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The workshop will take place at
Gamle Elektro (Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, NTNU)
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May 24–26, 2023

• This workshop is supported by the project Pure Mathematics in Norway, funded by Trond Mohn Foundation and Tromsø Research Foundation.
• The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (NTNU-IE) has kindly provided us with lecture rooms.

Social dinner
The social dinner will take place at To rom og kjøkken on Thursday May 25 at 19:00

On nonlocal and nonlinear PDEs

Gløshaugen dronebilde 2021

at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

May 24–26, 2023

••• Note that if you want to be a participant of this event, you have to register by sending the organizers an email. There is no registration fee. •••

General info
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Please read the following carefully:
  • If you travel through Oslo airport (or another airport in Norway), you might have to go through customs again. This means that you have to pick up your luggage, and re-check-in it at a counter.
  • If you arrive at Værnes airport (the airport closest to Trondeim), the easiest option to reach the city is by bus (unfortunately only in Norwegian). It runs regularly, and each flight departure and arrival is covered by the bus. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the city centre. You can buy a round-trip ticket directly at the airport (no cash is needed).
  • All the speakers are accommodated at Comfort Hotel Park.
    The bus from the airport stops at "Nidarosdomen" which is closest to that hotel. You could walk to NTNU from the hotel (approx. 15 minutes), or you could take bus number 3 (direction "Lohove") or 22 (direction "Vestlia via Othilienborg") from the bus stop "Nidarosdomen" to the bus stop "Gløshaugen" (approx. 5 minutes by bus and 5 minutes walking). Note that you need to pay for the bus through the app "AtB" (they rarely accept cash on the bus itself, and it is also more expensive to do so).

List of speakers:
  • Indranil Chowdhury Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Marco Cirant Università di Padova
  • Félix del Teso Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Ulrik Fjordholm University of Oslo
  • David Gómez-Castro Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Moritz Kassmann Bielefeld University
  • Miłosz Krupski University of Wrocław
  • Ola Mæhlen University of Oslo
  • Fernando Quirós Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Artur Rutkowski NTNU
  • Oana Serea Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Francisco Silva Université de Limoges
  • Susanne Solem Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Juan Luis Vázquez Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Other participants: Thomas Christiansen (NTNU), Luca Galimberti (NTNU), Halvard Storbugt (NTNU), Ganesh Vaidya (NTNU), Swati Yadav (NTNU)

Program (22.05.2023)
The lectures (40+10 min) will take place in EL 1.
Abstracts of all the talks: Download (pdf)

Google maps location
The lecture room (EL 1):

The hotel (for all the speakers), approx. 15 minutes walk from NTNU:

The social dinner, approx. 25 minutes walk from NTNU:

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