PSE – A Core Discipline

link to PSE mind map

Process systems engineering is a core subject of chemical engineering. The subject adds umbrella knowledge to the discipline and splits mainly into two main domains, namely
process design and process operations.

Process Design

… covers all aspects involved in the process of realising a plant such as

  • small-scale, bench-scale, pilot-scale and live-scale experimentation
  • process selection
  • process structure selection
  • plant structure selection
  • ecological and economical analysis
  • process engineering
  • hazard and operational analysis

Process Operations

… covers all aspects of operating a plant or a set of plants

  • hierarchical process control
    • process element control
    • unit control
    • train control
    • plant control
    • supervisory control
    • plant and production scheduling
    • logistics
    • optimisation on all levels

Model-based computational engineering is thereby omnipresent. Models are being constructed for all parts, and all scales. Latter spreading from the atom-level to large-scale storage capacities.