Various lectures by Johannes Falnes on ocean waves and their utilisation.

A selection of PDF copies of (PowerPoint) slides and of transparencies (in PDF files of size X.X MB, 0.6 MB and 1.0 MB, respectively) may be seen on web pages, and

The first of these three files is a general introduction. The second and third ones (on waves and on wave-energy conversion, respectively) are copies of handwritten transparencies (scanned in 2002 and 2005, respectively). Here the approach to the subject is more detailed and somewhat mathematical.

Most of this teaching material has been used in several courses, where wave energy was one among several other subjects related to energy and environmental problems. Moreover, this material was used also during the first three introductory days of a two-week WAVETRAIN course on Ocean Wave Energy Fundamentals in 2005 and in 2010.

Additional information concerning Falnes' teaching on wave energy and wave-power conversion may be found by clicking here.

Moreover, attention is brought to a list of  books on wave energy



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