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Memorize the number pi (p) to 500 places

The number pi (p) begins with  3.1415926   But that's just the beginning....

For centuries, pi has been the classic long-digit number to memorize.  Some people can just do it, but they can't seem to explain how, or teach anyone else to do it.  With Pseudonumerology, anyone who wants to can do it.  Memorizing pi is pretty useless - like climbing the outside wall of a tall building.  Nobody would climb a building for the view, or the exercize, but   "...because it's there."  Someone might do it to see if he can, or to show that he can.  He might do it to show that he has a good climbing technique.

For a research demonstration in Trondheim, Norway on September 30, 1999, I actually memorized the first 1000 digits of pi.  (And my memory is nothing to brag about!)  I did it to demonstrate my Pocket Pseudonumer®, and to test it.   It took about 20 hours to do it an hour or so each day for a few weeks including writing down the pseudonumes and memorizing them as a phantasmagoria, or series of visual images.  For the first 500 digits of pi, I used the Norwegian version of the Pocket Pseudonumer to find pseudonumes.  When this Pseudonumer® was just about used up, so I continued by using the English version, the Pocket Pseudonumer®, and then the Ponderous Pseudonumer®.  I remembered this 1000-digit number for several weeks, but don't remember more than the first 50 or so digits now (I refresh this much once in a while).  But since I now have the list of pseudonumes that I used, I could refresh my memory of the whole thing again in just a few hours.   This is like climbing a building and leaving your rope and pitons along the way:  it is much quicker to climb the second time!

Memorizing this phantasmagoria taught me something about how the brain and memory work.  The memory is like a strong magnet:  pieces of iron stick easily (as pictures stick in the memory) but you will be continually frustrated if you try to stick pieces of aluminum to it (numbers don't stick in the memory).  And if you want to be able to pull the pieces of iron off the magnet in a specific order, you need to tie strings from one piece of iron to the next, before you put the pieces on the magnet.  Then you can pull off as long a string of iron pieces as you like!

If you want to memorize some of pi, a phantasmagoria of pseudonumes for the first 500 decimals of pi is written here.

(If you just landed on this page from the internet, and don't yet know what a pseudonume is, you need to go to the beginning of this web site and read a bit about Pseudonumerology.  You must know the pseudonumerals and how to pseudospell, but this can be learned quickly.

Arabic numerals:  

Here is the list of the first 500 numbers:

500 digits of pi, written as 50 digits in each row:

Below is a phantasmagoria of pseudonumes for these numbers.  The pseudonumes were found in the Ponderous Pseudonumer®.   You might be surprised at how many of these digits you can memorize in 15 minutes.  The whole thing shouldn't take more than a few hours.  Simply read a line, then close your eyes and see the silly images in your mind, to help you remember the pseudonumes.

Good advice for climbing a building is:   "Don't look down just take one step at a time!"
Good advice for memorizing pi would be:   "Don't look ahead just take one pseudonume at a time!")

Digits   Pseudonume How the pseudonume is linked  / how the sounds are mentally pseudospelled
3141 meteorite a huge meteorite falls on Albania  /  m=3, t=1, r=4, t=1
592 Albania in Albania the people are eating Jello  /  l=5, b=9, n=2
65 Jello Jello is sent in the mail  / J=6, ll=5 
35 mail mail is delivered to a VIP  /  m=3, l=5
89 VIP a VIP is from Cuba  /  V=8, P=9
79 Cuba Cuba is an island surrounded by a sea of ammonia  /  C=7, b=9
32 ammonia ammonia is being secretly produced by the mafia  /  mm=3, n=2
38 mafia the mafia is meeting in a Russian washroom (Learn to pseudospell these yourself!)
462 643 Russian washroom in a Russian washroom someone is washing his muff
38 muff a muff  is being worn by a monkey
327 monkey an important monkey lives in a palace
950  palace a palace is sliced in two by a giant knife
28 knife a knife is thrown into a fjord
841 fjord in a fjord is floating a large bucket
971 bucket in a bucket is sitting a G.I.
6 G.I. a G.I. is aiming a pump
939 pump a pump is made into a bomb
93 bomb a bomb is used to explode a pile of clothes
7510 clothes clothes are being eaten by a hungry wolf
58 wolf a wolf is hung in a hangman's noose
20 noose a noose is kneaded by a baker
974 baker a baker operates a brewery in the back room
944 brewery in a brewery the beer is made from pieces of whalebone
592 whalebone pieces of whalebone are used to make a mosaic fetish
307 816  mosaic fetish obsession with a mosaic fetish causes a recession
4062 recession a recession is stopped by the production of new fashions
8620 fashions the season's  fashions slide down a snowboard halfpipe
899 halfpipe at the end of a halfpipe stands a person fishing
862 fishing someone is fishing with a long fuze
80 fuze a fuze leads to a pile of  morphine
3482 morphine morphine is used to dope a lemur
534 lemur a lemur is climbing around on a nitwit
211 nitwit a nitwit tries to ride an ox
70 ox an ox is stomping on a chick-pea
679 chick-pea a flying chick-pea puts a dent in a fender
8214 fender the fender reacts by saying "oof"
8 "oof!" you say "oof" as you savagely throw a domino
0865132 savagely / domino you savagely throw a domino at a venemous Chow chow
823066 venemous Chow chow  a venemous Chow chow is attackedby an earwig
47  earwig an earwig climbs into a can of Spam
093 Spam Spam is loaded into a Ferrari race car
844 Ferrari a Ferrari is made out of cheese
60  cheese a blue law: no sale of cheese on Sunday
955 blue law another blue law: no xylophone playing on Sunday
0582 xylophone a xylophone is played by a nametag
2317 nametag a nametag is fastened by a long nail
25  nail a nail is used to stir mulberries
35940 mulberries mulberries are smashed by fighting forefeet
812 8481 fighting forefeet fighting forefeet give you an intense toothache
117 toothache you get a toothache while on a trip in the Urals
450 Urals at the coast north of the Urals is a navy yard
2841 navy yard a navy yard is full of huge snakes
0270 snakes snakes are slithering into a tube
19 tube inside a tube lives a tiny mayfly
385 mayfly a mayfly is walking arond on the wantads
2110 wantads wantads are offering to sell a yellow lily
555 yellow lily a yellow lily is eaten by a hungry badger
964 badger a badger is caught by a Russian neighbor
462 294 Russian neighbor a Russian neighbor tells a fable
895 fable a fable is about a hare
4 hare a hare is sharpening teeth and claws on rough stone pumice
930 pumice pumice is put into a  Mohave hat
38 1 Mohave hat a Mohave hat is chopped to pieces by a butcher
964 butcher a butcher is working in the casinos of Reno
42 Reno the culture of Reno is a fifties (1950s) backlash
8810 9756 fifties backlash as a fifties backlash teenagers are piling into a jalopy
659 jalopy a jalopy makes a vivid memory
334 memory he has a vivid memory of an (en)raged knifer
461 284  "raged" knifer an (en)raged knifer is using a knife to climb up a slippery glacier
7564 glacier a glacier is formed of frozen venom
823 venom venom is collected in a large mug
37 mug a mug is hanging on a fishhook
867 fishhook a fishhook is dangling in a puddle of vomit
831 vomit in a puddle of vomit is a shilling coin that no one would touch
652 shilling a shilling is used to buy cottonseed
71201 cottonseed cottonseed is being thrown at people by an annoying busybody
9091 busybody a busybody spreads relish around
456 relish relish is used as fill in ravioli
485 ravioli ravioli is being trampled by dancers doing the cha-cha
66 cha-cha the cha-cha is a popular dance in Panama
923 Panama across the Panama canal are huge golden arches
460 arches someone is pounding on the arches with a hammer
34 hammer sticking out of the hammer are branch-like offshoots
8610 offshoots resting on offshoots is a large wooden ruler
454 ruler a ruler is visible on the moon
32 moon the partial moon is shaped like a shoe
6 shoe a shoe is worn by a giraffe
648 giraffe a giraffe wanders over to India
21 India India is the home of the mamba snake
339 mamba a mamba snake is attacked by midges
360 midges the midges are drowning in the Ganges river
7260 Ganges in the sacred Ganges river Nehru is bathing
24 Nehru Nehru gives an award to a great Indian patriot
9141 patriot a patriot is holding a honeycomb
273 honeycomb a honeycomb is eaten by a canary
724 canary a canary flies to Halifax
5870 Halifax Halifax is flooded with sage juice
0660 sage juice sage juice is drunk by a witch
6 witch a witch spends the night in a motel
315 motel  at a motel an olive is eaten for dinner
58 olive an olive is served with a glass of  vodka
817 vodka vodka is raining on a roof
48 roof the roof is built to protect an expensive fiddle
815 fiddle the fiddle plays the words "newsboy! newsboy!"
209209 "newsboy! newsboy!" "newsboy! newsboy!" shout the people in Geneva
628 Geneva Geneva is famous for its wine
2 wine out of a wine bottle is a stick with a pinwheel
925 pinwheel a pinwheel closes up as a rosebud
4091 rosebud a rosebud is cooked in a black kettle
715 kettle in the kettle is thrown a large mushroom
3643 mushroom a mushroom is immortalized in a story by Chekhov
678 Chekhov Chekhov plays the piano
92 piano a piano is played by an elbow
59 elbow an elbow has a blig black smudge
036 smudge a smudge develops into a cyst
001 cyst a cyst is shaped like a protruding thumb
13 thumb a huge dead thumb is lying in a mausoleum
3053 mausoleum in a mausoleum is lying a dead sailor
054 sailor a sailor is playing a fife
88 fife a fife is played through the nose
20 nose out of a nose runs a cockroach
46 roach a roach is prepared as delicious roach julienne
652 julienne in the julienne is a dime
13 dime a huge dime forms the roof of a fire tower
8414 fire tower from a fire tower is seen a burning giblet
6951 giblet a giblet is pushed through a porthole
9415 porthole out through the porthole jumps a toad
11 toad a toad has huge jaws
60 jaws huge jaws bite a broom
943 broom a broom flies as a guided missile
305 missile a missile lands in a glass of cognac
727 cognac a glass of cognac has a leaky seam
03 seam a seam is painted by a new coat of shellac
657 shellac shellac is painted over a bright yellow pulpit
59591 yellow pulpit a bright yellow pulpit has a pile of plums
9530 plums plums are being eaten by a panda
921 panda a panda is swimming with a fish
86 fish a fish is hooked by a large curved tooth
11 tooth a real tooth forms one of  the teeth of a comb
73 comb a comb is used to comb a hairy foot
81 foot a person with a bare foot is a Bohemian
932 Bohemian a Bohemian is involved in a shootout with a cowboy
611 79 shootout / cowboy a cowboy is Midas with the golden touch
310 Midas Midas made "well thought of larva" (a worm became gold)
5118548 well thought of larva "well thought of larva" becomes an expensive cigar
074 cigar a cigar reminds you of your archenemy
4623 archenemy your archenemy should be made into a kabab
799 kabab eating a kebab is difficult with a chancre sore
6274 chancre to cure a chancre sore drink applejack
9567 applejack the best applejack is produced in Moldavia
3518 Moldavia a favorite food in Moldavia is fallafel
8585 fallafel they serve only fallafel at a health clinic
7527 clinic a clinic specialises in cutting a major nerve
248 nerve a nerve is held in place by a button
912 button a large button is used as an artificial kneecap
279 kneecap your kneecap is damaged while sitting watching a movie
38 movie a movie theater is engulfed in hot foam
183 hot foam hot foam is coming from an artists studio
011 studio a studio is surrounded by a high parapet to keep visitors away
9491 parapet .................

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