TKP4135 Process Systems Engineering

Course contents:

Theme 1 : Process modelling – the basis of computational engineering:

Review on the systematic construction of dynamic models for physical-chemical-biological processes. Extension into large-scale models and their abstraction into network models and the application of time-scale assumptions leading to cruder process descriptions on a longer time scale.

Theme 2 : Analysis of linear and nonlinear dynamics:

Focus on stability with possible excursions into observability and controllability.

Theme 3 : Matching the model to the process:

Focus on multi-dimensional regression and variance analysis of linear-in-parameter models. Extension to system identification of basic dynamic models. Nonlinear parameter identification and model-based design of experiments.

Theme 4 : Hybrid systems:

Discrete-event dynamic systems and their interaction with continuous processes aiming at supervisory control, planning and logistic issues.



The relative emphasis of the themes is adjusted to the group of participants at the beginning of the course.



Basics of chemical engineering, linear algebra, numerical methods and optimisation.