Why build from scratch

Use of legacy models vs new construction


  • confidence: object has been used over an extended period, and (hopefully) also verified correspondingly.
  • documentation: usually aimed at use and not so much at contents in terms of how things are done. Latter is often considered proprietary knowledge and consequently hidden from the user.
    Consequence: often little is known of what is actually happening inside — remains with the creator.
  • outdated: generic ageing effects of required utilities such as hardware and software
  • design limitations: available technology imposes constraints and re-orients objectives to make it work instead of achieving the original goal

New construction:

  • fresh view: new can be fresh but does not need to ignore old. Knowledge integration hopefully improves overall.
  • new implementation: enables the use of new tools, has thus the potential benefit of other discipline’s improved knowledge integration.
  • redo:
    • Can imply more work and thus increased investment
    • Construction process is likely to introduce errors
    • Old errors may surface and can be corrected
    • Better chance to aim at original goal