Setting Up a Procedure Page


The Procedure Page is used to specify the test conditions and to save the test to a custom procedure file, if desired.

The procedure information displayed is applicable to the run number that is currently highlighted on the Sequence Pane and its selected mode. (Make sure that you verify the instrument mode on the Summary Page before setting up the procedure.)

To use the Procedure Page, follow these directions:

  1. Select the desired Test from the list. The items displayed on the Procedure Page will vary based on the type of test chosen. The test list contains preprogrammed test templates as well as "custom" tests. For further information on custom tests see Creating Custom Methods.

  2. Type any Notes that you want to write about the test you will be running.

  3. If you want to edit the current Method (the name and segment is displayed), click the Editor button to display the Method Editor window, which is used to create or edit a preprogrammed series of instructions that can be sent to the instrument for execution.

  4. To change the parameters that the instrument will use to perform the experimental run, click the Advanced button to display the Advanced Parameters window applicable to the current instrument.

  5. To change the conditions that will apply at the end of the run (method-end conditions), click the Post Test button to display the current Post Test window.

  6. Click the Apply button when finished to save these changes or click the Append button to add another run to the end of the sequence.

NOTE: Some functions are automatically applied (saved). Some examples include: Selecting a test, changing a filename,and selecting Append Run.

  1. If you want to save this  to a procedure file, click on the Save button.

  2. When you have finished setting up this procedure you should verify the information contained on the Summary and the Notes Page.

To see a summary of the current procedure for this run, open the Procedure Summary window using the button, located on the Summary Page. To view a summary of a saved procedure file, open the File Utility window using Tools/File Utility.

NOTE: You can use any test template as the basis for a custom test by selecting the desired test template from the list of tests, then click the Apply button and change the test to Custom. Then use the Editor button to make the changes desired.

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