Introducing the DSC Calibration Wizard


Obtaining optimum results from your DSC Q Series instrument requires appropriate calibration. To calibrate the DSC you can select Calibrate/Calibration Wizard from the main menu to begin the procedure. (See Calibrating the DSC for general information about calibration.)

NOTE:  You can also use the Platinum features to calibrate the DSC Q2000, Q200, or Q20 instruments. Click here Introducing Platinum.

The window displayed after selecting the Calibration Wizard will depend upon your specific DSC Q Series instrument model.

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DSC Q20/Q10 Calibration Wizard Introduction

  1. Verify that the installed cooler type is selected on the Tools/Instrument Preferences/Cooler Page.

  2. Select  Calibrate/Calibration Wizard from the main menu. The following window will be displayed.DSC Q10 Calibration Wizard Opening Window

  3. Select the desired calibration routine and press Next. The wizard will advance to the appropriate window.

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DSC Q2000/Q1000/Q200/Q100 Calibration Wizard Introduction

  1. Select  Calibrate/Calibration Wizard from the main menu. The following window will be displayed.

  2. Verify or select the desired Heat Flow Signal and the installed Cooling Unit, then click Next. Based on the heat flow selection the appropriate window will be displayed.

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T1 Heat Flow

The options described above for the Q20/Q10 Calibration Wizard will be displayed. Select the desired calibration routine, then press Next.

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T4P Heat Flow and T4 Heat Flow

When the window is displayed, select the desired calibration option, then press Next.

Since the DSC Q2000, Q1000, Q200, and Q100 are designed to incorporate the latest Tzero™ * heat flow theory to generate heat flow T4P and heat flow T4, the calibration process is more extensive than that for traditional DSC. The heat flow equation based on Tzero theory is:

Heat Flow Equation for Tzero

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Tzero Calibration

Tzero calibration of the DSC Q2000, Q1000, Q200, and Q100 consists of two separate calibrations. The first involves running an empty cell and then running two sapphire samples to determine the Rs, Rr, Cs, and Cr values for the equation above. The second involves running a known enthalpy standard (indium) and evaluating the melting endotherm to determine a cell constant and to calibrate the X-axis temperature.

Recalibration is recommended if the type of purge gas or the cooling accessory has been changed. Recalibration is also recommended periodically, especially if performance has degraded over time. Since the resistance and capacitance calibration constants are less affected over time than the cell constant and temperature calibration, the Calibration Wizard has been set up to provide the following options:

NOTE:  If your instrument is equipped with an Autosampler, it will be disabled during this calibration.

Select the desired radio button and click the Next button.



*  Tzero™ describes proprietary technology invented by Robert Danley of TA InstrumentsóWaters LLC and patented by TA InstrumentsóWaters LLC (U.S. Patent No. 6,431,747).

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