Entering Post Test Options


Select the Procedure Page, then click the Post Test button to access the Post Test Parameters window, which is used to define functions that will occur at the end of a run. Method End Conditions are functions that can be automatically executed at the end of a run to increase turn-around time between experiments. The items displayed on the window depend on whether or not you are using an Autosampler.

  1. Check the Unload Temperature Range box, then enter the desired values, if you want the instrument to cool or heat until the temperature reaches the specified temperature limits.

    When Unload Temperature Range is selected, the instrument will use the cell heater, cooler, and the air cool (if connected) to bring the cell's temperature to within the specified temperature limits. The cell's temperature will be kept within this range until the STOP key is pressed twice or the next run is started.

    Temperature limits are 0.0 to 400C.

For RCS and LNCS Operation:  The Unload Temperature Range box should always be checked.


For DSC Autosamplers:  The Unload Temperature Range function is always enabled. Enter the Temperature Range that the instrument should reach before unloading the current sample and loading the next sample. The allowable range is from zero to 400C.

NOTE:  Between runs, if the post-test temperature range is not in effect or has been stopped, you can select Control/Go to Standby Temp to invoke the temperature set as the standby temperature on the Tools/Instrument Preferences/DSC Page.

  1. Autosampler Only:  Enter the Delay Time (in minutes) that the instrument will delay after reaching the load temperature range, before loading the sample. A delay time of two (2) minutes should be used when an experiment ends with the cell at subambient temperatures. This allows time for the cell lids and cover to warm in order to prevent moisture from condensing on cold components.

NOTE:  To avoid a start-up time delay after the file validity check, enter a value of zero (0) for the first run in the Autosampler sequence.

  1. For DSC Autosamplers:  Check the Discard pan in waste bin, if you want to have the Autosampler arm to place the pan in the waste bin at the end of the run. If this is left blank, the arm will return the pan to its previous position on the sample tray at the end of the run.

  2. Select OK to save settings.

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