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We are regularly looking for talented individuals who like to work hard, dig deep, and influence tomorrow's computing technologies. If you are one of them and want to join our team, please check "Open Positions" to see if we are hiring.

Open Positions

We have one PhD position available. Please check the details here.


Applicants must have a master's degree in computer science, computer engineering or a related field with a solid academic record. A strong programming background, basic knowledge of computer architecture, and a passion for computer systems is essential. Ideal candidates will have experience working on a simulator, FPGA, and/or other system component. (Formal requirements are posted in the official job advertisement).

Why do a PhD with us?

  • Research Competitiveness: We are ranked 7th in computer architecture research in Europe based on publications in top tier conferences (ASPLOS, ISCA, MICRO, HPCA) in last four years (2018 - 2021). (Source:

  • Research Supervision: You get supervision from three professors (one main supervisor and two co-supervisors) to carry out your research. All three publish regularly in top tier computer architecture conferences (ASPLOS, ISCA, MICRO, HPCA).

  • Research Environment: We have regular group meeting with all PhD students and senior researchers. In each meeting, a student/senior research presents his work. The format is designed to be interactive to both provide assistance and feedback on the research itself, as well as on presentation skills.

  • Competitive Salary: PhD salaries in Norway are very competitive as PhD students are regarded as regular employees with salary, rather than having a stipend. (The exact salary range is posted in the official job advertisement.)

  • Social Benefits: As a regular employee, you are entitled to state benefits including five weeks of paid holidays annually. Norway offers outstanding healthcare which is also free after a small co-pay. Norway also provides one of worlds best parental and childcare benefits.

  • Lifestyle: Norway regularly features among the happiest countries in the world due to excellent work-life balance. Norwegians speak very good English. The quality of life is high with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities.

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