TKP4555 Module Advanced Simulation

Brief description:

The course has the objective to provide insight into technologies associated with process modelling or more generically model-based computational engineering. Each student selects a project from pool and we discuss on a weekly basis each of the project. The course concludes with a mini conference where each student presents his project. The event is augmented with an oral examination discussing the material covered during the course.


Advanced subjects in the domain of process simulation


Students work on projects that are relevant for the development and use of process-relevant software:

  • numerical methods
  • implementing coded versions of models into existing application programs
  • utilisation of advanced software engineering concepts and methods

General competence:

Implementation of new and advanced methods in software dedicated to process analysis and process design.






  • projects
  • Attainable regions → Halvor Aarnes Krog
  • OpenFoam : Vortex mixing → Kun Wang
  • OpenFoam: Extract volume/flow graph after pressure / velocity computation and compute composition distribution → Ramn Erstad
  •  Tools: Lua → Eirik Torp
  • Tools: molecular dynamics → Christina Zotica
  • Numerics: DAEs explict vs implicit → Melissa Dlima



  • Bio process – Cansu Birgen
  • CFD/OpenFoam – Sigve Karolius  & Abel Mekonnen
  • Tools – Tobias Elve & Sigve Karolius