Sigurd Skogestad Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), N7491 Trondheim, Norway

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"The overall goal of my research is to develop simple yet rigorous methods to solve problems of engineering significance"
"We want to find a self-optimizing control structure where acceptable operation under all conditions is achieved with constant setpoints for the controlled variables. More generally, the idea is to use the model off-line to find properties of the optimal solution suited for (simple) on-line feedback implementation"


Oct. 2021: Plenary talk on "Advanced process control" at the Mexican Control Conference, CNCA 2021 [video and slides]
Oct 2020: Digital lecture on "Nonlinear input transformations for disturbance rejection, decoupling and linearization" [youtube video] [slides]
Nov. 2019: Sigurd receives the "Computing in chemical engineering award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (Orlando, 12 Nov. 2019)
June 2019: Best paper award at ESCAPE 2019 conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
July 2018: PID-paper in JPC that verifies SIMC PI-rules and gives "Improved" SIMC PID-rules for processes with time delay (taud=theta/3)
June 2018: Video of Sigurd giving lecture at ESCAPE-2018 in Graz on how to use classical advanced control for switching between active constraints
Feb. 2017: Youtube vidoes of Sigurd giving lectures on PID control and Plantwide control (at University of Salamanca, Spain)
06-08 June 2016: IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, including Biosystems (DYCOPS-2016), Trondheim, Norway.
  • Videos and proceedings from DYCOPS-2016 [A picture of Sigurd Skogestad]
    Aug 2014: Sigurd recieves IFAC Fellow Award in Cape Town
    2014: Overview papers on "control structure design and "economic plantwide control"


    Book: S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite: MULTIVARIABLE FEEDBACK CONTROL-Analysis and design. Wiley (1996; 2005)
    Book: S. Skogestad: CHEMICAL AND ENERGY PROCESS ENGINEERING CRC Press (Taylor&Francis Group) (Aug. 2008)
    Bok: S. Skogestad: PROSESSTEKNIKK- Masse- og energibalanser Tapir (2000; 2003; 2009).

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    [A picture of Sigurd Skogestad]

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    PROST - Our activity is part of PROST - Center for Process Systems Engineering at NTNU and SINTEF
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    SUBPRO (NTNU center on subsea production and processing) [ Annual reports ] [ Internal ]
    Nordic Process Control working group - in which we participate studiet ved NTNU - Mostly local NTNU stuff about our Ph.D. study
    Debattinnlegg - Things I have written that are unrelated to chemical engineering

    Some software we have written ...

    Dynamic MATLAB distillation models (+ general stuff on distillation)
    Dynamic MATLAB and Fortran model of industrial ammonia reactor
    Other own Matlab software
    Software from other sources
    Some old deleted stuff

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