Skanna gamle publikasjonar om bølgjeenergi

Scanned old publications on wave energy

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Nokre tidlege (ikkje-digitaliserte) publikasjonar frå bølgjeenergigruppa ved NTH 1974-1995.
Some early (non-digitalised) publications from the wave energy group at NTH 1974-1995.

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  15. Budal, K., Falnes, J., Iversen, L.C., Lillebekken, P.M., Oltedal, G., Hals, T., Onshus, T. and Høy, A.S.: The Norwegian wave-power buoy project. 2nd International Symposium on Wave Energy Utilization, 22-24 June 1982, Trondheim, Norway. Preprint 1982-05-07 (Proceedings, pp. 323-344).

  31 (transp). Copy of overhead transparencies used in oral presentation 1993-07-23 of the paper
Falnes, J.: Small is beautiful: How to make wave energy economic. 1993 European Wave Energy Symposium. Proceedings of an International Symposium held in Edinburgh, Scotland, 21-24 July 1993, pp 367-372, 1994.

  111. Falnes, J.: Research and development in ocean-wave energy in Norway. Proceedings of International Symposium on Ocean Energy Development, 26-27 August 1993, Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan, (ed. H. Kondo) pp 27-39. (ISBN 4-906457-01-0)
[The editor of the proceedings, Prof. Hideo Kondo and its co-publishers, Muroran Institute of Technology and Cold Region Port and Harbor Engineering Research Center have kindly permitted this paper to be re-published on this web site.]

  301. Budal, K. and Falnes, J.: Proposals for conversion of the energy in ocean waves. Technical report. Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, March 1974.

  303. Budal, K. and Falnes, J.: Optimum operation of wave power converter. Technical report. Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, January 1976.

  304. Falnes, J. og Budal, K.: Bølgjekraftverk sett saman av bøyar med styrt svingerørsle. 11 sider, fig., diagr. Foredrag ved seminaret "Alternative energikilder i Norge fram til år 2000", 5. april 1978.
[Wave-power plant consisting of buoys with controlled oscillatory motion] 11 pages, fig. diagr. Presented 1978-04-05 at a seminar on "alternative energy sources in Norway towards year 2000" in Oslo.
Teksten på siste sida, side 11, er sitert på side 161 i ei bok som er redigert av Haakon Børde: Energi: en beslutningskrise (Gyldendal, Oslo, 1978).
The text on the last page, page 11, is cited on page 161 in a book that is edited by Haakon Børde: Energi: en beslutningskrise [Energy: a decision crisis] (Gyldendal, Oslo, 1978).

  321. Budal, K. og Iversen, L.C.: Samanhengen mellom energi og volum for ein del bølgjekraftverk. Notat, 11 sider, fig. diagr. Lagt fram ved norsk-svensk seminar om "Kostnadsberäkningar för vågenergiomvandlare", Göteborg, 25.-27.1.1983.
[The relationship between energy and volume for some wave-power plants] Note, 11 pages, fig. diagr. Presented at a Norwegian-Swedish seminar 1983 and published in Seminarium om kostnadsberäkningar för vågenergi [Seminar on cost assessments for wave energy], Gothenburg, 25-27 January 1983. Papers compiled by Lennart Claeson. Group report GR:54 from Gruppen för Vågenergiforskning [The Group for Wave-energy Research], pp. 6:1-6:11.

  328. Falnes, J.: Added-mass matrix and energy stored in the "near field". Internal report. Universitetet i Trondheim, Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, November 1983.

  329. Budal, K. and Falnes, J.: Status 1983 of the Norwegian buoy project. Note. Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, October 1983.

  333. Iversen, L.C. and Lillebekken, P.M.: Model tests of a scale 1:10 phase-controlled wave-power buoy of type N2 in the sea. Technical report. Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, January 1983.

  334. Iversen, L.C. og Lillebekken, P.M.: Modellforsøk med N2-bøyen i Trondheimsfjorden våren 1983. Rapport. Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, juni 1983.
This report [Model tests with the N2 buoy in the Trondheim Fjord during spring 1983], written in Norwegian, may be considered as a 12-page extension of the previous 58-page report (entry # 333).

  347. Falnes, J. og Lillebekken, P.M.: Grovprosjektering av bølgjekraftverk med to ventilstyrte svingande vassøyler. Institutt for fysikk, NTH, desember 1990.
[Assessment estimate of wave-power converter with two valve-controlled oscillating water columns. Deparment of Physics, NTH, Dec. 1990]

  357. "Preliminary design and model test of a wave-power converter: Budal's 1978 design Type E".. [Compiled by J. Falnes.] Institutt for fysikk, NTH, 1993.

  358. Eidsmoen, H. and Falnes, J.: "A preliminary proposal for a floating phase-controlled wave-energy converter with hydraulic machinery for optimum control and production of useful energy".. Technical report. Institutt for fysikk, NTH, March 1993

  402. Falnes, J.: Terminologi for havbølgjeenergi, ei lita ordbok. Institutt for eksperimentalfysikk, NTH, februar 1984.
[Terminology for ocean-wave energy, a small glossary]
Sjå tilleggsopplysningar, m.a. om revisjon 1988.
See additional information on a 1988 revision and on an alternative small glossary with term definitions in the English language.

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