Gas Liquid Separation

Gas-liquid separators are devices used in several industries to separate the liquid phase from the gas phase.


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Experimental Facility

The gas liquid separation facility is installed within the Varmeteknisk Lab, EPT, NTNU. Details about the facility can be found in the Thermal Two Phase Flow Laboratory. Main Characteristics of the facility:





System Pressure



Mass flow rate


Test Lynx Prototype developed in the group. CEESI, USA, Dec. 2012. 60bar, hydrocarbons.


Visualisation of floading in a wire mesh.


Water droplet hitting the free interface. (from MSc Thesis Martin Sveier, EPT, NTNU)


Visualisation water droplet hitting the free interface. (from Msc Thesis Marthin Sveier)


More videos

Numerical Simulation

An in-house numerical model of the studied systems is being developed for improving the estimation of gas-liquid separation.


MSc. Thesis

Mari Stene, (2013). Experimental and CFD study of a rotating gas-liquid separator. MSc Thesis. NTNU.

Carlos Eduardo Sanchez Perez, (2012). Decision making methodology for the selection of gas-liquid separators. MSc Thesis. NTNU.

Jørgen Thomassen, (2012). Study of droplet-wire fragmentation related to gas liquid separators. MSc Thesis. NTNU.

Undergraduate Thesis

Mari Stene, (2012). Computational fluid dynamic study of droplet dynamics related to gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separators. Project Thesis. NTNU.

Jørgen Thomassen, (2011). Study of droplet entrainment in gas liquid separators. Project Thesis. NTNU.