October 21, 2023

Sigurd Skogestad

Sigurd Skogestad

Graduated PhD students (with present affiliation)

  1. Thor Mejdell, Estimators for product composition in distillation columns, Nov. 1990. (SINTEF, Trondheim)

  2. Elling W. Jacobsen, Studies on dynamics and control of distillation columns, Dec. 1991. (Professor at KTH, Stockholm)

  3. Morten Hovd, Studies on control structure selection and design of robust decentralized and SVD controllers, Oct. 1992. (Professor at Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, Trondheim)

  4. Knut W. Mathisen, Integrated design and control of heat exchanger networks, April 1994. (Yara, Porsgrunn)

  5. Erik A. Wolff, Studies on control of integrated plants, July 1994. (Worked with ABB in Olso; deceased 2004)

  6. Eva Sørensen, Studies on optimal operation and control of batch distillation columns, Aug. 1994 (Professor at University College, London)

  7. H. Petter Lundström, Studies on robust multivariable control of distillation columns, Aug. 1994. (Energos, Trondheim)

  8. John C. Morud, Dynamics and control of integrated plants with reactors , Apr. 1996. (SINTEF, Trondheim)

  9. Ying Zhao, Studies on modeling and control of continuous biotechnical processes, Aug. 1996. (Cominco, Canada)

  10. Atle C. Christiansen, Studies on optimal design and operation of integrated distillation arrangements, Jan. 1998. (Point Carbon, Oslo)

  11. Kjetil Havre, Studies on controllability analysis and control structure design, Feb. 1998. (SPT Group, Oslo)

  12. Bernd Wittgens, Experimental verification of dynamic operation of continuous and multivessel batch distillation, Dec. 1999. (SINTEF, Trondheim)

  13. Truls Larsson, Studies on plantwide control, Aug. 2000. (Aker Kvrner, Stavanger)

  14. Eva-Katrine Hilmen, Separation of azeotropic mixtures: Tools for analysis and studies on batch diatillation operation, Des. 2000. (ABB, Oslo)

  15. Ivar J. Halvorsen Minimum energy requirements in complex distillation arrangements, May 2001. (SINTEF, Trondheim)

  16. Marius S. Govatsmark, Integrated optimization and control, Sept. 2003. (Equinor/Statoil, Haugesund, now Trondheim)

  17. Audun Faanes, Controllability analysis and control structures, Sept. 2003. (Equinor/Statoil, Trondheim)

  18. Hilde K. Engelien, Process integration applied to the design and operation of distillation columns, March 2004. (Aker Kvrner, Trondheim)

  19. Stathis Skouras, Heteroazeotropic batch distillation: Feasibility and operation, May 2004. (Equinor/Statoil, Haugesund/Trondheim)

  20. Vidar Alstad, Studies on selection of controlled variables, June 2005. (Yara, Porsgrunn)

  21. Espen Storkaas, Stabilizing control and controllability: Control solutions to avoid slug flow in pipeline-riser systems, June 2005. (ABB, Oslo)

  22. Antonio C.B. Araujo, Studies on plantwide control, Jan. 2007. (Ass. Prof., Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil)

  23. Tore Lid, Data reconciliation and optimal operation - With applications to refinery processes , June 2007 (Equinor/Statoil, Bergen)

  24. Federico Zenith, Control of fuel cells, June 2007 (SINTEF Cybernetics, Trondheim)

  25. Jrgen B. Jensen, Optimal operation of refrigeration cycles, May 2008 (ABB, Oslo)

  26. Heidi Sivertsen, Stabilization of desired flow regimes using active control, December 2008 (Equinor/Statoil, Stj�rdal)

  27. Elvira M.Bergheim (Aske), Design of plantwide control systems with focus on maximizing throughput, March 2009 (Equinor/Statoil, Trondheim)

  28. Andreas Linhart, An aggregation model reduction method for one-dimensional distributed systems, Oct. 2009 (Conergy AG, Hamburg).

  29. Henrik Manum, Simple implementation of optimal control for process systems, Nov. 2010 (Cybernetica, Trondheim; from 2012: Equinor/Statoil, Trondheim).

  30. Jens P. Strandberg, Optimal operation of dividing wall columns, June 2011 (Aker Solutions, Oslo).

  31. Johannes Jschke, Invariants for optimal operation of process systems, June 2011 (Professor NTNU, Trondheim).

  32. Magnus Glosli Jacobsen, Identifying active constrain regions for optimal operation of process plants, Nov. 2011 (ABB, Oslo).

  33. Mehdi Panahi, Plantwide control for economically optimal operation of chemical plants - Application to GTL plants and CO2 capturing processes, Dec. 2011 (Aker Solutions, Oslo; From 2014: Faculty at Ferdowsi Universiy of Mashad).

  34. Ramprasad Yelchuru, Quantitative methods for controlled variable selection, June 2012 (SINTEF, Trondheim; 2013: ABB, Oslo; 2017: Honeywell, Bangalore, India).

  35. Deeptanshu Dwivedi, Control and operation of dividing-wall columns with vapor split manipulation, Jan. 2013 (ABB, Oslo).

  36. Esmaeil Jahanshahi Control solutions for multiphase flow: Linear and nonlinear approaches to anti-slug control, Oct. 2013 (Siemens, Trondheim/Oslo).

  37. Maryam Ghadrdan Optimal operation of Kaibel columns, Oct. 2014 (Equinor/Statoil, Stavanger).

  38. Vinicius de Oliveira Optimal operation strategies for dynamic processes under uncertainty, Apr. 2016 (Kjelda, Trondheim).

  39. Julian Straus Optimal Operation of Integrated Chemical Processes – With Application to the Ammonia Synthesis, Aug. 2018 (SINTEF Energy, Trondheim).

  40. Chriss Grimholt Optimal tuning of PID controllers – And the verification of the SIMC rules, Dec. 2018 (ABB Industri, Oslo).

  41. Dinesh Krishnamoorthy Novel approaches to online process optimization, Nov. 2019 (postdoc NTNU; 2022: Assistant Professor Eindhoven).

  42. Adriana Reyes Lua Systematic design of advanced control structures, Feb. 2020 (SINTEF Energi, Trondheim).

  43. Cristina Zotica Optimal operation and control of Thermal Energy Systems, Feb. 2023 (SINTEF Energi, Trondheim; 2023: Equinor).

  44. Allyne Machado dos Santos Modelling, Control, and Optimization of a Recirculating Aquaculture System, Oct. 2023 (Deep Seed Solutions, Rio de Janeiro).

Co-supervisor/Host for (incomplete list):

  1. Bjørn Glemmestad, Optimal operation of integrated processes. Study on heat recovery systems , Telemark Institute of Technology, Dec. 1997 (Supervisor: Truls Gundersen) (Borealis, Porsgrunn)

  2. Michela Mulas, Modelling and Control of Activated Sludge Processes , University of Cagliari (Italy), Jan. 2006 (Supervisor: Roberto Baratti) (Univ. Helsinki)

  3. Veerayut Lersbamrungsuk, Development of control structure design and structural controllability for heat exchanger networks , Kasertart University (Thailand), Jan. 2008 (Supervisor: Thongchai Srinophakun)

  4. Junping Cai, Control of Refrigeration Systems for Trade-off between Energy Consumption and Food Quality Loss , Aalborg University (Denmark), Aug. 2008 (Supervisor: Jakob Stoustrup) (Danfos, Denmark)

  5. M. Nabil, Optimal selection of sensors and controller parameters for economic optimization of process plants, IIT Madras, India (Supervisor: Sridharakumar Narasimha), Sep. 2014.

  6. Mishiga Vallabhan K G, Produced water treatment using hydrocyclone Theoretical and experimental studies of novel control schemes, NTNU Trondheim (Supervisor: Christian Holden), May 2022.

Present PhD students

  1. Vladimiros L. Minasidis (MS Thessaloniki, Greece), Optimal steady-state operation. From Aug. 2011

  2. David Perez Pineiro (MS NTNU, 2019) Optimal operation of energy storage (HighEFF). From Aug. 2019
  3. Lucas Ferreira (MS, UFRJ, 2019) Machine learning for process optimization (IKTPLUSS). From Sep. 2019
  4. Saket Adhau (MS, Pune, India, 2019) Machine learning for process optimization (IKTPLUSS). From Sep. 2019
  5. Risvan Dirza (MS Systems and control, Eindhoven 2018, BS EE, Institute of technology Bandung 2011.) Production optimization (SUBPRO). From Feb. 2020