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(Do not print this page with examples.  It is much longer than you need!)

After printing the Pocket Pseudonumer, cut it out with scissors.  Fold it first along the vertical dashed line.  Then fold it along the two horizontal dashed lines.  Keep it handy.  It is a pocket-sized device for memorizing numbers, just as a calculator is a pocket-sized device for working with them.

The Pocket Pseudonumer ® — a keyboard for hi-tech memorization of numbers

Copyright ©2001 Allan Krill

The Pocket Pseudonumer® (ISBN 82-994200-6-7) is a device for quickly memorizing numbers.  Average students are able to use a Pocket Pseudonumer to memorize a 40-digit number in about 20 minutes (See an article about the Pocket Pseudonumer in the research magazine Gemini).

(Didn't learn the Pseudonumerals?  Learn to pseudospell now!)

The Pocket Pseudonumer is used to make a pseudonume phantasmagoria — a series of linked visual images.  Each pseudonume on the Pocket Pseudonumer has been carefully chosen to allow a clear visual image that is easily remembered and that is not easily confused with any other pseudonume images on the list.

For an example of a pseudonume phantasmagoria, go to the page showing the first 500 digits of the number pi.

The technique of making pseudonume phantasmagorias is best demonstrated by examples, so a typical example for each pseudonume on the list is given below.  Do not try to memorize these examples!  You will easily be able to make and link your own images by simply referring to the Pocket Pseudonumer.  Just read my example of any pseudonume that seems difficult or unfamiliar, to become more familiar with the technique.  If you find that you don't like a pseudonume on the list, remove it with white-out, and write another that you prefer.  You may use the Peewee Web Pseudonumer to find one that you like better.

There are four pseudonumes given for each number.  Use any of the four that you prefer, but do not use the same pseudonume again in the same phantasmagoria, or you may become confused and lose the link.

Examples of mental pictures to be linked in pseudonume phantasmagorias
A is the previous pseudonume to be linked and B is the pseudonume that follows.

0 hose a firehose is attached to A; the hose sprays B
0 house a house falls over on top of A; B comes out from inside the house
0 ice  a layer of shiny ice forms over A and the ground; B slips on the ice
0 saw A is cut in two by a saw; the saw falls on or is taken by B
1 hat A wears or is covered by a hat; B is a decoration on the hat
1 head A bumps into your head (ouch!); causing your head to bump into B
1 widow A is attended by a grieving widow in black
1 yacht A sails aboard a luxury yacht; the yacht crashes into B
2 hen A is sat on by a huge brooding hen; the hen pecks at B
2 honey sticky honey drips on A; the honey runs onto B
2 wine a glass of red wine is held by A; the wine is spilled on B
2 wing a single flapping wing is attached to A; the wing detaches and flies to B
3 ammo A is in a pile of ammunition for a cannon; the ammo rolls into B
3 emu visualize the emu as large flightless bird running like an ostrich
3 ham A is butchered to make a ham; the ham is eaten by B
3 mayo thick mayonaise is spread on A
4 arrow A is shot by an arrow; B hangs from the arrow
4 hair long hair grows out of A; B comes and pulls/eats/gets tangled in the hair
4 hero a superhero such as Superman rescues or helps A
4 wire A is suspended by a wire; the wire is attached to B
5 hell A roasts in a firey hell; B manages to escape from hell
5 hole a round black hole appears in A; B squeezes out of the hole
5 wall A bounces off a brick wall; the wall falls on B
5 whale a huge whale swallows A; the whale spouts and out comes B
6 OJ A is squeezed to make brightly colored Orange Juice
6 shoe A is stepped on by a single huge shoe;  the shoe has no foot; but B inside
6 watch A is wearing a large fancy watch around its middle
6 witch  a witch rides on A instead of a broomstick; the witch captures B
7 cow a large cow grazes on A and produces B as milk
7 egg A lays a large egg; the egg hatches and B emerges
7 hook A is snagged by a large fishhook; the hook is held by B
7 wig A is wearing a large unruly wig
8 Eve A is picked or taken by Eve (dressed in her finest fig leaf)
8 ivy vines of green ivy grow out of A; the ivy flows onto B
8 UFO A is captured by a flying saucer (Unidentified Flying Object)
8 wave A is engulfed by a huge ocean wave; the wave rolls back, leaving B
9 boa A is squeezed by a boa constrictor snake; the boa is killed by B
9 bow a decorative bow of ribbon is tied around A
9 boy a greedy boy grabs A and runs
9 web A ia stuck in a huge spiderweb
00 oasis A is in an oasis of green vegetation
00 sauce thick red sauce pours on A
00 seesaw A is on one end of a seesaw; on the other end is B
00 Zeus the great Greek god Zeus has A with him on his cloud
01 acid steaming acid burns and disolves A
01 seed A produces a large seed; the seed grows into B
01 stew A is made into a thick stew
01 suit A is wearing a brightly colored suit
02 snow A is buried by falling snowflakes; B emerges from the deep snow
02 sun A is scorched by the sun; the sun is actually a glowing B
02 swing A is swinging on a child’s swing
02 swan a graceful white swan takes off from A; the swan flies to B
03 seam a large sewn seam becomes visible on A; the seam rips open and out comes B
03 sumo A is squeezed by a huge, half-naked, Japanese sumo wrestler
03 swim A goes for a swim but flounders; B swims past elegantly
03 zoom a zoom-lens extends from A; the zoom reaches to B
04 sari  a sari is the long cloth outer garment worn by Hindu women
04 sewer A falls through a manhole into a dark wet sewer
04 sore a large infected sore appears on the surface of A
04 Zorro Zorro; the masked hero-swordsman, slashes a "Z" in the side of B
05 sail the sail of a sailboat is attached to A and is blown
05 seal a seal balances A on its nose
05 weasel a long thin weasel runs circles around A and bites at it
05 whistle A blows into a large metal whistle; B flows out instead of sound
06 ice age A is buried by the advance of a thick glacier; the glacier melt; leaving B
06 sage visualize the sage as a wise old man with white beard andcloak
06 sewage A is caught in flowing sewage under the street
06 switch a light switch appears on the surface of A; when switched on B appears
07 psycho A is attacked by a psychotic deranged killer
07 sack A is stuffed into a large cloth sack; B emerges from thesame sack
07 ski A is standing on a single large ski; moving downslope
07 sock A is pushed into a giant wool sock
08 housewife A is dusted vigorously by a housewife
08 safe A is stuffed into a large metal safe; B tries to move  the heavy safe
08 sieve A falls into a huge hand-held sieve
08 sofa A seats itself on a large sofa; B seats itself on the other end of the sofa
09 soap A is rubbed by a bar of soap; making white lather
09 soup A eats a bowl of hot soup
09 subway A presses into an overcrowded subway; the subway crashes into B
09 wasp A is attacked and stung by a long thin wasp
10 dice A rolls with a huge pair of dice; the dice have no spots but a picture of B
10 outhouse A squeezes into a tall narrow wooden outhouse
10 toes A falls on your toes (ouch!); your toes kick B in pain
10 weeds green leafy garden weeds grow out of A
11 tattoo a surface of A displays a large tattoo;the tattoo, of B, becomes real
11 teddy visualise a large soft cuddly teddy bear
11 teeth A displays a set of glistening white teeth
11 toad a large warty toad hops around A
12 den A enters the opening of a fox’s den; B is already inside and comes out
12 dune a large sand dune migrates over A; B emerges from beneath it
12 tongue a large wet tongue protrudes from A; the tongue licks B
12 wedding A is dressed in a white wedding gown; she is standing beside the groom B
13 Adam A is taken by Adam; wearing his usual fig leaf
13 dime a large 10-cent piece rolls around A
13 thumb a huge thumb presses down on A
13 tomb  A is dead and is placed inside a stone tomb; B emerges from the tomb
14 deer A is riding on a deer with fine antlers
14 tower a tall tower is above A; B is inside the tower
14 tree a large tree grows up from A; B is hiding in the tree
14 water A gets drenched by splashing water; the water runs off to B
15 dial visualize the dial as a circular meter gague like a clock face
15 doll the doll is a specific child’s doll; such as a Barbie doll
15 tail a ropy swishing cowtail is attached to A; the tail swishes on B
15 towel  a large beach towel covers A; B drys itself with the towel
16 dish A is placed on a porcelain dinner plate; the dish is served to B
16 ditch A stumbles into a long narrow ditch; B emerges from it
16 DJ a disc-jockey spins A to make music; the DJ takes B to play it too
16 tissue a white facial tissue floats down to cover A; the tissue is used by B
17 attic A goes up into a large dark attic; B falls down out of the attic
17 duck a large quacking yellow duck flys out of A
17 tack a thumbtack is pressed into A; the tack is holding up B
17 tag a paper price tag is stuck or tied to A
18 dive A falls through the air in an elegent dive; the dive is hindered by B
18 dove a white dove flys out of A; the dove is caught by B
18 thief  a shadowy thief steals A; the thief tries to hide in B
18 TV A appears on TV
19 tape tape is wrapped around A; the other end of the tape is around B
19 tepee A enters an Indian’s tepee; B is sitting inside
19 toupee a toupee is glued onto the top of A; B takes the toupeeand runs
19 tuba A enters the mouthpiece of a large tuba; B is blown out of the tuba
20 NASA A enters a NASA rocket that blasts off and lands on B
20 news A is covered up by a huge newspaper; the newspaper is taken by B
20 nose A strikes your nose (ouch!); you blow B out of your sore nose
20 wings flapping birdwings are attached to A; the wings leave A and fly to B
21 ant a huge ant drags A; the ant then marches alone to B
21 hand A is grabbed by a large human hand
21 net  A is caught in a large butterfly net
21 window a window is seen on the side of A; the window opens and B emerges
22 nanny visualize the nanny as a woman  overrun by children
22 neon a flashing neon sign is mounted on A
22 nun  a nun in black and white habit prays beside A
22 onion A is chased off by an offensively strong-smelling onion
23 enema memory spesialists know that vulgar images are most easily remembered
23 enemy A is chased by an enemy soldier
23 gnome visualize the gnome as a small dwarf-like creature with a white beard
23 name A wears a huge name tag that says: «HI! MY NAME IS B»
24 hangar A flys or rolls into a large airplane hangar; B comes outof the hangar
24 hanger A hangs on a clothes hanger; the hanger hangs on B
24 wiener A is made into a wiener sausage; B eats the wiener
24 winner A is given as a trophy to the winner; the winner lifts B in triumph
25 knoll  A is rolling down a small knoll or hill; B climbs up the knoll
25 nail  a carpenters nail is driven into A; B is hung on the nail
25 Nile  A is carried away in the overflowing Nile River
25 Noel  visualize Noel; the Christmas Season; as Santa Claus himself
26 hinge A swings like a door on a huge hinge
26 hunch A is taken by the Hunchback of Notre Dame
26 notch  a deep notch is cut into the side of A
26 winch A is pulled by a cable attached to an electric winch
27 hankie A delicate but giant handkerchief falls on and covers A
27 ink  thin black ink spills and covers A
27 neck A pulls or strikes your own bare neck (ouch)
27 Yankee visualize Uncle Sam or a New York Yankee baseball player
28 knave visualize a knave as a dishonest card player; switching A and B
28 knife  A is stabbed by a long sharp knife
28 Navajo a Navajo Indian sitting on a blanket uses A to weave B
28 navy  visualize a navy as a fleet of warships chasing A
29 honeybee a big buzzing honeybee tries to get nectar from A; the honeybee flies to B
29 knob  a large black plastic knob appears on A; when turned on B appears
29 nappy a nappy or baby’s diaper is put on A
29 nib  the nib of a fountain pen pokes A
30 Mace A is sprayed by chemical Mace; the Mace is coming from B
30 maze  A goes through a maze; B is at the end of the maze
30 moose A gets trampled by a moose with huge antlers
30 moss deep green moss suddenly grows and covers A
31 moat a moat filled with water surrounds A; B swims in the moat
31 moth  a large furry moth flutters wildly in front of A
31 mouth A goes in your own open mouth; B comes out
31 mud  A sinks into thick brown mud
32 menu A reads a large restaurant menu;  B is describedon the menu
32 mine  A goes into a gold mine; only B is in the mine
32 money paper money is falling from the sky on A
32 moon  A is silhouetted against a silvery moon
33 mamma a big mama cuddles A as if it were a baby
33 memo A finds an important memo; the memo warns about the coming of B
33 mime  a mime in whiteface mimics the appearance and movements of A
33 mummy A is taken by a ghostly Egyptian mummy
34 hammer A is struck by a carpenters hammer; the hammer is wielded by B
34 Mary  A is held by the Virgin Mary witha halo
34 mohair A is wearing a wooly mohair (Angoran goat hair) sweater
34 mower A is cut to pieces by a noisy motorized lawn mower
35 mail  A is put in an envelope and sent in the mail; B opens the mail
35 mill  A is ground up in an old fashioned flour mill
35 mole  A is dug up and tunneled by a mole; the mole pushes B out of a tunnel
35 mule  A is loaded onto a stubborn mule; the mule kicks B
36 Magi  A is visited by the three Magi on camels; the Magi bring B as a gift
36 match A is burned by a lighted wooden match; the match is eaten by B
36 mesh  A is covered by a finely woven mesh
36 mush  A buries itself in a plate of baby mush
37 amigo visualize a smiling Mexican friend wearing a sombrero
37 hammock A awkwardly climbs into a hammock; the hammock is tied to B
37 mike  A sings into a hand-held microphone; the mike is shaped like a B
37 mug  A goes into a large ceramic mug;  B is poured out of the mug
38 Mafia visualize a Mafia godfather or hit-men in a black car
38 Mohave A is perishing in the dry Mohave desert
38 movie A goes to a movie theater; B is being shown as the movie
38 muff  A goes into a furry muff or hand warmer; B comes out of the muff
39 ameba A is engulfed by a huge jelly-like ameba
39 hump  A develops a hump; as on a camel; the hump splits opens and B emerges
39 map  a large unfolded paper map covers A; it is a map of B
39 mop  A is cleaned with a dripping wet mop
40 horse A rides on a galloping horse
40 race  A joins a marathon race; B leads the race
40 rice  dry white rice is showered on A; the rice is removed or eaten by B
40 rose  a large red thorny rose grows on A; the rose is picked by B
41 heart  inside A is a pulsating heart; the heart is taken by B
41 radio  A listens to a portable radio with antenna and headphones
41 rat  A is bitten by an ugly rat; the rat is killed by B
41 road A is sitting on a road; B drives down the road instead ofa car
42 heron A is speared by the long bill of a heron (visualize its long legs, neck, and bill)
42 horn  A enters the mouthpiece of a long straight horn; B is blown out
42 rain  A is soaked by heavy rainfall
42 ring  A is encircled by a large metal ring
43 arm  a human arm develops from A; the arm hooks itself around B
43 ram A is butted by the curled horns of a large ram
43 room A enters a large empty room; it is not actually empty, B is inside
43 worm A is being eaten by a maggot-like worm; the worm is eaten by B
44 aurora the aurora ; or Northern Lights; flash like fireworks around A
44 rower a rower sits on A and rows it like a rowboat
44 warrior visualize a Warrior basketball player or a soldier in action
44 wirer  an overly eager electrical wirer runs wires all over A
44 rally A imitates a car and joins a road-rally; B stops the rally
45 rail  A rides along a single elevated monorail; the rail falls on B
45 reel  A is pulled and wrapped around a large fishing reel
45 roll  A eats a breakfast roll or dinner roll (do not visualize the verb roll)
46 arch  a large rainbow-shaped arch stretches from A and over toB
46 orgy  A participates in a rowdy orgy; B is also involved in the orgy
46 rash  A develops a rash; a red spotted pattern; B is rubbed on the rash
46 roach out from beneath A scampers a large cockroach
47 Ark  A is on Noah’s Ark; B is pushed off the crowded ark
47 rag  A is smeared by a large messy rag; the rag covers B
47 rock  A is crushed by a huge falling rock
47 rug  A is placed on a thick shag rug; B is hiding in the shag of the rug
48 reef  A is stranded on a white coral reef; B gets off the reef
48 ref  a ref (sports referee) with a black and white striped shirt penalizes A
48 roof A is covered by a roof ; B is balanced on the top to the roof
48 wharf A is moored at a wharf; B is moving on the edge of the wharf
49 Arab  A is led by an Arab wearing a white cloak and turban; on a camel
49 harp  A is shaped into a golden harp; the harp is played by B
49 rib  A pokes or crashes into your rib; the rib is removed by B
49 rope a thick braided rope is coiled around A; the other end is tied to B
50 lace  A is covered by delicate white lace
50 Lassie A is rescued by Lassie; the multi-talented collie
50 lasso  A is caught by a flying lasso; the lasso is thrown and pulled back by B
50 wheels A rolls along on small wheels mounted to it
51 lady  A is accompanied by a lady wearing white gloves and dress
51 lid  A is covered by a huge metal lid; the lid is lifted by B
51 light A is illuminated by a strong spotlight; the light is  broken by B
51 wallet A is pushed into a leather wallet; the wallet belongs to B
52 alien  visualize the alien as a specific science-fiction creature such as ET
52 lawn  A is dragged through a perfectly maintained green grass lawn
52 line  a pencil line is drawn from A through the air to B
52 lion  A is attacked by a ferocious lion
53 helium A is inflated and lifted by helium gas
53 lamb  A is eaten by a white wooly lamb
53 lime  a bright green lime hangs from A; the sour lime is eaten by B
53 limo  A enters a long black limo or limousine;  the limo drives to B
54 healer A is cured by the hands of a faith healer; the healer then heals B
54 layer  A is flattened into a layer; the layer on top is a layer of B
54 lorry  A is loaded into a lorry or truck; B is loaded out of the lorry
54 lure  A shrinks to miniature size and is used as a fishing lure; the lure attracts B
55 hula-hula A dances the hula-hula with Hawaiians; one of the dancers is B
55 lily  a fresh white lily flower grows on A
55 oil well the derrick of an oil well is on A; B gushes from the oil well
55 yellow oil yellow corn oil is flowing out of A; it pours onto B
56 eyelash A is glued on as a false eyelash; the winking eyelash brushes B
56 leash  A is pulled by a leather leash; the leash is held by B
56 leech  a large bloodsucking worm-like leech attaches itself to A
56 ledge  A moves along a high ledge; the ledge is blocked by B
57 elk  A is lifted by the antlers of a huge majestic elk
57 lake  A falls into a small lake and sinks; B is floating in the lake
57 lock  A is locked by a large hanging padlock
57 logo  A is flattened and turned into a logo sticker; the logo is stuck on B
58 elf  A is taken by a thin green elf with pointy ears
58 leaf a huge green leaf floats down onto A
58 olive A is stuffed into a pitted green olive; the olive is eaten by B
58 wolf A is attacked and eaten by a wolf
59 elbow you elbow A with one elbow; then you elbow B with your other elbow
59 lab  A enters Frankenstein’s laboratory where B is being created
59 lip  a flying A hits you in the lip; your swollen lip bursts; out comes B
59 wallaby A goes into a wallaby’s pouch; the wallaby hops over B
60 chase  A starts moving fast; as if chased; B is doing the chasing
60 cheese A goes into one of the holes of a large Swiss cheese
60 chess  A is a chess piece on a large chess board;  B is playing chess
60 jazz  A is playing a jazz saxophone; B is blown out of the sax
61 jet  a fighter jet takes off from A; the jet buzzes B
61 judo a judo expert in a white judo suit throws A to the ground
61 shadow A has a long shadow; the shadow changes shape and becomes B
61 sheet  A is covered by a large white bedsheet; B emerges from under the sheet
62 chain  a heavy metal chain is wrapped around A; the chain leads to B
62 chin  a flying A strikes you on your chin; you rub your chin with B
62 genie  A is rubbed and an Aladdin-style genie magically appears
62 ocean A is floating in a vast ocean
63 chamois visualize a chamois as an antelope; or a soft leather for polishing
63 gem  A guards a brightly colored gemstone; the gem is stolen by B
63 gym  A exercises in a gymnasium; B is also inside the gym
63 jam  A is covered with thick red strawberry jam with seeds
64 chair  A sits on a thin wobbly wooden chair; the chair is knocked over by B
64 jar  A is pushed into a large glass jar; the jar is broken by B
64 shower A takes a shower; out of the showerhead comes B
64 usher  A is guided in a dark room by an usher; the usher trips over B
65 cello  A plucks the strings of a large standing cello (hear it);out comes B
65 chili  visualize/taste a red hot chili pepper; or a bowl of chili con carne
65 jail  A is locked into jail; B is released from the jail
65 Jell-O A turns into a figure made of Jell-O; a colored gelatin dessert
66 choo-choo A rides a choo-choo train; the choo-choo crashes into B
66 Chow chow visualize the Chow-chow as a small shaggy dog with a curled-up tail
66 G.I. Joe  G.I. Joe is an American army hero figure in cartoons and toys
66 judge  A is on trial before a judge wearing a white wig
67 chalk  A turns into white chalk; and is used to draw a B
67 cheek A strikes your cheek; your swollen cheek splits and B emerges
67 jock  visualize an elastic jockstrap or a dim-witted athelete
67 shake  A is put into a container and whipped up into a milkshake
68 chef  A is used as an ingredient by a chef; the chef  makes a B
68 Chevy A is put in a 50’s-model Chevrolet with fins; the Chevy drives to B
68 chief  visualize an Indian chief wearing a war bonnet with tall feathers
68 Jif  visualize Jif as a white liquid cleaner squirted from a plastic bottle onto A
69 chip  a chip of A falls to the ground; the chip is shaped like B
69 Jeep  A is put in a Jeep that drives through rough terrain; the Jeep crashes into B
69 ship  A is put on a large merchant ship; the ship sails into B
69 shop  A enters a shop where B is sold
70 ax A is being chopped with an ax; the ax slips and hits B
70 gas gasoline is filled into A; or gas escapes from A
70 goose a long necked goose honks and pecks at A
70 wax  A becomes wax that starts to melt; the hot wax drips on B
71 cat  a house cat rubs against A and purrs; the cat runs to B
71 coat  A is covered by a large raincoat; the coat is taken and worn by B
71 gate  A enters through a white wooden gate; B tears the gate down
71 kite  A is pulled by a kite on a string; the kite is really a B
72 can  A is put into a metal can; B knocks the can over
72 cane  A leans on a wooden walking cane; B takes the cane and hobbles away
72 cone  A is put into an empty ice-cream cone; B is tipped out ofthe cone
72 queen A is worn by a queen as a crown
73 comb  a hair comb is used to comb A; the comb breaks and the pieces fall on B
73 commie visualize a stereotype communist; such as a red Russian or Fidel Castro
73 game  A plays an active game (tennis; hopscotch…); B stops thegame
73 gum  a piece of sticky chewing gum is stuck to the side of A; the gum stretches to B
74 car  A drives a car; the car crashes into B
74 crow  A big black crow swoops down and grabs A; the crow is caught by B
74 guru  A is held in the open palm of a Ghandi-like guru
74 quarry A falls off a cliff into a quarry; the quarry is full of B instead of rocks
75 clay  A turns to soft grey clay; the clay is reshaped into B
75 coal  a piece of black or glowing coal is touching A
75 eagle  A is carried away by an eagle; the eagle has a fight with B
75 keyhole  A is pushed into a keyhole; through the keyhole B is seen
76 cage  A is caught in a cage; B comes out of the cage
76 coach A is being pushed and directed by a coach
76 cashew a huge roasted cashew nut
76 geisha a geisha (a Japanese dancing girl) swings A about
77 Coke  A is pressed into a Coke bottle; the Coke is taken by B
77 cookie A is made into a large round cookie
77 kayak A is in a kayak that is being paddled; the kayak crashes into B
77 cock  A is attacked by the spurs of a fighting cock
78 café  A goes into a café; B is serving or is being served
78 calf  a small calf bumps clumsily into A
78 cave  A goes into a dark cave; B is inside the cave trying to get out
78 coffee A is spattered by coffee from a coffee maker
79 cap  A is covered by a huge baseball cap
79 cob  A is eating a cob of yellow corn
79 cowboy  A is picked up by a cowboy on a horse; the cowboy rides to B
79 cup A is in a large but delicate tea cup
80 office A goes into a crowded office; B comes out
80 vase  A is placed in a vase with flowers; the ceramic vase has the shape of B
80 vice  A is squeezed by a screw-clamp vice
80 voice  A has a voice and starts talking; the voice calls to B
81 feet  A stands or runs on small naked feet
81 heavyweight   A is punched at by a heavyweight boxer
81 photo  A is flattened to make a photograph
81 video  A is put into a VCR instead of a video cassette; B appears on the screen
82 fan  A is blown away by a high speed electric fan
82 faun  the faun is a mythical creature: half man and half goat
82 oven  A is put into an oven; when baked; B pops out of the oven
82 van  A is loaded into a van; the van crashes into B
83 foam  A is engulfed by billowing white foam
83 half a yam half of a reddish orange sweet potato or yam; cut lengthwise
83 vim  vim and vigor: A does a sommersault; then transfers the vimto B
83 wavy hem A is wearing a skirt with a very wavy hemline
84 fairy  a fairy with magic wand touches A; the fairy makes B appear
84 ferry  A is driven onto a ferryboat; the ferry sails to B
84 fire  A is put on a bonfire to burn; B is rescued from the fire
84 fur  A is covered with a thick fur
85 file  A is filed by a large metal file
85 foil  A is wrapped up in shiny aluminum foil; the foil is opened to find B
85 fool  a fool in a jester suit plays foolishly with A
85 waffle A is pressed into a waffle iron and made into a waffle
86 effigy A is hung from gallows and burned in effigy by a crowd
86 fish  A tries to catch a slippery fish; the fish gets away and is caught by B
86 fudge  A eats delicious rich brown fudge
86 Fuji  A climbs and falls into volcanic Mount Fuji; Fuji erupts B
87 evacuee an evacuee flees from A in panic; the evacuee finds shelter in B
87 fake  a Picasso portrait is winking because it is a fake
87 fig  A is packed in with a box of figs; a fig is taken by B
87 fog  A is immersed in thick fog; the fog clears to reveal B
88 fife  A starts dancing to the sound of a fife; B plays the fife
88 heavy oaf a heavy oaf sits on and squashes A; B tries to move the heavy oaf
88 ivy-Eve Eve is fully covered in ivy (not her usual fig leaf)
88 woof-woof A is attacked by a «woof-woof» (a large barking dog)
89 fob  a fob is visualized as a wide leather thong or strap attached to A
89 half a pie A eats half a pie; B eats the other half a pie
89 heavy hippo a heavy hippopotamus squashes A
89 VIP  A greeted by a VIP (president/prime minister); the VIP is really a B
90 bees  bees swarm out from A; the bees then attack B
90 boss  a tough boss with a cigar gives orders to A
90 bus  A enters a crowded bus; the bus crashes into B
90 peas  green peas fall onto A and the ground; the peas are taken by B
91 bat  A is attacked by a vampire bat or a baseball bat
91 bed  A gets into a double bed; B gets out of the bed
91 boot  A falls into an empty boot; the boot kicks B
91 hobbit a hobbit is a small creature in Tolkiens stories
92 bunny a bunny rabbit hops circles around A; the bunny is caught by B
92 pan  A is put into a frying pan; the pan is placed over B to heat
92 piano  A strikes the keys of a large piano; the piano top is opened and B comes out
92 pin  A is stuck by a pin (safety pin; straight pin or decorative pin)
93 bomb  A explodes from a bomb; when the smoke clears; B is there
93 bum  A is given to bum who is bumming or begging on the street
93 opium A is given opium and floats in the air; B takes the opium and runs
93 palm  a palm tree grows up out of A; B is growing high in the palm
94 bear  A is clawed by a big black bear
94 beer  A is splashed by fresh cold beer
94 bra  a bra is fastened or hanging on A; the bra is taken and worn by B
94 pear  a large pear is hanging on A; the pear is picked by B
95 bell  A strikes a large hanging bell; ringing it; out of the bell comes B
95 bowl  A is in a large ceramic bowl; out the bowl comes B
95 bull  A is attacked by a raging bull; the bull is killed by B
95 pillow A rests softly on a giant pillow; the pillow rips and B comes out
96 bush  a thick bush grows out of A; B is hiding in the bush
96 page  A is covered by a page torn from a book; the page is folded to form a B
96 patch  a large patch is placed on A; the patch is removed and B comes out
96 peach A eats a peach; in the peach is B instead of a peach pit
97 bike  A tries to ride a bike; the bike rolls into or over B
97 book  A is flattened by a falling book; the book is opened and out comes B
97 bug  A is pulled by a huge slow-moving bug; the bug is smashed by B
97 pig  A is smeared by a muddy pig
98 beef  A eats and chokes on a piece of beef
98 beehive A enters a large beehive; the beehive is opened and B is inside
98 buffet A is placed on a lunch buffet; the buffet is tipped over by B
98 puff  A puffs up like a puff of rice
99 baby  A holds a crying and kicking baby
99 bib  a bib is put on A
99 pipe  A is smoked in a pipe; B comes out as smoke
99 pub  A goes into a crowded pub; B comes out of the pub

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