Search the Process Control Group library

Type keywords for search in the BibTex file ~skoge/reg.bib:

Get the help for regbibsearch by submitting empty fields.
Note that an implicit OR-operation is performed on space-separeted keywords within a field.
If you type a phrase, like a title string, enclose it with qoutes like "This Title".

Note that every keyword may be a regular expression. Then enclose the search string in quotes like "optimi[zs]" which match both optimise and optimize.

The search is NOT case sensitive.

See the CPAN Perl regular expression manual page for more on the regular expression syntax or study perl syntax closer, or find out even more about the Perl language.

If you like to play around with unix and perl, you may download the library file: ~skoge/reg.bib and also the regbibsearch perl script. (Use your right mouse button to dowload) (You may have to modify the first line dependant on where perl is installed on your system. Try the unix command: "which perl" to find where perl is installed on your system.)

You may also go to the main NTNU library: UBiT
and search in BIBSYS or other internet information sources.

Author: I.J.Halvorsen, March 1998.