Getting to Trondheim and the Department of Chemical Engineering

Getting to Trondheim

Trondheim is located in the middle of Norway about 500 km north of the capital Oslo. The most common way to get to Trondheim is via Oslo by plane (50 min). There are about 20 flights in each direction each day (!). Carriers are SAS (SK) and Norwegian (DY). Widerøe/SAS also operates two daily direct flights to and from Copenhagen, KLM operates three daily flights to Amsterdam, Norwegian one daily flight to London/Gatwick, and there are also direct flights to Stockholm.

There are also several daily trains from Oslo, but the travel time is more than 7 hours. The driving time from Oslo is also about 7 hours.

How to get from the airport to downtown Trondheim

The airport is located about 30 km north of Trondheim. There is a bus service to Trondheim for each arriving flight which takes you the city center and the hotels (and a return service from Trondheim every 15 min). The bus ("Flybussen", leaves directly outside where you pick up the luggage. The cost is about NOK 130 (about NOK 200 return). The driver will inform you about the location of your hotel (ask him).

There is also another airport bus (Vaernes-ekspressen, that brings you directly to the NTNU campus (about every 30 min).

It is also possible to take the train which a bit cheaper (about NOK 75) but has less frequent departures.

We do NOT recommend that you take a regular taxi (with a V on its roof) from the airport, unless you are two people or more. The reason is that the fare is very high (up to NOK 800). However, you may try to negotiate a better price - in particular if you find a taxi with a U (not V) on the roof. Alternatively, you may prebook a shared taxi by calling +47-7350 5006 or +47-7350 5073 . The cost is about NOK 350 and the taxi will then be waiting for you outside the terminal (it will have an U (NOT V!!) on its roof). However, the taxi alternative is really only recommended if you are going somewhere outside downtown (e.g. directly to the university).

How to get from downtown Trondheim to the campus

The "Gløshaugen" campus is about 2 km south of the downtown Trondheim. It takes about 20-25 minutes to walk up there.

A taxi costs about 150 kr. Ask for "Kjemiblokk V(5)" if you are visiting Chemical Engineering. The street address is Sem Selands vei 4 (where Sem Sælands vei crosses Høgskoleringen)

Bus no. 5 goes from the city centre to the Gløshaugen campus every 10 min. Cost: NOK 50 (cheaper prices via mobile app from atb).

Some hotels in Trondheim

There are many hotels in Trondheim, but none directly on the University campus. Some possibilities in different price ranges are (all located in the center of Trondheim, except otherwise stated). The closest hotels to the university are the following (about half distance compared to the ones above): All rates include breakfast.

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