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Chemical elements, atomic numbers, atomic weights
How to memorize any (or all) of this information

Chemists and chemistry students should really know the atomic weights of the most common chemical elements.  Once you know these numbers, you don't have to look them up any more.  You also have a feeling of control:  you "own" this information, you are not just "borrowing" it.  But as students, we have never been told or taught to memorize the atomic weights, because there has never been a way to teach people to remember so many numbers.  Now, using Pseudonumerology® and the memory techniques explained at this web site, anyone can memorize the complete list of elements, their atomic numbers, and their atomic weights.  It takes less time than you think to do it, you will amaze your chemistry friends, and yourself!

To learn or memorize lots of names and numbers, you start with a list.  But you don't memorize the list that is much too hard.  It is hard because names and numbers are basically too boring for our minds to keep track of.  Instead of memorizing the names and numbers, you need to replace them with images and ideas that you can visualize or laugh about.  Silly images are never boring, and they will stick in your head almost effortlessly.  They won't stick forever, though, so you will have to refresh your memory once in a while.  But this is fun, if the images are silly, and it can be done quickly by looking at your new silly list.  If you find that you have trouble remembering any of the images, it is probably because it is not visual or silly enough.  Don't struggle trying to remember something that isn't easy, but replace the weak image with a better one. 

There is no limit to the amount of information that you can memorize in this way.  If you start with a list that is twice as long, it will take twice as much time to memorize, but it is no more difficult to remember. 

The first thing to do is to get a list of the elements:
1 Hydrogen (H)
2 Helium (He)
3 Lithium (Li)
4 Beryllium (Be)
5 Boron (B)
6 Carbon (C)
7 Nitrogen (N)
8 Oxygen (O)
9 Fluorine (F)
10 Neon (Ne)
11 Sodium (Na)
12 Magnesium (Mg)
13 Aluminum (Al)
14 Silicon (Si)
15 Phosphorus (P)
16 Sulfur (S)
17 Chlorine (Cl)
18 Argon (Ar)
19 Potassium (K)
20 Calcium (Ca)
21 Scandium (Sc)
22 Titanium (Ti)
23 Vanadium (V)
24 Chromium (Cr)
25 Manganese (Mn)
26 Iron (Fe)
27 Cobalt (Co)
28 Nickel (Ni)
29 Copper (Cu)
30 Zinc (Zn)
31 Gallium (Ga)
32 Germanium (Ge)
33 Arsenic (As)
34 Selenium (Se)
35 Bromine (Br)
36 Krypton (Kr)
37 Rubidium (Rb)
38 Strontium (Sr)
39 Yttrium (Y)
40 Zirconium (Zr)
41 Niobium (Nb)
42 Molybdenum (Mo)
43 Technetium (Tc)
44 Ruthenium (Ru)
45 Rhodium (Rh)
46 Palladium (Pd)
47 Silver (Ag)
48 Cadmium (Cd)
49 Indium (In)
50 Tin (Sn)
51 Antimony (Sb)
52 Tellurium (Te)
53 Iodine (I)
54 Xenon (Xe)
55 Cesium (Cs)
56 Barium (Ba)
57 Lanthanum (La)
58 Cerium (Ce)
59 Praseodymium (Pr)
60 Neodymium (Nd)
61 Promethium (Pm)
62 Samarium (Sm)
63 Europium (Eu)
64 Gadolinium (Gd)
65 Terbium (Tb)
66 Dysprosium (Dy)
67 Holmium (Ho)
68 Erbium (Er)
69 Thulium (Tm)
70 Ytterbium (Yb)
71 Lutetium (Lu)
72 Hafnium (Hf)
73 Tantalum (Ta)
74 Wolfram/Tungsten (W)
75 Rhenium (Re)
76 Osmium (Os)
77 Iridium (Ir)
78 Platinum (Pt)
79 Gold (Au)
80 Mercury (Hg)
81 Thallium (Tl)
82 Lead (Pb)
83 Bismuth (Bi)
84 Polonium (Po)
85 Astatine (At)
86 Radon (Rn)
87 Francium (Fr)
88 Radium (Ra)
89 Actinium (Ac)
90 Thorium (Th)
91 Protactinium (Pa)
92 Uranium (U)
93 Neptunium (Np)
94 Plutonium (Pu)
95 Americium (Am)
96 Curium (Cm)
97 Berkelium (Bk)
98 Californium (Cf)
99 Einsteinium (Es)
100 Fermium (Fm)
101 Mendelevium (Md)
102 Nobelium (No)
103 Lawrencium (Lr)

Then make a silly or visual image for each name.  These are the best images that I have come up with so far.  But as I think of better ones, I will be replacing them and steadily improving the list.  You can do the same:  replace any image that you can't use with one that works for you.

1 Hydrogen (H) a hydrofoil
2 Helium (He) a helium gas balloon
3 Lithium (Li) a lighthouse (lighthome)
4 Beryllium (Be) an empty barrel
5 Boron (B) Baron von Boron. WWII fighter pilot
6 Carbon (C) black carbon dust
7 Nitrogen (N) night
8 Oxygen (O) an oxygen tank
9 Fluorine (F) white wheat flour
10 Neon (Ne) a neon sign
11 Sodium (Na) a soda
12 Magnesium (Mg) magazine
13 Aluminum (Al) aluminum foil
14 Silicon (Si) Silicon Valley
15 Phosphorus (P) a faucet (for us)
16 Sulfur (S) yellow sulfur powder
17 Chlorine (Cl) chlorine liquid bleach
18 Argon (Ar) an argument
19 Potassium (K) a pot
20 Calcium (Ca) chalk (CaCO3)
21 Scandium (Sc) a scandal article in news
22 Titanium (Ti) the ship Titanic
23 Vanadium (V) a van
24 Chromium (Cr) a chrome plating
25 Manganese (Mn) a mango fruit
26 Iron (Fe) iron weights "pumping iron"
27 Cobalt (Co) cobble or cobalt blue ink
28 Nickel (Ni) an Indian-head nickel
29 Copper (Cu) a cup
30 Zinc (Zn) a kitchen sink
31 Gallium (Ga) galley on a ship
32 Germanium (Ge) Germany
33 Arsenic (As) arsenic poison
34 Selenium (Se) the ceiling
35 Bromine (Br) a broom
36 Krypton (Kr) Superman -- krypton
37 Rubidium (Rb) a rabid dog
38 Strontium (Sr) a stranger
39 Yttrium (Y) an outer room
40 Zirconium (Zr) a circus
41 Niobium (Nb) Nairobi, Kenya, eastern Africa
42 Molybdenum (Mo)     a woman named Molly
43 Technetium (Tc) a hi-tech safety net
44 Ruthenium (Ru) Babe Ruth baseball player
45 Rhodium (Rh) a rodeo
46 Palladium (Pd) palace
47 Silver (Ag) a silver mine
48 Cadmium (Cd) a Cadillac limousine
49 Indium (In) India or Indian
50 Tin (Sn) a tin can
51 Antimony (Sb) anti-money
52 Tellurium (Te) a bank teller
53 Iodine (I) a diner
54 Xenon (Xe) Exxon oil company
55 Cesium (Cs) Caesar
56 Barium (Ba) a cocktail bar
57 Lanthanum (La) a kerosene lantern
58 Cerium (Ce) breakfast cereal
59 Praseodymium (Pr) the president
60 Neodymium (Nd) a shiny new dime
61 Promethium (Pm) a pre-med student
62 Samarium (Sm) a samurai
63 Europium (Eu) Europe
64 Gadolinium (Gd) a catalog
65 Terbium (Tb) a tarp
66 Dysprosium (Dy) dizzy discus pro athelete
67 Holmium (Ho) a helmet with hole
68 Erbium (Er) a green herb
69 Thulium (Tm) a Leatherman tool
70 Ytterbium (Yb) a red "hot herb" (like spice)
71 Lutetium (Lu) a looted store
72 Hafnium (Hf) heaven
73 Tantalum (Ta) a tantalizing metal clump
74 Wolfram/Tungsten (W)     a wolf tongue
75 Rhenium (Re) rain
76 Osmium (Os) the Wizard of Oz
77 Iridium (Ir) large iris flower
78 Platinum (Pt) plate
79 Gold (Au) a gold nugget
80 Mercury (Hg) liquid metal
81 Thallium (Tl) a tail
82 Lead (Pb) a lead weight
83 Bismuth (Bi) a busymouth (gossiper)
84 Polonium (Po) a polo player
85 Astatine (At) astatic (=unstable) alcoholic
86 Radon (Rn) spray "Raid- (insect poison) on"
87 Francium (Fr) France
88 Radium (Ra) pirates "raid 'em"
89 Actinium (Ac) an insincere acting fool
90 Thorium (Th) Thor, god of thunder
91 Protactinium (Pa) a protecting bodyguard
92 Uranium (U) radioactive uranium
93 Neptunium (Np) the planet Neptune
94 Plutonium (Pu) the Disney dog Pluto
95 Americium (Am) American
96 Curium (Cm) curry powder
97 Berkelium (Bk) the university at Berkeley
98 Californium (Cf) California
99 Einsteinium (Es) Albert Einstein
100 Fermium (Fm) fermented
101 Mendelevium (Md)     Nelson Mandela
102 Nobelium (No) Nobel prize
103 Lawrencium (Lr) Lawrence of Arabia on a camel

The atomic weights are needed for making simple chemical calculations.  Here is a list of the first 64 elements, and the numbers to memorize.  The other elements should be appearing here soon, after I get time to pseudonume them.  If you want to check these atomic weights, click here to open a new window.

Atomic Sym. ElementAtomic
1  H  Hydrogen1.0079
2  He  Helium4.00260
3  Li  Lithium6.941
4  Be  Beryllium9.0122
5  B  Boron10.811
6  C  Carbon12.011
7  N  Nitrogen14.00674
8  O  Oxygen15.9994
9  F  Fluorine18.9984              
10  Ne  Neon20.1797
11  Na  Sodium22.99
12  Mg  Magnesium    24.3050
13  Al  Aluminium    26.9815
14  Si  Silicon28.085
15  P  Phosphorus    30.974
16  S  Sulfur32.07
17  Cl  Chlorine35.453
18  Ar  Argon39.948
19  K  Potassium39.0983
20  Ca  Calcium40.08
21  Sc  Scandium44.9559
22  Ti  Titanium47.867
23  V  Vanadium50.9415
24  Cr  Chromium51.9961
25  Mn  Manganese54.93805
26  Fe  Iron55.845
27  Co  Cobalt58.93
28  Ni  Nickel58.6934
29  Cu  Copper63.546
30  Zn  Zinc65.39
31  Ga  Gallium69.72
32  Ge  Germanium72.61
Atomic Sym. ElementAtomic
33  As  Arsenic74.92160
34  Se  Selenium78.96
35  Br  Bromine79.904
36  Kr  Krypton83.80
37  Rb  Rubidium85.4678
38  Sr  Strontium87.62
39  Y  Yttrium88.906
40  Zr  Zirconium91.224
41  Nb  Niobium92.9064
42  Mo  Molybdenum    95.94
43  Tc  Technetium[98]
44  Ru  Ruthenium101.07
45  Rh  Rhodium102.905
46  Pd  Palladium106.42
47  Ag  Silver107.868
48  Cd  Cadmium112.41
49  In  Indium114.81
50  Sn  Tin118.71
51  Sb  Antimony121.76
52  Te  Tellurium127.60
53  I  Iodine126.9045
54  Xe  Xenon131.29
55  Cs  Cesium132.905
56  Ba  Barium137.327
57  La  Lanthanum138.05
58  Ce  Cerium140.116
59  Pr  Praseodymium140.91
60  Ce  Neodymium144.24
61  Pm  Promethium145
62  Sm  Samarium150.36
63  Eu  Europium151.96
64  Gd  Gadolinium157.25

To memorize the atomic weights of the elements, you need Pseudonumerology.

The weights are remembered as pseudonumes, which are associated with the visual or silly images for the names.  

(To understand these pseudonumes, you have to know the ten pseudonumerals and how to pseudospell words.  If you just arrived at this web page and don't know these things yet, you must go to the home page for Pseudonumerology.com and read the introductory pages.)

Arabic numerals:  

Element   Atomic weight   pSeuDoNuMe (How it is accociated with the image.)
Arabic = Pseudonumerals   
1 Hydrogen (H) 1.0079 = T.SSKP weT . SeaSCaPe   (The hydrofoil roars over a wet seascape.)
2 Helium (He) 4.00260 = R.SSNJS aiR . SeaSoN JoyS   (The hot air and helium balloon season is fun.)
3 Lithium (Li) 6.941 = J.PRT waTCH . a PiRaTe   (The lighthouse/lighthome shines its light on a pirate ship.)
4 Beryllium (Be) 9.0122 = P.STNN Bee . STiNGiNG   (A mad bee is inside the barrel, stinging.)
5 Boron (B) 10.811 = TS.FTT the "Deuce . oF DeaTH"  or "hoT aCe . oF DeaTH" (Baron von Boron.)
6 Carbon (C) 12.011 = TN.STT heaTiNG- . SooTeD   (Carbon soot from heating.)
7 Nitrogen (N) 14.00674 = TR.SSJKR   a "hooTeR" . SeeS a JoGGeR   (At night, an owl sees a night jogger.)
8 Oxygen (O) 15.9994 = TL.PPPR iDeaL . PiPe BRew   (You need oxygen to smoke your pipe.)
9 Fluorine (F) 18.9984 = TF.PPFR TouGH . PoPoVeR   (Flour is used to bake a tough popover.)
10 Neon (Ne) 20.1797 = NS.TKPK NiCe . DoGGyBaG   (A neon sign at a restaurant.)
11 Sodium (Na) 22.99 = NN.PP uNioN . PuB   (Have a soda at the Union Pub.)
12 Magnesium (Mg) 24.3050 = NR.MSLS wiNNeR . MuSCLeS   (A magazine about Winner Muscles.)
13 Aluminum (Al) 26.9815 = NJ.PFTL eNJoy . BeeF DaiLy   (Slogan on aluminum foil package.)
14 Silicon (Si) 28.085 = NF.SFL iNFo . wiZ VaLLey   (Silicon Valley is called "Info-wiz" Valley.)
15 Phosphorus (P) 30.974 = MS.PKR MeSSy . BaKeR   (A messy baker washes his hands at a faucet.)
16 Sulfur (S) 32.07 = MN.SK MoNey . SaCK   (Yellow sulfur is kept in a money sack.)
17 Chlorine (Cl) 35.453 = ML.RLM MaLe . ReaLM   (Only men work in the chlorine factory.)
18 Argon (Ar) 39.948 = MP.PRF "MayBe" . "PRoVe iT!"   (Argue, a typical argument.)
19 Potassium (K) 39.098 = MP.SPF MoP . SPiFFy   (A mop in a pot, to make things spiffy.)
20 Calcium (Ca) 40.08 = RS.SF eaRS . oSSiFy   (Too much calcium will harden your ears.)
21 Scandium (Sc) 44.95591 = RR.PLLPT   hoRRoR ! we haPPiLy eLoPeD   (A scandal!)
22 Titanium (Ti) 47.867 = RK.FJK heRoic . VoyaGe weeK   (The Titanic sailed a heroic week.)
23 Vanadium (V) 50.9415 = LS.PRTL (A van is:) aLSo . a BRoTHeL or wheeLS . BRoTHeL
24 Chromium (Cr) 51.9961 = LT.PPJT hoLLywooD . hiP hyPe haTCHeT   (Shiny chrome Hollywood hatchet.)
25 Manganese (Mn)   54.93805 = LR.PMFSL   (A mango is an:) aLL-yeaR . PalM FoSSiL
26 Iron (Fe) 55.845 = LL.FRL (Iron is:) LowLy . FeRR-aLL   (ferric, ferrous, ferr-"all")
27 Cobalt (Co) 58.93 = LF.PM (A cobble is:) a LaVa . BoMb
28 Nickel (Ni) 58.6934 = LF.JPMR LeaVe . a huGe BuMMeR   (leave a cheap nickel tip)
29 Copper (Cu) 63.546 = JM.LRJ JaM . LaRGe   (a large cup of jam
30 Zink (Zn) 65.39 = JL.MP (a sink is a:) huGe hoLe . MayBe
31 Gallium (Ga) 69.723 = JP.KNM (a ship's galley:) SHiP . aGoNy
32 Germanium (Ge)   72.61 = KN.JT (a German:) GuN . SHoT
33 Arsenic (As) 74.92160 = KR.PNTJS   GoRey . BaNDaGeS   (following arsenic poisoning)
34 Selenium 78.96 = KF.PJ CoFFee . PaTCH   (spot on the ceiling)
35 Bromine (Br) 79.904 = KP.PSR KeeP . BuSieR   (keep busier using your broom)
36 Krypton (Kr) 83.80 = FM.FS FoaM . FaCe   (a character in a Superman story)
37 Rubidium (Rb) 85.4678 = FL.RJKF awFuL . iRiSH CoFFee (rabid or rubbed with coffee)
38 Strontium (Sr) 87.62 = FK.JN FaKe . aSiaN   (a stranger)
39 Yttrium (Y) 88.906 = FF.PSJ hooF-oFF . PaSSaGe   (the outer room is a passage to take shoes off)
40 Zirconium Zr 91.224 = PT.NNR BeauTy . oN a haNGeR   (A circus beauty on a high trapeeze.)
41 Niobium 92.906 = PN.PJR eBoNy . PaSTuRe   (A field of black ebony trees in Nairobi.)
42 Molybdenum 95.94 = PL.PR PiLLowy . BRa   (The girl Molly wears a padded bra.)
43 Technetium 98 = PF aBoVe   (A person is working above a technical saftey net.)
44 Ruthenium 101.07 = TST.SK aTHeiST . pSyCHo   (A ruthless atheist.)
45 Rhodium 102.905 = TSN.PSL ToSSiNG . BuSiLy   (Busily tossing calves at a rodeo)
46 Palladium 106.42 = TSJ.RN "whiTe-houSiSH" . RuiN   (A palace like the White House.)
47 Silver 107.878 = TSK.FKF DiSCo . oFF-Key heaVy   (A disco "heavy" in silver clothes.)
48 Cadmium 112.41 = TTN.RT TooToNG . RouDy, or RaDio, or weiRDo   (A roudy in a Cadillac.)
49 Indium 114.82 = TTR.FN "DaughTeR . oF hoNey"   (Name of indian princess.)
50 Tin 118.71 = TTF.KT aDDiTiVe . QuoTa   (Tin is added to make bronze or solder.)
51 Antimony 121.76 = TNT.KJ DeNieD . CaSH, or "DoN'T . CaSH"   (Anti-money people avoid cash.)
52 Tellurium 127.60 = TNK.JS hooDwiNK . waGeS   (A bank teller hoodwinks bank customers.)
53 Iodine 126.9045 = TNJ.PSRL TiNGe . BiZaRReLy, or TwiNGe . BiZaRReLy   (Iodine color tinges, medicine twinges.)
54 Xenon 131.29 = TMT.NP DooMeD . Now you/we Pay   (Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster.)
55 Caesium 132.905 = TMN.PSL "DaMN . aPoStLe"   (Augustus Caesar condemning an apostle.)
56 Barium 137.327 = TML.MNK "aToMiC . MaNiaC" or MoNKey   (Name of a mixed bar drink.)
57 Lanthanum 138.905 = TMF.PSL DiM View . By a SLeigh   (A lantern on a sleigh at night.)
58 Cerium 140.116 = TRS.TTJ eaTeR'S . hoT DiSH   (Cereal)
59 Praseodymium 140.91 = TRS.PT DRaws . aPaTHy   (the president's speech draws apathy)
60 Neodymium 144.24 = TRR.NR DRaweR . ("iN heRe")    (a new dime in a drawer)
61 Promethium 145 = TRL a TRoLL   (premed student is a troll)
62 Samarium 150.36 = TLS.MJ (a samurai)   DueLS . MuCH
63 Europium 151.96 = TLT.PJ yoDeLLeD . PaTCH   (Europe is a yodelled patch of land)
64 Gadolinium 157.25 = TLK.NL iDyLLiC . NoeL   (idyllic Christmas catalog)

You can also use pseudonumes to memorize the atomic number of each of the elements. You must choose a pseudonume that can be naturally associated with the image for the element's name.  The pseudonumes can often be visualized as a label, a tattoo, a sign, or a motto.   In the list that follows, I have chosen a pseudonume for each image.  The pseudonumes here are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.  If you replaced any of my images in the list of names above, you will also have to go to the Peewee Web Pseudonumer ® and find a new pseudonume for the image you are going to use.

Arabic numerals:  

0123 Element Image PSEUDONUME giving the atomic number, accociated with image
1 Hydrogen (H) hydrofoil name on the hydrofoil: "YACHT(T=1)
2 Helium (He) helium balloon with printed word: "HONEY" (see Winnie the Pooh)  (N=2)
3 Lithium (Li) lighthouse sign on lighthouse (lighthome): "HOME"  (M=3)
4 Beryllium (Be) empty barrel label on barrel: "AIR(R=4)
5 Boron (B) Baron von Boron Baron's tattoo: "HELL(LL=L=5)
6 Carbon (C) black carbon dust together with carbon: ASH  (SH=J=6)
7 Nitrogen (N) night problem at night: AWAK(K=7)
8 Oxygen (O) oxygen in a tank sticker on tank: "WHIFF(FF=F=8)
9 Fluorine (F) flour purpose of flour: PIE  (P=9)
10 Neon (Ne) a neon sign label on sign: "10 WATTS(TTS=TS=10)
11 Sodium (Na) soda label on soda: "DIET  (DT=TT=11)"
12 Magnesium (Mg) magazine magazine title: "TEEN"
13 Aluminum (Al) aluminum foil recommended use: HOT HAM
14 Silicon (Si) Silicon Valley motto: "WE TRY!"
15 Phosphorus (P) faucet, for us hook/sign over faucet "TOWEL"
16 Sulfur (S) seal fur label on fur: "TOUCH"
17 Chlorine (Cl) liquid chlorine bleach brand of bleach ATTACK
18 Argon (Ar) Ark-on (Noah's) sign on overcrowded Ark: "DIVE!"
19 Potassium (K) a pot label on pot "EAT UP"
20 Calcium (Ca) chalk package size-label: "20 OUNCE"
21 Scandium (Sc) scandal article headline "NUDE!"
22 Titanium (Ti) ship Titanic sign on ship: "HANG ON!"
23 Vanadium (V) van bumper sticker on van: "ANAHEIM"or "ENEMY!"
24 Chromium (Cr) chrome trophy label on trophy: "WINNER"
25 Manganese (Mn) mango fruit label of origin: "NILE"
26 Iron (Fe) pumping iron (barbells)     sign in gym: "ENJOY!"
27 Cobalt (Co) cobalt-blue ink label: "INK"
28 Nickel (Ni) Indian-head nickel label: "NAVAJO", or 5c is "ENOUGH"
29 Copper (Cu) cup written on cup: "A NIP?"
30 Zinc (Zn) kitchen sink sign over sink: "A MESS"
31 Gallium (Ga) galley, kitchen on ship sign: "HI MATE!"
32 Germanium (Ge) Germany German word/author: "MANN"
33 Arsenic (As) arsenic poison warning label: skull & "MUMMY"
34 Selenium (Se) ceiling hanging banner: "MERRY" (Christmas)
35 Bromine (Br) broom clean MILIEU
36 Krypton (Kr) Superman  krypton tatto: MACHO
37 Rubidium (Rb) a rabid dog: running AMOK
38 Strontium (Sr) a stranger presumably from the MAFIA
39 Yttrium (Y) outer room sign in room: "MOP"
40 Zirconium (Zr) circus sign in circus: "HORSE"
41 Niobium (Nb) Nairobi HEART of Kenya/Africa, or ROOT
42 Molybdenum (Mo) Molly, explorer Molly is a HEROINE
43 Technetium (Tc) hi-tech safety net no HARM, with this net
44 Ruthenium (Ru) Babe Ruth Ruth was RARE talent
45 Rhodium (Rh) road RAILroad
46 Palladium (Pd) palace sign at palace: "RICH"
47 Silver (Ag) a silver mine EUREKA! (I found it!)
48 Cadmium (Cd) a Cadillac "ARRIVE" (in style)
49 Indium (In) India RUPEE (Indian money)
50 Tin (Sn) a tin can ALLOYS of tin
51 Antimony (Sb) anti-money WEALTHY person, empty WALLET
52 Tellurium (Te) bank teller sign at bank window: "LOAN"
53 Iodine (I) diner sign at diner: eat "LAMB"
54 Xenon (Xe) Exxon OILER
55 Cesium (Cs) Caesar Caesar's motto: "LOYAL!"
56 Barium (Ba) cocktail bar a LUSH
57 Lanthanum (La) kerosene lantern label on lantern: caution "LEAKY!"
58 Cerium (Ce) cereal cereal brand: "LIFE"
59 Praseodymium (Pr) the president tattoo: "I HELP!" or "HELP!"
60 Neodymium (Nd) a new dime dime of CHOICE, WAGES
61 Promethium (Pm) pre-med student CHEAT or WATCHED
62 Samarium (Sm) samurai GENIE or ASIAN
63 Europium (Eu) Europe CHAMOIS or CHUMMY
64 Gadolinium (Gd) catalog label "WISH HERE" or "WISHER"
65 Terbium (Tb) a tarp use of tarp: SHELL or SHAWL
66 Dysprosium (Dy) dizzy discus pros WISHY-WASHY, or CHA-CHA
67 Holmium (Ho) helmet with a hole CHIC or JOKE
68 Erbium (Er) green herb CHIVE
69 Thulium (Tm) Leatherman tool JOB
70 Ytterbium (Yb) "hot herb" HEX (witches herb)
71 Lutetium (Lu) loot, stolen goods GETAWAY
72 Hafnium (Hf) heaven "GONE" (to heaven)
73 Tantalum (Ta) tantalizing metal GI' ME!,   HOKUM
74 Wolfram/Tungsten (W) wolf/tongue wolf CRY, or tongue WAGGER
75 Rhenium (Re) rain COOL rain or GALE wind
76 Osmium (Os) Wizard of Oz KITSCH
77 Iridium (Ir) iris flower sign in nursury: "GAWK"
78 Platinum (Pt) plate label on plate: "CAFE"
79 Gold (Au) gold nugget KEEP!
80 Mercury (Hg) liquid metal WAVES of liquid
81 Thallium (Tl) a tail tail on the AFT end
82 Lead (Pb) lead weight label "HEAVY ONE"
83 Bismuth (Bi) busymouth (gossiper) FOAM from mouth, FAME
84 Polonium (Po) polo player WIFFER (misses the ball)
85 Astatine (At) astatic stumbling alcoholic tattoo: "I FALL"
86 Radon (Rn) "Raid"-on FETCH the Raid
87 Francium (Fr) France VOGUE
88 Radium (Ra) pirates raid 'em HEAVE OFF the pirate ship
89 Actinium (Ac) acting fool A FOP
90 Thorium (Th) Thor, god of thunder BUZZ of thunder
91 Protactinium (Pa) protecting bodyguard tattoo: "BUDDY"
92 Uranium (U) radioactive uranium nuclear test BAN
93 Neptunium (Np) planet Neptune light BEAM
94 Plutonium (Pu) nuclear fuel POWER or BEWARE!
95 Americium (Am) America American APPLE
96 Curium (Cm) cure a wound PATCH
97 Berkelium (Bk) university in Berkeley BOOK-school
98 Californium (Cf) California sign: "WE PAVE!" (make highways everywhere)
99 Einsteinium (Es) Albert Einstein tattoo: "PAPPA" of invention
100 Fermium (Fm) fermented DISEASE, DISUSE
101 Mendelevium (Md)     Nelson Mandela OUTSIDE! of apartheid jail
102 Nobelium (No) Nobel prize Thomas EDISON or Walt DISNEY (no, they didn't)
103 Lawrencium (Lr) Lawrence of Arabia DAZE 'EM,   DISMAY,   TEASE 'EM

Learning the complete list of the elements is also easy, if you know how.  Learning this sequence requires making a series of images where each image is mentally linked to the next.  I call this sort of series a phanatasmagoria.  When making these mental connections, don't think about the links to the pseudonumes -- those were "logical" associations.  A phantasmagoria is made of much sillier links, where the image for the heavier element is somehow underneath the image for the lighter element.   Ignore the numbers in this list.   They are only there for reference to the other lists.  Remember to visualise each link clearly before visualizing the next link.  If you have trouble remembering a link, it is probably a poor image, and you should not accept my suggested image but make your own.

(1) a hydrofoil is driving across the top of a helium balloon
(2) a helium balloon is tied to the top of a lighthouse
(3) the base of a lighthouse is a barrel
(4) a barrel is falling on the plane of Baron von Boron
(5) Baron von Boron is dropping chunks of coal from his plane
(6) black coal-dust settles on everything, bringing on night
(7) under the bed at night, you have an oxygen tank for sound sleeping
(8) oxygen to a tank is supplied by a flower (photosynthesis)
(9) a flower is growing on top of a flashing neon sign
(10) a neon sign is plugged into a glass of soda
(11) a wet bottle of soda is standing on a magazine
(12) a magazine is wrapped in aluminum foil
(13) aluminum foil covers and shades hi-tech buildings in Silicon Valley
(14) Silicon "Valley" is a water reservoir; a faucet drains it
(15) a faucet is pouring cool water on seal fur
(16) seal fur is used to wipe off a coloring book
(17) a coloring book is a pasttime on the Ark
(18) the hull of the Ark is a pot
(19) a pot is crushing a piece of chalk
(20) chalk rings are drawn around the scandal articles in a newspaper
(21) a famous scandal was the sinking of the Titanic
(22) the Titanic crashed into a submerged van (not an iceberg)
(23) a miniature van is the display on a chrome trophy
(24) the base of a chrome trophy is a ripe mango
(25) a weightlifter is "pumping" a mango, not iron
(26) iron barbells are standing in a puddle of blue ink
(27) blue ink is covering the top of a nickel
(28) a nickel is put into a cup
(29) a cup is lying in a messy sink
(30) a sloshing sink of water in the galley of a ship
(31) in the galley, the mates are singing German songs
(32) the soil of Germany is contaminated with arsenic
(33) arsenic poison is seeping down from above the ceiling
(34) a broom is hanging from the ceiling
(35) Superman (krypton) is flying beneath a broom (not on it)
(36) kryptonite makes a dog wild, rabid
(37) a rabid dog attacks a stranger
(38) a stranger hangs out in the outer room of a house
(39) in the cellar of an outer room is a miniature circus
(40) a circus tent is pitched in Nairobi
(41) exploring beneath the streets of Nairobi is Molly
(42) Molly falls and is caught in a hi-tech safety net
(43) a hi-tech net keeps Babe Ruth's homers in the park
(44) Babe Ruth was always "on the road", playing away games
(45) a road is laid over an artist's palette
(46) a palette gets its silver paint from a silver mine
(47) silver is the best color of a Cadillac
(48) a Cadillac cruises across India
(49) in India they make products of tin
(50) a tin can is holding down anti-money (fake)
(51) anti-money is falling down on a bank teller
(52) a teller's bank window is located above a diner
(53) beneath a diner is an Exxon oil tank
(54) black Exxon oil is sprayed on Caesar
(55) Caesar is sitting on a cocktail bar counter
(56) under the bar counter is a lighted lantern
(57) a lantern on the breakfast table lights up the cereal
(58) taped on the package of cereal is a flat-pressed dime
(59) exchange that pressed dime for a new dime
(60) a new dime falls into the pocket of a pre-med student
(61) a pre-med student rides on the shoulders of a samurai
(62) a samurai is wandering across Europe
(63) Europeans are hovering over a fascinating catalog
(64) a heavy catalog is holding down a tarp in the wind
(65) a tarp is covering dizzy discus pros
(66) dizzy discus pros throw a silly helmut with a hole
(67) a helmet is over a pile of dried green herb
(68) green herb is covering up a Leatherman tool
(69) a tool is sticking into a red hot herb
(70) red hot herb is scattered in a looted store
(71) a looted store is "one step above" heaven
(72) heaven is higher than a tantalizing meal
(73) tantalizing food is hanging above a wolf
(74) a wolf is jumping high over rain clouds
(75) rain is falling on Oz (melting the witch)
(76) Wizard of Oz walks on an iris path
(77) an iris is lying on a plate
(78) a plate is covering a gold nugget
(79) a gold nugget is dripping liquid metal
(80) liquid metal mercury splashes on a tail
(81) a tail is pulled down by a lead weight
(82) lead holding down a gossiper (busymouth)
(83) a gossiper (busymouth) is talking about a polo player
(84) a polo player is pulled down by a wobbly, astatic alcoholic
(85) an astatic alcoholic is spraying Raid
(86) Raid(-on) is sprayed over France
(87) France is a castle being attacked by "raid 'em!" pirates
(88) "raid 'em!" pirates are torturing someone acting
(89) acting person is Thor, god of thunder
(90) Thor is throwing lightning down on a protecting bodyguard
(91) protecting shield over radioactive uranium
(92) Uranium, (93) Neptunium, (94) Plutonium.  These names are from
the planetary sequence: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.  From gods of heavens, sea, underworld
Planetary mnemonic: "Your-anus" is "Nipped" by "Pluto" (Disney dog, runs in irregular orbit)
(94) Disney's Pluto runs across America
(95) America has problems and needs a cure
(96) a cure is suggested by students at Berkeley
(97) Berkeley is an ivory tower above California
(98) a puzzle map of California is put together by Einstein
(99) Einsteins bubbling head is sign of fermentation within
(100) fermenting unrest in South Africa led by Mandela
(101) Mandela gets the Nobel Peace prize
(102) Nobel prize to Lawrence of Arabia
(103) Lawrence of Arabia is looking for more elements...

These are examples of how you change boring information into interesting images, and how you attach pseudonumes.  What makes an interesting image for me may mean nothing to you, so you will probably have to adjust this list to use it yourself.  But my real purpose here is to teach you this general technique.  Try it, with information that you would like to remember.  Don't forget the most important point you have to make the information silly or fun, or you won't want to remember it, and you won't be able to remember it!

This page is being developed and improved.  Come back later for a more complete and better version.

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