Group library

The group library is physically located in Kjemiblokk 4, 2nd floor. Everyone is welcome to visit the library.

B - Books. Organized by year and number, for example B80-3
M - Manuals and reference books
R - Reports. Note: Newest ones are separate to the left.
C - Conference proceedings (located next to toilet)

Books and reports can only be loaned by group members (and they have to write their name on the loan list located in the white shelf marked UTLÅN). If you are not a group member and want to loan something then please contact Sigurd Skogestad. Some books (especially some older ones) are located in Sigurd Skogestad's office. These are mostly his personal copies. In addition, Heinz Preisig has some books licated in K4-209. You need to ask Heinz about these!

The index (data base) for the group library can be found in the file ~skoge/reg.bib . This is a text file and can be read and searced by any editor, or you may use the web-based search. The file includes a bibtex-file of about 7000 papers, as well as a list of all our books(B), conference proceedings(C), reports and thesises(R), and manuals and reference books(M).

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