Setting Up a DSC Cell/Cooler Conditioning Procedure


When an instrument and/or cooling accessory is first installed, this procedure should be run to dry the DSC cell and cooler before you turn on the cooler and start running any experiments.  During this test the flange temperature limits are raised.

Follow the instructions below to perform this operation:

  1. Turn off the cooling accessory, if it is on.

  2. Remove any samples from the cell and cover the cell.

  3. Verify that the correct cooler is specified on the Tools/Instrument Preferences/Cooler page.

  4. Display the Procedure Page. Select the "Cell/Cooler Conditioning" test from the list of available preprogrammed templates.

  5. Enter the desired test parameters as follows:

  1. When you have finished setting up this procedure, you can enter more information by selecting the Notes Page and Summary Page for this run. If your instrument has a Mass Flow Controller, verify the proper flow rate is specified on the Notes Page. The recommended flow rate is 50 mL/min.

  2. Click the Apply button when finished to save these changes.

  3. Start the run.

After this test is conducted, turn on the cooling device and leave it on for 30 minutes prior to starting your experiments.

NOTE: You can use any test template as the basis for a custom test by selecting the desired test template from the list of tests, then click the Apply button and change the test to Custom. Then you can click on the Procedure Page and then the Editor button to make the changes desired.

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