Pseudonumerology® is a word game or puzzle, usually played by one person.
The object is to find the best combination of words to match a given sequence of numbers.   The rules and techniques of playing Pseudonumerology were first described in the book:   Pseudonumerology a word game using a Pseudonumer of phantasmagorishable (8210374695) pseudonumes.   Now most of this information is available at this web site.  

There are two methods of playing Pseudonumerology.  
For a short series of numbers, up to about 14 digits long, a single pseudonume may be made.   This pseudonume is usually a silly sentence or phrase, and the best tool for making it is the Ponderous Pseudonumer.   A technique for making this type of pseudonume is explained together with the Peewee Web Pseudonumer.  
For a longer series of numbers, or when in a hurry, a single pseudonume cannot be made.   In these cases a series of pseudonumes are linked by silly mental images.  This series of images is called a phantasmagoria.  Techniques for making and linking silly images are demonstrated with examples from the number pi. and with examples of the pseudonumes listed on the Pocket Pseudonumer.

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