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IFAC Symposium DYCOPS-CAB 2016, Trondheim, 05-08 June 2016

Organized by NTNU

Chair of NOC: Sigurd Skogestad

Co-char of NOC: Lars Imsland

We also thank the "volunteers" who did all the work: Christoph Backi (lunches), Arne Tobias Elve (rooms), Adriaen Verheyleweghen (posters), Julian Straus and Adriana Reyes Lúa (registration), Sigve Karolius (signs), Cansu Birgen (dinner) + all the room assistants: Eka Suwartadii, Tamal Das (salsa), "Jan" Honza Sulc, Alexander Leguizamón, Prathak Jienkulsawad, Iosif Pappas, Leif Andersson, Anders Albert, Xing Qian, Pablo Bouza and Vlad Minasidis.

The videos and many of the photos are made by Hans Odland.