Choosing the Advanced Parameters  


Use the Advanced Parameters window to define more advanced instrument parameters that may not normally be changed for experiments, once they are set.

To enter advanced parameters, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the desired Data Sampling Interval in seconds per point. This instrument parameter defines how often the system reads and stores a data point per second. For example, if 2.0 is entered, the system stores a data point every two seconds. Range is between 0.1 and 1000.0. The default value is 0.2 seconds/point for DSC and MDSC modes.

  2. For Autosampler only: Enter the desired Load Temperature Range. This parameter is used to specify temperature range used to load the sample for the specified run. If used, this experiment will not start until this condition is met. If you uncheck this option, then the temperature range specified in the Post Test window for the preceding run will also be used as the load range for the selected run.

  3. Click the OK button when finished.

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