Joeng Ho, Lee Kwang Soon2.3
Tu-M03-TP/23The Architecture of Manufacturing Execution System in Iron & Steel EnterpriseLi Huiying, Pang Xinfu, Zheng Binglin, Chai Tianyou6.2
We-M05-TO/2The Attitude Determination Algorithm using Integrated GPS/INS DataHuang Yi-Min, Chang Fan-Ren, Wang Li-Sheng6.4
Th-M01-TO/1The CASSINI / HUYGENS Space Mission to Explore the Saturnian SystemSchilling Klaus7.3
Th-E22-TO/6The CDIO initiative from an automatic control project course perspectiveNorrlöf Mikael, Enqvist Martin, Gunnarsson Svante, Wernholt Erik, Hansson Anders9.4
Th-M13-TO/5The controllability test for behaviors revisitedPolderman Jan Willem1.1
Mo-M02-TO/6The Cramér-Rao bound for estimation of continuous-time ARX parameters from irregularly sampled dataLarsson Erik K, Mossberg Magnus, Söderström Torsten1.1
Mo-E02-TO/6The design method of robust control by flexible spacecraftRutkovsky Vladislav, Zemlyakov S. D., Sukhanov V. M., Glumov V. M.7.3
Tu-M13-TO/6The design of ternary perturbation signals for linear system identificationBarker Tony, Tan Ai Hui, Godfrey Keith1.1
Fr-A09-TO/3The Effect of Randomly Time-Varying Sampling and Computational DelaySanfridson Martin, Törngren Martin, Wikander Jan3.1
Th-A03-TO/6The extended lambda-method for controlled Lagrangian systemsChang Dong Eui2.3
Fr-M14-TO/5The first Lyapunov coefficient for a class of SystemsVerduzco Fernando2.3
Th-M12-TO/6The Gelfand formula for linear parameter-varying and linear switching systemsWirth Fabian2.2
Th-E21-TO/4The Global Validity of Ethics: Applying Ethics to Engineering and Technology DevelopmentBitay Balazs, Brandt Dietrich, Savelsberg Eva9.5
We-M11-TO/1The H2 Control Problem for Descriptor SystemsKucera Vladimir2.2
Mo-A13-TO/2The Hidden Risks of Optimizing Bond Portfolios under VaRWinker Peter, Maringer Dietmar9.1
Mo-M01-TO/6The Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Systems using a Correlation Analysis ApproachLang Z Q, Futterer M, Billings Stephen A.1.1
Tu-E01-MS/1The Impact of Automatic Control on Recent Developments in Transportation and Vehicle SystemsKiencke Uwe, Nielsen Lars, Sutton Robert, Schilling Klaus, Papageorgiou Markos, Asama Hajime7.1
Mo-A01-TP/17The inherent robustness of constrained linear model predictive controlHeath William, Wills Adrian2.5
Th-E05-TP/18The Lady, the Bandits and the Body-Guards - a two team dynamic gameRusnak Ilan2.4
Fr-M07-TP/6The LORF Orbit Equation with Full QuaternionsAndreis Davide, Canuto Enrico7.3
Th-M01-PL/1The Mars Exploration Rovers: Hitting the Road on MarsCox Nagin7.3
Mo-A09-TO/4The Modeling of a Multi-Agent System for a Domotics PlatformFerreira Rosa Paulo Fernando, Tanaka Botelho Wagner, Santos de Lima Sandro, Carrilho Antonio3.2
Mo-A16-TO/1The Modified PQ Method for Robustness to Microactuator Saturation and FailureMessner William4.2
Tu-A02-TP/1The Modular Intelligent Being: review and a proposalVeres Sandor M1.2
Mo-M03-TP/19The Non-conventional Sampling Pattern as a Design ParameterCuenca Angel, Salt Julian2.1
Fr-M22-TO/4The odd world of periodic polynomialsBittanti Sergio, Colaneri Patrizio2.1
Th-M10-TO/6The parametrization of all robust stabilizing repetitive controllersSatoh Keiji, Yamada Kou2.5
Th-E01-TP/14The parametrization of all stabilizing multi-period repetitive controllers with the specified frequency characteristicsSatoh Keiji, Yamada Kou, Kowada Makoto2.2
Fr-M04-TO/2The Possibilistic Filter: An Alternative Approach for State EstimationMatia Fernando, Jimenez Agustin, Rodriguez-Losada Diego, Galan Ramon, Al-Hadithi Basil M.4.3
Tu-E07-TO/3The Proteus Approach of Maintenance Work Flow ManagementThron Mario, Bangemann Thomas5.1
Th-A08-TO/6The Rate of Change of an Energy Functional for Axially Moving ContinuaYang Kyung-Jinn, Hong Keum-Shik, Matsuno Fumitoshi2.1
Th-A13-TO/2The stable embedding problemTrentelman Harry, Zavala Yoé R., Praagman C., Trentelman H.L.1.1
We-M01-TP/14The study on an improved Genetic AlgorithmHe Dakuo, Wang Fuli, Jia Mingxing3.2
Tu-E03-TO/3The uniform global output regulation problem for discontinuous systemsPavlov Alexei, Pogromsky Alexander, van de Wouw Nathan, Nijmeijer Henk2.3
We-M02-TO/2The University of Newcastle Identification Toolbox (UNIT)Ninness Brett, Wills Adrian, Gibson Stuart1.1
We-E02-TP/7The use of CORBA in Process ControlGalán Santos, Rodríguez Manuel, Sanz Ricardo, García Carlos, Chinchilla Rafael, Yela Adolfo3.1
Tu-E08-TO/6The Use of The Astrom-Bell Model for The Design of Drum Level Controllers in Power Plant BoilersLu Chris, Rees N.W., Donaldson S.C.6.3
We-A02-TP/27The Way of District Heating Output Control by means of Hydrothermal Power SystemsBalátě Jaroslav, Jeník Petr, Chramcov Bronislav6.3
Tu-E04-TP/22Theoretical and Experimental Results of Energy Based Swinging up Control for a Remotely Driven AcrobotXin Xin, Kaneda Masahiro, Yamasaki Taiga, Omasa Kazuhisa4.3
Mo-E01-MS/1Theory, Algorithms and Technology in the Design of Control SystemsBars Ruth, Colaneri Patrizio, de Souza Carlos E., Allgöwer Frank, Kleimenov Anatolii, Scherer Carsten2.1
Fr-M11-TO/4Thermal Comfort Based Predictive Controllers for Building Heating SystemsZanetti Freire Roberto, Oliveira Gustavo, Mendes Nathan4.4
Th-M20-TO/1Thermal Imaging System for Climate Control of Potato StoresGottschalk Klaus, Geyer Sabine, Hellebrand Hans-Jürgen8.1
Th-A02-TP/14Time Discretization of Piecewise Affine Systems with Sliding ModesSchwarz Michael, Kiencke Uwe, Hodrus Thomas Erhard, Krebs Volker2.2
Th-A04-TP/16Time Domain Decomposition in Solution of Singular Nonlinear Optimal Control ProblemsTzoneva Raynitchka2.4
Mo-E11-TO/3Time Series Analysis for Irregularly Sampled DataBroersen Piet M.T.1.1
Th-E05-TP/19Time Varying Terminal ControlImsland Lars, Rossiter John Anthony2.4
Th-E09-TO/6Timed Automata Model of Preemptive Multitasking ApplicationsWaszniowski Libor, Hanzalek Zdenek3.1
Tu-E14-TO/1Time-optimal control of a particle in a dielectrophoretic systemChang Dong Eui, Petit Nicolas, Rouchon Pierre2.4
We-A11-TO/6Time-varying dynamic controllers for discrete-time linear systems with input saturationGomes da Silva Jr. Joao Manoel, Lescher Fabien2.2
Mo-E17-TO/2Timing Diagram Specifications in Modular Modeling of Industrial Automation SystemsVyatkin Valeriy, Bouzon Gustavo, Hanisch Hans-Michael5.1
Tu-A15-TO/5Tools and Technologies for Designing Control Systems using Programmable Logic DevicesMilik Adam, Dykierek Mariusz4.1
Tu-M02-TO/6Towards a Multivariable Auto-TunerZhu Yucai, Serrano Esther T., Weiland Siep1.1
We-A08-TO/4Towards a regulation procedure for instantaneous reactive power in nonlinear electrical circuitsJeltsema Dimitri, Garcia-Canseco Eloisa, Ortega Romeo, Scherpen Jacquelien M. A.2.3
Th-M09-TO/4Towards a Validated Object Oriented Design Approach to Control SoftwareRasse Alban, Perrone Jean-Marc, Thirion Bernard3.1
Th-A01-TP/13Towards Deadband Control in Networked Teleoperation SystemsHirche Sandra, Hinterseer Peter, Steinbach E., Buss Martin4.5
We-M07-TO/4Towards Robust Part Tracking in an Automated Manufacturing Process using RFIDBrusey James, McFarlane Duncan5.1
Mo-A16-TO/5Track Following Controller for Optical Disk Drives Based on Adaptive Output RegulationChung Chung Choo, Kim Hyungjong, Kim Won Hee, Shim Hyungbo4.2
Mo-M16-TO/4Track Seeking Control of Hard Disk Drives Based on New Two-Degree-of-Freedom Control Scheme with Vibration Minimized TrajectoriesHirata Mitsuo4.2
Mo-A03-TP/21Tracking Control Based on Numerical MethodsScaglia Gustavo, Postigo José F., Mut Vicente, Millan Zulma, Calvo Carlos2.1
Mo-A08-TO/6Tracking control for constrained monotone systemsFalugi Paola, Chisci Luigi2.3
Th-M15-TO/3Tracking Control for Uncertain Takagi Sugeno Fuzzy Systems with External DisturbancesMansouri Badr, Manamanni Noureddine, Hamzaoui Abdelaziz, Zaytoon Janan3.2
Th-M02-TP/20Tracking of non-square nonlinear systems with model predictive controlMagni Lalo, Scattolini Riccardo2.3
Mo-M10-TO/6Tracking Performance Limitations under Disturbance or UncertaintySU Weizhou, Qiu Li, Petersen Ian2.5
Tu-A20-TO/6Tracking with Bounded Actuators: Scheduled controllersJabbari Faryar, Kim Jin-Hoon2.3
Mo-M13-TO/3Tradeoffs of Austrian Budgetary Policies: An Optimum Control AnalysisNeck Reinhard, Stieber Harald9.1
Tu-M01-TP/11Traffic model of a MicroregionHomolová Jitka, Nagy Ivan7.4
Mo-M18-TO/6Traffic-responsive signalling control through timed Petri netsGiglio Davide, Di Febbraro Angela7.4
We-E01-TP/6Transfer Line Balancing by a Combined ApproachGuschinsky Nikolai, Dolgui Alexandre, Levin Genrikh5.1
Th-E05-TP/20Transition-Time Optimization for Switched SystemsAxelsson Henrik, Wardi Yorai, Egerstedt Magnus2.4
Mo-E04-TO/5Traversability Prediction for Unmanned Ground Vehicles based on Identified Soil ParametersHutangkabodee Suksun, Zweiri Yahya H., Seneviratne Lakmal D., Althoefer Kaspar7.5
Mo-A01-MS/1Trends in Systems and Signals Katayama Tohru, McKelvey Tomas, Sano Akira, Cassandras Christos, Campi Marco1.1
Fr-M07-TO/3True Concurrent Stochastic ProcessesBujorianu Manuela, Bujorianu Marius, Lygeros John1.4
Tu-A21-TO/6Tuning of Lead Compensators with Gain and Phase Margin SpecificationsWang Qing-Guo, Hang Chang Chieh, Ye Zhen2.1
We-M01-TP/13Two Applications of Eng-genes based Nonlinear IdentificationIrwin George, Connally Patrick, Li Kang3.2
Th-A20-TO/4Two Control Laws for a Spray System with Time Varying Delay and Dead BandAnthonis Jan, Franssens Wouter, Seuret Alexandre, Richard Jean-Pierre, Ramon Herman8.1
We-A04-TP/16Two Dimensional Feedrate Control for High Performance CNC Machine ToolsLee Seung Soo, Cho Jung Hwan, Jeon Gi Joon4.2
Th-A17-TO/4Two Phase Technique for Assembly Line BalancingVain Jüri, Randvee Ingmar, Riismaa Tiit5.2
Th-E03-TP/21Two Time-Scale Feasible Direction MethodTadic Vladislav, Vlajkovic Nenad, Kyriakopoulos Efstratios1.4
Fr-M06-TO/6Two-layer Real Time Optimization of the Drying of Pastes in a Spouted Bed: Experimental ImplementationCosta Carlos E. S., Freire Fábio B., Correa Nivaldo Ap., Freire José T., Correa Ronaldo G.6.1
Tu-A16-TO/3Two-level Predictive based Axis Control for Virtual Machine ToolSusanu Mara, Dumur Didier5.1