Aphorisms – thoughts

  • How do we open the minds of people ? — a fundamental question, which certainly should be on top of any University’s agenda
  • Should data bases be public – is it responsible to have them closed due to commercial interests ?
  • People’s surface-to-volume ratio is close to the average of all species
  • People are adaptive systems
  • God has a strange sense of humour, at times.
  • Models always build on time-scale assumptions – thus only a window in the time-scale is being described – this justifies the use of wavelets.
  • The teacher is learning most or
  • to be understood is to understand (Tore H-W)
  • recently read in an advertisement for a professor position: “The University of xxx pursues a policy of intense student mentoring and therefore expects its teaching staff to be present during lecture periods.”  — puzzles me, worries me intensely.
  • NRK – I Larssons leilighet – Sverre Anker Ousdal: Jeg tenker på mann så vidt innflytelserike stillinger at man ikke kan unnlate å tillegge deres meninger en visst vekt.
    This short for : Da må man høre på hva volk sier.
  • Learning can be done in a fun way and is fun, but to become a professional requires a hard training. A university teaches general knowledge and educates professionals.
  • I can teach it to you, but I cannot learn it for you.
  • The person who is never wrong by making a mistake is never trying anything.
  • Competence and trust are currently replaced by reporting and administration (2018).